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Nags Head NC fishing pier. 7-31-17



Outer Banks N.C. 7-28-17 continuing my work at home for @magnumphotos project #fujixt2


Tidal mirror. Cape Charles, Va. 7-25-17

Anneke Paterson – Bitten by the Moon

Anneke Paterson

Bitten by the Moon

“There is a saying used in El Salvador that is rooted in mysticism; when the birth of a child with a birth defect is observed, family and doctors will say, “mordido por la luna” – or ‘bitten by the moon’, to explain the visible anomaly. In El Salvador, there is a significant population of people that will likely never be able to receive the surgical treatment they need for birth defects and other severe physical conditions alike. The barriers to access extend beyond income and socioeconomic standing — often surgeons will refuse treatment because they lack the specialized skill, equipment, or adequate teams to take on more complex procedures. Many of those that are able to afford their surgeries are denied them anyway; surgeons face challenges within the government in seeking funding and advocating for better equipment. These factors deeply and detrimentally affect those that need specialized surgical care in their personal lives. Many that have a distinct physical deformity or affliction are nearly barred from their communities, and are ostracized if they are not able to contribute to society in the expected ways such as in production and labor. They face extreme difficulty beyond their physicality, and the emotional trauma that ‘being different’ implies– many are forced to travel internationally to the States or to Europe to receive their treatments. They lose their jobs, leave behind family and must find financial support to enable them to travel and stay out of their home country for significant periods of time. Those that are able to find help within their country may not make the “priority list”, meaning that although their condition may be severe, if they are stable, they must wait. These images illustrate the struggles behind this lack of service for the population of El Salvador and also brings to light the resilience of the people that must fight for necessary services. Many will fall through the cracks in a societal, governmental, and political system that is designed to serve only those that are healthy and “able-bodied”. While there are many factors at play here, I have chosen to focus on the people of El Salvador and their stories in hopes of providing answers to the question – what is life like with a physical deformity where help does not exist?”






Anneke Paterson was born with a rare syndrome which has required her to have multiple surgeries at different stages in her young life. It is from this background that Anneke has gained an acute interest in not only the evolving cultures of her generation, but in the healthcare of her generation. Anneke has visited families in El Salvador, Guatemala and México in search of understanding the implications of what is life like when there is little to no access to required surgeries, while already facing the socioeconomic challenges of poverty. Based in Austin, Texas, Anneke is currently attending college part time, working toward a bachelors in global health policy and anthropology. Anneke’s photographic work has been published by The New York Times, National Geographic Travel, National Geographic Books, and the Texas Tribune



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Anneke Paterson

Last NY loft workshop

Join me for one last historic photo workshop blast in my New York loft. Yes alas the Kibbutz loft is over. Home of many artists including at one time or another 8 Magnum photographers. So this building definitely has the vibes. Yet goodbye it is. So if you’ve ever thought about immersing yourself in one of my New York workshops, now is the time. The only time. See link in profile. This class is for advanced photographers. Portfolio review and FaceTime interview required. For almost all of my workshops the last few years I’m working and teaching and teaching and working. To the advantage of my students. When I am in the middle of a project it’s just a really good time for serious photographers to learn first hand. I’m shooting right up til the end the Kibbutz for a potential book. We’ve got plenty of wall space to get your best day by day work up and I’ll do the same. This might be the end of the loft, yet the beginning for emerging photographers to launch. I bring in the best in the biz, both editors and photographers, to join in daily critique. Final show and fiesta? Ha! What do you think? We will roll out in style of course. See link in my IG profile .

Sunset selfie

Sunset selfie. Outer Banks NC . 7-22-17. For the next few weeks I am shooting on commission at home. Not necessarily on my front porch as here, yet a general daily diary of life around me. It’s hot it’s summer and to be lazy is my instinct. Certainly as can’t move ride my bike go swimming as I ever get. As close to sliding back to boyhood as I can be. I fell in love with photography not far from here at age 12 and basically shot only around home then. I had no choice at 12, and dreamed of far away shores. Now when I am far away, I dream of being here. I think both dreams are an integral part of my work. Giving others the key to a creative life is one of the things I do with gusto. We did two full on workshops here this spring. Just the perfect mood. Great students. This fall I’ll get off this porch and head for my last New York workshop. Well the last in the famed Kibbutz. Also home for the last 12 years and also a book subject I’m shooting. So any serious photographer who feels a workshop experience with me would advance their career or work, would I think be wise to think about the last blast in the Kibbutz. Anyone who knows about or has been to one of my NYC classes knows this final hurrah will be an event to remember. All of my ex students are of course invited to the final show and fiesta which will be well super special. Stay tuned IG TODAY for an announcement about New York. #fujixt2

Surf caster fisherman

Surf caster fisherman. Nags Head . 7-17 This seagull is trying to steal the fisherman’s cut fish bait as he puts it on the hook.

Pink sunset

Nags Head NC 7-19-17. #fujigfx

Dune Burger

Nags Head NC 7-17 #fujixt2

Good night

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Going home, Good night. I’m Mathias @m.h.froslev. This is my last image on @burndiary. I’ve been very grateful for this opportunity to share some images with you during this week. Thank you very much for following.And thank you very much @diegorlando and @davidalanharvey for this opportunity.All the best, Mathias @m.h.froslev#photodiary #russia #saintpetersburg