is paper hot, or not?

“Color , grace, gesture. Slipping and sliding through nights humid and intimidating. I am both lost and found in a simultaneous rush of primal feelings and needs.”

These were my words for a Bravo paper promo for their paper and printing. A commercial use of my photography but the whole concept, design and writing was  a collaboration between Polish designer Jurek Wadjowicz and yours truly. Of course the pictures were my personal work from the Caribbean and South America . I cannot publish the whole portfolio here, but it was a labor of love and flat out a whole lot of fun to make. Trust me, the kind of commission you will savor. They are rare. I have never worked with anyone in quite the same way as I did with  Jurek. It really was our baby and he made me feel like it was my baby.

Holding the final paper product in my hands now is a certain kind of experience and way of viewing photographs that cannot be duplicated on the computer screen. Yet I and many others scramble every day to make our work viable for mobile devices, like the iPad and Kindle etc. We see our books being reasonably priced iPad books as a secondary offering for the traditionally printed book, or will it be the other way around?

Either way, times are changing. Some top media executives see bookstores closing and all but boutique printing moving to the iPad. Their feeling is that the consumer will happily pay say $5. for an iPad book rather than $50. for a paper book. I will no doubt end up doing both , therefore spending $55., but perhaps I am not the average consumer of photo books. We will see how discerning consumers move on this.

While I work everyday to create a good web experience for you, I also work everyday in traditional media. I live and breathe books. Traditionally printed books. My workshops which always had as the grand finale a slide show from the week of intense shooting by students, will from now on have as the end game a handsomely printed book.

In April during the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale , Mississippi  students from my small class will start their shooting knowing that we will be producing a book titled JUKE.  This will not be an  everybody automatically gets 5 pictures in our class book, but a seriously conceived and edited book where each student is going to have to make a truly strong image to be considered for publication. We  will start building this book from day one.

Eileen Gittens, Founder/Ceo of Blurb, told me her company will sponsor JUKE and give us  very special attention.  This will be the first in a series of student produced books.  These may become a part of our upcoming Burn library of carefully thought out books of all kinds including upcoming publication of a wide variety of photographic artists from this audience both emerging and icons alike. Soon to be presented on Burn will be series of iPad  compatible essays,  starting with Chris Anderson and his Capitolio.


So what do you think? i am reading Ross in our comments section  whose book budget is blown after buying 4 books…..what about this? Ross could have perhaps had 4 iPad books for say $20. instead of the probably $200. he spent…the profit to the photographer and publisher is probably also better in the electronic version…book stores closing down….are we seeing the end of the printed book game?

You guys tell us…..we are listening

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  • oh and by the way – how cool is eileen gittins? love that woman!

  • Still proud of my signed copy.

  • didn’t really answer the question there; print vs pad.. i mean its hard isn’t it. simply – i see books as works of art. photographers who are taking control of the full production, authorship and distribution of their books can and will turn a profit if the content is compelling and they are savvy in their marketing. plenty of photographers are already doing this – Stephen Gill springs to mind – but it will be the few as opposed to the many who can really make this work; and of course the main market will be photographers selling to photographers and the odd collector.

    in premiership football here in the UK, money gets sloshed around between the clubs – people complain about the huge transfer fees, but ultimately the money is received by one club, and then generally spent again and given to other clubs. every so often a businessman (usually foreign!) comes in and cleans up.

    is the photographic book industry moving towards this model in microcosm?

  • I prefer looking at something tangible like an art book or photo magazine, but the “ebook” is much more environmentally friendly. I have a stack of 30 magazines in my office now that I haven’t touched (and probably won’t) that will eventually be thrown away.

  • Still proud of my signed copy.

    hmmmmm…hard to beat this argument….

  • “are we seeing the end of the printed book game?”

    i hope not!

    i love digital, started shooting with it in 2002… love the whole thing…

    BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE BOOKS (paper printed ones that is).

    i don’t think you can replace the experience of sitting with a beautiful book.

    the ipad or whatever you use will always be a uniform electronic experience, books come in all shapes and sizes… textures… the feel and weight of a good book… the paper quality… even the smell from the print…

    my bookshelf is something i cherish…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I wasn’t ready for this one…
    I am not prepared…
    I mean really…I don’t read fast…BUT when you see a masterpiece…
    BRAVO to our one and only one MR.DAVID ALAN HARVEY…

    I don’t see “limited”…I see the “only” edition…

    tonight in BURN …we celebrate the Soul of BURN…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and I will be back to answer the question…
    I believe …there must be a question…somewhere,near the end…hmmm…:)))

  • David;

    I have blown my budget for about 6-months; but I also have 4 books that I haven’t had a decent chance to absorb yet; Allards Retrospective, Dorchester Days, Think of England, Story/No Story. It’s going to take a while absorbing all of that.

    I’d rather spend a bit more and buy a book of high quality to hold in my hot hands. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy an Ipad book (if I had an Ipad!)

    Also; as Imants mentioned (I can’t really comment because I don’t know enough about it), is an essay that is perfect for screen display going to work as a book; and vice versa?

  • To touch….
    to hold……

  • When I opened this up and saw your lead-in pix, it was another one of those “why the hell did I have to grow up Mormon?” moments.

    Damn! Damn! Damn!

    I could have had so much fun during those years when I was walking around wearing a white shirt and tie and carrying the Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price.

    But some good things happened that likely would not have happened otherwise, so you win and lose no matter what course you take.

    I think it is probably the same when it comes to electronic publishing vs paper.

    I am so eager to get an iPad so that I can start viewing the potential and how I might capitalize on it, but I have to keep buying harddrives, my equipment has been breaking down across the board, camera and computer, and on and on and on and so I have had to keep putting it off.

    But I will get one, I will figure it out and because my whole career has been based on creating publications that I shot, wrote, designed and produced, I just feel like electronic publishing was created just for me. I often feel like I want to abandon paper forever, but what it really is that I want to abandon is working on the payroll of others. I want to be totally free in what I photograph and publish, and it seems to me that the potential for that is strong electronically than it is with paper.

    These past few months, whenever I can afford to and often when I can’t, I have been putting the framework of a book together. I feel like the odds of me finding a paper publisher for it are not good, although I am certainly going to try, so I intend to figure out how to make iPad books and put it out as such. Plus, I see possibilities in the iPad that I do not see in print. There are certain photo series in this book that could be slowly roll over each other and thus to create an effect and tell a story that would half-a-dozen to a dozen pages to simulate on paper. That, of course that would be too expensive.

    Still, I also want to see it published as a paper book. I want to hold it in my hands, and savor the beautiful printing. I want to be able to lie in bed at night, flip through the pages and smell the ink and shellac on the paper.

    Plus, I think, if you can get a book done on paper, you will always feel that you have accomplished something a little more than if it is just published for iPad.

    iPad opens up many more opportunities, even as it would seem to lessen the intrinsic value, as practically anyone at all can do it.

    So there you have it. You asked what I think and that’s it.

    The idea of you leaving burn saddens me, but you must complete your own work. What you have done here is unprecedented and will live long past you – not as the static work of the dead but the ongoing creations of the newly inspired, discovered and motivated.

  • I think that with the Ipad and traditional publishing you could have the best of both worlds..

  • Just checked. Three self-published Blurb books sold thus far, this month. About average. Website hits? Around 3k this month. Also about average. So it goes, in today’s world.


    you made me laugh out loud..well, i did not grow up Mormon , but i was in a pretty conservative environment as well….and yes no matter which road you travel there are washouts as much as paved highway…yet either way is an adventure or a lesson…either way has its own reward…

    yes i feel the same as you about print…obviously will not go away for either of us…the markets will shift in favor of electronic publishing, but just as obviously the two can co-exist nicely as we proved with Burn 01…

    always better to walk off the stage before being thrown off..smiling…i am surrounded by lots of talented young people…the whole point of Burn was to use whatever influence i had built in the craft to harness that energy and make it something the next generation could use…they are not and never were without their own abilities, but it is always a life imperative i think to pass on a bit of the spirit if nothing else…just a touchstone of some sort…part of the passing will be Burn and the celebration of new talent , and a flattering part would be imagining that some of it would be at least some of my work

    Bill you certainly have made your mark on the net…and i will do all i can to help you think about one day having that book in your hands….so go shoot a few more from the heart…you always do…and by the time i can get to looking at your body of work , you will have added just what we needed all along….smiling

    cheers, abrazos, david

  • paper is hot…..and burns easily…..

    spent the afternoon with best friend and his two girls walking around dinosaur bones….can look at pictures of bones forever, but it aint shit compared with the bones themselve as if the weight of breath itself, palmed in the hollow of our chest….

    though i look endless at pictures via pixels, it isn’t anything compared with the book…and today, marinka and i just showed 2 of Susan Rothenberg’s books of painters to those 2 little girls….


    as long as their are books, i’ll buy them…i can read on net/ipad/ebooks, but i can’t look at photobooks via them….

    and when they disappear, i’ll consume photos the same way i consume oj in the morning, without savor but as necessity….and that will be that…

    but, i prefer to be alone with the sound and scent of a pictures instead of numbing into the silence of the data-pricked screen….

    and then there is JUNE……..

    running, wobbled


    Still friend of many distances, feel how
    your breath increases space even now.
    In the timber-frames of shadowy bell towers
    let yourself ring. That which saps your powers

    grows ever stronger from this sustenance.
    Through transformation, cross the borderline.
    What’s your most sorrowful experience?
    If drinking you is bitter, turn to wine.

    Be, in this night of extravagances,
    magics at the crossroads of your senses,
    the sense they oddly all cohere.

    And when the world no longer knows
    you, to the still earth say: I flow.
    To the rushing water speak: I’m here.

    Stiller Freund der vielen Fernen, fühle,
    wie dein Atem noch den Raum vermehrt.
    Im Gebälk der finstern Glockenstühle
    laß dich läuten. Das, was an dir zehrt,

    wird ein Starkes über dieser Nahrung.
    Geh in der Verwandlung aus und ein.
    Was ist deine leidenste Erfahrung?
    Ist dir Trinken bitter, werde Wein.

    Sei in dieser Nacht aus Übermaß
    Zauberkraft am Kreuzweg deiner Sinne,
    ihrer seltsamen Begegnung Sinn.

    Und wenn dich das Irdische vergaß,
    zu der stillen Erde sag: Ich rinne.
    Zu dem raschen Wasser sprich: Ich bin.

    –Rilke, Sonnets to Orpheus, II, 29

  • I love books. I have hordes of them. I’ve been buying a lot of them in the past year mostly online. Every time something interesting is mentioned on Burn, I end up buying a book, usually online. Just so easy, click, click, it is in your mailbox in a week or two. This week I recieved Sally Mann’s “what remains”, and Irving Penn portraits. I’ve not digested either yet. I’ve also had three 11.5″x14″ books of personal photographs printed within the last month.

    Books are cheap. It is a matter of perspective. Most books cost less than a dinner for two at a mediocre restaurant. I struck me when I recieved Bruce Davidsons wonderfully printed “Outside Inside” that this was essentially his lifes work, and it cost me less than what I charge for a couple of 8×10 prints at my studio.

    I can’t see the book going away.

  • David,

    Great to see your work published full bleed that way – as you know looking at my books I’m a big fan of that design ethos – the bigger the better…:) Perhaps you will consider such for your retrospective? :):) Please?!! :)

    Books will always be around, many (most?) crave/need that tactile experience though I foresee photo books having a tough road ahead, mostly due to their expense. Only the best will get published. Fortunately for others there is the digital format which lends itself so well to the visual.

    But no way will you ever find me reading Goodnight Moon, Harold and the Purple Crayon, or Treasure Island to my son on an iPad – that would be a travesty. I also prefer a paperback in the hand, even while traveling despite the extra bulk. Some things just feel right….


  • I suspect for the immediate future the real life bookstores will go the same way as record stores.
    The big box stores will be gone very soon but an independent book seller might be able to stick around selling boutique printed books (just as independent record stores have survived for the time being on vinyl).

  • Most bookshops close due to bad business not lack of business.

  • David/Gordon;

    Funny; Gordon’s post pretty much said just what I was about to write! :-)

    Last year was a bad one financially for me, so I only bought one book (Sylvia Plachy). My folks go out for lunch every Sunday with my sister; and last year because I was broke I only went a few times. Sure they always offered to shout me; but I’d feel a bit stink if they did that. This year I try to go with them once every 2-3 weeks because I’ve got a little more disposable income.

    However; the meal usually costs around $25; or, half a book! So every two meals out would buy a book. I did spend around $200 on books; but that’s about all I’ll spend on them for about 6-months; the equivalent of approximately $8 per week for books.

    $8 is pretty good value for the amount of time I spend looking at them. Last year it was great to relax and look at Plachy’s book and forget how deep I was in the financial crap.

    I’m also a bit of a boring old fart and don’t drink (well; the occasional social drink) and don’t smoke (about $17 per 25-pack here!) So it’s not as though I smoke a pack a day and then say I can’t afford a book!


    As for bookstores; there’s been a big debate about them here in NZ because of the Borders book store financial strife. Our biggest bookstore chain is owned by them and has gone into voluntary receivership.

    However; the independent bookstores are all reporting that their turnover is increasing yearly for the following reasons; they know their customers (often personally and often recommend books), they don’t “dumb down” their book stocks, and they ensure that they only employ staff who are “book lovers”, they import their own books, try to provide excellent service. In other words; they fill a niche; they’re not attempting to be all things to all people.

    Imants; “Most bookshops close due to bad business not lack of business” Exactly!!!! :-)

  • Our (small provincial city) independent bookseller opened their shop right next to the library and have a nice selection of interesting books…

  • No question in my mind, photos in print always win out over computer images. Whether in books, on walls, in magazines or newspapers, a photo only becomes real when I see it on paper. Don’t think that will ever change.

    At the same time I am grateful to have gotten serious about photography during the digital age. Would never have had the opportunity to connect with folks like DAH and all you Burnians, nor would my work have been seen by so many before the web. To be honest, I doubt if I would even have completed projects like Falling Into Place without David’s online and in-person support, critiques, edits and encouragement. The fact that it became a book (Blurb) would never have happened in a pre-web world. So I may love books best, but it was the computer that led to my own work coming into print.

    Regarding David’s decision to move forward after June and give his own work the undivided attention he has given ours over these past 4 years, I totally understand and support him. It’s been an amazing experience to have him at our side during these years, but now is HIS time to shine that laser-like focus on seeing to it that his own work gets out there where it belongs.

    DAH and I are at a stage of life where we must do what needs to be done NOW. Time is no longer the unlimited resource we imagined in our youth. Neither is energy. For myself, I find the older I get, the more focused I must become. Priorities must be carefully weighed and many worthy projects do not make the cut. It’s all about knowing myself and what I have to give. Then doing whatever is necessary to DO it. In my youth I said yes to everything and everyone. In my aging years, I say yes to my Self.

    I hear David saying that kind of elemental YES today. I celebrate this moment with him and say “Thank you for everything, dear friend. May this new chapter be a wondrous one.”


  • bad business not lack of business.

    im drinking scotch… so not thinking clearly …elaborate?

  • DAH and I are at a stage of life where we must do what needs to be done NOW

    Hey Pat, i’ll second that…i feel the same!

  • i kinda like that guy that signs under the name ross nolly!:)

  • To touch….
    to hold……

    Wendy…………u summed it all up! perfectly
    (funny thing thing is im typing through an iphone which i can also touch & hold)

  • paper is hot…..and burns easily…..

    bobus! im gonna tattoo this one!

  • Differences there is the backlit screen and non backlit nature of books books. Bold in your face stuff works in both media but there seems an extra dimension to the colour as one brushes their hand lightly over the page. One can view several books at once and view in a no linear manner or in a personal ad hock rambling manner.

    With the more subtle images books seem to work better as the tonal nuances seem to lose a bit on a screen sorta like compressed mp3 downloads. My books are different to my net stuff.
    Audiences are different ……. my art kids live with these prototypes (they even like the bag) but the Information Technology mob are indifferent.

    Time perceived is the biggest difference Ross……….

  • Ross Borders lost it when they took on Woolworths and the big department stores in a discount war, they lost 40 odd million on that move. Plus they had a weird pricing structure where the upped the prices and lowered in a free-fall manner one day the book was 23 bucks the next 33 bucks and so on it went
    In Australia books are overpriced by the publishers we neverget the cheaper US published versions just the Euro priced stuff plus that fee and this fee and why not another publishers fee on top.

  • My biggest problem is lack of space (bookshelves)! That’s one reason I offloaded most of my vinyl lps and probably will do the rest soon. And that’s a very real consideration in the world of photo books and one reason that publishers have been shying away from the oversized editions of the past (unless you are Bruce Davidson of course:)). Size and price have to be considered from the get go when planning/designing a book, as un-idealistic as that sounds. It also costs much more $ now to ship the damn things, from printer to warehouse to store.

    I’m always amazed when I go into comic book stores (the serious art kind) and see that they can do gorgeous hardcover books for $25 and under. Why is it so much more expensive to print photography?

