Darulaman Palace

Photo by @andrewquilty for @burndiary. Darulaman Palace. 30.1.2014. #Light streams through a hole in a wall of #Darulaman #Palace (“Abode of #Peace”) in southern #Kabul. The Palace was built by and housed King Amanullah #Khan nearly 100 years ago as a part of his broader intention of modernizing #Afghanistan. The Palace was to be the centre of a new capital – Darul Aman – which would be connected to Kabul by rail. The #King was eventually removed from the palace by religious conservatives and remained unused for decades. It housed the defense ministry during the 70’s and 80’s and was set on fire during the #Communist coup of ’78. Further irreparable damage was caused by the heavy shelling of rival #Mujahideen factions fighting for control of Kabul in the 90’s. The palace is now no more than a grandiose backdrop to a small military outpost while a new parliament is under construction a short way away to the south.

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