workshop show and fiesta

from a work in progress photo essay being shot this week by Carolyn Beller titled Sweltering Summer

from a photo essay being shot this week on the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters. Photographed by Tracie Williams

from a photo essay being shot this week by Milli Apelgren titled Bedford Avenue

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  • a civilian-mass audience

    can I sing now?…cause I will PROTEST…

    damnit…I am already protesting…enough…I just came “home” to sing and say this:

    your civi

    P.S THANK YOU for all your messages…you are true BURNIANS…

  • It is those workshops to “exotic places” and the become a old style photojournalist courses that are a bit of a worry and seem to be money spinners for the presenters. There is a dime dozen advertised on photo sites throughout the wwwdot world. It is too easy to get seduced into the “fishing in a basket trap”.

  • you and i will meet in Sydney and hopefully do some teaching duets if you will…there is always something to learn… ………. I already have grin on my face about the possibility.

  • Civi I am down at “The Postbox” in Tassie, four chickens come and visit every day in need of food just a pat………..

  • Imants u absolutely right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Workshops everywhere,,Disneyland everywhere………… buuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllsssshhhhhhhhhhittttttttttttt!

    but but but,,,a DAH workshop is more like going to an EXPENSIVE THERAPIST than the usual bullshit, let me show u how your camera works fake ass baloney!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DAH is a real MENTOR , an INSPIRATION, a guy that CHANGED MY LIFE…in a positive way…
    ps (these are the words coming from the heart of an ex but REAL hardcore JUNKIE…)

  • IF anyone here had the BALLS to get addicted to Heroin , go ahead prove me wrong!
    d’aGATA, jOHN, kURT c ….Y’ALL know whattamean!

  • like going to an EXPENSIVE THERAPISt

    my fault: its more like going to the most AFFORDABLE THERAPIST…pretty much freeeeeeeeeeee!

  • yea Panos there are those that care like David

  • a civilian-mass audience

    for those of you that went to hell …and came back…
    this I have to say:

    YOU ARE TRUE HEROES…the journey is everything …!

    IMANTS…don’t talk about chickens right now…cause when I was out protesting…I lost some…

    I hope…they are in goods hands…(or stomachs) …oime,oime…

    please,keep reporting…I am watching YOU (u have been warned)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    hmmm…maybe my chickens are in your area…yeap,IMANTS…my chickens are there…

    I am optimistic

    VIVA BURN…cause I really miss you ALLL

  • DAH:
    of course the naturally talented will survive even the worst teachers

    Yep, probably even in a greater proportion than surviving the best teachers! :-)))

  • A lot of these flashy workshops are all about nice straight horizons and similar rules…so far removed from real life real expression perfect for mags. My horizon has generally always been tilted in life. Many years trying to get it straight in my images…screw tilted or straight now i am busy with emotion and saying something thats only mine…

  • One can always look at the workshop experience by asking: “What’s in it for you?”. This also applies to the workshop leader. (It goes for the professor of a college or university course as well.) It may simply be a case of paying the mortgage, or just putting food on the table. But, perhaps for those photographers who have a genuine interest in teaching, and have achieved a level of expertise, or success, could it not be that they realize their place in history can be pegged not so much by what they have achieved, but in the way they, by teaching, strentghen their position in the historic continuum? I think of the Renaissance painters, with their ateliers and studios, and their later “Schools of…”, who may have made their place as much by their tutelage, as their work itself.

  • ALL:

    Interesting comments about workshops being tossed around.

    As someone who never studied photography in a formal institution I can say that taking a couple of workshops instead really worked for me. I would expect that as institution fees continue to increase and the money that people have to spend on education decreases, the approach to taking one or two carefully selected workshops will eventually become the preferred choice of “studying” photography.

    The best workshops really are photography boot-camps and make you know deep-down if you are prepared to stick it out long term and work independently on your own projects. And that is an important realisation.

    For those that are interested, I’ve just updated my website with info about a new book and exhibition. Click on my name.

    PANOS: sorry I have not sent a book for the Texas show. Stock is limited at the moment and I need what I have for my current show here. My loss I know. But pleased to be supporting you with a print. Look forward to seeing photos of the space.



  • JEFF..

    good analysis…good thinking…

    i think some artists , as you point out historically, have a natural sense of paying back/paying forward…Matisse felt the need to teach, Picasso did not…so it just depends….workshop mentors are not the same as college professors…major distinction..professors are career teachers…workshop mentors earn their living as working photographers and sometimes teach… may provide some supplemental income, but imagine a one week class actually takes at least three weeks of time to the organizer, so there are better ways to make a living…really good teachers do it as more of a maintenance of the legacy of the craft , the work….others curate, as Martin Parr…as Susan Meiselas…certainly a place in history is at the core of everyone at Magnum, so i think your analysis to be basically right on…in my case, i would not want the tutelage to outweigh the work, but of course this is not my decision, but will be a judgement by others…

    i say this because i know that i absolutely 100% cannot teach UNLESS i am in the middle of publishing a book, or mounting a show, or on a major assignment…THAT is all i have to teach..real experience happening NOW..not last year or based on some achievement 10 yrs ago, but based on right now…

    sharing the pains and the opportunities of real world real time production is the only thing that i am about..and absolutely not looking for any clones as did the Renaissance painters…mine is a whole different agenda….i love to spark somebody..get them going…have them produce great great work to the very best of their ability…and at the same time, i am pushing myself to do the same….

    of course i am not speaking for other teachers in other venues who may view the above differently…only my own opinion and modality…

    and of course i hope some see the very very obvious…Burn IS a workshop…i started Road Trips and evolved into Burn as 100% a mirror of my workshops..track Burn carefully, read everything, submit work, link up, ask questions, and you will get a workshop….

    cheers, david

  • Mitch Epstein, American Power exhibit in Lausanne, Switzerland, Musée de l’Elysée.. impressive.. would not have thought just judging from the flyer, need see it live!

