workshop show and fiesta

from a work in progress photo essay being shot this week by Carolyn Beller titled Sweltering Summer

from a photo essay being shot this week on the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters. Photographed by Tracie Williams

from a photo essay being shot this week by Milli Apelgren titled Bedford Avenue

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  • AKAKY: So where’s the Akakius dude?

    AKAKY IRL: Meeting with his election committee, I hear. Apparently someone else wants to be mayor of Pompeii too.

    AKAKY: Why? Who wants to be the mayor of a dead city?

    AKAKY IRL: Beats me, guy, but there’s no accounting for tastes. Some people want to be mayor of Detroit, some people want to rollerskate to disco. Go figure.

  • PANOS – love those prints you’re showing, every single one of them! Thanks so much for that peep behind the scenes! And again – thanks so much for pulling this off!

    Yeah, PAUL, PANOS, DIEGO, VIVEK, AUDREY, LAURA, and – wow! – VISSARIA – I’m loving it!
    Hug from Germany, uncle Dominik.

    PS: VIVEK – you know I love that one!!!

  • Thank you Panos for all that you’re doing! and to you and Dominik to appreciate all our print!
    Dominik aren’t you coming to Paris Photo this year?

  • Uncle D! Yes, Vissaria has a lot of great uncles and aunts in this Burn world!
    u should see her prints!
    they have a strange metallic book (i printed them personally in metallic Kodak paper)
    one love!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura, ALL, THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PANOS – I’d love to see Vissaria’s prints, they already look fascinating on Instagram! Yeah, one love!

    LAURA – I’m planning to come to Paris Photo this year – how could I possibly miss this? ;-)


    ALL!! OCCUPY(wall
    Street) SAN ANTONIO Texas IN 2 days!!!

    I’ll cover it and I’ll let u know the progress!!!
    ( if for ANY reason u won’t hear from me , then u know what went “wrong” and/ or where to find me!!!)
    Yes , time to follow the GREEK SPIRIT and PROTEST!!

    ( no fear !!!!!!!)

  • Dominik, big congratulations for being included in the New York Photo Festival’s upcoming juried exhibition.

  • PANOS ….many many thanks for doing this ………

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I am singing for P.S:

    PANOS…you are not only a rockandrolla
    BUT YOU are a big reportaaa
    you and the civilian next to YOU
    her name I believe is KIMSUE
    yeaaah,yeahhh,oh you
    amazing effort
    by ALL of YOU
    BURNING like fire
    in San Antoniou
    oooohh,yeahhh,oh you
    prints and vision
    magnetic walls
    beers and wines
    on the floors
    BURNIAN’S spirit
    you do have balls…
    ooooh,oooh…a BURNING lifting for our souls…
    (to be continued)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MIKER…I need report for the cat

    DOMINIK…once again…BRAVOOOOO!!!

    EVA…sending hugs…November is near…

    Big day for me…I will be out…Big Strike…
    may the spirits bring… no blood

    to all of you in the Universe…BE STRONG we can do this…TOGETHER!!!

    BURNIANS…please keep reporting…I miss so many of you…and I DO LOVE YOU(blah,blah):)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTFROGY…take some time out…
    you are under shock…
    you can report later(but you have to report)…I count on YOU!

    MICHAELK…thank you AGAIN…and yes,my man…YOU DO FLY!!!wow…


  • a civilian-mass audience

    and KERRY PAYNE…lady BURNIAN with red hair,
    an AUSSIE in NY…HAPPY B-day

    partyyy is on!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ok,I am going out…be back to report

    from beautiful Grecolandia…oime!

  • DOMINIK ……………………….. yes ……………… fall of 2009 ……… gr8 times @ d loft

  • John..

    Saul Leitner –> color –> poetry –> YES!

    Why nobody told me about him?? Wandering through his photographs is like floating through the sea, softly wrapped in warm and fresh at the same time, and then being touched right at the heart..

    It happens now and then when I visit exhibits, see shows or leaf through books, the warm is felt sometimes.. the straight touch to the heart not very often, but when it happens it’s bliss..

  • Plus to hear him talk about photography, in general and his, and sbout life.. he’s got it right, just right..

