THE MAGAZINE of (based on a true story)


© Candy Pilar Godoy

The whole point of this I have written about prior, but most likely many readers just do not know….The collector version, which was expensive by nature as an art object or an artisan object if you will is gone…I like art and art objects… At the same time I hate to be in any way elitist with my work…so as a payback to the Rio community we are giving away free half of our 5,ooo press run to anyone who is Brazilian or pretends to be and who comes to an event…

We printed in Italy on the same paper brand as the book and selling the other half for 24 bucks in every place outside of Brazil to pay for the first half or at least almost….This is a super quality object at a super low price. Yes, less expensive yet not cheaper.

For sure the large magazine version is a whole different experience, but mostly we wanted to make it super affordable for those who could not afford the collector book…After all these years of working in various communities around the world, I always wanted to do something like this. Feels good, feels right.


(based on a true story) MAGAZINE


David Alan Harvey

publication date

April, 2013

published by



2,500 copies for sale

2,500 for free to the people in Rio de Janeiro


Fedrigoni Splendorgel Extra White:

160 gr &  85 gr

dimensions and contents

380mm x 280mm (15 ” x 11 “)

66 full bleed photographs 550mm x 380mm ( 22″ x 15 “)

1 roadmap for original re-assembling

offset printing by

EBS, Verona, Italy


$ 24.00 (excl. shipping)


layout and design: Bryan Harvey

concept and producer: Eva-Maria Kunz

coordinator: Diego Orlando

production: Andrea Barbato, Michael Courvoisier, Candy Pilar Godoy





THE MAGAZINE of (based on a true story) can now be ordered here:

THE MAGAZINE of (based on a true story) can now be ordered here:

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For volume purchases or info please contact Kim:

for the “making of” visit:


david assinando Madureira by  Daniel ferrentini

© Daniel Ferrentini

Vinicius Matos  2 Tavares bastos

© Vinicius Matos


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  • Civilian..

    A VERY HAPPY EASTER TO YOU!!! What are you doing here? GO CELEBRATE!!

    JOHN…is it the Rotten Hill gallery? I found it somewhere in the middle of the gallery page. I was looking at it but didn’t know if that’s what you wanted to show us..


  • Yeah ‘ROTTEN HILL TV’ (NOT!! rotten hill). For some reason my Burn name links to an older site layout with a different front page layout.

  • John

    YES! Saw it..i had clicked on the Rotten Hill Gang the first time..This time found it by clicking into your site on your name. GREAT stuff!! OMG…some of those photos were very powerful..great faces, lots of smoke, very nocturnal feeling..that last photo refused to let me click out of the page. Kudos..i loved it all!!!!! (well except that intense colored one with all the lights..but every single other photo was wonderful, no exaggeration)

  •’d you do that?

  • Paul, I am an addict, after all. Plus I have two enormous deadlines to meet between now and June 30, so it is the perfect time to cast aside that silly resolution and squander more time here.

    Kathleen, thanks for the link. I am headed there right now. I already know I am going to enjoy it. When it comes to cats, that’s just how I am. Even as I type these words, a black cat walks across my desk, steps in and out of my hard drive array and comes up to place a paw on my keyboard.

    Now he is behind my monitor, licking his paw.

  • Kathleen.. using my magic wand! ;)

    (just copy and paste the whole link John posted and drop it in a link shortener like for example and there you go!)

  • EVA..

    like Tiny odd that would work but the actual link would not. Ah well, it’s late here and my head is scrambled eggs.


    You light up the world, you know that? I hope you like Clara’s work cuz sending some kitties your way was the least i could do after yanking your tail. Give yours a pat for me..i’m headed to bed.

    ‘Night y-all!

  • John; I can’t help myself and keep going back to shoot punk gigs. I love the melding of photography and music. I took my partner to her first ever punk gig a while ago; she had a blast!!! A real eye-opener for her; she loved the positive vibe. Also; the first time she’s seen me boogying away up by the speakers and taking photos at the same time! ;-)

  • Katie; are we restarting the night shift? ;-)

  • Kathleen, just as I speculated, I did enjoy her work. She loves cats, she loves photography. Good combination. Thanks again.

  • ROSS: haha, the night shift…sure looks that way, eh? ha! (a GF?? You have a GF????..wooohooo!) glad you liked Clara’s work! me some of that yummy food for tomorrow’s leftovers! i’m a comin’!

    ok, now really good night..