  • “i kinda like that guy that signs under the name ross nolly!:)”

    You’re obviously not a very good judge of character Panos! ;-)

    Patricia; Even being 48 years old clarifies the mind a bit; because you know that if you want to make any sort of mark, you gotta do it soon…

  • Imants; Here they lowered the price of the Jackie Collins’ etc and upped the price of the “higher brow” books. They had 8 different owners in 15 years, tried to be all things to everyone and employed the cheapest staff. And ironically; made an absolute pig’s ear of their online business.

  • I agree, Gordon Lafleur. If people want the book they’ll buy the book (usually online for a decent price) – it’s high street books stores that need to worry.

    I don’t know about costs and profits but I’d be surprised if books for iPad outsold printed versions – it’s about value.

  • ………… but then I do love the wwdot world

  • Ross – I just turned 47 and I have a two year old. He’ll be graduating from high school when I’m 63! Talk about clearing the mind – or fuddling it up even more! Not sure which it is yet….:) Glad I’ve made at least one mark, though would love to do it again but who knows. Point is now all I really want to make is a good one on those I love….

  • Ross same mob ran both Australia and NZ

  • With a smidgen more technology it will be all print on demand in a decade or so. the positive is that one will be able to get out of print stuff.


  • By the way David it all looks pretty schmick……..

  • I couldn’t care less if it is on paper or in bytes. As long as the picture is hot in my brain…

  • Most of you guys probably know better than I, but since DAH asked…. :-)

    Burnians seem to use analogies to music very often, given our interest and parallels to photography: To me, content seems to be consumer-driven and the ability that the artist is willing to relinquish control. The latest Radiohead album “The King of Limbs” is currently available for download in two forms: CD-quality .wav files for $14.99 USD and compressed .mp3 files for $9.95 USD. Of course, pirated versions of both are available…

    Photographers can show their work on the web for free, to the masses, on un-calibrated monitors (such as mine), to stimulate awareness of their work and/or book and print sales. iPad resolution has now been surpassed by an Android tablet (Motorla Xoom) (at least until the iPad 2 is released). I’m sure that neither of these rival print quality, in terms of resolution or color.

    I guess that it all depends on your end-game: a finished book, a “teaser” to support a Kickstarter project, etc. I’m rambling, time for bed…

  • Larry Towell’s “Mennonites”. Luscious book; lovely rice paper-like pages, gorgeous binding and beautiful black case to slide it into. And that’s before you even get to the images… Anyway; enough from me tonight :-)

  • Paper is,definitely,hot but I don’t know how viable will be from a business perspective
    in the coming decade.
    For better or worse,I think the e-option will steamroll the print side into submission
    for all but the highest profile,most known photographers.
    David can inform us based on hands on experience but I’ve heard that the majority of
    portfolio/monolith type publications don’t earn a profit.
    As I sit in my living room with a 30 year collection of some 800 books,it’s impossible
    to deny the tactile experience of working through a new book or going back to an old
    favorite as if were comfort food.
    In principal,I thought I’d love the iPad experience for consuming visual before I became an owner
    but with a handful of photo ebooks now on my iPad I’m already bored with the experience-just
    doesn’t measure up,somehow.
    Possibly,the problem lies in the fact the early releases are just trying to be the same when
    I think the iPad experience might be better suited to an enriched multimedia type piece
    That would/could incorporate motion and audio to differentiate from a printed book.

    I think a refined,more evolved, ebook will certainly enable many the ability to make available
    their work that would otherwise be impossible on the print side apart from on demand solutions
    and that’s a good thing.

    From a Burn perspective, I would gladly pay for an extended edit e-version of many essays
    published here and think it is a business opportunity that should considered.

  • I was going to bed but saw Rossy’s post. It reminded me of some that lament the day of an album’s cover art (and liner) in the age of mp3’s (for worse, in my opinion). Maybe the “finished package” concept has changed for photographers, as well. Going to bed for sure, now…

  • photography is changing
    world is changing
    consumer is changing
    creators are changing
    old masters will be masters forever
    emerging masters will be mush of bilions clones
    everything will be times million
    everything will be cheap and available
    everything will be better than is now
    will be a million of Harveys
    will be a million of Skoulidas
    Will be a milion of Gurskys
    We will have 0,2 sec per picture
    We will have 8 min per book
    We will have 0.21 of children
    10 ipods
    0.00032 God
    1.30 min for tv show
    2 hrs for commercial
    0,00043 for a friend’s post on Facebook
    0,0000021 to take own photo

  • For me books always win. It’s about the touch, about standing in front of my bookcase and seeing which one I’ll take out again to have another look at, then leaf through it and feel the paper. Nothing like it and no Ipad will ever give me the same experience.

  • I don’t think it’s the end printed book, there are more website to publish yourself, print and sell, and I think it will be continued… I love books,I love the feel of paper under your fingers, coverage, print, smell … Henri Cartier-Bresson said : “the picture looks in the books, not the wall.” (Henri Cartier-Bresson affirmait que « la photo se regarde dans les livres, pas au mur » hope my translation is good). Recently, I ordered 5 books and 2 were limited edition, maybe the limited edition is the future for the printed book as an object of art… for me, paper is HOT.

    David, I’ll always be grateful to you and Burn….
    Hope to see you again at Rencontres d’Arles, hugs, audrey

  • Thank you, David. I appreciate the good word, although I know the mark that I have is a very small one – so far. I also appreciate your desire to help. That helps me a lot, right there.

    Ross Nolly – the other day I was complaining to my wife about how I can’t buy an iPad and she said if I would not go out for breakfast for two months straight and save the money for an iPad, I would have it.

    But I can’t eat oatmeal at home every damn day for two months!

    I just got to have my ham and eggs now and then, and a waitress to come by and fill my cup and laugh and call me “luv” and “honey” and “dear” and grin while I take her picture as she pours the coffee. So its kind of tough.

  • John Vink!

    i find that hard to pass your comment by…

    you mean you really don’t care about all those prints, the books?
    you’d be happy to only see them in pixel form?

    ok, i get the “As long as the picture is hot in my brain…” for sure, most of my image viewing is done on a computer screen and when an image burns into my head, that’s it… i need those images, more and more…

    but to never care less about books… is that what your saying?

  • typo — i find it hard to pass your comment by

  • I remember similar conversations at the newspaper back in the early nineties. Would people ever read the news online? Were inked stained dead trees soon to be a thing of the past? My two cents was that I couldn’t speak for anyone else, but that I, personally, would never be comfortable reading news online. Didn’t work out that way though. Got accustomed to the new, now I find the old way slightly annoying.

    Regarding photobooks, never had that problem. I think I always preferred the backlit projection going way back before I ever saw any kind of hi-def computer screen. Or at least a big print. Photos in books are just so necessarily small. And the reproducible colors are many millions fewer on a printed page than they are on today’s computer screens. No, give me the millions of colors on the giant screen and let the software turn the page…

  • mw…

    newspapers ain’t books…

    now surely you own and cherish some books of photographers work… you’d trade them for an ipad full with the same books? really??

  • I bought a Kindle last January, but as far as I am concerned it will never replace the paper format. The thing is at the moment I am currently going through a Cormac McCarthy phase and Kindle book prices are really cheap. With two young kids, wife, mortgage and a very uncertain future work-wise injury a 6 Euro Kindle book makes sense compared to 10 dollars plus postage and a impatient wait! Now if I buy the book in a local bookshop first of all its not in English, no problem I speak fluent Spanish but I will not find that book for less than 15 Euros and I am quite sure it will be far closer to 20 Euros! The Kindle is not without drawbacks some books are full of spelling mistakes the typography is really boring and I must admit I miss the tactile side of a good old book but and this the big but at least I can read many books easily and cheaply.
    I tried an IPad the other day, great! But no thanks! I want to see DAH´s next three books on paper and to look at them proudly in my library and be bewitched, spun around and elevated to a higher level and I only feel that way with a good old book . I love comparing photographer´s work, two photographer´s books on a table, like last Saturday with Emerald Isle and Divided Soul… you learn a lot by seeing two separate voices but same place. How to do you do that on an IPad? Buying two hmm… no thanks.
    I love a good photo book there is nothing like it, an excellent one is a work of art an average one is miles better than anything on a screen. I am drooling looking at that leather bag with Imant´s books inside have to buy one of those one day.
    But the world of digital has made my learning curve so much shorter, how would of I ever met DAH and all Burnians without the marvels of digital. So perhaps we should have the best of both worlds…
    But I fear some accountant looking solely at numbers will say NO way!!
    And then June…

  • “So I at least need a sabbatical…”

    How hard was that to type out? But how good does it feel for having done so?

    Good! Very pleased :)

    (skipping your print vs. on screen book question..)

  • MW…
    Smiling…Always so atypical! That is not a criticism either, people like you always makes good company!

  • Sam,

    I do have a few books, but I own much less than I know. I think I must have four or five prints from ‘famous’ photographers somewhere. I never felt comfortable ‘owning’ a physical picture. I prefer the immateriality of a picture, the idea it gives me about reality.

    Of course I am always happy to see books or pictures, be it on paper or with pixels. I wouldn’t be doing what I do if I didn’t. But I don’t feel the need to ‘have’ them.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Why we can’t just have it All…???

    I love BOOKS …cause I give them away…
    there is a BURN 01 copy somewhere in Egypt right now…remember the family from Egypt…oh,yeah…
    they are BURNIANS now…:)))
    I love the pixels,the dot world…cause I carry it with me…
    where ever I go…you are with me…your vision, your dreams…
    the only way…to “have you All” !!!

    HOT …like my FROSTFROG…and like my BURNIANS…hot like my chickens…
    I am in the middle ..on this one:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “…As long as the picture is hot in my brain…”

    yeap…I didn’t sleep last night…the pictures above…are still BURNing in my brain…
    and you know…my brain ain’t getting bigger…:))))))))

  • John,

    ok… fair enough… i understand your point of view. i have learned to do with so much less in he way of materialism… after living in india for a few years with my wife and daughter we passed back through london and had to deal with a garage/lock up full with all our stuff – we couldn’t believe how much we’d horded – we gave 90% of our stuff away… my parents thought we’d gone mad… BUT the things i could not part with were my books… shipping them to australia must of cost way more than they cost me to buy… but what to do : ) one of life’s pleasures, comfy arm chair, mug of tea or glass of red and great photo book… speaking of which… recently got Georgian Spring, great book… love your straw hat shot ; )

  • John Vink…
    I love that phrase you just wrote
    I never felt comfortable ‘owning’ a physical picture. I prefer the immateriality of a picture, the idea it gives me about reality.
    Smiling…Somehow I am sure my life would be much simpler if I followed your words.

  • Sam, don’t know about IPads. Although I’m sure they have some advantages — beautiful screen, software to turn the pages for me — they suffer from the same size problem as books, sometimes even more so.

    But a big screen? Have you seen photographs on a new 27″ Imac? And I’m guessing they’ll look really incredible on a 60″ hi-def television, if not now, sometime in the near future. How many 40×60 paper prints can you buy and hang? I’m still surprised the photography world isn’t targeting the big screen tv crowd, which is a very large crowd.

    No offense. I like books, too. They certainly add more senses to the experience. Guess I like the smell of a good book as much as anything.

  • Like many photographers who are not established to the point of being able to get a book deal from one of the big photo-publishers, for years I had the dream of a monograph of my work put in the drawer along with some complex (time and money hungry) projects that I thought I might someday hopefully get to do, but definitely not NOW…

    Then, the past couple of years I started searching the web for information about publishing in general and I found a whole universe of people producing all kinds of printed versions of their works (not only photographers) ranging from “traditional” lithographic printing (offset), to actually making their own paper and doing their own binding, to making laser printed booklets that were stapled…

    Along with finding out that there was a big number of people “offering” their work in this form, I also found that there was a whole network of individuals and organizations promoting this off-the-mainstream production of books…

    So, getting a new perspective from my findings I decided instead of waiting until (or better yet IF) I ever get established and arrive to the point to be offered a book contract, that I should bet on my own work (why should I expect anyone else to believe enough in my work to risk time and money on it if I don’t, after all) and MAKE the best book I could RIGHT NOW…

    Now, I can’t possibly know how things will play out… my book might sell out and become a classic just as easily as it might sleep an endless sleep on the heavy duty shelves I’ve installed to house the one thousand copies I printed… only thing I do know, is that right now, I feel absolutely great holding in my hands the fruit of my efforts…

  • JOHN VINK :)))))))))))))))))))))))

    knew we were soul brothers :)))….i once too wrote here (or road trips) about that very think…(though i do have a lot of books)….i almost never make prints any more…left the gallery 2 years ago now that used to show my work (mistake?) and now care more about the ‘immateriality’ of pics…how the stories live on in the head and body of both me and viewers….like Basho carrying his poems in his head….anything now for me as a print, i try something that subverts….put 100 small pictures in a red chinese marriage box and let people touch/move/scratch the pictures (my last solo exhibition)…or do a projection instead…as i told Herve, the astral joy of watching the pic come and leave in a projection….it’s weird, having been a painter (where the object is everything) to know, where making pics (whether seen or not) seems to be the balance, rather than the rush to show, the madness to print, the compulsion to make a book and sell it….

    for me, the act of living (including snapping pics) meant more…maybe that is why i’ve barely made a ‘profession’ of this thing i do….which takes the pressure off, i don’t have to give you that print of Night Tree ;)))


  • Old pond,
    frog jumps in
    – splash


  • Now, regarding the digital version of a book vs. the “analog”… I don’t see them as an either-or, kind of deal… if I had the means I would definitely produce an i-whatever version of my book to be readily and cheaply available online…

    But still… and in contrast to John Vink’s sentiment above (and even though—just to be clear—I don’t consider myself a collector by any means) I get a totally different feeling when I hold a fine book in my hands, than when I look at the same pictures of this book on my computer screen…

    In a similar way—and even though I mentally know that this shouldn’t be the case—I get a very different feeling holding in my hands the physical object that is the negative of a picture I captured on film, to when I hold in my hands the memory card containing a picture I captured digitally… my brain tells me that both those objects are just necessary steps in my effort to capture a glimpse of what “my world” looks and feels like and share it with others, but still… it could be some manifestation of OCD, but my senses tell me that the physical object is far more valuable (not necessarily in monetary terms) to its elusive digital counterpart…

  • mw…

    big screens are great, yes. i have a 24″ imac and photographs look killer on it…
    but even though i can view plenty of great images on my screen it will never replace the ritual that is picking a nice fat volume from the shelf and slowly savoring it’s contents, one page at a time…

    it’s not an anti technological thing, i’m as wrapped up in the future of things as anyone… digital books are a great thing and will only get better, but i don’t think of digital as a replacement for books… when tv came along everyone said radio was dead…

  • Yes, fortunately we don’t have to choose one way over the other, at least not permanently. For a great photo book experience, I suggest to anyone visiting New York to go to the New York Public Library and peruse your favorites. That’s where I studied Salgado and it was a fantastic sensory experience. Combination of great photography, best book production, and old library trappings. The sights and smells of so much solid wood and paper, the old world decor and the finest library-type silence.

  • Or if you are in Europe.. German area.. around 20’000 mediums to leaf through:

  • There’s room for both paper and pixels. They are just different formats.
    Pixels are cheaper than paper. If they cost the same would you would be
    asking the question? Yes, I say.

    In a modern perfect world we just order the book of our choice, it is
    printed perfectly and delivered to our front door for the same price
    as long-run off-set. When I want to explore the content of that book
    I’ll check it out on my ipod (miniIpad) Ipad, kindle, xoom, touchpad, mobii, gslate, flyer, lifebook, viewpad, nook, et. al.

    Roger Black is toying around with digital delivery with Treesaver ( )

    Just some thoughts…

  • “are we seeing the end of the printed book game?”

    I seriously doubt it. At least not in my time. And it is my genuine hope that such a cold, sterile world will never materialize. Again, I doubt it will. It’s too difficult to imagine that humanity would allow it.

  • And for those who think digital is more ecologically/environmentally sound that analogue/books… Don’t be too sure of yourself:

    “Manufacturing computers is materials intensive; the total fossil fuels used to make one desktop computer weigh over 240 kilograms, some 10 times the weight of the computer itself. This is very high compared to many other goods: For an automobile or refrigerator, for example, the weight of fossil fuels used for production is roughly equal to their weights. Also, substantial quantities of chemicals (22 kg), and water (1,500 kg) are also used. The environmental impacts associated with using fossil fuels (e.g. climate change), chemicals (e.g. possible health effects on microchip production workers) and water (e.g. scarcity in some areas) are significant and deserve attention.”

    “SUZHOU, China — Last week, when Apple released its annual review of labor conditions at its global suppliers, one startling revelation stood out: 137 workers at a factory here had been seriously injured by a toxic chemical used in making the signature slick glass screens of the iPhone.”

  • In some way, I suppose photo books are to screen viewing what a concert seen in a concert hall is to listening to a CD. Very different experience. Definitely, some photographic work (Panos’s for example) comes out better in book than clicking “next”. IMO.

  • I definitely prefer paper. Spending enough time in front of the screen as it is.

  • switch off electrical power, and compare paper against iPad or any other computer/screen tool.

