THE MAGAZINE of (based on a true story)


© Candy Pilar Godoy

The whole point of this I have written about prior, but most likely many readers just do not know….The collector version, which was expensive by nature as an art object or an artisan object if you will is gone…I like art and art objects… At the same time I hate to be in any way elitist with my work…so as a payback to the Rio community we are giving away free half of our 5,ooo press run to anyone who is Brazilian or pretends to be and who comes to an event…

We printed in Italy on the same paper brand as the book and selling the other half for 24 bucks in every place outside of Brazil to pay for the first half or at least almost….This is a super quality object at a super low price. Yes, less expensive yet not cheaper.

For sure the large magazine version is a whole different experience, but mostly we wanted to make it super affordable for those who could not afford the collector book…After all these years of working in various communities around the world, I always wanted to do something like this. Feels good, feels right.


(based on a true story) MAGAZINE


David Alan Harvey

publication date

April, 2013

published by



2,500 copies for sale

2,500 for free to the people in Rio de Janeiro


Fedrigoni Splendorgel Extra White:

160 gr &  85 gr

dimensions and contents

380mm x 280mm (15 ” x 11 “)

66 full bleed photographs 550mm x 380mm ( 22″ x 15 “)

1 roadmap for original re-assembling

offset printing by

EBS, Verona, Italy


$ 24.00 (excl. shipping)


layout and design: Bryan Harvey

concept and producer: Eva-Maria Kunz

coordinator: Diego Orlando

production: Andrea Barbato, Michael Courvoisier, Candy Pilar Godoy





THE MAGAZINE of (based on a true story) can now be ordered here:

THE MAGAZINE of (based on a true story) can now be ordered here:

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For volume purchases or info please contact Kim:

for the “making of” visit:


david assinando Madureira by  Daniel ferrentini

© Daniel Ferrentini

Vinicius Matos  2 Tavares bastos

© Vinicius Matos


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  • “It’ll beat the snot out of a Leica M any day.”

    Now, that’s a visual..

  • Unless, Bill, what Rockwell’s saying is that all you really need is a 35mm lens, which is not really true; I’m thinking of getting a zoom for myself one of these days, for example; but if Rockwell likes the 35mm lens, then more power to him, I guess.

  • Ha. The cameras that are part of our body, an extension of the mind.

    I didn’t know David had a thing for the FE2. Me too (I’m on my 4th one) and of course the M6… and as DAH knows, now an X-E1 as well. It’s true about the file quality and that sensor is so freaking good at ISO 1600 that I’m willing to put up with a somewhat higher fraction of mis-focused pictures.

  • Oh damn, just played with an x100s, and ordered one minutes later. Just works. Okay, stop me from gushing gear talk and leaf shutter love. But … Backorder is very, very cruel. So are credit cards. Can’t wait to cover that thing in gaffer though.

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