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Cranky Morning Moment

@MattEich for @BURNdiary. Meira has a cranky morning moment, Norfolk, Virginia, January 23, 2014. #matteich #burndiary #norfolk #virginia #va #morning #daughter #meira #meltdown #757 #hamptonroads #thesevencities

Night Swim


Just sitting on the beach w friends perfect weather night swim Rio . My students here will show their work tmrrw night my rooftop 900 Atlantico come to 10th floor 8pm ..real pictures in real time


@MattEich for @BURNdiary. Meira balancing on a chair in the morning of January 23, 2014. At 16 months, she already seems to be a bit more daring than her older sister. #matteich #burndiary #norfolk #virginia #va #family #daughter #balancing #troublemaker #testingthelimits #thesevencities


Photo by @MattEich for @BURNdiary. Maddie playing outside on a snow day, Norfolk, Virginia, January 22, 2014. #matteich #burndiary #norfolk #virginia #va #757 #hamptonroads #daughter #family #snowday #reflection #thesevencities

Michele Palazzi – Black Gold Hotel

Michele Palazzi

Black Gold Hotel


In the last decade the economy of Mongolia has grown at an unprecedented rate, with GDP expanding by more than 10% per year. All this mostly depends on the mining industry: attracted by the large deposits of copper, gold and most of all coal, all of the industry’s global giants have invested and invest in this small country of Central Asia.



In this accelerated and deregulated development, local populations and traditional ways of life based on ancestral nomadic herding along routes across the steppes are undergoing a crisis. Many families have left their activities and moved in large urban centers in search of work opportunities in this new industrial society, often slipping into economic and social poverty. Others, however, try to resist, dealing every day with pollution, dusts that poison the vegetation, and living conditions which get more and more difficult every day.

This work is a journey in the daily lives of a few families. On one hand, those who chose to continue the tradition of the steppe despite all difficulties, on the other, those who preferred to take their chances in the large cities, unfortunately facing the reality of a space which is deteriorated and invaded by unreachable western cultural models.

The goal is to document the effects of a process of modernization that seems “… inevitable, fatal as death”. (José Saramago, ‘Cain’)




Michele Palazzi was born in Rome in 1984. After gaining a three years master in Photography at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia, he started working as a documentary photographer. In 2009 he received the Enzo Baldoni prize with project 3,32 AM on the earthquake in Abruzzo. Since 2010 he’s been working on the project Migrant Workers Journey, recipient of the Project Launch Award 2011 at Center Santa Fe, exhibited in New Mexico Museum of Art and screened at the Visa Pour l’Image 2012. In 2013 he received the Environmental Photographer of the Year, First Prize. Between 2012 and 2013 he started working on a long term project about the modernization impact in Asian developing countries. He lives in Rome.


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Michele Palazzi



Maddie in the Snow

Maddie in the falling snow outside my studio space at Fawn Street Studios in Norfolk, Virginia on January 21, 2014. It’s not often that we have snow around here, but when we do the entire city shuts down. Schools let out early before the snow even started, so she came to work with me. #norfolk #virginia #va #snow #night #daughter ##family #studio #snowday #polarvortexbullshit #thesevencities


Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.03.59 PM

Brazilian photographers Carla De Conti and Ana Rovati are fine photographers in their own right and are helping me with my workshop going on right now in Rio de Janeiro. I made this photo of them while we took a little caipirinha break and my students were off shooting their own work. If you are in Rio please come to our student slide show Friday night on our rooftop overlooking Copacabana

Jack, the Fish

More than a year ago my dad shows up at the house one day with a beta fish for my daughter Madelyn, his first grandchild. He sets the fishbowl on the table in front of me and says, “So you can teach her about death.” She named the fish Jack, and he is still alive today, though he leads a pretty sad and solitary life by my estimation. Norfolk, Virginia, January 21, 2014. #matteich #burndiary #norfolk #virginia #va #family #fishbowl #betafish #lifelessons #thesevencities

Hey y’all

Hey y’all, my name is Matt Eich (@MattEich). I am a 27-year-old independent photographer, husband, and father of two, currently living in Norfolk, Virginia while working on long-form projects around America. This is me with my youngest daughter, Meira, before school and work this morning. One of my struggles as a photographer is the constant strain between home and the road. My heart is at home, but work is elsewhere. This week I am preparing for a stretch on the road for assignments and personal work. I will be sharing glimpses of my family life as I get ready to leave. The week before a big trip is never easy as my foot is already halfway out the door (my mind too), my wife is trying to gear up to be a single mom for a few weeks and the kids can sense that something is changing. My happiest moments are with them, so these photographs serve as a reminder when I am gone, as well as a way to distill chaos and hold onto moments that pass all too quickly. Thanks for following along. #matteich #photographer #burndiary #family #love #TheSevenCities

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