    Paper is hot and will stay hot. It is just so much more persistant. Electronic is nice, fast food.

    Nowadays we have an impression of how life was 2000+ years ago, because we find artefacts from that time.
    I wonder, how people think about our life 2000 years from now – and what artefacts they will find…

  • Do’nt know if it was mentioned but I have some photo books long time out of print that probably cost 3 times what I paid for it. I doubt any electronic book will increase it’s value over time. So photo books can be a piece of art by itself.

  • Jorge,

    Very good point – I have several of those as well. Shame is that work is then inaccessible to anyone except those flush enough to pay top dollar for a collectible. But then again I get lots of “fans” who want a “print” of mine – once I tell them the price 9 times out of ten I don’t hear from them again. So the plus side of digital publishing might be the ability to get more people in front of the work. Of course it’s a slippery slope – those that won’t afford $40 for a beautiful hardcover photo book may not be willing to spend $10 on an ipad volume – or those that would spend the $40 on the hardcover may scoff at the idea and/or price of a digital version. Tricky stuff….


  • Charles, yes, electronic media at the end is about consuption: something you buy and consume at the moment. Mostly at least. On the other side a real photo book is something you grab and review over your hole life, building a sort of relation with the author. Can you do that with a electronic book? maybe, but not in the long time I’m afraid. The electronic mainstream reduces value for inmediate consuption. Cheaper, ubiquos? yes, but in the consuption logic.


  • HOT!

    I do remember very well when vinyl went out of style beginning of the 90s. Everybody said that the cd was the one and only future medium for music. Now, here we are 20 years later. Vinyl is totally back to the market. Often in limited amounts – yet totally cool – and HOT!

    I don’t see the printed photo book to disappear. There is a haptic sensation to it, and a smell, not to mention this quiet time sitting in your favourite chair slowly going through the pages. Deceleration. The electronic version will be an addition, not a replacement. (I hope.)

    Hope everybody is well out there!

  • Herve
    I agree about Panos’ work coming off better in print. In Burn 01 I was struck how some of the essays were dissapointing in print, while others were the opposite.

    Bob, yes. Perhaps, as I suggested not long ago, we really should enable the “shoot without memory card” function on our cameras. We get to view the image we just took, then get on with it and make another one.

    A sabatical means a temporary absence I assume. Will Burn continue in some form or we just have a big bonfire, and drink to a great ride? Good either way. Upwards and onwards.

  • Those are both powerful photos, DAH. Such richness. Then and now…

    Very hot; paper that is. A photobook is not just a way to view photos, it is an accessible objet d’art, an artifact, a belonging. It is something with which you can create a relationship and something which has the gift of being able to become familiar and cherished. The book as memory: your childhood copy of Winnie the Pooh, the book your first lover gave you, the photobook which opened your eyes and gave you resolve. And as we move in new directions in the world of creative funding, few if any would choose to be thanked for their support with an e book when they could be thanked with something that inherently has an element of the personal – a print, a book, an extension perhaps just two three steps removed from the original creative being and impulse. If one’s impulse is to create a film, or a multimedia piece, I am content to access it in a theater, on an airplane, on an Ipad, at my computer, because I see any of those as primary or apt methods of transmission of the original creative message – nondestructive image processing if you will. But the book *itself* feel integral to its message, and has the power to become part of the home, the psyche and the heart.

  • Frostfrog

    Yeah, sometimes I have my steel-cut oatmeal at home, then sneak out about 10:30 for a Hobbit second breakfast of bacon and eggs or an egg McMuffin.

  • I have learned most everything I know about images from a screen, but I savor nothing more than the rare and special moment that is the exploration of a new shelf of photography books. I bought Burn 01 when I could not really afford it because I wanted to see the images from a screen that had inspired me and taught me so much come to life in print. Buying something in paper form is about giving it worth beyond monetary measures and valuing the fact that an image or a set of images can be finite and precious and fragile.

    You cant crease the pages of a digital file, or stain them with the ring of a carelessly placed mug of coffee. An author or artist or friend cannot scrawl in their own hand a personal and unique message inside the cover to be rediscovered many years later. A file cannot yellow with time, nor fray at the edges from repeated handling.

    But if nothing else surely there is this: A file exists within something, a book exists alone.

  • I am convinced that it’s not the world to change, but it’s rather us changing the world.

    I embrace technology but at the same time I try (with success) to find a good balance in using not too much whatever innovation comes out of the box. I shoot with digital for some clients and for others, as well as for the majority of my personal project, I still shoot film.
    I will indeed buy an iPad but I won’t give up buying narrative and photographic books. I like my shelves filled up with books. I like to be able to read a book without needing a charger. I like to lend books to friends and I like to be able to hold them on my lap. And I like to hold in my hands a book just after I finished reading it. For this reason I buy my book in smaller but more precious bookshops in London.

    Like Erica rightly says, a book is most importantly a form of art in itself and we should all respect that, by not buying so easily into the newest technology, without asking ourselves first, what good really comes to us.

  • don’t usually comment in here, but it’s sort of strange to read this Davids post today, as just few hours ago i was standing in front of my bookshelf and a thought, that has been bubbling in my mind for quite some time now, came that i should give all my books away for free. there’s a lot of books that i truly love for their content and also for other, more personal reasons, as in a way the books in your shelf also represent how ones interests and tastes have changed and evolved. the images and hopefully also the information have been burned into my consiousness so i can’t really see the reason why i should keep them, they’re beautiful objects with beautiful content, but i feel that i don’t have any use for them anymore. moriyama, graham, ristelhueber, wylie, d’agata, ruff, cafe lehmitz, farewell photography, oslo F, signed or not signed what does it matter as in a way i really feel that i don’t have any use for these objects anymore, i know their content, the images have burned into my consciousness. the only thought which makes me a bit sad is the idea of giving books away that are signed for me and contain some kind of written “message” as it would feel like i would tear pages from a diary. there’s maybe ten books out of the hundreds that i would keep and none of them are photobooks. i also think that the thought of giving all the books away comes from the thought of having no posessions at all (except cameras and my negatives) and still i would never read a book from an ipad, i’ve tried and i hate it as it doesn’t feel the same, it somehow feels too fast and it doesn’t give the same peaceful feeling as having the actual object in your hands. the other thing that is in my opinion extremely interesting is that you really do not need the book, but only memorize and also “feel” its content. at the moment i’m reading a biography of arthur koestler and in it there’s a passage that tells when he was in a prison during the spanish civil war (every night listening the sounds of people being executed and thinking he would be next) he would memorize passages from freud and thomas mann and other writers and drawing euclid’s theorem to the cell wall and it was these thoughts that kept him sane, gave him courage, and even occasionally made him forget he was in prison. sorry, i’m maybe drifting a bit too much from what David asked. so maybe paper neither a fucking ipad is hot but what you learn from their content and what sticks into our minds.
    i have already gave most of my finnish language books to 2nd hand bookstores and now i’m wondering where to give the rest, the photobooks and english language books. does the burn gallery still exist, maybe it contains a library of some sort? 1st i thought that i give these to my friends but i think it would be better that they would be in a place where people could sit down and flip through whatever happens to interest them. i also have to mention that not a single one of my books is in a mint condition (except grahams 1st edition shimmer of possibilities), few even don’t have covers but i dont really care as i can still see the content.

    so. giving away free books, written and photobooks. preferably that burn people can use them in some way.


  • jukka=-san :))

    last summer, i had my father give away ALL my books that i had kept in a storage room in Florida: 3000+….novels, poetry, art books, photobooks, textbooks, everything…all my books from the time i first starting buying them….all gone…to the marco island library, to the 2 second-hand-used bookstores on the island…to the school…all donated….

    he also threw away everything else (on my request): 25 years of writing (poems and poetry and letters and diaries and novels-begun), old paintings, drawings….boxes of all negatives i didn’t like/want…boxes and boxes and boxes…my life prior to marina and dima, gone in a weekend’s worth of work….

    best thing i ever did…

    sometimes, i miss the books…sometimes i feel like i should have kept the writing…sometimes i feel like i should have kept the negatives….but….i was released once it was all gone…

    like each of us…


    now, the only problem is that i now have 8 years worth of film and books i’ve accumulated since getting married and moving to toronto….

    burn all bridges with tongues of fire, joy races closely below….



  • jukka

    that feeling of freedom from possessions is so liberating, I understand heart-fully what you are saying, and how beautiful if they can be of benefit elsewhere if you are ready to release them. What about donating them to a prison if the screening rules on content aren’t too strict?

  • Charles Peterson
    I can survive with the lack of space (bookshelves.. there are also pavement, tables, double raw)! So if you decide to offload the rest of you vinyl lps you can do it at my address :))))).
    Also with comic books I can host and give a shelter to abandoned comic books
    (By the way: there are some that cost more than 25… also if they don’t need four-color process.

    “that we will all quit in June. “.. ahh… half joke… .. which half?

  • Jukka
    once I couldn’t think about reading something that was not in my library but then I changed and I also start to share books with friends. We exchange advise and feeling. And books. I start going in public library. And I give for free or sell the books I don’t need to keep with me.
    For freedom I don’t care if my library is full or empty. I feel freedom more as a state of mind.
    Only sometimes I need to re-read and not all the times I can find in pixel what I’ve lost in paper (and in memory).
    And also for you.. if you have to give away your photo book I have a friend that teach photography for free in gipsy camp here in Italy. (I’m sure you can find next to you some school like that)

  • jukka–

    i was just looking for cafe lehmitz in all of the libraries in seattle–no one has it.
    would you like to donate your copy to me and i will donate it to the main library when
    i’m finished looking at it? i will pay for postage, if so.
    here’s my email:

    it’s so good to be in that state of letting go.
    less attachments, less suffering.

    jukka, i was just thinking of you yesterday.
    wishing there was an easy way to get to your burn essay.
    and i couldn’t remember your name properly so i couldn’t google your work.
    i’m dealing w some material now that is a bit dark.
    that made me think of you.

    i only have two photo books –“cocaine true, cocaine blue”, a eugene richards classic, and “exposure” by mary ellen mark. i would be willing to part w them, as well,–donate them to the library & put them in circulation so others could see them. what a great idea. thank you.

  • Bob,Jukka

    It must be spring cleaning time. I was talking to my buddy Jerry yesterday and he had just thrown his old Mamiya RB and three lenses into a dumpster. I told him to fish it back out and put it on Craigslist for a few bucks. Some stubborn film burner out there will be happy to have it.

    I keep getting rid of stuff, but then buying more. I just couldn’t resist a Pentax ME yesterday at the thrift store for $5.99. I don’t know what the hell for. I also stopped by the post office and picked up two more books I ordered on Amazon, both used. Larry Towell “then Palestine” and “Paolo Pelligrin” with Sean Penn on the cover. The Pelligrin book is large, 11×14 full bleed with most of the pictures spread accross two pages. Unfortunately, the gutter comprimises many of them. At least the reproduction quality is not bad. The Towell book is by aperture and has pretty bad reproduction unfortunately.

  • Those images from the Bravo mag really jump out at you. I can tell a mile away they are either Kodachrome or Velvia. That is one thing I miss about film… chuck in a roll of Velvia and you got those colours straight from the lab. Now I attempt to imitate a type of film and it´s never quite there…

    Gordon… Pentax Me Super was my first camera, extremely underrated machine, like it´s bigger brother the MX.

  • David,
    I bought your “Divided Soul” some years ago and I have to confess to myself I wouldn’t love the same book as I do if it was on iPad or similar stuff.. Paper books should not “dye”.
    Great pictures over here ;)


  • GORDON :))))….yup….just last week Marina, Dima and I did some spring cleaning too…including getting rid of some books :)))….that’s a cool story about the RB :)))….i once (and wrote about it here) in a drunken frustration with photography/cameras, walked out of the apartment, late at night (marina and dima were in russia) and left one of my camera’s on the doorsteps of a house….a decent camera….film…..sometimes i look around to see if if ended up around a neighbor’s neck…haven’t spotted it yet ;))…


    just arrived…

    PAPER, stiff, hard and ready for action:!/photo.php?fbid=1857405724874&set=t.1532803997&theater

  • David; Regarding the sabbatical, you just do what you need to do to get your own work out there! :-)

  • Paul, you can tell that those are Kodachrome or Velvia images by looking at digital files on your screen, which are scans of printed paper, which were made by digital files created from transparencies? ;>)

  • BTW it´s quite obvious we all are in love with the printed book format from the comments posted round here. What we have probably got to do is help the next generations understand the importance of books. They are the ones at most risk in not appreciating and missing out on such work of arts. Like my youngest son who always asks to see the latest image on the LCD screen on my Nikon Fm3a. It´s not that he does not like film he has not had the chance to really choose…it´s just that everyone round him except his father uses a digital camera.

  • DAVID,

    Funny… I do have a copy of this BRAVO paper promo…. You gave me a copy while we were in Sicily some years ago now… still have it… It was certainly a nice paper promo :):):)… I should have got it signed…. like the old copy of Cuba Natgeo copy that I also found in an old bookstore….

    BOOKS…. I love them…. have so many books now that these can hardly fit on my shelves…. absolutely love photo books…. there is hardly one week that passes by without me getting a new book or at least thinking about getting one…. if there is a photographer who I like, even just few photos that I love, I HAVE to get the book…. I have at times even bought two copies when there is a book I absolutely love just to keep one copy in great shape…. I think this is the beginning of craziness !!! but anyway, I keep these preciously… Even if I do not look at them all the time I still get great satisfaction to know that there are near by…. No way an IPAD will ever create the same feeling… different…. worth it also I am sure…. but…. the real thing is so much better!!!!!



  • Preston…
    I am not going to get into film versus pixel debate :) Everything can be imitated in digital if you work at it, I know it´s a scan of a scan but the image just jumps out at me. I am not using an incredible screen either…my laptop is five years old! The look of film, the dynamic range, the colours and compare it to the image on holiday lights…
    BTW great images those of New Orleans.

  • ERIC…

    you have a copy of the Bravo piece? amazing..i only have one copy…no more around anywhere…good move my friend….. :)


    you three have provided here now amazing revelations to me…i just cannot imagine life without the physical book….or the print either….interesting what it is about photography that moves each of us in such disparate directions of appreciation….poems of course do not need to be in a book if one can remember them…but photographs? well, to each his own pleasure of course….it is a digression, but i do not see the relationship Bob of profession or lack thereof on appreciation of photographs…i read here all the time that photographers feel free to be themselves more if they are not being paid for their photography…sounds good, but doesn’t really work out that way… as in all art it is generally those who have received remuneration for their efforts who have indeed historically done the very best work….

    cheers, david

  • I buy and keep cook books ……. I do have two photographic books “Storylines” by Robert Frank and “Memories of a Dog” Diado Moriyama and “Japanese Book Binding” by Kōjirō Ikegami that I revisit ……… everything else is transitory or just hangs about ignored for most of the time ……… all those how to and stuff for teaching, but I have the space so there is no need to throw them out. Novels come and go, borrowed, lent to others given away.

  • i love books, not big on the ipad. and like a surprising number of people here, i tend to accumulate books and then get rid of them (give away, sell to second hand bookstores), but i think that is mostly because i move around alot…or at least have for the past ten years or so.

  • PS, DAH; one of my friends back at Mizzou had a copy of Bravo. Beauty…

  • I quite liked the little Kindle for reading, tried one out …………. the problem is that stuff like Eco, Bourdain, Shuyun, Kremer etc just are not available so I buy the book.

  • Imants: probably not even close to the same thing as having cookbooks (all mine are in storage). But I print recipes I find off the net. Course, now I have a rumpled mass of papers in my kitchen :)

  • Sorry Shuyun is available now ……….. time to rethink

  • One thing about our cook books here in oz they put most of the rest of the world to shame, we have a publisher here called Murdoch press and their cook books are photographic and layout joys to own.

