THE MAGAZINE of (based on a true story)


© Candy Pilar Godoy

The whole point of this I have written about prior, but most likely many readers just do not know….The collector version, which was expensive by nature as an art object or an artisan object if you will is gone…I like art and art objects… At the same time I hate to be in any way elitist with my work…so as a payback to the Rio community we are giving away free half of our 5,ooo press run to anyone who is Brazilian or pretends to be and who comes to an event…

We printed in Italy on the same paper brand as the book and selling the other half for 24 bucks in every place outside of Brazil to pay for the first half or at least almost….This is a super quality object at a super low price. Yes, less expensive yet not cheaper.

For sure the large magazine version is a whole different experience, but mostly we wanted to make it super affordable for those who could not afford the collector book…After all these years of working in various communities around the world, I always wanted to do something like this. Feels good, feels right.


(based on a true story) MAGAZINE


David Alan Harvey

publication date

April, 2013

published by



2,500 copies for sale

2,500 for free to the people in Rio de Janeiro


Fedrigoni Splendorgel Extra White:

160 gr &  85 gr

dimensions and contents

380mm x 280mm (15 ” x 11 “)

66 full bleed photographs 550mm x 380mm ( 22″ x 15 “)

1 roadmap for original re-assembling

offset printing by

EBS, Verona, Italy


$ 24.00 (excl. shipping)


layout and design: Bryan Harvey

concept and producer: Eva-Maria Kunz

coordinator: Diego Orlando

production: Andrea Barbato, Michael Courvoisier, Candy Pilar Godoy





THE MAGAZINE of (based on a true story) can now be ordered here:

THE MAGAZINE of (based on a true story) can now be ordered here:

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For volume purchases or info please contact Kim:

for the “making of” visit:


david assinando Madureira by  Daniel ferrentini

© Daniel Ferrentini

Vinicius Matos  2 Tavares bastos

© Vinicius Matos


104 Responses to “THE MAGAZINE of (based on a true story)”

  • A very nice gesture, David. Well done.

    Even though I have a book, I want one of these…any plans to sell them at LOOK3?

  • I have ordered it :)
    Makes a good present, too I figure…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “Do all the good you can,
    By all the means you can,
    In all the ways you can,
    In all the places you can,
    At all the times you can,
    To all the people you can,
    As long as ever you can.”

    John Wesley


  • Cool shot of a really cool thing to do!
    Of course I want one ;-)

  • I dropped into NYT Lens this morning, saw the feature and write up on the magazine and David’s current trip to Rio. Then, even though it is not Saturday, I came over to see what is happening. I think I will drop this Saturday only business. I have ordered the magazine.

    Plus, I revisited the book which is now spread out across my bed.

    Some of you may remember that I was going through a miserable round of multiple surgeries, emergency room visits and hospitalizations when the book came out – only the first hospital visit and surgery was planned and all the followups became necessary to deal with a brand new and awful health problem that I did not have until my surgeon created it in me. More surgery still looms ahead to try and repair the damage inflicted upon me.

    But in my rage and frustration I digress from my story. Maybe I have told it already. I don’t know. When you are all drugged up and suffering, you might tell a story and then later not remember you told it. If I did, sorry, but here it is again:

    I got the book when I was in the hospital. A hospital bed is an awkward place to try to view a book such as (Based on a True Story) but I did my best.

    Then in comes a nurse and I am a little embarrassed because someone who doesn’t know might get a glimpse of some of the pictures spread out across the bed and think something a bit twisted is going on here. This nurse turned out to be an artist and art aficionado and she was fascinated. She asked me if she could borrow it and spend time with it on her breaks. I let her.

    She kept it for a couple of days and she loved it.

    The past year and a bit more has been a strange time for me. Within it have been times when I grew frustrated and even angry with David, because the fact is David sometimes tells people he is going to do things and then never does them – I think because even for a dynamo like David there is only so much one person can do and he always want to do much more than the limitations of any human body will allow. I don’t think he will like this statement, because David does not recognize the word “limitations” as one that applies to him in anyway. That’s why he has gone so far beyond the limitations that put at least some restraint on most of the rest of us.

    What a roll he has been on! What a stupendous burst of creative energy! And through it all, he has still done more to help a whole host of ambitious, often unseen, photographers, young and otherwise, then any other photographer I am aware of. I have no idea how you do it, David. It has been an amazing thing to witness.