  • David:

    I can see that a workshop leader being in the eye of the creative storm would lead to a more intense learning experience for the students; it’s a stepping-up of the juices which would flow both ways. How sad it would be if the opposite was in play, and the mentor was suffering from a blocking low-point in his output. It becomes an interesting dialectical experience. The students raise their game, and the mentor can resolve his creativity by articulating what is going on with his projects at the time. Given that you say – and I wholeheartedly agree – that Burn is a workshop, it pleases me that you get as much from the experience as we do…if my analysis holds true!

    And I also agree that the point of a workshop experience shouldn’t be, and actually mustn’t be, to produce clones of the leader’s style and outlook. There are some students who unfortunately may get nothing from the experience, those who will improve, those who will continue to improve from future mentoring, and finally, the protege, who, if they can do it right, will take the artform to the next level. That is really the hallmark of a great teacher…to have a pupil outdo teacher. That would really entrench the teacher in history books.


    I too love viewing contact sheets, for the very reasons you do. David said yesterday Picasso didn’t teach, but Jean Renoir filmed “The Mystery of Picasso” in which Pablo did not nothing but create works of art. I remember being surprised at how he’d paint, then scrape off, and repeat over and over compositions and forms on a single canvas. It was the equivalent of a contact sheet, with mistakes reworked until he was satisfied. (All done in time-lapse.) It was a revelation to watch, as I had always thought he was able to master a canvas with single stroke precision. In the same way, we seem to romantisize the efforts of photographers, forgetting how hard they have to work, and the sheer amount of mistakes they make, until they get it right.


    I’m relieved that the Canadian prints arrived! Steve, too. I wish I could be a fly-on-the-wall at the opening, just to see the gallery filled with Burning work. All the best, and continued success for carrying out this brilliant concept!

  • Eva…

    I’ve got one of Soul Leiter’s books it’s half BW and colour. Yes his colour work is poetry he was enjoying himself stands out a mile and I liked his whole philosophy on life and photography but everytime I’ve looked at his BW work I just don’t like it one bit.

  • Civi, Tom Cat is asleep next to me; he goes to the vet tomorrow for an x-ray and, if the break in his leg has healed, the pin will be removed at the same time. All being well he will be able to go out on his own by weekend – and so will I.

    I’ve only taken one photograph for my essay since he broke his leg (six weeks!) as I won’t just leave him alone. He likes a bit of company. It’s a good photo though!

    Stay safe in Grecolandia,



    Many thanks. The framed exhibition prints have been shown elsewhere but I feel they really are shown at their best in this venue of a 19th century threshing barn which has been converted into an exhibition space. The installation photographs on my website include the two large prints which measure 68 x 50 inches. Having works this size really becomes a problem in terms of storage and transport, but when it comes to exhibition spaces like this, they really are worth the hassle they cause in-between. As they are glazed with laminated museum glass, the weight of them can be a problem too.

    Did you see that the writer Ken Mitchell from Saskatchewan is doing an event with me as part of the exhibition. I spent some time with him when I was in Saskatchewan in 2005.



  • LADIES AND GENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Ok , BOB GELDOF By Jarle JORGENSEN !!!”

  • “PRESTON MERCHANT amazing print just arrived ”

  • Justin
    Did not note Ken Mitchell’s participation, will go back for a look.



    DAH , THE MAN ………..arrived in a MAGNUM bulletproof box!

    Cant even express to u how beautiful it is (little tease on link above- Not the whole photo included in instagram link above)


    DAVID ALAN HARVEY ARRIVED SAFELY in the city of the ALAMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cant hide my excitement, cant I?

  • Justin..

    Thanks.. seems a write up of the video I saw yesterday.. amazung room, wonder how deep his archive is, not only the photographs.. and am off to write a hundred times LEITER, sorry for misspelling..


    Have found a used copy of ‘Early Color’ which is killing my balance (if I ever had any..).. but will search for his bw also, once I am home and have more time..


    did I say YOU ROCK already? :D

  • @ PANOS: D-72hs and countin’… (with the voice of that man, from NASA Space Center, before the departure of the rocket).

