Photo by Kaya Lee Berne

Do you have a good caption for this photo??

If so, write your caption right here in the comments section below.

The best caption wins a free copy of the (based on a true story) magazine by dah.

Kaya, a Univ. of Virginia science student who is shooting for BurnDiary this week, will select the winner. Deadline for entry is Sunday, 9pm EST.

Let the games begin!


69 thoughts on “Caption writing contest!”

  1. Bold guy: “can you help me delete this naked self portrait?”

    Young dude: “F@ck!”

    Lady: “I love this”

  2. Gimli son of Gloin and Lady galadriel of lothlorien (Sid and Ethel Bonkers) of the Outer banks Tollkien re-enactment society showing new member Frodo baggins (Clem Simpleman) pictures from the recent Wicker man beach party and burning.

  3. “If you zoom in just a bit more, you will see the exact image of the Virgin Mary in my beard.”

  4. and that button there puts it in in ‘pro’ mode.

    what does that do?

    err, it makes the pictures look pro, like colors and stuff.


  5. I hear this photo is going to be used for a caption contest on Burn. Just give Gladdy the damn camera bag already.

  6. A Father tries to explain to his son how back in the day cameras stopped taking photos after 36 shots and begs him to show him how to make the damn thing stop already.

  7. …and this is a picture of the camerabag that gladdy is getting for writing some vaguely insulting caption to this photo we are in.

    I thought it was a magazine?


  8. Dude, the intensity of light coming from a point source is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source. So an object twice as far away, receives only one-quarter the amount of light. It’s this button right here, it’s the Inverse Square Law of Lighting button. All the new cameras have them. Your darn lucky you held off and waited for the newer model to come out. Before we would have to shoot a Polaroid to check things like this.You kids today, you have it made.

  9. and thats a cloud………and thats a wave with a bird hovering over it……..and thats a wall………and thats me in the mirror……..and thats another cloud………and thats some chicks butt…..

    David Alan Harvey,his son Bryan Harvey and New York socialite Kerry Payne reviewing footage for an upcoming National Geographic story about celebrity hideaways.

  11. Look son, this is the camera. It was used for taking photos in a time there were no smartphones.

  12. Hi David!

    I just joined Burn. Here’s my caption:

    “Models taking a break during Hair Fashion Week.”

  13. This is a setup by Akaky. He needs a new camera bag. So he paid three freaks to stand around at OBX waiting to be sighted by one of the Burncrew, knowing quite well they’d fall for his cunning ruse. What he didn’t take into account was his usually strange luck and that’s why for once the prize isn’t one of David’s never ending inventory of bags…

  14. a civilian-mass audience

    Vacations by the sea…pricey,
    family pictures…priceless !!!

    P.S…please, keep HERVE out of this contest…hihiiih

    Who is in the picture…MR.HARVEY,BRYAN …?oime,I need my glasses,hiiihi


  15. Same here, do not count my stuff in the contest please. I’m a proud owner of the original “Based on a true story” and I’m sure there are people who have neither book or magazine.

  16. 19 year old Kevin Spencer (center) was the first to capture the landing of the aliens on Sandy Beach. With a slight confusion he shares his concerns about the moptop hairdo of the new arrivals…

  17. Claiming “that’s where it’s at”, Bob Dylan is now seriously considering to give an all-digital set at the 2013 Newport Photography Festival.

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