  • a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTY…wow…you became an academian (BOBBY,AKAKY,SIDNEY…and …our other BURNIANS)

    yes, yes,yes…because of MR.HARVEY and the CREW…we have the BURN family

    “I have no idea how you do it, David. It has been an amazing thing to witness”


  • What a beautiful epilogue for such a lovely story like Rio. Oh and what a lovely photo of David and the kids…
    Has any other photographer or artist ever done anything like this before?

  • That’s a very beautiful act of devolution. Beyond what’s right and good, particularly since it fits so nicely with the whole idea and concept of (based on a true story).

    BTW, that’s a X100, isn’t it?

  • Frostfrog, yes, David leaves me in awe. I’m tired just reading about his life. None of this retiring gracefully and fading into the background. David’s ablaze.

    Yes, a wonderful act of devolution Eduardo.

  • Eduardo – X100S

    I keep waiting for the tongue-in-cheek captions for this photo to start…maybe it’s just me…something about the way David is looking at the camera does it, I’m so used to seeing (and try to emulate) him always focusing on the action…

  • item – $24
    shipping – $23
    that is not OK! :(

  • yes denislav i agree….what’s the deal with the huge shipping/handling charge?

  • denislav, cathy.. all..

    I wish we could lower the shipping cost, but the magazine is heavy because it is printed on high quality paper (the same as the book itself), it is huge (15×11 inches, and therefor oversized and not handled as envelope in some parts of the world), packed in a rigid cardboard envelope so it arrives safely, plus we ship registered.

    We are, unfortunately, not and must deal with normal shipping costs.

    For those attending Look3 it is possible to get a copy there.



    we are just as dismayed by shipping costs as are you…we have no control over this…our shipping costs just to get a whole batch to the U.S. from our printer in Italy is staggering…and in Europe they just kill all of us with shipping costs…so yes, the shipping companies are making money!! no giveaways from them!!

    by the time we get this puppy into a solid cardboard envelope it must weigh at least as much as the book because it is the same number of pages and super sized…i have not actually weighed the two but i am guessing it must be true…

    as Eva says this is not a newspaper , but the full length book in effect and super large format and on the same paper as the book and for sure will become a collector item as well..of this you can be sure…so wise collectors will make the money on their investment way more than us….this has been true of all of our books….

    just imagine…we are giving away for free half of our print run…and the selling cost (minus the shipping) is not even enough to really cover the cost of printing figuring in the giveaway..this is not Harvard Business School economics…

    from our point of view even selling the magazine at this price is a giveaway in effect…we brought the cost to you down to a point of where i honestly doubt if we can break even on this….

    our whole point of printing this magazine in the first place was to make this super popular award winning book to a place that was indeed affordable for those who just could not afford the book…the book itself which was expensive had to be expensive…hand assembled (as is this magazine), the materials in it, and the amount of work into it made even the collector book a super good value…signed copies now being traded out there for 500 bucks plus…this “magazine” will be the same…

    if i were standing in front of either one of you right now, you know damned well i would most likely give you one if you bought me a beer or just smiled….some degree of practicality, of which i have little, makes us do what we are doing since most of you just cannot come to my front door to get one….

    the last week has had me spending all of my time giving away free copies here in Rio…by far by far by far the coolest thing i have ever done…..the right thing for sure…the kind of right thing that could only happen because we made a bit of a profit on the collector book which has now been plowed into the giveaway…

    i guess if life is a break even deal all around then that is fine for me…DAH economics

    cheers amigos, david


    i am 100% sure that i do not do all that i say i will do….do you? does anyone?

    yet i am a bit confused about what i have not done for you what i said i would do…and whatever it is, surely a reminder helps…the MAIN JOB of my team is to remind me of stuff….so if you copied any email to me to the whole Burn team and still i did not, or they did not, do whatever it is then yes we are in error….so simply tell us again what this is , whatever it is, and for sure it will get done…

    i mean i did not publish an essay of yours…if i did not publish an essay then it is simply because i did not think it was ready or perhaps just not appropriate or for whatever reason…it sure as hell was not because i did not look at it…perhaps you , and perhaps others, are expecting a written thesis on your work whether i do or don’t publish…this won’t happen….again, if you were in the same room with me, which you have been, then you know damned well i will take all the time you need to explain…i just cannot do this by email…

    if it is something else i did not do just tell me ..again!!! you are a fine fine human being and a great guy with a big heart…we all know that…i surely would have no reason to shun you in any way…especially you…

    so in an email to the whole Burn team..candy , eva, diego, and me let us know what we need to do…we will do our best….