  • DAVID :)

    AMIGO, here’s what I meant….i do, for most of my life, couldn’t imagine living without books…like i said until last summer, I’d bought/received/stolen/collected more than 3,000….in fact, Marina use to get very angry with me that I was sending $70/month just to pay for a storage room in florida to house my books, paintings, writing, etc….that’s a pretty picture of $$ for a not-wealthy family of working artists over 6 years ;)))…i eventually freed myself and got rid of everything….books were donated…writing was thrown out, paintings, thrown out, etc……heart-broken for a while, but eventually free…

    i see buy books: novels, poetry, philosophy, history, art books, photography books…in fact, it makes marinka a bit crazy (although she’s a book hound too ;)) )….and at some point, i’ll have to do something with these things…

    books, as i said before, have literally saved my life a few times….20 years ago, i spent 10 days, homeless, on the streets of Praha, as I thought i was losing my mind and my life, all i had with me was a backpack with my passport, 20 dollars US and 3 books (Rilke Poems, Joyce Ulysses, KingJames Bible, no shit)…..and then in LA, when hospitalized after a 2nd suicide attempt, it was a silly book i picked up in the ward that cleared my mind, brought tears of strength, kept me alive, etc…..books saved me during my mom’s hospitalization as a kid, when my dad almost died, when my parents were divorced and on and on and on and on….

    and, of course, i MAKE books…i have made 3 artist photo hand books (1 a gift for marina)…i expect to finish my ridiculously long photobook before dima finishes highschool (my promise to him), i have already 2 photobook dummies (‘facebook’, on faces, ‘and our memories brief’ and working on russian book, etc)…and of course, the prose thing….

    all that said, no one sucks in the body and breath of books as I….


    what i find dispiriting, often, is that we equate the book as an auto de fe….i mean, as if a photographer must/can only be interesting, with a book….I am not suggesting that is what you are saying (shit, i want to do a BURN book in partnership with someone, as i said ;))), but i feel that books and the act of taking pictures are 2 different things…

    i WANT to make a photobook, because I have ALREADY MADE 3 of them, but i don’t feel the NEED to make them anymore…i don’t HAVE TO make them, I don’t have to see them anymore…..they live inside me in huge ways….cut open my skull, and you’d see like 1,000,000,000 images stuck in there from all the photobooks that are a part of my body…..they are there…..and i carry them…

    it is just that increasingly, it is the ACT of making…and even THINKING about pictures, and seeing, that means more to me, in my practice….i have so much work and rarely have the interest to show it…maybe that’s selfish…maybe that is being tired of the act as ‘profession’ who knows amigo…

    but believe me, in no way am I suggesting that we shouldn’t be renumerated….

    can a poem be a photograph?….

    i will make a photobook with only words too someday….just as my ‘landscape’ essay for you/burn includes some ‘photographs’ that are ONLY words….

    i think history (if one cares about that, though i honestly do not) only judges based on itself….who knows how any of our work will be perceived…..and i don’t care too much…

    i just want a simple thing:

    to have a good life, to love/live well, to be able to write and to make pictures and to sustain my wife, son and friends :)))…

    that’s it…


    history can pick her elongated fingers over the boxes of my books, and negatives and pictures for all she’s worth :)))


    p.s. send you an email on photog…..2nd photographer will send this weekend

  • Bob I love making books. I completed one the other day………… looked at it again…………. thought about it …….. placed the dummy prints into recycling…deleted the book from all HDs ………… it was a compromise book but a lesson well learnt again…again;;; again…
    Page one “a bit of bullshit”. Page two
    another book”artwork” journey begins …….

  • Bob,..can’t wait to meet up someday. I’ll see if I can make it to Toronto this spring. If you are ever on the west coast..

  • Bob..

    Saw this short video yesterday (will see the exhibit next week), Paolo Pellegrin talking about his ‘Dies Irae’.. photography as documentation, as proof and preservation of history. We all know about the Holocaust, we have visual documentation of it, the famine in Darfur (just as exmples Pellegrin mentions), we know it happened because we can see it.. photographs are important parts.

    Of course this is different when we talk about the kind of work he and his colleagues do, and the kind of work other photographers do, not all is essential to history, but still, it is small scale history in itself.

    Had to think about that after I read about your destroyed negatives..

    Video is here, but in Italian language, can’t fina an English version:

  • Today, after a two-month wait, I received a book in the mail: Nicosia in Dark and White, by burn’s own Thodoris Tzalavars. It kind of brought this discussion home to me.

    I have enjoyed Thodori’s images online. I have a 27 inch Apple cinema monitor that I bought a couple of years back so that I could view double truck layouts full size on screen and I love the way pictures look on it. I loved looking at Thodoris’s Nicosia pictures on it.

    But today, after I received his book, I left my computer, sat on the couch, turned on the lamp, opened it up, read David Alan Harvey’s amazing introduction, than just sat there, slowly turning through the pages, taking in the scent of the paper and the ink, seeing that paper look, studying the images.

    The images were smaller than on my screen, but the experience richer.

    When I finally get an iPad, I will sit on the couch and view Thodoris’s pictures on it to see how the experience compares – but I already know that the paper book experience will win.

    I think I will go to bed early tonight, take Thodoris’s book with me, and slowly look at it until I grow so drowsy I begin to fall asleep.


    if you get to Toronto in May we can all hang together..i will be in Toronto for the Magnum deal….Bob is the host with the most of course…

  • BOB..

    i understand you perfectly…i know how you are about your work and how much you care….each of us can have a deep love of pictures, of books, and of whatever part of the process moves us the most…i only find it INTERESTING AS HELL how others see it…not chastising at all…for example Michael Webster prefers the screen…better color…he is right, pictures do have a more luminescent look on the iPad than they do in a paper book…so that is his reason for preferring screen over paper…cool…Imants only has three photo books (hard to imagine), yet builds his own handmade ones every day…cool…you do not NEED to make a book right now…also cool….

    the question i asked here on this post and the answers i am tallying is NOT to pass value judgment AT ALL…i am simply curious where the trend will be for the future….for practical reasons….our aesthetic reasons are our own but we either buy the iPad or we go to the bookstore and buy books , or maybe some do both of course…i am not sure if this audience is a good sampling of the population in general…this audience probably loves paper books more than if i were to query people off the street…but who knows, we could all be surprised…

    new media always shakes up the old but rarely replaces it….photography itself shook the realists and likes of Braque and Picasso and Cubism were born..TV might have appeared that it would replace radio in the early 50″s but alas serialized shows disappeared (ought to bring em back!) but NPR was born…vinyl rocks…etc etc…Burn itself is online and in print….ahhh, hmmm,well, i gotta love 01 more than online…smiling..sits on my coffee table by the fire…comforting…:)

    cheers, david

  • Would those of you who shot slide film…example Velvia before digital became majority that perhaps we don’t need that fiddly raw file. Maybe if camera makers pull their socks up and start concentrating on building sensors/cameras which can produce a decent tiff file or a similar file where there would be no need to fiddle with white balance, exposure, contrast and etc…in other words a decent image without having to waste time on the computer would mean more time making photos. I took up photography because i liked making images and enjoyed picking up perfectly good images on a roll of film from the local lab. Nowadays there isn’t a single digital file which doesn’t need tinkering with! I don’t need a camera that can produce 20 different files that sort of remind me what Velvia was as a jpeg. I want a camera that produces ONE decent type of file…example a GF4 which produces files exactly like Velvia, copy the images off the memory card and send the files directly to someone by E-mail without even thinking of photoshop.

  • PAUL

    this is the classic example of technology actually creating way way more work and expense than the previous medium to get the same result…yes, you simply correctly exposed a piece of film …and you were DONE…a perfect transparency….still nothing compares to a perfect transparency and unless you are going to spend about 250k for a super digi projector… still nothing up on the digital screen looks as good as a $100. Carousel would project…….or, at least i have not seen it yet…i know for sure that if i sat an audience down and projected transparencies through say a Leitz projector up on the screen people would be shocked..pleasantly shocked for sure..

  • David…
    Exactly! And if I want to tinker with film and all that, I can chuck a roll of Tri-X, and head off into the darkroom.

  • PAUL

    on the other hand, i can carry my whole life’s work on an iPad around in my Domke bag, full of enough gear for a day of shooting, and with the same machine write a letter to my mother, listen to Chopin, and read Huckleberry Finn…pretty amazing…

  • The problem is everyone is forced to be a good photoshop technician. There used to be plenty of increadibly talented photographer who just took photos…and had no interest in darkroom or scanning. If you could not afford to pay someone to print, you could always just shoot slides. So, so easy.

  • David…
    Laughing!!Yes of course sitting in the park texting with my photography hero, amazing! Can you imagine texting as a kid with HCB or RF with that Leica IIIf beside you?

  • Bill..

    Thodoris’ book definitely is a very good example why a book is THE thing.. or better, why printed matter is IT.. very much looking forward to get in print one of the photographs.. very curious to see it comparing it to the one in the book :)

  • For the majority of photographers the question is academic in terms of ever being able to get a book published by a mainstream publisher. If you cannot almost guarantee a return on their investment you won’t get their backing. Publishing is a business and has to make a profit.
    Many photographers are trying the self publishing route which is now (at last) a real technical possibility, but they still run into the problem of making money and of getting all-important publicity for their book. For this majority the IPad seems perfect for producing online books that can be both a saleable item in themselves and perhaps serve as a dummy book to show to paper publishers, magazine editors et.

    So I vote for both complimenting the other.


  • Imants, I too have “Memories of a Dog” by Diado Moriyama. Other favourites are “Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and 70s” and “Things As They Are” – both great books but also very useful for studying magazine and book layouts as they show photos of actual magazine and book pages.

    New Ipad to be released soon.


  • MIKE R

    you are quite correct, getting a mainstream book publisher is still where you want to be if at all possible…at least today..not sure about tomorrow…however, making money even with a major publisher is not the end game for most photographers….at least not directly…few if any make money with books, including the publisher…

    cost of production makes photo book publishing a biz for those who love books more than biz…

    i do not know of any who really expect a significant return on their investment EXCEPT they might just see it as keeping the level of their brand high and doing the right thing for photography while also promoting titles that do sell..Phaidon makes money on architecture books..Aperture for example has always needed funding from donors to publish a book…..there is no “return on investment” for many or even most photo books….most reasons for publishing or not publishing really do depend on the value perceived for the work…yes, of course, some books do sell and give the publisher a return….but look closely at some of the very best…to be sure this is not a proclamation on my part..but it does come from many conversations with many photographers and publishers..

    HOWEVER, having a book taken seriously will have you taken seriously all around and should still be the highest goal for photographers whose intention is to make a mark…..i do not know of any other way (at least traditionally) that puts a photographer in the arena of respect more than having a printed book…usually these are mainstream publishers, Aperture , Phaidon, Steidl, Powerhouse, etc etc…some self published books have also done well…see PDN magazine this month….and yes the iPad could change the equation entirely from a business perspective and i am fascinated…at the same time this fascination with the iPad and all that is happening also drives me more and more towards the hand made limited edition one of a kind effort…not in revolt…just for the purity and the art of it….

    cheers, david

  • David I actually have 8 photographic based dummies completed and now it is time to go back to continuing this hand made series ….. ……….
    Probably should get the cameras out as well

  • Apple and others are promoting the clear crisp look……. everything is sharp and clear ………………. I wonder if that is where the photographic image is bound to go?


    you are at the top of my list for potential publishing….

  • Where is the PREORDER button for Imant’s books??

  • Eva they really are not published as yet, too busy putting the stuff together I am at the final stage of getting the files in order, colours right etc. The dummy book prints were pretty important especially the transition from screen to paper. Things like out of gamut colours, tonal misfits all became evident, all boring stuff but has to be done. Plus there is a chance to reassess final sequences, chuck a few out chuck a few images in.
    Learnt stuff like glossy screens are better to get the blacks right, the printed image shows any errors in the whites. The best image proportions for me ended up a 1:1.48 and then there is the usual stuff like transitions from one scale to the next from image to image …….
    The other stuff is one offs……..

  • Imants.. yes, I know they’re not published.. yet.. but am confident they will be. I love the look of them, how they fold up.. having dummies to play with is important, for checking the colours etc. for sure, the flow, but also to see if the chosen format fits.. very nice indeed!

  • Does the IPad need colour calibrating?

  • David, very interesting reply. From what you write, photo books really are a labour of love for all concerned.
    The photo book produced by a mainstream publisher would seem to indicate that a photographer has “arrived” and will gain the attention of the industry and hopefully garner future work. Just the existence of the book seems to be reward enough for many photographers.

    Your desire for hand made limited edition books is understandable. Would you see this as a business venture as in a Fine Art production as with Imant’s work or simply a labour of love? For the emerging photographers here, how would you use the technology available now if you were just starting out?

    Your twitter feed ” feel like I am managing a really young man’s career.My own.Odd and yet amazing feeling.I would wish for all I mentor to feel this someday.” is gratifying to read and does you credit.


  • Paul, “Does the IPad need colour calibrating?” good point. Can it be colour calibrated?


  • “Nowadays there isn’t a single digital file which doesn’t need tinkering with! ”

    Paul… I disagree. if you want, you can load a custom made curve into most cameras these days and shoot an entire project with that curve. Let’s say a nice strong contrast, highly vivid color curve. Now you know that you’re going out and must shoot with all that in mind. So it’s still possible to shoot as if shooting slide film. You just need to find or create the curve that floats your boat. And then shoot accordingly.

    I do this often.

  • Mike R…
    That new IPad 2 you mentioned hope it supports Flash. Pretty useless for proper web content without.

  • MIKE R

    actually everything i do is a labor of love , including Burn…i do need to earn a living, but somehow i do survive, but friends and family are not sure quite how…they scratch their heads….well it all comes from my work or some teaching and the two are interconnected of course …from a Burn publishing standpoint something like Imants work would most likely fall into the category of limited edition but not hand made…he has the hand made version which is another object altogether…my limited edition and hand made ventures now just involve my own projects, like my hand made family albums upcoming ..again , i would not characterize it as a business venture exactly but high value will be placed on anything that takes me weeks to that time , you do not want to sell it at any price!!

    emerging photographers today with all the new tech need to do what has always worked for artists for centuries…get seriously educated in the world you want to enter….do heartfelt real work… make sure it is seen by the few purveyors you really value most…going for the so called masses straight off will confuse everyone and take compliments from your friends/family for what they are…be ruthless in self critique….make sure your work is seen in the proper context and totally refined by the folks who make decisions on shows on books on commissions in the arena you have chosen…start with an audience of one special person…this will lead to two …etc etc


    thank you for this list…do all of them distribute as well?

  • Hmmm, did I use the word “shoot” enough times in that last comment? Haha! (Edit, man edit!)

  • michael…
    Where do i find the program to load custom profile in my canon?

  • Ugh. Not familiar enough with Canon. But it does exist, I believe. Let’s do a little google research. Be back soon.

  • Also, Paul… and this is fairly important. Many programs (LR3, photoshop, etc) strip all camera curves when rendering RAW files. In the case of Nikon cameras, Nikon Capture and ViewNX keep the “look” you set in camera. (and you can change it later if you like) If Canon has a similar Canon based program to work with then you’re probably in good shape. Again, not familiar enough with Canon’s equipment so your mileage may vary. ;^}

  • Just to clarify a bit, in addition to color, I really like the size advantage of on screen viewing. I can currently view images much larger than any book and with the larger screen could see work the size of large gallery prints.

    And Michael K is right that you can effectively s
    Design your own film. I’d add you can create your own developer as well. I’m to the point where on most images I just use Photoshop to resize and save as.

  • MW…

    I’m with you! The less sitting and fiddling the better!

  • OK… that sounded more perverted than intended! Haha. I think you know what I meant.

  • DAVID :)

    ironically, i was just re-looking at BURN01 too….and it sits along side MERCY and MANN’S newest….and for me, BURN01 is a realization (as i wrote when i received the copy) that the on-line BURN just cannot approach….it isn’t that the work LOOKS better in BURN01 than on BURN on line, it is the (dare i suggest) sacred and profane beautiful nature of the BOOK itself…like the fold of hands upon the chest, there is no duplicating that aspect….it is why i always prefer books to online, always…but book also live inside me in a way that pictures on the screen don’t….because, while i can mobilize myself with the web (carry a iphone/ipad/blackberry/laptop, etc with me), it still isn’t yet the same physical and sensory experience…

    how to express the sound of the movement of pages as part of the experience of a book?….

    and, ummm….i guess, i’ll just have to surprise you….

    i think it was one of the first things that bound me to IMANTS, that we were both book-makers….and i have always always loved his accordians of time…tried to get the gallery that used to represent me and marina to have an exhibition of his books….marina, btw, has made gorgeous gorgeous handmade books too….u should see them too someday….

    on somedays, i just want to present to you/burn the final BOOK of what ive been working on for 10 years, or the facebook….and work with you to try to get it published…on other days, i just want to do it alone….who knows….

    one of the greatest of all contemporary american (world) novelists, stephen wright, languors in anonymity….he has written THE greatest novel on vietnam, one of THE greatest novels about the Civil War, for me THE greatest Road Trip novel of American (superior to on the road) and who knows him?….that is the funny part…..i agree that, as a writer and as a photographer, THE BOOK is part of my own artistic apotheosis…..but, how to explain too, that i am just as interested in using pics as expressions of gesture and memory…and that means, at times, turning your back to the thin that seems to be the way to gain ‘recognition’…..

    look through the submission archives for singles ;)))>..u’ll find the final image from the essay i’ve made for y’all…

    lastly: you were in a dream last night…here is the short version: we were talking about books/photography….i made some weird speech to a group of people why you’re photography legacy is inextricably bound to your teaching and the world you’ve provided other photographers (young and old, friends and students, colleagues and strangers), and then you and i were sitting in a rickshaw, driving through the old streets of taipei (or mabye bkk) and you asked me to come with you on a photoshoot in europe and africa (you were going with your ‘gilfriend’ whose name in the dream was tanya) and i was wondering if i could/should go….cause i’d be away from marina, and i wanted to finish my book, and then you said, ‘ok, go shoot your own trees in europe’ ;))>….you were laughing…we ended up in chinatown in nyc, still in the rickshaw, but then a swarm of people calling out…and i walked toward a red temple and lit some lotus….and woke up, wondering if i should tell marinka i’m off to europe and africa with harvey ;)))>..

    maybe it’s your son’s suffering pics that are giving me wanderlust…


    IMANts :)))))…indeed indeed…those beautiful accordians

  • Michael and MW…
    I remember when I bought the dsII ACR didn’t have profiles yet so I was forced to use Canon raw converter and the images weralways more pleasing. Problem the canon converter was so slow!

