workshop show and fiesta

from a work in progress photo essay being shot this week by Carolyn Beller titled Sweltering Summer

from a photo essay being shot this week on the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters. Photographed by Tracie Williams

from a photo essay being shot this week by Milli Apelgren titled Bedford Avenue

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  • Oh man wish I could be there! I just might have come out if I wasn’t shooting a friend’s wedding Saturday night. Have fun!

  • Same here! Would fly over this evening to NY!
    Anyway can’t grumble at all, had my share of fiesta in Paris :)!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I will be there…I am bringing ouzo
    all my BURNIANS will be there…
    the BURNING Spirit is everywhere!

    Daring + Artistic + Hellacious* = DAH !!!

    *I am ESL student and dyslexic.

  • Civilian:

    You are poultry in motion!

  • Go Kibbutz
    Go Kibbutz
    Go Kibbutz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Home of the Legends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oh man i really wish you folks here…you know i do….this always the best one…only worried too many people…a Facebook announce might have been a mistake….hmmmmm


    AKAKY IRL: Why are you getting all worked up? You’re not going.

    AKAKY: I know, but it’s the principle of the thing.

    AKAKY IRL: I see.

    AKAKY: You do?

    AKAKY IRL: Not really.

    AKAKY: I thought that’s what you were going to say.

  • Anyone who has been to the loft have a suggestion for a Motel close by that wont set me back the price of a new M9?

  • same here… i always feel far far away when there’s action at the kibbutz…

    a live feed would be awesome… there must be an NY Burnian that could pull it off??

  • Y’all have fun, eat slowly, chew your food well, behave yourselves.

  • a Facebook announce might have been a mistake….hmmmmm

    NO address, you should be OK

  • Man – That sweltering summer shot is spot on!

  • ARGH! So I said I wanted to see Anderson’s show, mostly.. forget it.. I wanna see all.. now wish you hadn’t posted pictures, just makes it harder to sit over here.. yeah, I know, I did ask for it.. hope there’s more to come!

  • PANOS:
    Shadow WINS!!
    FailBlog made my days! Win/FailBlog is great before going to bed… smiling before falling asleep.


  • panos/imants:

    my favorite art group in the world, from Russia: Voina (which means War in russia)

    if u have time, look for the vid of them pulling this off (no time to look now)…but you get the idea


  • “The megalithic building known as the Kibutz in New York ranks among the world’s most iconic photography sites and inspires awe and fascination among an obscure society known as Burnians. The building has spawned countless tales and photographic theories. According to folklore, the Kibbutz was created by DAH, the Shaman of Burn legend, who magically transported and assembled the crème de la crème in the world of photography whilst his alumni were instructed in the secrets of real photography.
    We have all felt these energies (we might also call them vibrations or presences) that emanate from and surround people according to their internal experiences and so pilgrimage shrines like the Kibbutz, because of the large number of people learning and meditating at them, have become highly charged with these vibrations of peace and devotion. These vibrations have a lasting effect in a physical space and sacred sites thus become memory banks, naturally this field of power is further amplified during major festivals held there. Many pilgrimage centers that draw visitors throughout the year celebrate certain days, or periods of days, as being particularly auspicious. In particular the Kibbutz festivals usually occur in September over a period of days culminating in a frenzy of celebration on a Friday night…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I love pennies…
    cause with a penny you can open a beer…therefore there is no need for c(r)ock…

    can I sing now?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oh,well…here i am:

    sing with me BURNIANS…

    Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs
    Of every head he’s had the pleasure to have known
    And all the people that come and go
    Stop and say hello


    Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes
    There beneath the blue suburban skies
    I sit, and meanwhile back


  • For anyone interested, will be doing that Twittering thing around the Loft/Kibbutz event.

    Kurt Lengfield is too I believe!

  • Michael…

  • Love it Paul. You know me well!

  • Michael…

    OK last special one!
    I’ll leave everything else up to DAH and his magic loft :)

  • a civilian-mass audience


    what not to report!!!…bring it on…

  • speaking of KURT ( Kurt Lengfield )..he just safely arrived in SA

    AMAZING PRINT & PRESENTATION./PACKAGE etc (agai, the whole 9 yards!)
    thank you!