    many thanks Bill for being here…your spirit flows….i , and all of us, surely want you to be happy…

    abrazos, david


    ha ha…well the X100S is not totally instinctive for me …yet….takes months, at least for me, to get used to any camera..for it to become a “part of me”…only a couple of cameras have been that for me…the old Nikon FE2 was part of my body as was the Leica M6…..everything else comes and goes so quickly that i often have to think about the camera a bit too much..perhaps one of the reasons i shoot so much with my iPhone is because it is easy to think about…complicated menus drive me crazy…i try to set up a digi camera in the first few days so that i never have to go back into the menu ever again…yet this rarely happens these days…so yes, looking at the camera should never happen….actually on the X100S the only things i ever stop to check are the lens opening ( really easy on this one) and the exposure comp dial, also easy…but you gotta look from time to time…i don’t look at the screen usually while shooting…and here i was not shooting as much as i was just doing the giveaway and trying to get some sort of picture of it…not a normal shooting scenario…

    you coming Look3? i suppose so…our normal meeting ground… :)

    cheers, david

  • DAH

    Totally relate – I think that’s why it caught my eye. I know that look well (for me, it’s the “damn – what did I change this time on this thing?” look) when something isn’t instinctive yet. And of course your attention is on the giveaway – what a great idea, and it’s wonderful to see the reaction of the kids…

    The video of you in Dubai shooting the horses as they gallop past you is most certainly more typical you at work ;)

    Defintely will be at LOOK3. Hopefully one morning we can have a coffee – I’m sure I owe you.


  • well, bummer –she murmurs dejectedly–i guess that shoots in the paw any plans i had to submit the essay on my kitty that i´ve been shooting since she was two days old (she´s now an incontinent, toothless 18). I mean, if DAH won´t even bother to write me a doctoral dissertation after all these years of work, then why bother? Humph..think i´ll send it over to Nat Geo. Maybe THEY´LL be more appreciative and beg me to do an essay on the declining population of real felines over there in Africa. I mean, after all, who shoots a kitty better tan i?

    ( offense to you, just making light of David´s comment. And was horrified to hear of your medical plight. Incomprehensible that one measly surgery should have led to the complications that it clearly did. My profound sympathy to you)

    DAH..wonderful gesture to the Brazilians and all those pretending to be. Too bad i hopped a jumbo jet out of the favela the day before the giveaway. But oh well, maybe next time!


  • eva DAH,
    Thanks for taking the time to explain the shipping situation. Yes, most businesses (shippers included) are geared towards making money :)
    Will Photo Eye be carrying the magazine? I’m in Santa Fe, just down the street so sometimes that helps me avoid shipping charges…if not I will order it thru you.

  • Thank you, David. No, it is not because you did not publish that essay. My career is filled with rejections and I take those in stride. In fact, I’m glad you didn’t, because, in the first place, you got me going on something I need to do, something covering a life span and then when my first attempt didn’t work for you, your rejection launched me onto a new track which I think tells the same story in a much more powerful way, without the overwrought Mormon angst. It was other statements you had made to me that I refer to. One way or another, I have brought them all up in followups, but none of those followups ever generated a reaction until now. I will send you an email and better explain myself.

    You are right in that most all of us say we are going to do things and then don’t do them, and the fact of the matter is you do more for others than any other photographer I know of even could, and you have done a great deal for me. Maybe it is petty of me to take note of the exceptions, however important they seemed to me at the time. It is funny, the insignificant things that can grate at a man.

  • will this going to introduce a “new shooting style”… in photography?

  • Frost Frog, something’s been nagging at me since i left my tongue-in-cheek comment to DAH, and that is that if you submitted an essay you are ten times the photographer that i am. I have submitted exactly zero. So if you put yourself and your work out there then to me you have already won a lot. For one, respect in my book. So kudos to you and best wishes for a speedy recovery from all that ails you.


  • Funny Panos, funny. Was that the NRA?

  • Thank u Mike… yes , inspired by our gun loving sentiment over here…

  • Exclusive!!! Re-Make (secret reel copy) of Adele’s video below:

  • Kathleen Fonseca:

    First, don’t sell yourself short. Your work is wonderful, it goes way beyond the norm. You even have a Holi cat! How I wish I had photographed a Holi cat!

