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  1. wow, this is weird, this girl is my daughter´s doppleganger…everything right down to the clothes and flip-flops. What a strange feeling! I think that´s the unique quality of this photo. This room could be a cuarto pila in any Latin American country. She is the Latina every-girl and the momento is any-moment. Just a totally routine scene not specific or unique in any way whatsoever. Nothing, absolutely nothing to write home about, except there is the red towel, it is someone´s house, there is a photographer, there is, oddly, carrara marble on the pila, there is floor to ceiling tile and matching baseboard, and there is this lovely, perfectly simple, simply perfect young lady. There is an appealingly calm domesticity to the momento that begs one to linger. It´s nice.

  2. sorry for the “momentos”..i am using a spanish keyboard and it thinks i am misspelling everything so it goes crazy picking up after me and correcting things…..


    hey, so nice to see your name here once again….been missing you here now for over a year i think, mas o menos…anyway, wishing you well and hope all is fine in your life…welcome back…

    cheers, david

  4. a civilian-mass audience


    KATIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…red flag for you,red towel for BURN.

    Where the heck have you been? missing you my lady, thank you for reporting

    I am going to prepare my chickens for Easter…and I will be back !!!

    red towel!!!

  5. DAVID:

    Thanks for the (as always) warmest of welcomes to a prodigal Burnian. Everything is fine. More than fine actually. I have been completely overwhelmed with work. The river finally went over its banks and flooded the village (Frostfrog, please don´t take that literally :). So i got help and now i am in major photography mode again which, as always, brings me back home to Burn..i see from your photo shot by Cathy (?) in Rio that you are in mighty fine strapping shape. Incredibly fine, to really drive the point home. Whatever drug you are taking please tell us all your source because, wow, you REALLY rock that globe-trotting PJ look! Guapissimo!

    Civilian kittie…a Happy Easter to you..lucky those who will sit at your fine table to dine. A chicken in the pot and an azalea bush on the doorstep. In Greece, no less. Hugz to you!

    red towels for all!


  6. Been staring at this for a long while David. A fragile soul surrounded by squares and rectangles….and a blood red towel above. Such intense vulnerability. And nothing but squares for protection. Oozing with dark mystery. Love this so much.

  7. a civilian-mass audience

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL…UPSTAIRS,DOWNSTAIRS…wherever you are,we love you!!!

    I was up in the mountains,Greece is BB, broken and beautiful!!!

    please,hug and say thank you to your moms and if you can’t hug them just say loud how much you love them…
    cause they can hear you…oh,yeah,they can!!!

    I want to say a big thank you to KIM and to ALL MY BURNIANS for sending good energy to me and my chickens!!!
    and KATIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE yeah,azalea is all over civilian’s home…oime,where is JIM POWERS…?

    I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…life is like a glass of water,always full !!!

  8. a civilian-mass audience

    and don’t forget to submit…I just did it…:))))))))))))))))))))))

  9. a civilian-mass audience

    JIM POWERS is here…!!!

    thank you for reporting …I would love to hear from All MY BURNIANS…yes,you can do it!!!


  10. Civilian..i am following you from page to page like a lost lil photog, without a lens to look thru..kiss your azaelas for me, eh?

    Happy Mum’s Day to all the ChrysantheMUMS…


  11. a civilian-mass audience

    Goodnight KATIIIEEEE,street fighter …I am a fighter too now.

    goodnight and good morning to ALL…keep shooting (from your soul)
    We,the mass audience appreciate the pictures with “soul “…so,bring it on!

  12. a civilian-mass audience

    fighting for Grecolandia…I am focused and I believe…The Universe is working when you believe

    THANK YOU ALL for taking pictures…with your “souls”.

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