    As I said to you in the letter, thanks for doing this! Happy that almost everyone had sent to you a print (big or small, doesn’t matter) The aim is to fill the gallery with burnian pictures!

    Keep going, and could you take a picture of the wall before the opening but not with the Hispamatic…
    PS: If there is no NBA, just broadcast the event LIVE and maybe St Antonio TV will be interested on that…

  • Anyone in New York should check out Krisanne Johnson’s excellent work “I Love You Real Fast” at The Half King:

  • Eva. The copy of Early color will repay itself so many times over.
    Eva/Paul. Re: Saul Leiter B&W work. My Contention has always been that Leiter was an artist who used a color palatte that he ‘lucked into'[ maybe] and produced a wonderful series of lyrical pieces. His black and white work seems to bear this out as it has very little of the magic and poetry that the other work holds. It may also be that it is from another period in the artists life, but either way it does not hold up next to the other work when judged using the same criteria.[A purely visual satisfaction] I remember a conversation with David where we were discussing leiter and a photographer David felt was similar in feel to his work. I disagreed, then as I do now, stating that ‘early color’ IS DEFINED PRIMARILY BY THE PALATTe, and to a much lesser degree by framing conventions or mis en scene. The BW would seem to support this.

  • Eva and John…

    “His black and white work seems to bear this out as it has very little of the magic and poetry that the other work holds”

    I’ve got this book I just can’t get through the BW stuff without jumping straight to the colour work. Personally the only reason the colour works is because of kodachrome and if we turned those images into BW I’m sure I would struggle to enjoy them just as much as the real BW work.

  • Picasso had no time to teach remember is was occupied with possessing women and spitting them out at the other end …………..a arrogant bastard

  • Imants, back then it was illegal to keep them all…;)

  • How Steve Jobs grew up
    Jobs dropped out of Oregon’s Reed College after one semester, although he returned to audit a class in calligraphy, which he says influenced Apple’s graceful, minimalist aesthetic. He quit one of his first jobs, designing video games for Atari, to backpack across India and take psychedelic drugs. Those experiences, Jobs said later, shaped his creative vision.

  • My thoughts go out to his family and friends. So many people dream of changing the world, but he actually did.

  • Brian
    absolutely! Steve was the MAN!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MR.STEVE JOBS is going upstairs…

    I give to give him credit cause…he fought hard to stay downstairs..
    THANK YOU STEVIE…your vision our vision…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Now reporting from downstairs…

    I have a warning …
    if you are holding a camera…please BE advised
    you are a moving target
    if you are a civilian…you are a target…anyways…:(
    BUT,BUT,BUT…don’t give up
    keep “fighting”…oime

    I am an optimist(yes,MIKER…like TOMCAT)…and NOBODY,NOBODY can take away my vision…

    BE STRONG …we have only 7 lives…proceed accordingly!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    sometimes I wonder if the hell is…downstairs or upstairs…hmmm…

    BURNIANS…Spread the word…RESPECT…!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?”
    Steve Jobs

    Yoho,yoho…the pirates life for US…

    what did I tell you…WE ARE ALL PIRATES…is that right,MR.HARVEY and MY BURNIANS?

    We love you STEVIE…and VIVAAAAAAAAA!!!

  • I have absolutely no time to be here, unpacking and packing for the next trip.. but…

    Part 1 of three, but it’s not the video I saw, that was about 15 minutes at least…

    John.. getting that book was a no brainer.. most expensive book as of late, but was lucky to find it used, with a bit of damage on the cover, but who cares.. it won’t sit on the shelf much anyway..


    Steve Jobs.. one of those who not only dream big, but live big dreams..

  • “That’s the type of support that may make an NYPD cop think twice before he decides to go all Tiananmen Square on a group of teenage girls, armed with chalk and cardboard signs (maybe it’s because they are spelled properly?).
    “The Occupy Wall Street movement may have thought it broke new ground when the NYC Transit Union joined their movement, but that ground just tipped the Richter Scale with news that United States Army and Marine troops are reportedly on their way to various protest locations to support the movement and to protect the protesters.”

  • Brooklyn Bridge video: Police arrest Occupy Wall Street protesters

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