    I, for one, want to see your cat essay. I have a few myself. It is still my hope that in the end, my own cats will rise to the task and save me.

    I really had no intention to submit an essay to burn at all, but then burn asked me to do so. It was suggested that I do it from the work I am best known for, but I didn’t want to do that. Instead, I did a personal story. For purposes of burn, I believe its biggest failing was that I tried to cram too much into it and so created a bit of a mess. But trust me, if I can survive in functional physical and intellectual health for another five to six years, I will build a book from the ruins of that rejection. It will be a book to take note of.

    Now, I want to see your cat essay. I bet Civi wants to see it, too. In fact, anybody who really knows anything would want to see your essay, given that it is about a cat, done by an excellent photographer.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    yeah,finally we have some BURNIAN LADIES around…CATHY and KATIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and EVA…

    FROSTY,you bet …I want to see the HOLI CAT essay…

    and remember All it’s very safe in here…hiihii


  • Civilian..hola, amiga(o)…long time no see or talk to..and without any of Gracie’s poetry THAT is NOT living! Work became the be all and end all of my existance..but things have lightened up. At long last i have help! So i am burrrrrrning!

    Frostfrog, oh dear, now i feel even worse than i did yesterday. I was just being silly in that post to DAH. I have cats but no kitty pics much less a kitty essay. So eeps..sorry about that! And what i meant about you being ten times the photographer is that you put an essay together and put it out there to be judged and that alone escalates you from wannabee to be. And though i am rushed right now i hope to visit your site and get a better taste for what you do later in the day.

    About the Holi Cat. Now this reference i did/do not understand. I googled the term and didn´t get much clarification but check out this link. This photograph is titled Holi Cat and it was shot in India. Mine of course is Costa Rica but it´s the same type of cat and same shade of pink. This cannot be a coinicidence. What the holy hell is a holi cat, pray tell?

    India Holi Cat:

    Costa Rica Holi Cat:

    Have a great day, all!

  • Kathleen –

    Well, now I get to feel a little silly.

    Holi is a spring celebration in India where participants scurry about and paint everything in bright colors, including themselves. When I saw the picture of the painted cat, it sure looked like it was a Holi cat. I thought for awhile there that you had skipped off to India.

    Now I am very sad I will never get to see your cat essay.

    I know it is great. Except it doesn’t exist.


    I really want to see it.

  • Frostfrog…

    I’m pleased to see you’ve surrendered to commenting more frequently on Burn.

  • Nice to see you back Katie! :-)

  • I know, its only rock and roll, but I like it.
    Backstage at recent pilot recordings for a possible TV show. Mick Jones Bunker studios London.
    fuji 400 color neg & Ilford Hp5+
    ..Not all keepers by a long shot, but very pleased with many of them….and just a real fun way to spend an evening.

  • Ok so, late at night and messing something up…try again later.. :)

  • FrostFrog..

    i am sorry about the whole kittie thing. To make it up to you, i am passing on a link to a Flickr contact/friend of mine named Clara who is a kittie shooter par excellence. (Hint, watch the slideshow):


    SoOOoooOOOO nice to see you! i hope you are well and happy and killing it down there with your work!

  • John Gladdy

    boohoo..tried both links..hope you can fix the problem!

  • Kathleen, so awesome to hear your sweet voice!

  • David
    It took me a year to be comfortable with the x100, the longest it’s take me for any camera. Still, it’s usually my take-along every day camera, still not i-phone friendly.

  • Gordon..

    haha, not always sweet and you know it ;) But occasionally so at least. So glad to see you are still burning. I hope you and your family are well, most especially, your son. Well, and yeah, you too!

  • okay so Burn dont like embed codes by the look of it, so its a link and you guys do it manually I guess.
    fingers crossed!

  • John:
    “You are missing the required field G_ID.”

    double boo doduble hoo

  • oh sod it. :)
    stupid photoshelter site.
    Anyways its the featured gallery if you click through my name here..that must still work right??
    All shot in the last six weeks. Much fun.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    it’s only rock and roll and we like it…!!!
    JOHNY …we are here…take your time,I have crossed my toes…hihii

    KATIEEEEEE…I will wait for your essay too…we are here!!!

    I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLL…Happy Easter from Grecolandia…

    BURN is the place to be!!!

    P.S…PANOS,where is my “boom”?I am waiting…hiihii

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