  • Some great bnw images there John ……..

  • cathy, sorry for the late answer, which is not really an answer: I don’t know! Yet.

  • Speaking of the “night shift”…
    Come with me for 5 minutes to visit the STUDIO..
    the SAN ANGEL STUDIO with that little bridge that was separating/uniting FRIDA KAHLO & DIEGO RIVERA

  • EVA you’re not late…i’m just checking back in tonight. i’ve been calling Photo Eye and asking if they would order from you and perhaps that would lower my shipping cost (i hope.) today Melanie said she would see about ordering some copies….so hopefully by now you’ve heard from her.

    I’m just waiting to order it asap…from you or them! :) Let’s see how it goes in the next few days.

    in the meantime I see a conversation between ANDREW and DAH about the x100s which i have become interested in. ANDREW and I have also been discussing the camera. I didn’t realize DAH has one…any comments about it? if you’ve got it it must be good!


    this is your scene…some nice work here imo….seems to me like THIS work fits with YOU….we should look at all of your behind the scenes music work , bar stuff….

  • DAVID. Thank you.
    Any time you have the time Amigo just say the word.


    on my way to London at the end of June…winter over by that time?? Magnum biz meet …party before….you invited…let’s have a good look…bring all that backstage and music and bar work…..

    cheers, david


    i do like the Fuji X100S…if you look on Road Trips and go back to Dubai , you will see i shot exclusively with that camera…files amazing….and that camera is in my bag now.

    still nothing beats the fast auto focus of my now old GF1 and GX1…just don’t know why every company doesn’t get that part as right as the Panasonic people seem to do…one of the reasons i liked the GF1 is for that super fast autofocus….even in the dark….but the Fuji files are superior…

    i just did a commercial shoot/workshop for Samsung in Jamaica, and their little NX300 is pretty damned good too….i get the pancake prime lenses on these little cameras…just so so unobtrusive….and i don’t mean for just the subjects, i mean for me too…for loose freestyle shooting all of these new generation “point and shoots” are i think just amazing….

    the super tech geeks showed me on a computer the files of the X100S compared to the 5D…pretty damned close!! and we made some big prints in Jamaica with the Samsung….also amazing….

    nobody (hardly anybody) needs a camera anymore that costs more than 1k…seriously….go light ..using your feet instead of another lens works!! easy on your body and easy on your mind….

    cheers, david

  • ROSS

    go to Jamaica mon…NO PLACE is better than Jamaica for the music “vibe”…the only problem with shooting music is that listening and shooting can throw you off…the music gets in so so deep that you really have to “overcome” it to get pictures that match the vibe you FEEL….still a problem that is fun to solve!!!

    cheers, david

  • Its England dude. Winters NEVER over.
    see you in June.


    ok…will bring my mittens…as usual

  • DAH
    thanks for the comment/advice. For some time I’ve been wanting to get smaller,lighter,away from the DSLR and have been waiting for the day when that would be possible. Looks like the time has come! I’ve been selling stuff on ebay to raise money for some new equipment…thought that would mean a 5DIII but probably not! I haven’t been paying too much attention to all the new cameras, since I didn’t have the funds but now that I’m starting to do my research I’m very happy with all the positive reviews and comments. The x100S is definitely at the top of my shopping list. I will go back and read the Dubai posts.

    Also looking forward to getting the magazine, either from you or Photo Eye…working on that.

  • DAH

    One quick techie kind of question: with the X100S, do you use the autofocus or the manual focus?

    Kind of regretting that I let my GF1/20mm go – I see what you mean wbout how much faster it focuses….

    looking forward to seeing all the crew in June….safe travels and good light to all until then!


  • above song dedicated to Tony THE SKATER

  • thats for my favorite friend CANDY

  • another song for my buddy CANDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • David, I just read Ken Rockwell’s review on the X100S. It is a glowing review in all respect but he makes one statement that puzzles me and I wonder if you have any idea what he means:

    “all the lenses you need already built in with no need for twiddling.”

  • Ross…

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this Daido Moriyama video, but just in case…

  • Paul; Funny you should mention that, my partner and I watched it (again) about 6-hours ago! :-)

  • Ross…

    Did you notice he works with the Silverefex plugin?