  • oh, and 1 last thought…which is (maybe) a bit different than what often is thought of here (elsewhere) with respect to ‘essays’ vis-a-vis books…

    as David and I have talked about before, i often think in terms of anti-essays (an ante thing ;))…in other words, one that does not necessarily have to lead to either the realization of a larger narrative (book/story) or even contain the idea of a narrative itself based on the sequence of images….where is the ‘essay’ in Boltanski, or in a sequence of performances by Zhang Huan (though there is both idea and story for sure)…..

    i have always seen everything i’ve published (from faces to memory to water to carving to bones to oxen) or exhibited as akin to ‘short stories’…or maybe even poems….but not at all the bigger thing i’ve been at work on, the ‘book'(s)…while they do contain pics from faces and memory and bones and oxen for sure, but they are not expansions or duplications, ….sometimes i have to write a setence or story or poem, in order to understand what it is i want to suggest or create in a longer format….

    this is something, david, i’d always wished we had enough private time to discuss, over single malt or herb…what i want to chat about on the front porch of obx….

    for example….

    here is the opening image of the ‘book’….a photograph i’ve never included in any ‘essay’ i’ve ever published…and have never exhibited it, though the print is one of my favorite, ever….

    in many ways, making these ‘short’ (for me) essays and publishing or exhibiting them are ways to help my thinking for the real ‘book’….

    here is a shitty scan of the print…

    running to read


  • working on paper books even self-made, onecopy book ect, is one of the best things why so good is to be a photographer. Sometimes it is like collection of poems, sometimes like diary, or novel or encyclopedia or whatever.
    You don’t have to be James Nachtwey or Salgado to made a book.
    And maybe there is an answer what is better Ipad or book. Because who want next file in next computer and who want a own book on shelf?

  • David…

    “do all of them distribute as well?”

    They all sell through their websites, and some of them use third party distributors…

    The problem with big distributors is that they only work with publishers with at least a dozen titles out and a list of titles-to-be-released…

    The most promising options for distribution I have found are:
    THE biggest of them all…
    they specialize in art libraries across the US
    similar to the above, but in Europe

  • “Memories of a Dog” Thanks a bunch Imants; another book I’m going to have to consider buying. Are you in cahoots with the bank in trying to keep me poor? ;-)


    Paul, Michael

    Go to “picture styles” in the Canon menu. There are several standard pre-sets, as well as custom presets where you can individually control sharpness, contrast, saturation, and color tone. These of course will only affect the JPG.
    Then of course in ACR there is the camera calibration tab, the little camera third from left. Depending which camera you are using, the drop down menu will offer you a variety of looks. For my Canon files it offers adobe standard, camera standard, camera faithful, camera landscape, camera neutral, and camera portrait. There is a considerable difference in rendition between these.
    Next there are the sliders below for shadow tint, and red green and blue hue and saturation. Neutralize your greys and correct for density before you mess with any of this. This is a difficult area to use, but can save your bacon in difficult lighting conditions, like open shade on a cloudless day. You can create pre-sets and save them or make them your default.

    If you are a real keener, you can create profiles for specific cameras and lighting conditions.
    I’ve done this in the past and it worked extremely well, but have not tried it lately.\

    Finally, there are a bunch of ‘film look’ plug-ins for photoshop that emulate film.

  • While I’m in nerd mode, DPR has a big samples gallery of fuji x100 pics including high ISO. Pretty impressive.

  • Gordon…
    Thanks! I use the the camera calibration tab with that program ColorChecker. Have you tried it?

  • David,

    you may also want to have a look at

    distribution is via – a bookstore specialized at photo books.
    you may even know Marcus Schaden…

  • Paul, I love RAW but your point about being done once you shot that perfectly exposed slide is very well taken.

    For me, it was never quite that simple, however.

    Before digital, I preferred to shoot black and white and would only shoot color when I had to – like when I shot my one spread in National Geographic. And black and white was a tremendous amount of work. I discovered that while most labs would do a good job with color film, you could not trust them with black and white and so I had to develop all the film myself, print contact sheets, spend hours upon hours peering at those sheets through a loupe.

    Then, once I started to print, there was always burning and dodging to be done. Always. Once you had a print – you had a print. One. Well before it became practical to shoot digital, I bought a Leafscan film scanner and began to scan all my tri-x and T-Max. That, too, was a time consuming process, because you still had to do all the burning and doding – but inside the computer. Once you were done, however – you had the image and you could reuse it as many times as you want.

    When I made the jump to my first digital camera, the Canon D6 – or 6D? – in 2002, my intent was to continue on as a black and white shooter, by converting all the images to gray scale. But I found the grayscale to be very unsatisfying. Good results good be had, but it took a lot of work and a lot of time to get there. It was much faster just to process the images as color.

    But now that I am doing color, I like RAW. Yes, it always needs processing but there have been some images that I absolutely would have lost had I shot them on color slide film due to exposure mishaps but that I know have – including what I believe will be one of my top ten legacy images after I have passed on. That image would have been forever lost had I made the same mistake with it on slide film – on print film as well. But now it is beautiful and, even to me, amazing to look it and contemplate.

    You can say, be careful and precise in the first place and that kind of thing won’t happen, but sometimes live moves quick and chaotic and we make mistakes. RAW can be the life-saver.

    Thodoris – a pleasure.

    Eva – that will be a treasure.

  • Bob Black et al.

    regards your statement “i often think in terms of anti-essays ” have you seen this?

    Looks very interesting. Would love to see the exhibit…

  • Frostfrog
    Actually, shooting slides has it’s own tedium. While it is true that a projected site is a joy to behold, organizing a slide projector and a dark room can be an issue. If you avoid projecting originals then even that is not possible, and viewing and editing takes place on a light table squinting through a loupe. I’ve got some pretty good loupes, but compared to viewing photos on a good monitor it is pretty un-satisfactory. There is no going back.

  • THODORIS thanks for the list much appreciated

    ROSS it is great meandering read

    EVA the accordion books are all hand made translation into print just doesn’t work as they lose their tactile nature. Some images find their way into the other books.

  • Bob David…. I have to hop over stateside one day chat about books

    a worthwhile read


  • books.. books.. books..

    and magazines printed on paper good enough to not see the shadow of the image on the following page.. in the UK i had many hundreds.. a wall in my studio home.. a steady stream of them sent monthly from clients and potential clients for more than 10 years..

    when i emigrated the relief, (the bitter joy), of “unloading” was palpable.. and the recycling center which devoured them adored me..
    just could not afford moving them this time.

    the plasticity of a photo back-lit on screen just doesn’t get the same rise out of me.
    mcdonalds may have it’s place, yet a steak would always be my preference… i’m cooking steaks over and over.. blue to rare is best and getting the temperature right for that’s at the forefront of my mind.. has been for years..

    so much about the internet leaves me feeling under-nourished.. wanting..
    photos and characters and music and fads..
    solidity and the object..
    the table at the pub beats skype conversation..
    the compact disk pisses on the mp3
    and a book eats chunks out of my laptop.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I just returned from a big carnaval…we have Apokries (Halloween) in Greece…
    everything is broken…but not the spirit…
    I blended ouzo,beer,raki…
    and HOT,HOT civilians dancing like there is no tomorrow…oime…
    Everything is hot…books,i-pads,civilians,souvlakia…HOT and BURNing…!!!

    P.S …I will start to read your comments…I hope I finish soon:)))
    BURN my BURNIANS!!! MR.HARVEY are you ready for Rio?!!!!!!!

  • also – someone say june and the games over?
    well.. was a good game..
    next one will surpass..

  • Just wanted to share with all…

    Along with tortilla chips, beer bottles, band-aids etc…Throw into the light modifier hat: the paper wrapper from a Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce bottle! Works great!


    Just wanted to share this interesting link that Bjarte posted on Twitter, Inside the Painter’s Studio:

    Thanks for those links… lots to thinks about.

    Have to try that, we love Lea & Perrins at our house :-)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    DB…game over…!
    homeless BURNIAN…looking for home…
    I need a photo to go with the caption…

    the winner will receive a bottle(miniature) of extra virgin olive…all organic:)))
    ok,back to my reading…hmmm

    MICHAELK…bravo…so,do you blend the sauce with the wrapper…hmmm… do you need a waterproof camera to throw the mix…no need to reply…just wondering out loud…

    Evolution…REVOLUTION…to all…be strong my Libyan friends…
    we Greeks will follow…

  • Talking about books…
    Top 10 photo books 2010?

  • Frostfrog/Bill…
    Yes I agree ACR has many merits I have also saved many images with it. Its just I am a rebel and I like to Choose between using it or not. At the moment shooting digital I am obliged to go into ACR or photoshop to get something decent out of my dsII files.

  • A couple more links from the hundreds out there:

    For distribution:
    Artists’ Books Cooperative


    small/independent publishers:
    amazing production quality
    they have just released their first (very affordable) little book which is nicely done
    they’re not exactly publishers, but they do publish 1 to 3 books per year from the work submitted to their Critical Mass competition

  • Just in case Eva hasn’t spotted this one …

    Photo agency Noor and sponsors Nikon to give free photo workshop to young and aspiring Eastern European documentary photographers.

    Found via The Click.

  • Thodoris…
    OK Thanks! But what are YOUR favourite books? My question was directed to you and all Burnians personal favourites. :)

  • I’ve only got 3… weak year for me
    Sally Mann – The flesh and the spirit.
    Keith Carter -Fireflies.
    OK this one isn’t new but somehow lost it in 2009 without even looking through it and I stumbled on it in Dec.. Kaylynn Deveney – The day to day life of Albert Hastings. And it’s brilliant!


    welcome back here amigo….been missing your wisdom… , game not over in june….we are working now to add many interesting elements to the pot between now and june , so we would not do that if there were to be no more Burn…i might just have to turn the day to day running of Burn over to others so that i may finish some of my work..

    cheers, david

  • Top ten photobooks 2010? No idea, as I don’t know in which year the books I bought last year came out.. and I don’t really have top, my meter to measure would be if I would buy them again.. and sometimes one or two pictures in a book to me are worth the whole book.. plus it changes, depending on mood, need and state of mind..

  • Eva…
    Well I suppose I sort of wrote 10 automatically without thinking it over…
    Favourite photobook you purchased in 2010?
    You are lucky :)! I find it very hard to enjoy a book with only two or three images in it I like.

  • facebook gotta be the most popular photographic “book” around

  • Paul.. favourite.. don’t know.. but the one that has made me appreciate different photographic styles that are different from what I’m instinctively drawn to, and therefore opened my mind most, is without doubt burn.01..

    And then, just looking at my shelves.. there are so many.. yikes.. insane how many I have.. Ackerman’s Half Life, Axelsson’s Faces of the North, Salgado’s Other Americas, Bazan’s Passing Through.. too too many to choose a top..

    Imants: that is one photographic ‘book’ I happily skip..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    my favourite is BURN03…cause I like threes…
    three is the first lucky prime number…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oime…new essay…hmmm…where is JIM…:)))

    and My BURNIANS…up on my screen…I can see my name on the left and a search box on the right…
    did we have that before…hmmm…I better check my glasses…

  • Eva, ” sometimes one or two pictures in a book to me are worth the whole book.. ” yes, I bought Koudelka’s Gypsies for the cover photograph. Liked the rest of the book but I had to have the cover photograph.


  • As a child, and if Dad’s budget afforded it, we would spend a week at a rented cottage in various parts of Ontario’s resort area. When I was ten or eleven, returning from one of these vacations, we stopped at a house in a remote forest; after a few minutes inside, Dad returned to the car with a few cardboard boxes. At home he presented us with a collection of 200 National Geographic magazines; in a way, they were my first photo-books.

    I was able to roam the world literally at my fingertips with this collection – even undersea and outer space. This was the late sixties and I was connected to the world by these magazines of photographs similar to the way I am now interconnected via the Internet. How lucky I was – in the sense that not every child had such a library – that I could learn about archaeology, anthropology, natural history and cutting-edge science. What a database! I would cut out photos from the magazines to glue to my school essays; sometimes in fact, my essays would be built around the photographs. Over the years as my interests changed, I could always rely on the National Geographic collection for at least cursory information. Who knows how those early sparks led to further, deeper pursuits of wisdom later?

    When we’re asked if paper is hot, I look upon it it in a McLuhanistic way – is it a “hot” medium, or not? Looking at it in the sensory/participation paradigm, the answer is not discrete, but relative. Is it hotter than an e-book? The tactile nature of reading/handling a book requires more participation from the user in a physical sense – at rest and at leisure – but an e-book can be read anywhere, anytime. The degree of user participation is on a another plane, and could be considered equal but different.

    The sensory impact is similar but different also. We can share an ebook with others easier; we can enlarge the images to our satisfaction on screen (unlike a painting, a photograph doesn’t have a fixed size – visual impact changes with size). I find the question quite full, as the degree of sensation and participation seems to flow back and forth between the two mediums.

    One thing is for sure though; I now no longer cut out photos from my photo-books. I make my own photos…and that may be just the latest legacy from my first photo-books.

  • Mike..

    Methinks you have another edition of ‘Gypsies’ than mine then, I got a tiny little picture on the cover.. wouldn’t have bought the book for that alone :)

    All that talk about books and Cristina Garcia Rodero and her work on traditions and rituals have made me go in the darkroom and start to print some negatives that were there since a couple years .. and now I’d like to go back and take more pictures.. uff..

  • Eva, it is the portrait of an elderly man, holding a large coin and a photograph of himself as a young man. It is a small photograph but I love it. It captures the passage of time. The introduction on the inner sleeve is by Robert Delpire and dated 1975. There is a larger version of the photograph in the book proper but I love the smaller version.



  • a civilian-mass audience

    VIVA EVA…take a glass of wine with you…
    hmm…I don’t know…can you photographers drink in the darkromm…???

  • Mike.. same as mine then..

    Civi.. can’t take the wine with me.. YOU have the best.. what should I drink?? no darkroom for a week.. crossing borders tomorrow.. not waters though..

  • OH EVA!!!!
    Brilliant. When will you create a book or an essay so we can all be blown away by your photography? Quietly and steadily always forward.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA is crossing borders…
    not the BURNING waters
    PAUL is waiting for her book
    editing his photos…
    DAH is crossing borders too
    oime,MY BURNIANS…we are going south…:)))

    yeap, EVA…I have the best wine in my broken Grecolandia…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Tonight,I followed the twitty’s words:
    “You notice brilliant philosophers in every pub? Smartest people on the planet seem to hang towards end of the bar…”
    I was sitting towards the end…I returned back home…I did the IQ test…nothing,zero nada…
    same results…maybe worse…:)
    I don’t give up…I am a fighter like YOU my BURNIANS…
    as PAUL says… “Quietly and steadily always forward.”
    keep rolling…

    P.S I am looking forward for MR.HARVEY’S traveling through Universe…
    cause I will be able to sing …(to be perceived as a joke):)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Goodnight BURNIANS…and the Oscar goes to…

  • harvey..

    if wisdom were in me i’d be a better man..
    i’ve just tried to be be confident following my plentiful mistakes..

    while away from the internet i’ve been working hard.. saved and got a flatbed to finally contact-scan everything.. all negatives, all projects.. about 35% done after a month.. maybe 25 000 done.. unsure.

    between that, being a pappa and working on a portrait of the island where we live, time has just evaporated.. also beginning to edit down the personal / impersonal work i have done since emigrating 3 years ago.. have a couple of book ideas evolving.
    being away from the internet is recommended.

    on magazines –

    i liked the layout and format of the magazines i worked for.. was like getting books of similar layout through the post monthly, yet with wildly varying content.. the way “satellites” and “infidel”.. or .. ‘concerned photographer” and “burn01” share a common size and layout, with differing subject matter…

    i’d always skim read once or twice before settling in, and personally i don’t do that with the web.. it’s a one hit wonder.. a single pass, MTV style disposable experience with links and references leading elsewhere. hours drift by on the internet and new things bombard..

    for me, relaxation and recuperation happens much easier with a book or magazine.. with the internet there is a constant “click-through, consume” which leaves me a bit .. wired?

    quite apart from the tactile nature of the things, the comfort from familiarity of form, books and magazines become more fascinating as time passes..
    websites are deleted when old, magazines ferment.
    i remember giving you a vintage copy of natgeo with some of your spanish work that i picked up in bergen.. the adverts, articles.. also the form and formula of magazines repeats over time and can be a source of ideas.

    on books –
    as others have said, they are for the most part transient. i’ve never hung on to reading material – only photo books.. although i am not a collector of them. i buy what i like, yet have a healthy suspicion that if i over subscribe to them the influence of other photographers could bleed into my work.
    i tend to go through bursts of gorging on them.. just coming out of a year of doing just that now and beginning to not want to see more. working too much on my own thing right now and want to keep my influences firmly in the “real” surroundings i have, rather than the fine efforts of others.

    i still find the work of others interesting.. an interesting distraction though.. my favorite work is my own and the greatest influences are the people and experience in my own life.. i want to keep it that way and i’m sensitive to the work of others.. so i enjoy books then leave them.

    for example.. i got around to looking at sobols “sabine” recently.. loved it.. now trying to forget it..

    ramble, ramble.