  • Also an amazing RARE PRINT from BOB GELDOF

  • Paul, addendum:

    Dateline: Museum of Modern Art, new York, New York
    Sept. 30, 2021

    “Folks, if you could just move in closer, we at MOMA are proud to present our newest acquisitions, Bob Dylan’s unauthorized re-creation of Bruce Gilden’s Yakuza Portrait, alongside Gilden’s original photograph. Please note that the damage on the Dylan painting remains unrepaired from that fateful night exactly a decade ago, when as legend has it, and as the noted author Paul Parker in his “Intellectual Property Rights’s of Modern Art Photographers” wrote, Gilden led the famed Kibbutz work shoppers to the now defunct Gagosian Gallery, where, in an act of anarchy reminiscent of the French Situationists during the May 1968 riots in Paris, students of David Alan Harvey vandalized those paintings of Dylan’s bearing unacknowledged provence. Apparently the cuts were made by a negative film cutter found later on the 6th floor, just outside the door of the Kibbutz. In the years since, photographic authorship – both as an essential artistic style and a source of control over artistic endeavours – has been realized to its present form, thanks to that night.

    As you all know, Dylan is currently in a state where even he doesn’t understand his mutterings; Gilden is cursed with such recognition that now everyone smiles for his camera; Harvey has removed himself from the Kibbutz, and has remade himself into a comic book writer, who’s “Orville and Wilbur – Road Trips from the Outer Banks to the Inner Mind” continues to entertain.

    Any questions? Right, then if you will just follow me to the adjacent hall, you will be able to view our most recent installation, the historically accurate reproduction of the famed “Burn-ed Garden” Collection. We are so happy Vissaria Skoulidas has agreed to curate this effort; you must know…….” (fade)

  • a civilian-mass audience


    “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”
    Eleanor Roosevelt

    now,I will have a …print .~~~Thank YOU~~~

    your civi
    “the fighter”

  • a civilian-mass audience


    what the heck are you smoking…?:))))))))))

    damnit,YOU are ALL crazy here…I am going out…

    sending burbs and farts from beautiful Grecolandia…and yes,I am gonna say it again…

    I DO,I DO love you all…oime,you crazy BURNIANS!

  • Paul,
    Not sure you saw my answer to your post (“You lucky devil…”), but, yeah, tonight will be cool! Great place to see, feel, talk, relax, meet and have some laughs!
    Great time for sure (my girl hopes she’ll have another cool talk with James N.), but it’ll probably be even crazier this time around since so many peeps might show up (Burnians and not)…
    Not to worry though, you’ll have a taste of it: Erica will ‘scribble in the dark’, photos will be uploaded for all to see, and the stories of the night will be told (the crowd, the shows, the rooftop, the fun…)!

    DAH will be ‘unapproachable’, surrounded as a good host should, but be sure you’ll have a taste of it all!

  • One of the biggest controversies among art come photography historians has been the very debatable subject of were psychoactive plants substances used among the alumni at the Kibbutz? Anthropological, ethnopharmacological and historical research has shown that the traditional purpose of such psychoactive plant use was to attain direct spiritual experience, during which users made contact with different spirits and unseen realms in order to gain knowledge and wisdom for themselves and/or members of their social group. Scientists studying aboriginal cultures with shamanic traditions have conclusively demonstrated that hallucinogenic substances were frequently used as an adjunct to the shamans’ inner quest for vision and the search for healing. Where would the religious use of these substances have taken place? A wealth of archaeological evidence supports the theory that the Kibbutz rooftop was theoretically the perfect place for the consumption of sacramental beverages and psychoactive plants.

  • Hey PAUL,

    If you are going to promote personality cults and indulge in mythmaking around 475 Kent Ave., then at least get your mytho-history straight. There was a scene of famous photographers and other artists with outrageous lifestyles living in the so-called Kibbutz long before David Alan Harvey was a resident… that was what attracted HIM there. He no doubt upped the energy and craziness level by moving in, but he did not create the scene there. The childish hero-worshipping that gets bandied about here sometimes is embarrassing enough without doing violence to the facts.