  • “nobody (hardly anybody) needs a camera anymore that costs more than 1k…seriously”

    Probably true, although most of us are constantly up-grading gear. In film days, we used the same cameras for years, sometimes for our whole career. I knew young photographers who were using Hasselblads older than they were. Most of my gear is a few years old and a model or two back. However I did just order a Canon 60d body yesterday to replace my ageing Rebel as my personal dslr. It has just been dis-continued too, and is a great deal right now if you’re not too late to snap one up. Lotsa change left over from 1k.

  • BILL, the X100S is a fixed lens [23mm f/2] camera. It has an APS-C sensor, so I’m guessing that that’s about a 35mm full frame equivalent.

  • For what it’s worth, try as I might, I just can’t get on board the nobody needs an expensive camera bandwagon.

    And I try, I really do. The last camera I bought was the Fuji x-100 and I researched it to death. Ultimately, it came down to file quality in that price range and the Panasonics just didn’t compare. All the cameras were okay in good light, but as it dimmed, the x-100 files kept looking better and better. Focus speed was a concern as the initial x-100 reviews slammed it for horrible focus speed, but a series of firmware updates made it serviceable, for my purposes at least.

    I’ve been happy with the x-100 as a $1200 walking around camera, and I’ve used it on a few paying gigs, but for the most part I get far superior files with my Canon 5d mkII and use that for most of my serious work (though flash capabilities play a large part as well). And it’s not like the 5d is that great–it’s just a prosumer camera; I’m sure I could do much better with a nice medium format job.

    But as I said, I try. I mentioned elsewhere that I got an IPhone 5 and was hoping to use it to mostly replace the x-100 as my walking around camera. So far though, it’s must not working. The file quality simply sucks compared to the x-100, which isn’t great compared to the 5d, which pales next to more expensive, hi-res cameras. Oh, it looks great on the little screen after I take it. And I’m trying different options, like saving it as a .dng and running it through my raw processor, but so far, it’s just not working. I think I’m starting to see why everyone does instagram. Applying some clichéd filter to a crappy iphone photo at least makes it semi-interesting.

    As for David Alan Harvey, well, he’s a much better photographer and has demonstrated he can get a lot more out of a similar camera on a consistent basis than I can (as yet). Light ultimately trumps technology. But still, I wonder, and fear that he’s wasting a lot by not getting the best possible file. Especially for someone so adept at producing iconic work with a manual camera and asa 25 film. Does the fast focus of the Panasonic really buy you more than the superior file quality of the x-100s?

    Each to his or her own, I know, and ultimately it’s the results that tell. But that’s where I’m at right now. File quality uber alles. Just about, anyway.

  • Oftentimes I think the problem is that the files are too good in low light (with modern cameras). The resulting low-light images look more like day images. Photographers seem to strive to turn night into day which often loses the atmosphere of the dark anyway; the cameras are just too damn good! :-)

  • MW…

    Don’t David’s photos depend many times on split seond timing. He’s got enough on his mind looking for the perfect facial gesture, body movement without having to be distracted or worried about crappy slow focus.

  • Yes, Akaky – that is why Rockwell’s statement puzzles me. It makes no sense. The only way it would make sense is if the file was so fine and of such high resolution that it could be cropped, the crop enlarged without any loss in viewing and printing quality, cropped again, enlarged again, and so on.

    But of course it can’t.

  • Huh, just spent my discretionary funds on a very fine set of chisels, and a big pile of three inch thick black walnut slabs. Maybe I’ll get the camera next time. After the bandsaw, of course. Hey David, you need a nice end table? We’re going to do the cross country blue highway road trip this summer. No shipping charge.

  • “just spent my discretionary funds on a very fine set of chisels, and a big pile of three inch thick black walnut slabs”

    Sounds an eminently sensible plan to me! The camera can definitely wait. :-)

  • Who said anything about crappy slow focus, unless you’re talking about my reference to the problem being fixed? Anyway, I’m not telling anyone what to do. Different strokes, you know. Just chatting.

  • low-light into daylight. True Ross. However, So many images, like this, , are only possible with digital. Broad daylight, deep shadow, f8 ISO 3200, Fuji x100. You could NEVER get this image with film.

  • Crappy slow focus?, hey, I’ve got the original x100. With the latest firmware, this is not an issue. It’ll beat the snot out of a Leica M any day.

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