  • civi:
    and the Oscar goes to…

    …PATTAYA! :-)))

    David…..lastly: you were in a dream last night…
    BOB!!!!You are luckier than me.

    Last I told David he was in one of my dreams, he found it bizarre/weird (well, that’s the stuff of dream, David, weirdness…) asked me what I had been smoking, stop smoking it and have a hot glass of milk before bedtime. I was not even…;-)…. pestering him as you did, just had him chuckling at a joke while he directed a WS. I was basically totally unobtrusive in my very own dream.

    I have now filed a petition to my subconscious to suppress any vision of David in my dreams, and for that matter, while I was at it, any vision of…. Bob Black too! :-)))))))))))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and the Oscar goes to Banksy…!!!

    P.S.thanks for everything…credit where credit is due…!!!

  • DAH:
    as in all art it is generally those who have received remuneration for their efforts who have indeed historically done the very best work….
    David, I agree totally with you that the pressure of having to submit, or having to get to it, can produce the best work/art. But there are countless examples of artists who went about creating great art without the promise of remuneration. Van Gogh, Schubert, Rimbaud, etc… Closer to us, Shostakovich who lived under Staline censorship created a lot of what is now considered his greatest testimony to the music of the 20th century (preludes and fugues for piano, quatuors), on the side of the commissions the “Party” asked of him.

    Maybe I misunderstood what you meant, or maybe it is going to far back in time with my examples. It would indeed seem that nowadays, one has in some ways have to find some spot in the “market place” to get a chance at recognition.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    HERVE…you got the Oscar and the BURNing bag…last year…:)))))))))))))))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    February 28, 2011 at 1:47 am
    David…..lastly: you were in a dream last night…
    BOB!!!!You are luckier than me.

    I second HERVE…!!!

  • David Bowen…

    “yet have a healthy suspicion that if i over subscribe to them the influence of other photographers could bleed into my work…
    for example.. i got around to looking at sobols “sabine” recently.. loved it.. now trying to forget it..”

    I find your thoughts on books being too much of an influence very interesting! I have long had the suspicion that my photography books are not the healthiest of influences on me either.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    you were in a dream last nigh…a BURNING one…where are you BURNIANSSSS?!!

  • To learn how to play an instrument…just as an example Blues, probably the best way to find a personal style is to begin learning the licks, riffs and phrases of other musicians. Hopefully when one has learnt a sufficient amount of licks you can then start to improvise and with a little bit of luck your own “voice” will begin to emerge…
    Countless times I remember going into the National Gallery as a kid at school and seeing students copying the works of the masters…skill gets imprinted through the action.
    I´ve heard of a novelist who taught himself the craft of fiction by retyping the stories of his favourite authors.
    These are all ways of honing ones skills in order to create but as David Bowen mentions reading photography books does not seem to have the same positive effect.

  • It’s hot, sunny, and intelligent. Amazing to give these “heat” with a camera.
    Great pics!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I am in again…back to work…we Europeans suffer…:)))

    Be safe my BURNIANS…especially those who will attend carnivals…
    oime…I have been warned…not to get attached to the photophilosophers…

    “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
    T.S. Eliot

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Hot,HOT… SEBASTIEN…like my BURNIANS !!!




    nobody ever seen his face…and gives his art for free…couple years ago almost got arrested and his identity revealed when he visited the Disneyland in LA and put an inflated doll in the amusement park…
    the doll it was an “imitation” of a Guantanamo Bay prisoner wearing the typical orange suit and a black mask in his head…
    Banksy is like Robin Hood…or Zorro…
    He almost got the Oscar award for best documentary last night in LA Oscar ceremony…he was competing with RESTREPO (also a nominee ) although the final winner was a documentary about wall street…
    How “they” ruined american economy, destroyed europe, and nobody ever got punished..
    think Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, JPMorgan Chase and all those scum backs…

    please ALL “discover” the BEST STREET ARTIST OF ALL TIMES:
    BANKSY….see the documentary….

  • Banksy was most probably in the auditorium but nobody ever knew his real name, nobody knows how he looks like…no gallery ever represent him and his street art is sold for millions in the black market….
    if u think Andy Warhol was cool….then u never discovered Banksy…
    the total mystery man…THE BEST ARTIST BORN EVER…

  • CIVI, Thanks for the shout-out on my blog!
    BBQ is in the works, cooking.

  • Above is a link i found on my facebook page this morning from Jenny!
    very touching!

  • NY Times today:


    “I’m not an activist, an alarmist, a Democrat, environmentalist or anything like that. I’m just a person who isn’t able to manage the health of my family because of all this drilling.”
    KELLY GANT, whose says her children have had severe asthma attacks and headaches since a gas well was set up near her house in Bartonville, Tex.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS…BANKTSY won the Oscar…here in BURNLAND…
    I guess you were sleeping:)))

    a civilian-mass audience
    February 28, 2011 at 1:55 am
    and the Oscar goes to Banksy…!!!
    P.S.thanks for everything…credit where credit is due…!!!

    POMARA…where have you been..MR.Higher Education?!!BRAVO for your book!
    I am waiting for my BBQ…!

    BRAVO to my ANTONNNN…!!!

    BURNIANS you are all amazing…BRAVOHARVEY!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ok,back to our regular programe…2 chickens gone…I needed protein…oups:)
    I will be back…

  • News from the British Journal of Photography: Leica and Magnum collaboration

    DAH, perhaps you can get Leica to produce an M camera with viewfinder that allows the user to see the frame lines whilst wearing spectacles. The current viewfinder dates from the 1950s.

    Are you Leica collaborating with the Rio story David? Hope so, let us know how you find the reliability of the M9 please. I’m using Leica film: I did have an M8 but didn’t get on with it. The body depth is deeper than the film M and I found myself holding it between finger and thumb like a point and shoot!

    Perhaps I should ask Anton?


  • From the Little Brown Mushroom blog: Alec Soth’s answer to “What’s Next in Photography?”.

  • I think it’s a “horses for courses” situation whether you can be over-influenced by other’s work. I’ve found it extremely beneficial to see a wide variety of work (book, web) because it has opened my eyes to the sheer diversity of photographic work.

    It may be different if you’ve been brought up in an art-filled home; or maybe attended an art school where you have been exposed to many types of work.

    Viewing a wide variety of work also gives you the confidence to try something different in your own work because your sense of the art/photographic world has been widened. Slavishly copying another’s work is definitely a dead end road though. Just my 2c worth! :-)

  • Ross…
    That isn’t 2c worth! More like 1000 dollars like all burn!
    I think you are right one must keep everything in perspective. Here where I live and probably like you it’s all very far removed…the world of Magnum and all the greats and I need the books and the web to keep up. Necessary to keep inspired. But it is funny since i’ve been reading Emerald Isle i’ve noticed my images are very busy, crowded with various layers! I suppose as long as I am aware of it everything is in control :)

  • Panos; the anonymity is a superb markting tool too… Sorta like the complete opposite of the Paris Hilton marketing mrthod. ;-)

  • I find the work of others very helpful. [both the work I love and the work I am disdainful of]
    Why does this picture make me feel this way?
    why am I drawn to it? [or, obviously, the converse]
    What fantastic tonality…How is that realised? Why do I find it fantastic?
    Does it fit with what I want to say in a picture, now or later?

    LEITER …[ and so many more]l have taught me invaluable lessons
    A way of saying what I want/need to say……NOT a way of copying what someone else has already said!
    Your life is YOUR LIFE!, and it absolutely determines how you reflect in the mirror.
    Being true to that mirror is my goal.
    A picture of a tree, or a street or a face….they all reflect YOU! USE THAT!
    Do not try to be a D’agata if you are not, he is as most likely as covetous of your position as you his.
    BE YOURSELF. and reflect that in your work. At least then, if nothing else, you are honest.

    Panos. yes that is robin. Is it such a big deal? I have known him for years and he is just a man….dont make legends of people.

  • No Panos Blek le Rat is the Godfather, Banksy is merely a soldier of graffiti

  • Imants, googling right now…thanks :)

  • Panos. yes that is robin. Is it such a big deal? I have known him for years and he is just a man…

    damn….John i envy you :)

  • john…i mean for real? (tongue in cheek???)
    u know him for real???? can i have his phone number..i think i found his email….
    my email is

  • Imants awesome…!
    (John again im really inspired by Banksy!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Ross, i agree…but its hard (impossible for me at least) to deny Banksy’s tremendous talent..
    Im not a graffiti artist nor im aiming to be one…but but the guy totally inspires me to the fullest!

  • ……. a bit of pragmatism colliding with passion

  • Panos; I agree about the talent. I was being a bit tongue in cheek ;-)

  • Imants again thanks for links, im impressed…

  • Panos. You should be inspired. He is a fasntastic artist. His sense of satire is tremendous…..and behind the whole mask thing he does the right thing with his ……assests. Just believe that despite the quoted prices and the hype, he has not sold out.

  • Panos, I’m not on Facebook and I can’t join in case “they” find me.

    Ask DAH for a Magnum internship and get an M9!


  • “a bit of pragmatism colliding with passion”

    I agree; that’s a pretty good combination, and usually produces an outcome. Much better than the person who should really work as a gunner in the Navy.. You know? “Gunna do this, gunna do that” but really prefers to talk about it, rather than starting anything. :-)

  • All, here is the docu made directed by Banksy nominated for Oscar yesterday:


    btw, its streaming free through netflix (for USA)

    “Amateur filmmaker Thierry Guetta’s project to chronicle the underground world of street art takes a fascinating twist when he meets Banksy , an elusive British stencil artist, in this Oscar nominated documentary.

    Cast: Banksy-Shepard Fairey-Thierry Guetta
    Director: Banksy

  • Mike R, (although a rangefinder and definitely an M8 fanatic),
    i still believe that ANY camera is a GREAT camera…
    most dentists own M8, M9’s etc…. and nothing comes out right as u know!

  • MIKE R…

    “Ask DAH for a Magnum internship and get an M9!”

    Shit…. that’s all it takes? You only have to ask, not actually get one? (haha!)

    *Ahem*.. David?

  • “I´ve heard of a novelist who taught himself the craft of fiction by retyping the stories of his favourite authors.”


    That was Henry Miller wasn’t it? (Or maybe Kerouac?) (Nah, I’m going with Miller.)

  • MichaelK..
    im not so sure but wasnt Jesus that once said “ask and shall be giveth to you”?
    i tried it once with my drug dealer…didnt work well, though :(

  • Panos…

    Yes, I think you’re right. Haha… But then, Jesus was so wrong about so much, I don’t put much stock in him. ;^}

  • i know… lately its more like:
    “ask, order, pay, wait and UPS will deliver to you”
    ahhhh, times they are a changing…indeed

  • Michael K, nice one. Panos, last I heard you were shooting M8: is that still the case?

    Perhaps you should start a wedding present list, you know; toaster, M9, towels, M9, etc.


  • a civilian-mass audience

    Don’t we All love it…when our BURNIANS are starting…the tongue in the cheek thing…

    damnit…we should call this place…BRAVOBURN…:)))

  • despite the quoted prices and the hype, he has not sold out
    totally true

  • I think that the Leica / Magnum partnership is a good thing. Anything that promotes rangefinder cameras to photographers and gives Leica real-world feedback of their products in the field must be beneficial.

    And Panos, yes; the best camera in the world is the one you have with you!

    Good light mate,


  • a civilian-mass audience

    Do you know if MR.HARVEY left the BURNING tent???

    Can I sing freely now?:)))

  • Michael, Paul:
    “I´ve heard of a novelist who taught himself the craft of fiction by retyping the stories of his favourite authors.”

    The amazing Donald Ray Pollock for certain.

  • MikeR.. great idea.. Although the way I shoot is pretty much M8 compatible..
    M9 wouldn’t change anything except from putting me in extra debt double sizing my files and cutting my harddrives capacity in half…
    I mean really.. But I wouldn’t say no to a second , second hand M8…
    although I never had to do any repairs or even clean it.. Exposed to beach sand million times..
    Tons of corona (and recently some vodka) on it.. No sweat..
    Only a Toyota camry could be as reliable…
    No bull.. No advertisement ..:)

  • HERVE…you….the BURNing bag…last year…:)))))))))))))))

    David was happy for me, but thinks my winning caption was not that good! No wonder I leave him alone in my dreams…. :-))))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    can I sing now…?:))

  • Civi, yes, please sing!

    Good voice,


  • Panos, many cameras tout weather sealing but Corona-proof? I love it.


  • a civilian-mass audience

    I sing …

    Viva to ALLLLLLLLLLLLLll…!!!

  • CIVI..

    still here..but barely…leave for Rio this if the cat is away, the mice can play?…hmmmmmm

  • Michael Kircher and Windup…
    I don´t know about Kerouc or Miller but Raymond Chandler believed Hemingway to be the greatest American novelist of his time, and he wrote imitations of Hemingway´s style to absorb what he loved about it. Proust went further, spending twelve years translating and annotating the writing of John Rushkin. He also wrote a series of articles for Le Figaro imitating the styles of such nineteenth century figures as Balzac and Flaubert.

    BTW Michael… yes Allard and Hemingway are a good fit. Anymore photographers whose style can be likened to be writers?

  • Civi…
    Another king….

  • Civi…
    My second favourite guitarist…

  • Civi…
    The GOD of electric rock guitar…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MR.HARVEY…may the spirits…blah,blah,blah…

    mice can wait …to play
    countdown begins now…
    one hour …two hours…three hours…

    I guess…I am the cat…:)))))))))))))))))

    P.S PAUL…I see Spanish influence…damnit…we rock…!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and after play time…please, can you bring some of those HOT pictures of yours…
    I am prepared now…
    I promised wine to my guy in the pharmacy…he promised to bring me my prescription
    (high blood pressure)…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    where is FRAMERS…her birthday is coming up…oime…you are so many…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MICHAELK…according to my calendar…he has 30 more years to go…:)

  • You have an interesting calendar, Civi. Where do I get one?

  • michael kircher…
    Yes brilliant guitar and I have never owned one!! I am more of a Strat guy but I would love to own one of these…
    Hey I can´t complain I´ve got an original 65 Strat lying in it´s case next to me.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I use the Ancient ,Athenian Greek calendar…;)

    PAUL…65 Strat…wooo

    “Wanted:Digi assistant Rio de Janeiro. Now. Long hours, low pay, and very best time of your life. Guaranteed. Leave message Burn Magazine.Rio ”

    Damnit,I qualify But I just can’t leave my chickens…:))))))))))))))))

    ok,enough,I will be back…

  • Civi, do you mean to tell me I’m only 23 and a half years old? Awesome.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    to be accurate…you are 23 and 7 months…
    Running like BOBBY


  • Michael K.,

    Thanks for the Telecaster link! I got to Springsteen’s Tele at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame – I’ve never seen a guitar with more honest wear… Where’s Rossy at? He’s a Tele lover…


    I’m envious! (Mine’s a ’99 or ’00 MIM Telecaster, but I can’t play worth a damn :-)

  • David,

    I’m available as a digital assistent. I’ve send you an email at Don’t know
    if that’s right email?

  • David, this message’s about the digi assistant petition. Would love, truly deeply love to be part of it. My info is registered. Anyway:

  • Justin…
    The secret is PRACTICE! Started at the age of 8 and by the age of 14 I was practising before going into school, lunchtime break and after school. Was averaging easily 6 hours a day, sounds like a lot but by the age of 20 when I was teaching music I was practising or studying about 10 hours daily.
    But no more thanks! 12 years teaching at school and at home privately burnt me out, had lots of great students but somehow everything just sucked the life out of my love for the guitar.

  • Paul
    Careful, I know people that did the same for photography.

  • Gordon…
    Yes very true! I won´t fall in the trap twice!
    Above all I am out to enjoy the whole concept of photography something that I lost with music. Keep getting phone calls asking for music lessons but no thanks.
    Every so often I go out on to my front porch in the afternoon and play until it´s dark just a beer and either my Les Paul or one of my acoustics and I do recover for awhile the magic.
    Still can just about play this while the sun is going down :)

  • Sorry, front terrace not front porch!! Wishful thinking :)))

  • mice can wait …to play
    and dream in the meantime! ;-)

    Guitars…. I owned over a dozen, still 5 left, but I am still crying about selling my Les Paul Goldtop 1956, years, er, decades ago. One of the silliest things i ever done. Prize possessions are a Gibson ES-175 (1955), and a 1966 orange hollow body GRETSCH.

  • being in France is like being on drugs…
    interesting interview by MGMT

    Herve , is that true?

  • “I’m all dressed and out of bed, what else do you want?”

  • Herve…
    Two very very nice guitars!
    Funny how most photographers have a great passion for music.

