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On Duty

Photo by @andrewquilty for @burndiary. On Duty. 30.1.2014. The security forces that man the bombed-out remains of Darulaman Palace in Kabul’s south are pretty handy volleyball players and surely they’ve got one of the more spectacular courts going around, too. #volleyball #spprts #sport #darulaman #palace #kabul #afghanistan #pool

Darulaman Palace

Photo by @andrewquilty for @burndiary. Darulaman Palace. 30.1.2014. #Light streams through a hole in a wall of #Darulaman #Palace (“Abode of #Peace”) in southern #Kabul. The Palace was built by and housed King Amanullah #Khan nearly 100 years ago as a part of his broader intention of modernizing #Afghanistan. The Palace was to be the centre of a new capital – Darul Aman – which would be connected to Kabul by rail. The #King was eventually removed from the palace by religious conservatives and remained unused for decades. It housed the defense ministry during the 70’s and 80’s and was set on fire during the #Communist coup of ’78. Further irreparable damage was caused by the heavy shelling of rival #Mujahideen factions fighting for control of Kabul in the 90’s. The palace is now no more than a grandiose backdrop to a small military outpost while a new parliament is under construction a short way away to the south.

Kafta Bazi

Photo by @andrewquilty for @burndiary. Kafta Bazi. 29.1.2014. A man trains his flock in the art of “Kafta Bazi” or Play of Pigeons, on his #rooftop that also houses his birds. When a competition is arranged between rival fanciers (as the trainers are known), the two attempt to guide their flocks through a series of maneuvers and turns with familiar whistling sounds and gestures with their “tor” (net). If the #bird of one trainer becomes tired or disoriented and ends up with the opposing #flock, the rival trainer will capture it with his tor, forcing the original owner to pay a ransom for its return. #bird #pigeon #sport #kabul #afghanistan

The Afghan Sling

Photo by @andrewquilty for @burndiary. The Afghan Sling. 29.1.2014. I haven’t met an Afghan boy who isn’t deadly with one of these. Here, they call them “Palaghman” – that’s as good as I can do with a phonetic translation anyway. I couldn’t resist buying one myself the other day and have so far managed to narrowly escape causing myself serious injury. I’m therefore always more than happy to give the little masters themselves a go, and invariably their skills are sounded with the whip-like “CRACK”! as their little missile is released into the air.#sling #slingshot #weapon #boy #afghanistan #kabul #whip

Headstone-Littered Hill

Photo by @andrewquilty for @burndiary. The Western Side of a headstone-littered hill in Qalai Musa get it’s first rays of sun for the day. There’s barely a hillside in Kabul that isn’t covered with countless slabs of slate marking the thousands upon thousands of graves. Few of them are marked but that doesn’t hinder family and friends from making regular visits to loved ones who’ve passed. 29.1.2014. #sunrise #tomb #grave #cemetery #kabul #afghanistan

Hair Cutter

Photo by @andrewquilty for @burndiary. Roadside Trim. 28.1.2014. An elderly man, crippled by a land mine that took his right leg below the knee, makes a living cutting hair in a small, makeshift #shelter by the side of the road in the #Taimani district of #Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. #landmine #stylist #hairdresser #hair #beard #work #job #amputee

Toxic Fire

Photo by @andrewquilty for @BURNdiary. After six hours of chasing and waiting for a visa renewal today, my writer & friend Claire and I saw clouds of rusty, orange smoke billowing from behind some buildings a couple of blocks away. Fortunately it wasn’t the result of anything malicious – as is all-too-often the case in Kabul – but rather a toxic fire that had taken hold in a scrap-metal yard. No one was hurt and the firefighters had it under control in no time.

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Foggy Glass Door

Photo by @MattEich for @BURNdiary. Madelyn’s hearts mix with Meira’s handprints on a foggy glass door in Norfolk, Virginia on January 22, 2014. Well, friends, we’ve reached the end of my journey here on @BURNdiary, though it is just the beginning of the larger journey, which will take me through more than 10 states over the course of two weeks for assignments and personal work. Follow along on @MattEich to see what the road has in store. A huge thanks to the @BURNDiary team, @davidalanharvey, @diegorlando, and @kayaleeberne for letting me journal about my family in your special space, and of course to all of you for your eyes. @MattEich signing off! #matteich #burndiary #foggy #frontdoor #hearts #snowday #cold #love #family #norfolk #virginia #va #757 #hamptonroads #thesevencities


Burn Magazine

Igor hoists his 18 month old daughter Nayali on Leme beach in Rio. The night beach scene is not so different than the day beach scene. Always lively always family oriented always the most socially democratic place i have seen.