Miss Favela bar scene in Brooklyn, NY. Photo by Isabela Eseverri  – One light off camera

Rooftop party in Manhattan, NY. Photo by Madeleine Stevens – One light on camera


We  just did a one day small strobe lighting class in my loft in NY where I will be spending the next two weeks guiding photographers into  taking their personal next step. Both Madeleine and Isabela were out in the Saturday night scene practicing as seen above what they had learned from us during the day. I encourage photographers to “get personal” so even a one day tech class like this one becomes after all an exploration in doing work that is somehow a mirror of individual predilections.

The students who are here for a week, will take this process much further and show their work on this Friday evening at the loft in front of a cast of the best and brightest in photoland and let off by shows by both Chris Anderson and Bruce Gilden.

I will post work from time to time this week from this essay class. Stay tuned. You will see some very nice work shot right now by these very serious photographers.

7 thoughts on “girls just wanna have fun…”

  1. a civilian-mass audience

    REVOLUTION now!!!

    girls,boys wanna have fun…ok,no problem…have fun
    keep reporting

    cause BURN is the place to BE…

    predilections?#$%&#??????????…predilection for BURN !!!

  2. Looking forward to see more work.. and girls obviously DID have fun.. as some of the boys it looks like.. ;)

    As Gordon says, say hi to Frostfrog!!

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