  • if i were not running to the airport right now , i would go into my really poor harmonica playing..good to jam with guitar though …and the later in the evening and the more wine consumed etc the better i can jam..the good thing about a harmonica is that it goes at the bottom of any camera bag….ok nuf said..bye til Rio…

  • Found this while reading…
    Perhaps Hemingway´s finest demonstration of short sentence prowess was when he was challenged to tell an entire story in only 6 words:
    “For sale: baby shoes, never used.”

  • Keith Richard’s Micawber is THE one! :-) First guitar on the page. Now that is road worn! Not the faux fancy-pants brand new pre-road worn!

    David; Yip; can’t beat a blues harp in the bottom of the pack. Funny; I taught myself to play cross harp by using the wrong harmonica. Bought a G harp and the shop put a C inside by mistake.

    So… tried to play along to a Muddy Waters song in G and it didn’t work by blowing, so sucked and it sounded right. In other words; taught myself how to play cross harp by mistake! My skill level still sucks though! :-)

  • Hi all. back after some time out!
    “(…)are we seeing the end of the printed book game?”
    Guess we’ve been here before…”The End of Print” – from my last visit. Interesting topic…

    As far as I can tell, print is not dead…it’s shifting…from mass to specialty, from large runs to short runs. Small publishers arise, and they are also driven by the ubiquity of the internet. It´s the born global phenomena.

    Small thing apart from subject…

    It’s not just print. ;)


  • “Guess we’ve been here before…”The End of Print” – from my last visit. Interesting topic…” overstatement, sorry…it’s just that i remember.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Welcome back RODOLFOOOOO…

    and to My Rio BURNIANS…please, take care of our MR.HARVEY…he even plays harmonica…
    oime…what else…:)))


  • Hi CIVI, thanks for the “welcome back”!!!
    i’ll try…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Today…1st of MARCH …I was thinking to make it…( a suggestion)


    I need more names…my memory is getting weak…but all of you(u know your names)…behind the tent…

    “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”

    you may not have a Leica M9 or M10…or a trendy lens…
    you may not have THE “pics” of the year
    you may not won any awards…
    you have…( I am not gonna make it easy for you)
    each one of you…I repeat,YOU HAVE what you have that you know that you Have…

    P.S Now,we have to figure out …the Appreciation day for MR.DAVID ALAN HARVEY…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I really appreciate it…

    and now we can all try to donate…hmmm…
    I wonder why paypal doesn’t accept…my old drachmas
    well…we can try…

    P.S EVAAAAAA…where is EVA tonight? she knows what to do?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ok…goodnight from Grecolandia…

    I know…I am all over…my apologies
    MR.DAH said that the mice can play…therefore I accepted my role…
    I am a civilian…and I do as I told…
    BRAVOBURN…pouf all clear

  • DAH,

    Fun travels. I’ve got the mandolin if you’ve got time, but you
    bring the wine and it better be good:))

  • 2 US Warships heading towards Libya as we speak…

  • Libyan Rebels, Invoking U.N., May Ask West for Airstrikes:

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I was calling for my Africans friends…now they are here…
    I will be in and out
    RED CROSS is calling…
    I am a civilian…
    with the a mission…

    i love you ALL…I will be back
    keep BURN on fire…
    I hope MR.HARVEY and the other BURNIANS are safe in Rio…

    no ouzo for me today…but Viva anyways…!!!

  • “I hope for a joyful exit and never to return”
    Frida Kahlo”

  • Gnight y’all … 3am in NYC

  • john g..

    do you know why jockyslut and sleezenation folded?
    i only lost a few hundred when they went out of business.. a colleague lost a couple of grand..

  • Hey David, do you still need an assistant in Rio?… I have sent you a private email, I am not sure if you get them or read them on a constant basis though… Best wishes from Bogota

  • ALL..

    for those of you trying to find me, i have just been on a 10 hour flight..just arrived Rio…met by two beautiful twin arrival of all time….no time to write now…first things first

  • You know, I dont go anywhere where beautiful twin sisters meet me. In fact, I dont even go anywhere where an evil old crone wishes that my liver would rot and I die of leporsy meets me. I just dont hang around in the right circles, I guess.

  • Hmm.. I arrived too.. but no twin sisters here either.. must be doing something wrong.. ;))

    Skimming through comments.. hi Rodolfo!.. Civi.. what should I know.. I don’t know anything.. more tea for you??

  • on the bike… i will skype u later…im on iphone…no battery left…20 miles from home

  • Panos.. watch the street.. not tho phone..sheesh.. getting some sleep, burned out..

  • As i sat quietly waiting my turn to get another X-ray on my foot i took advantage of the very good wifi at my local hospital this morning. I managed to get wade through 15 pages of google searching for a decently priced Bruce Davidson’s “Outside inside”. The cheapest i found was 280 euros and the average price was around 400 euros. Top price was a first edition like all the others! going for 1,200 euros or dollars. Mad!! :)))

  • Believe it or not, I can actually draw.
    Jean-Michel Basquiat

    I am not a black artist, I am an artist.
    Jean-Michel Basquiat

    I don’t listen to what art critics say. I don’t know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is.
    Jean-Michel Basquiat

    I don’t think about art when I’m working. I try to think about life.
    Jean-Michel Basquiat

    I had some money, I made the best paintings ever. I was completely reclusive, worked a lot, took a lot of drugs. I was awful to people.
    Jean-Michel Basquiat

    I start a picture and I finish it.
    Jean-Michel Basquiat

    I thought I was going to be a bum the rest of my life.
    Jean-Michel Basquiat

  • Do not fear mistakes – there are none.
    Miles Davis

  • What shakes the eye but the invisible?
    Theodore Roethke

  • You are lost the instant you know what the result will be.
    Juan Gris

  • Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things.
    Edgar Degas

  • Je t’ aime moi non plus.
    Serge Gainsbourg

  • Hi Eva!
    All, any comments on paper?? ;)

  • Most important:
    “fuck me too”

  • All this book talking/making has inspired me to sort of create a daily diary of images of my kids day to day mixed in with local and world news. Kind of thing when they are round 30 years old they may smile and appreciate.

  • Panos…
    Seems all the fun is in Rio! All day out yesterday without commenting on here thought i would find the usual great stuff and surprised to find very few comments!

  • Paul..:)
    Exactly… I should be in rio and I’m pissed coz I already had been booked for the next 4 weeks non stop..
    Los Angeles is very demanding and I have to stay in my territory ..
    (I cover the area all the way from Malibu to marina del rey and as north as the mullholand drive..
    That means drive on the 405 freeway..NOT FUN

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PAUL…you are right…I just came back and where is the party??????????

    EVA…I forgot what I was talking about…but I am sending over twin brothers…
    they are working for Red Cross…and they know little Italian…
    Do they qualify…:)))))))

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Los Angeles is very demanding…hmmm…
    then,come back to Grecia,
    where the wine is red
    and the people are hot…
    hmmm…I am lying..:(((


  • Well we’ve got to be very grateful for this site…very special. Somehow i find it difficult to imagine Cormack McCarthy or Stephen King or any other top writer creating a site for the next generation! Can you imagine such a thing…?!?!

  • Civi… Sorry but I’ll take 405 traffic anytime over grecolandia ..
    405 is hectic but grecia???? Painful..
    I can’t stomach grecia.. That’s Nachtwey territory ..
    Not mine.. I’m definitely more of a Rio guy..
    Plus I missed the beautiful innocent LA swinger parties…:)
    Viva Venice Beach

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PAUL…how is the weather in Spain…
    When is your carnaval time…?
    here in Greece …the party started…
    but it’s feels weird…
    my fellow Grecocivilians are looking …freezed…

    BUT you are right…”WE’VE GOT TO BE GRATEFUL …” …
    BURN is the place to be…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS…oime…sad,sad,sad stories…
    we Greeks got to do it…I don’t know what…
    BUT we need REVOLUTION…now…

    well,I don’t know about Rio…BUT I am Venice civilian for sure…
    viva Italy…!!!

  • Well my wife says it is cold here…i can’t give my opinon i generally do’t suffer with the cold. Sunday we had 7 degrees celcius with a lot of rain. My kids dressed up for carnival last Friday.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    hmmm…I guess, we are talking about Venice…Venich Beach in California…:)))

    that’s what happens…when I don’t eat olive oil for 4 days…I can’t focus.

    IMANTS…doi knia

  • Rebels in Libya Win Battle but Fail to Loosen Qaddafi’s Grip
    From the feeble cover of sand dunes, assaulted by a warplane and artillery from a hill, rebels repelled an attack by Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s fighters.

  • Qaddafis Fought Over Business, Cables Show
    American diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks describe how two sons of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi fought, brutally, for control of a local Coca-Cola bottling company.

    NYTimes today

  • a civilian-mass audience

    7C…yeap…it’s cold for me…
    your wife is definitely Med…
    I can’t stand cold( FROSTFROG VIVA)…as I said here before…I always follow the sun…

    Carnival here in Greece all week long…12 degrees in my place
    but no big parties…the times are changing…this year I can feel it…
    my civilians are not in the mood…

  • Steve Jobs Returns to Introduce a New iPad
    Apple’s chief executive interrupted a medical leave to introduce the much-anticipated new tablet.

    NYTimes today


    “You feel punched in the stomach.”
    ERIN PARKER, a high school science teacher in Madison, Wis., on verbal jabs against teachers.

    NYTimes today

    On March 3, 1991, in a case that sparked a national outcry, motorist Rodney King was severely beaten by Los Angeles police officers in a scene captured on amateur video.
    • See This Front Page NYT

  • a civilian-mass audience


    can we say F**ck…3 times in the same page…?

    P.S …I have no problem but I don’t speak English either…:)))

  • And big fuck u to the Feds that are trying to close our medical marijuana dispensaries in Venice..
    “we” citizens of California voted and decided..
    State Law let u carry up to a pound of mary Jane in your car but the Feds disagree..
    Defend venice, defend gay rights, defend the immigrants and FUCK ARIZONA..
    and Arizona Hitler law that give the authority to any brainless cop to ask a Hispanic looking immigrant for green card..etc.. This is a violation..
    Arizona , America wake up.. “they” are slowly taking our rights away…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS…tell it like it is…I would love to second everything
    ADMIN says…not to use the F**ck word….hmmm:(

    REVOLUTION,EVOLUTION…BURN the Universe down !!!

    The Hollow Cry of ‘Broke’
    Though it may disappoint many conservatives, there will be no federal or state bankruptcies.


  • Which means..
    GM bail out ok, Goldman Sachs ok, state of California NOT allowed to bankrupt (bail out)..

  • …so “we” stay in debt..
    Just like the PIIGS (Portugal , Ireland ,Italy , Greece )
    Nice :((((

  • a civilian-mass audience

    So photographers what do you think…?

    hmmm…how DAH can do this…so hard to find inspiring questions …for years and years…
    geez…he is like Asterix and Ovelix…he might have the magic potion…


  • a civilian-mass audience

    “Bulls make money and bears make money, but pigs seldom do”

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Back in my days asbestos was everywhere…hmmm…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and to my Libyan friends…be strong…
    help is on the way…

  • O.k. DAH is away so we mice can play: so here’s my question to you all. In the vein of Panos’ argument that civil liberties are being eroded (in his case by the Feds) where do you stand with this scenario that happened to me last week.
    We had a foggy evening so I drove down to a local senior school that has open air sports courts that are floodlit in the winter months. I didn’t know if they would be in use or if the players would be male, female, child or adult: it turned out that it was male junior football (soccer) practice. I took a few overview photographs from the car park but when I moved up to the court fence I was told that I couldn’t take photographs of the players, that no-one could take photographs – not even a parent unless every parent agreed.
    “The world has gone mad” I said, “They’re just kids playing football”. The irony is that the boys would have been rendered as b&w silhouettes against the fog and floodlight. They would have been foreground interest.
    I came away understanding the concerns of the parents but feeling sad for the children who had to play in a floodlit pen protected by their parents. When I was a kid we used to play on a field with coats for goalposts and only go home when we could no-longer see the ball.


  • Mike…
    It´s absolutely mad the whole idea. However sometimes I´ve got a feeling it´s even worse over here in Spain.
    I´ve just signed a note giving permission to allow a university student to take a couple of images of my son and his classmates. This girl who´s been the whole winter´s term in the school classroom helping out the official teacher and learning what it really means to be with twenty five little five year old kids as part of her degree. These images will be presented in her university report/essay/thesis for the end of year evaluation. I find it little pathetic to sign this note if I have been already trusting her for the last five months without any problem. Anyway it´s only a couple of bloody photos, she isn´t asking to take images without her clothes on!!

  • without THERE clothes on!! sorry!! Wishful thinking :)))

  • Paul, yes, wishful thinking (laughing).

  • Michael Kircher…
    The other day you quite correctly chose William Albert Allard and DAH as the Hemingways of the world of photography.
    Which photographer would you choose who has a similar style to John Steinbeck narrative? Obviously in could never be HCB to distant and removed from his subjects…

    “Steinbeck’s decriptions are rich and detailed and he utilizes adjectives that give a description to everything. The dialect between characters draws a picture of how the characters speak instead of just what they say. All in all, Steinbeck’s greatest utensil in his writings is the diction. A real empathy for his characters”

    Bruce Davidson or perhaps Eugene Richards?

  • a civilian-mass audience


    REF: your question.

    When I was kid(long time ago)I was playing football(soccer) and like you I have the same memories…
    here in Grecolandia nothing have changed…so come over…:)))
    no pictures of civi though…your camera will burst into flames

    PAUL…yes…Blissful thinking!!!

  • Mike.. it’s the same over here.. I was taking pictures at a fencing tournament, of an athlete interacting with schoolchildren been brought there for showing them what this fencing stuff was all about.. and the teachers insisted I take no pictures.. I took them anyway, they were at a public event, and I know parents here sign a paper at the beginning of every school year that they allow for kids doing this kind of activity..

    I don’t know about the UK, but over here if more than 5 (I think) people are in a picture nobody can argue.. and you can always take the picture, the problem might be showing it.. it’s nuts in any case..

  • Civi, yes, childhood memories. When we were bored as kids someone would suggest knocking on Old Man Johnson’s door (knock-a-door-run). The usual response would be “F**k off, not him”! After some teasing someone would knock on his door and out he’d come, with a stick, shouting something like “You little bastards, just wait till I get my hands on you” …. and off we’d run; and so would he, chasing you all evening until you snuck home in the dark.
    The problem was; next day you would be playing football on the field and suddenly everyone would be running away! You turn around and there he is: Old Man Johnson, and his stick! He would chase you for a week!

    When I was older I realised that he could have just told my Dad (Gravy Jim) and …. end-of: Jim would have told my Mum and she would of given me a slap. Jim was not allowed to hit me because my Mum said that he wasn’t home enough to hit his kids (spent more time in the pub (laughing)).

    I reckon that Old Man Johnson was as bored we were and just enjoyed the chase! You’ve got to love that man Civi.


  • Eva, I’ve been taking photographs for over 35 years and have only had two objections. Ironically on both occasions the human element was only a small part of the frame.
    Generally, if you are upfront and confident with your actions i.e. obviously comfortable about what you are doing then no-one usually has a problem. I’ve started to carry a few prints in my camera bag as ice-breakers in situations where I might want to approach people for a more formal photograph rather than street shooting.

    Good light, Eva (but you have that, you live in Italy!),


  • Mike…
    That story about Old Man Johnson could happily sit at the beginning of any classic 20th century novel. Or the whole theme for a story…

  • Burnians any photography books you loved to buy but are just overpriced?
    Mine would have to be Brooklyn Gang – Bruce Davidson and maybe Mala Noche – Antoine D´Agata…

  • PAUL

    you know Luc Delahaye WINTEREISSE ??? buy it if you can find it…or Pinkhassov SIGHTWALK

  • you all are trying to match writers with photographers…interesting…but i can tell you i am only sorry Hunter S. is gone…need him now, even though wrong continent for him but he coulda adjusted….for my upcoming RIO….any second choices on this one ? hmmm..cannot think of any….

  • In this age David you need a international orientated writer not a American centric provincial writer like Hunter S ……….

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oups…who said the mice can play…the cat is never away…:)))

    MIKER…damnit you and your stories…Gravy JIM and Old Man Johnson…
    yeap,I will second PAUL …and third and fourth…
    and yes…EVA has the best light…Viva Italy!
    you are all in the wrong place…
    come over in the land of the Free and the desperate…oime…
    No permission needed:)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    IMANTS…yeap…with HUNTER…
    we will all be Cursed…the Curse of Lono…hmmm…
    someone has to reconsider…:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MARCCCCCCCCC…I was looking for you…

    Thanks for coming back…we missed you!

  • Would you all please STOP to talk about books???

  • a civilian-mass audience

    not me…I didn’t talk…I read only picture books:)

  • Place any writer worth his/her salt in any situation, he/she can produce. No sweat. So HST in Rio with Harvey? Yeah, that would work!

    Paul… That’s a tough one. But yes, I could picture Davidson and Richards in that case. Perhaps Dennis Stock?

  • civi…still here but photo stuff has taken a back seat.

    been a tough few months. my wife sylvia, passed away in october and life as a widower with 2 young daughters has been an adjustment to say the least.

    haven’t been able to photograph yet but started making sculptures with existing photos of sylvia, which has been healing.