  • EVA

    yes, i saw that Epstein show in Paris during the Magnum gathering…those large prints very impressive…one in particular…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    wow…live 24/7 workshop…I get a workshop too…
    THANK YOU,thank YOU…!!!

    BURN is the place to BE…I knew it!

    no worries…I am not gonna sing:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience


    BURNIANS…we all know …we DO celebrate every day…!!!

    P.S…ADMIN…I am lost. Which one is my aisle?

  • If you go see Mitch Epstein exhibit, make sure you also see the video. To me, hearing photographers talking about their work, well, that’s kind of a workshop too.. looking (or already knowing more deeply) a body of work, thinking about it, and then have the opportunity to learn from the one who has made this work the why and how.. is great..

    David.. now wondering which one you refer too..

    And gotta educate myself about Saul Leiter, on show here too, Early Color.. plus interview.. great great day..

  • Civi…

    I didn’t know, but SHE did this morning.. world animal day..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…you are Cramazing…

    as JOHNYG says…red dot on your print…yeah,my LADY…cramazing indeed!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    P.S I know a BURNIAN…who is gonna love,love your pic!:)


    Viva BURNING Universe !

  • Jutin

    Good luck with your show and book launch. This is a lovely lovely body of work. congrats
    The show looks extremely well done and presented.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    yes,yes…JUSTIN…as GORDON says…”lovely,lovely body of work”!!!

    from all of US here in BURNLAND…we wish you …best times JUSTIN and beer on YOU!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    hiii…don’t we all love our Academians…(AKAKIUS,AKAKYIRL…

  • DAH writes:

    “mine is a whole different agenda….i love to spark somebody..get them going…have them produce great great work to the very best of their ability…and at the same time, i am pushing myself to do the same….” the very best of THEIR ability..

    Exactly THIS is why I’m here and support this BURN thing, as best as I can whenever I can, even if it’s only my little bit.. in the hope that as long as Burn is not/does not become a burden he’ll hang out here too.. to spark those who need/want it.. and if in return from all here it sparks back, hell, what more to ask?

  • Eva. Saul leiter. His color work is pure poetry. Unsurpassed.


    IT SPREADS Fast..very fast

    WE staRted WAKING UP OVER HERE TOO!!!!!!!!
    thanks to the P.I.I.G.S (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain)
    thank u for uncovering Wall Street!
    now its our(America’s time) turn to help!

  • from NYT today:
    “…The rock in question is the one associated with Gov. Rick Perry .

    The day after The Washington Post reported that Mr. Perry had once hunted at and taken guests to a hunting camp that had the name ” Niggerhead ” painted on a rock at the entrance…”

  • I’ve recently been looking through Frank’s “The Americans”- the expanded version wih contact sheets-500+ pages! I’ve found that viewing those contact sheets has been as enjoyable as the actual essay; just about a “mini workshop”! It’s also nice to know that even the greats don’t nail it every time! :-)


    our Burnian PAUL PARKER just arrived!!!!



    one of my two prints!

    and 2nd print


    click below:

    FROM VENEZZIA ITALIA is here too
    (beautiful photo which i might keep it for my wall;))))))))


    our amazing VIVEK FROM INDIA is also here


  • “Also


    by AUDREY BARDOU” is here:

  • and YES YES YES,

    my super duper talented little niece from GREECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    print1 :(KIDS)

  • Amazing little Vissaria strikes again!


    print2 :(SWAN)

  • Panos, Vissaria, you know how you see a photograph and think “I wish that I’d taken that photo”? Vissaria; I wish I’d taken your photo of the swan. I Sooo wish that I could be there for the opening night!

    Vissaria, the Burnian niece from Greece: what’s it like to have so many Burn Aunts and Uncles?

  • On the subject of workshops, David writes “i say this because i know that i absolutely 100% cannot teach UNLESS i am in the middle of publishing a book, or mounting a show, or on a major assignment…THAT is all i have to teach..real experience happening NOW..not last year or based on some achievement 10 yrs ago, but based on right now…” – I’ve been thinking about this and I imagine that for any emerging photographer this is exactly what they need to know.

    Using the analogy of childhood play, we as photographers need to experience different aspects of the craft to find our own vision and path – just as children experiment with role play and thereby gain social and interaction skills. Any skills learned on a workshop are, I imagine, useful but to be able to talk to someone like David (no hero worship here, it could be (name your experienced photographer)) is surely worth its weight in gold. A participant in a workshop should, again in my opinion, take what they can from the experience and use it to establish their own vision and signature. Just like life experience really.


  • Vissaria, the Burnian niece from Greece: what’s it like to have so many Burn Aunts and Uncles?
    Mike R, awesome! u r amazing , thank you!

  • Panos…

    Wow! Thanks so much for all this…you know how much this means to me!
    Thank you.

  • Vissaria…

    Your images are something else…brilliant!!

  • “LAURA MONTANARI is also arrived” from Italy!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Paul,
    it means a lot to me too!!!!!!! thats the only reason im doing this! coz it means a lot! its soul cleansing for me!

  • CC Sabathia pitched like a dog last night.

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