  • During the course of the yearly cycle various Burn tribes would make journeys, called fiestas, returning year after year to the same traditional routes. Skilled topographical surveys have discovered Paris, OBX, Rio, Washington DC and Mexico as some of the most popular routes and above all NY and the Kibbutz as the centre of the Burnian culture.

  • Sorry to break the flow, but I just love Mr. Fish, and this is just great. And thanks, Sidney. And hey, did someone say there’s a party tonight? What’s up with that? You know what always bothers me about these things? Everyone marvels at the view, but they always looks to the shiny things in the west when in this rare case most of the interesting stuff is to the south and east and north. And in the same vein, I really, really love seeing the student work. The stuff David gets out of them is truly fantastic.

  • AKAKY: A psychoactive plant?

    AKAKY IRL: Yeah. It’s a plant that scored higher than you on the SATs.

    AKAKY: I never took the SATs.

    AKAKY IRL: I rest my case.

    AKAKY: Assuming you had one in the first place.

  • Sidney…

    I’m sorry if my comments have offended you, it’s just my freakish mind at play. So please don’t take it too seriously…
    Just me wishing you and I plus all the other Burnian family who are not present at the party could meet up one day and have the best of time all together.

  • Another print arrived from CHRISTINA, HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA!
    Thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES YES TOM HYDE indeed just arrived…in an awesome super sturdy package
    fantastic gynormous Print

    (“Message to Kurt”)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTFROGY…rock on…civi says hi too…Hi!

    “You lucky devil”…as TANGUY says…”your footprint arrived”…as PANOS says.
    hope you have BURNING times there…with all MY other BURNIANS.

    now,”I rest my case”…as AKAKY says:)))

    loukoumades,tiganites,croissants , cinnamon fluffy cake with oranges and chocolate…blah,blah,dream on…
    just plain coffee…
    yo,yoho…the civi’s life for me

    Goodmorning …rooster is calling(skype)?:))))))))))))))))))))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BURNIANS in the KIBBUTZ area…only this I have to say:

    BURN …the floor
    ok,I am gonna sing now…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I am singing…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    sing,sing,sing…civi sing


    i think you need to make a trip to 475 Kent…to the best of my knowledge you have not yet graced our halls , but i personally would love for you to experience the “buzz” of 475….you would be a most welcomed guest…but for sure “crazy lifestyle” is not what i think an apt description of what goes on here at 475..

    surely, even though Bohemian by nature, the output of the artistic talent that is in fact in this building is certainly not the party scene nor the view, which do become sometimes over described , but in fact real work by real people in real time..

    yes we had a nice social gathering last night in honor of fine work produced by 12 students who certainly were not here for a party and two iconic photographers (Gilden and Anderson) who took their time to pay respect to these student photographers…so that my friend is WHY we are here…

    it would certainly be very strange i think to denigrate any joyful meeting of our collective positive spirit particularly when the REASON for gathering in the first place is the respectful showing of work…

    any gathering/viewing over which i have any say, THERE IS NO PARTY GOING ON WHEN WORK IS BEING SHOWN..last night, as always, the door is locked at 9pm sharp…if you have a beer in hour hand at this point great, but if you do not , you are not going to move to get another…

    you can hear a pin drop in the kibbutz when work is being shown under my auspices and in my apartment by the iconic photographers and even more so for the students…

    last night for sure could only be described as a very emotional presentation of heartfelt work by students who were charged to dig deep…was there a party after? well, yes a lot of folks did enjoy chatting, having another beer, going to the roof etc etc…but i doubt anyone would describe it as representing a “crazy lifestyle”…please get a second opinion….

    it was more the big warm Sidney…the big warm….there is not one doubt in my mind that if you were actually here, that this is how you would describe…no heroes…no claims….just that terrific gut feeling when the right things happen for the right reasons…i am sure you DO understand…please come next time and see for yourself…

    cheers, david

  • Paul…

    I think your two pieces of writing above should be accompanied by the various casual imagery from the Kibbutz from over the years. A perfectly fitting bit of creative prose there.


  • DAH…

    Hell of an event. Thanks.

    Inspiring students work! Good group. Very impressive.

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