  • Ok, Civi, let me rectify: would you all please STOP to talk about picture and photo books???

    Thanks, much appreciated.. ;)

    Marc, thanks for that link, great!

  • David…
    start searching tomorrow, thanks!

  • Hunter S he´s the guy who Annie Leibovitz worked with to cover the Nixon campaign isn´t he?

  • Civil liberties are being eroded because governments in affluent countries like ours know that acquiring wealth and feeding a family are more important issues to the population. They also know that the constituents are quite content to sit on the fence when it comes to their civil liberties.
    Most of us do nothing……. we are not members of a political party, therefore leaving our voice and the decision making to the few that are involved at a party level. Twenty years ago my local party branch had 700 odd active members now there are less than 30, despite the party being the current one in government. Few have joined another party as I have, most are old members and even fewer bother to turn up.
    We may occasionally join a half hearted protest march, we write stuff on the net complain and never act upon it. We leave it to the old hardened campaigners and the wide eyed bushy tailed young to do our protesting for us.

  • a civilian-mass audience


    come over in Grecolandia…I make wine…you make sculptures…
    But you have to feed the chickens…
    otherwise I am gonna tell Sylvia…I have lots of friends up there…

    Well…the circle of life…be strong…we are here…!

  • Imants…
    And sadly to many the Sunday football match is of much more vital issue than “boring” concepts like civil liberties.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…can I call you the moving Bookstore…
    (to be perceived as a compliment)

    IMANTS…you really can write…BRAVOIMANTS!!!

  • Michael Kircher…

    I am not up on Dennis Stock I know a little of his work and of course the classic James Dean image. I´ve always thought he was one of those kind of underrated photographers. But you´ve picked my curiosity so I am going to search out a little more!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    REF:your question

    I will go with LARRY TOWELL…but what do I know…
    I am just a civilian with restricted liberties…

    ok,enough said…Goodnight from beautiful Grecolandia
    the land of the free and the desperate…:)

  • Civi, you can.. I’ll move around two countries something like.. no, I better not say how many.. books tomorrow on my way home.. and been only to two galleries/exhibits so far, Paolo Pellegrin’s tomorrow..

    In the meantime, Magnum Foundation has a new website (new to me at least):

    BUT they got the EPF wrong, it’s RICHER!!

  • Civil Liberties is a subject on sites like this one and people seem to feel strongly about it…….. unfortunately few go beyond and take up the issues in real life. Taking photos under the guise of “journalism” of infringements of civil liberties is no longer enough, one has to enact upon on a local level. The wwwdot world is full of stuff but few bother with it.

  • Imants…
    Here in Spain most people I know are totally disenchanted with politicians in general. They have stop believing in them and it is with both right and left wing.

  • But they vote for them and don’t change aspects on the domestic and party floor level. Basically they got what they deserved by failing to be involved with the running of their country, leaving those difficult decisions to others.

  • Being disenchanted is a piss poor excuse

  • Day to day civil liberties/rights are very much a non issues in affluent western countries on sites like facebook. Sure there are howls and wails about Egypt, Congo, Libya etc but the home everyday living front is about what’s in it for me. That’s the way we as affluent societies evidently must like it

  • And I know it sounds amazing but the majority I know personally work/friendships are admitting they have no intention of even turning up to vote. Funny considering they lived 40 years under dictatorship…

  • Maybe they need to work harder, take less, be involved and get their country back on its feet so the the less fortunate also get something

  • Talking about Libya I found it interesting that in a Spanish national paper 55% of those asked were in favour of the USA taking military action in the crisis. USA regularly gets criticized for the way it handles most international affairs especially military wise. However when the shit hits the fan we always turn to the same country to make the big tough ugly sacrifices.

  • It is the 45% that your politicians are concerned about

  • The whole concept of working hard is seen as making a quick buck instead of working hard just to establish a solid businesses for future generations. Its all a concept of now, right now. This only causes a very false economy where the younger generations believe money lent by banks is actual personal wealth.

  • Banks will be run by the young people soon and the will want their money and won’t lend indiscriminately to other young people

  • But of course I suspect this is the perfect scenario for any goverment…population all up to their eyes in mortgages, tied down to a job just to pay that 30 year dream. No free time to stop, civil liberties being eroded and just in case on the weekends these families do find time we will have them occupied with football and reality shows.

  • They are a smart lot that younger generation what concerns me is the baby boomer set who feel that they have a right to everything that is good and others should bow to their needs

  • Banks lend umbrellas when it is sunny but once it starts raining they take them away.

  • and the middle class is starting to slowly dissapear and we may end up with just the very poor and the very rich. But the middle class is needed to make the economy spin in any country, they are the real consumers.

  • and now it’s time to hand over tonight’s late night show to the one only and sometimes angry but always free Panos. :))

  • Imants; Funny you mentioned banks… A good friend of mine (a farmer) was talking to his bank manager yesterday and was told that their bank was already back to lending (on farms etc) as before the crash. They just ensure their potential losses are covered by the vast majority of “safe” loans (in the current interest rates).

    So in other words; Mr Joe Average the careful spender/borrower subsidises the a-holes….

  • The poor are the real consumers as they spend on a day to day basis, those bargain shops, food markets etc keep the economies turning over at a steady rate.

    Western governments spend a lot time and energy on retirement issues as that is where the votes are and most politicians are superannuation/retirement benefits conscious. Make voting compulsory (another civil liberty gone) and the the issues shift to other sectors of the comminity

  • By “as before”; I mean throwing money at virtually everyone who walks through the door

  • Joe Average is now a forced saver via superannuation retirement funds which pleases banks

  • …but i can tell you i am only sorry Hunter S. is gone

    so true….


    Hells Angels
    See also: Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
    In 1965, Carey McWilliams, editor of The Nation, offered Thompson the opportunity to write a story based on his experience with the California-based Hells Angels motorcycle club. After The Nation published the article (May 17, 1965), Thompson received several book offers and spent the next year living and riding with the Hell’s Angels. The relationship broke down when the bikers concluded that Thompson was exploiting them for his personal gain. The gang demanded a share of the profits from his writings and after an argument at a party Thompson ended up with a savage beating, or “stomping” as the Angels referred to it…
    savage beating
    savage beating
    savage beating

  • Civi:

    “I can’t stand cold( FROSTFROG VIVA)…as I said here before…I always follow the sun…”

    I LOVE the cold – but I hate being cold, if that makes any sense.

    But sometimes, I really want to stand in the sun on a warm beach somewhere, where the water is warm and the ladies don’t wear much, if anything at all.


    Birth of Gonzo
    Main article: Gonzo journalism
    Also in 1970, Thompson wrote an article entitled The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved for the short-lived new journalism magazine Scanlan’s Monthly. Although it was not widely read at the time, the article is the first of Thompson’s to use techniques of Gonzo journalism, a style he would later employ in almost every literary endeavor. The manic first-person subjectivity of the story was reportedly the result of sheer desperation; he was facing a looming deadline and started sending the magazine pages ripped out of his notebook. Ralph Steadman, who would later collaborate with Thompson on several projects, contributed expressionist pen-and-ink illustrations.
    The first use of the word Gonzo to describe Thompson’s work is credited to the journalist Bill Cardoso. Cardoso had first met Thompson on a bus full of journalists covering the 1968 New Hampshire primary. In 1970, Cardoso (who, by this time had become the editor of The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine) wrote to Thompson praising the “Kentucky Derby” piece in Scanlan’s Monthly as a breakthrough: “This is it, this is pure Gonzo. If this is a start, keep rolling.” Thompson took to the word right away, and according to illustrator Ralph Steadman said,:

    “Okay, that’s what I do. Gonzo.”

    Thompson’s first published use of the word Gonzo appears in a passage in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream: “Free Enterprise. The American Dream. Horatio Alger gone mad on drugs in Las Vegas. Do it now: pure Gonzo journalism.”

  • HUNTER S. THOMPSON was found wanting and was just Mr Joe Average with ADHD

  • i RECEIVED this email this morning:

    “Dear Friends,

    Due to an unexpected scheduling conflict, the exhibition “Provocation” will now open on Saturday, March 26.

    Artists selected for participation in the show will be notified by Wednesday, March 9 and all work will need to be dropped off at the powerHouse Arena no later than Friday, March 25.

    We are really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!

    the NYPH team”

  • ……..with a gun fetish

  • “PROVOCATION” EXHIBITION in Powerhouse Arena NY….blah blah…

  • Death

    Thompson died at his self-described “fortified compound” known as “Owl Farm” in Woody Creek, Colorado, at 5:42 p.m. on February 20, 2005, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
    Thompson’s son (Juan), daughter-in-law (Jennifer Winkel Thompson) and grandson (Will Thompson) were visiting for the weekend at the time of his suicide. Will and Jennifer were in the adjacent room when they heard the gunshot. Mistaking the shot for the sound of a book falling, they continued with their activities for a few minutes before checking on him. The police report concerning his death stated that in a typewriter in front of Thompson, they found “a piece of paper carrying the date ‘Feb 22 ’05’ and the single word ‘counselor’.”
    They reported to the press that they do not believe his suicide was out of desperation, but was a well-thought out act resulting from Thompson’s many painful and chronic medical conditions. Thompson’s wife, Anita, who was at a gym at the time of her husband’s death, was on the phone with him when he ended his life.
    What family and police describe

    as a suicide note

    was written by Thompson four days before his death, and left for his wife. It was later published by Rolling Stone. Titled “Football Season Is Over”,
    it read:

    “No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun — for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax — This won’t hurt.”

  • I hate it when my friends commit suicide..
    i hate it… i get it…but i hate it…hate it…

  • Panos…

    “I hate it when my friends commit suicide..
    “i hate it… i get it…but i hate it…hate it…”


  • Marc – I have to agree with you there. It was the “hate” part I said “yes..” to.

    Only those who do it get it, and not even them, really, for if they truly got it, they wouldn’t do it.

  • Rio and literary inspiration? How about Jerzy Kosinski, especially “The Hermit of 69th Street”:

    “Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.” – Mark Twain, as quoted in above.

    His “Passion Play” or “Being There” would work too.

  • “Journalism is not a profession or a trade. It is a cheap catch-all for fuckoffs and misfits–a false doorway to the backside of life, a filthy piss-ridden little hole nailed off by the building inspector, but just deep enough for a wino to curl up from the sidewalk and masturbate like a chimp in a zoo-cage.” HST


  • “shooting freestyle.Sexy”
    Amazing tweet :)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I shoot freestyle too…foxes and weasels…sexy?hmmm…

    come south…don’t forget the cat you have promised and bring some of the high blood pressure pills…
    you never know when a strike will hit in Grecolandia…you always have to be prepared…


    We are “cursed” now…we are BURNIANS!!!

  • Yes it´s FRIDAY!!!!!

    I love Fridays I´m sure it´s got something to do with…

    “If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday.”
    Noel Coward

    “Youth is like a long weekend on Friday night. Middle age is like a long weekend on Monday afternoon.” Richard Nelson Bolles

    “Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.”

    “Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.” Bill Watterson

    “There aren’t enough days in the weekend.” Rod Schmidt

    “A weekend wasted isn’t a wasted weekend.”

    “Middle age is when you’re sitting at home on a Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it isn’t for you.” Ogden Nash

    “Living up to ideals is like doing everyday work with your Sunday clothes on.” Ed Howe

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Simply irresistible…!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “Born on Monday, Fair in face; Born on Tuesday, Full of God’s grace; Born on Wednesday, Sour and sad; Born on Thursday, Merry and glad; Born on Friday, Worthily given; Born on Saturday, Work hard for your living; Born on Sunday, You will never know wa”

    hmmm…don’t think so…:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    So what are you shooting…My BURNIANS…as EMCD would say…???

  • OK we now know David would love to have Hunter S with him on his trip to Rio. However who would be the perfect writer to accompany David on his American Family essay?
    Do we choose the obvious suspects…?
    James Agee, John Steinbeck…
    Or someone else?

  • “Middle age is when you’re sitting at home on a Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it isn’t for you.” Ogden Nash

    I was born middle age then!


    That quote applies to you, but not just on Saturday night… everyday, man, everyday. (grin)

  • I’m certainly not going to argue with that, Pete. ;^}

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BOBBY the other BOBBY needs a harmonica…:)
    bye Suze Rotolo…!

    “I was born middle age then!”…MK…it hits home:)

  • Frostfrog/Panos
    Our big brown tabby is back from the pet hospital with a $1500 plus bill. May have to postpone the Fuji X100 purchase.

    ‘Hate it, get it’
    While I do love my life, and hate it when someone commits suicide, I do get it too. Release.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    GORDON …what’s the problem with tabby?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Live from RIO:


  • Gordon…
    Yes kids and animals always come first in life…ALWAYS.
    Without us they are defenceless…

    A happy arrangement: many people prefer cats to other people, and many cats prefer people to other cats.
    Mason Cooley

    As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows, cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the human kind.
    Cleveland Amory

    Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties.
    W. L. George

  • But I must admit I am more of a dog person! :)

  • Sorry, I meant dog lover!!!!

  • Question…
    Can i develop Tri-x in D76 if I have rated it at 800iso? If so, 20% extra time in the developer enough? I’ve also got HC110…

  • Paul,

    hope this helps.

    Gordon, yes, cat comes first, and second! That x100 will be yours.


  • Mike R
    Thanks, i didn’t go there as I tried a couple of months ago shooting T-max 400 also at 800 and it looked awful. Anyway T-max has little in common with Tri-x so I will start at your link.
    Hmmm i’ve also got Hp5 in my bag!

  • Paul

    You can also check the ‘massive dev chart’ at

  • Paul, writer?
    Jack Kerouac

    I’d “use” Charles Bukowski and most definitely William Burroughs ;)

  • “I thunk I’m very good predicting the past”

  • Civi

    Apollo has male plumbing problems. He was home for the night, and is looking better, but is still pretty sick and back in the hospital today.
    He’s a very handsome Greek boy.

  • Paul. the question is..what is your intent in doing a one stop push?
    do you need it because of lighting?
    did you set the camera/meter wrong?
    are you just push curious?
    I mean, a one stop push will hardly affect the tonality of tri x at all. A one stop pull would do more.
    How you develop it, and what you develop it in, are more likely to give you tonal/grain variations.
    d76 is good for tri x 1:1 standard agitation for that ‘classic’ PJ look.
    HP5 also looks great in D76 1:1 (my current ‘standard’ film/dev combo)

  • Paul, John G is the b&w Master around here.

    Gordon, hope Apollo gets well soon. As you say, a handsome greek boy – what’s not to love!

    I am owned by two cats and I have to go for a walk every evening with them (really, it’s a cat thing). One evening I was stood on the corner with them, looking like a burglar, when I heard a neighbour calling his cat. He had let his young son (who was a fan of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table) name the cat. There he was, shouting Lancelot! Lancelot! At least it wasn’t Guinevere.

    I am reliably informed that some of my neighbours call me the Cat Whisperer – amongst other things (laughing).


  • Paul.. Kodak doesn’t differntiate between 400 and 800, times are the same.. I do not agree with them, at 800 i do 12 minutes (or 12.30, depending on exposure, light situation, what you want to achieve), instead of 9.45, that’s D-76 1+1 (not full strenght), at 20°C…

  • Those who can, go and see Paolo Pellegrin’s exhibition ‘DIES IRAE’, until May, 15th in Milan, but I’m sure it will be shown elsewhere too..

    I don’t know how a photographer can go back and back and back again to take the pictures he does.. I am sure he will, or is already, paying a toll.. insane what we human beings do to one another, as if what nature does wouldn’t be enough…{BED30582-E80B-4806-AE6E-82DDD8EF388D}

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Apollonas…was god of the sun,poetry,arts,prophesy…and a god of healing…
    he was the most handsome…like your Apollo
    may the spirits of health be with him…tell him…I am sending Greek energy …he will feel it…
    he is Greek afterall…!

    “A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”
    Ernest Hemingway
    I wonder what Simone is doing…?

    BURN is the place to be…we even have a Cat Whisperer…oime…:))))))))
    What not to lOVE!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Is this PAOLO, our BURNING boy…
    the one that we are waiting to drink wine and check his pictures…hmmm..
    EVA…you are everywhere…BRAVOEVA!!!

  • Eva, my pleasure doing business with you…
    biggest hug….

  • John…
    I am doing it for three reasons two of which you’ve pointed out….
    Yes lighting…also push curious haven’t done it since college. And finally and perhaps in some ways the most important reason… i have always had problems with the 35mm aesthetic. I must admit for many years I have had a strong disdain for that 35mm grainy look. Probably too many years making 8×10 contact prints. So i want to get rid of that stupidity, so I am going to jump in the deep end, I am convinced i will grow to love and feel at ease with it.
    When you refer to pull i assume you mean just extending developing time without altering the iso.
    Is Jacob Sobol’s Sabine pushed or pulled because I wouldn’t mind achieving that ‘look’.

  • Walter…
    Thanks for the tip…a very useful site :)

  • “that 35mm grainy look” Especially Don McCullin’s work- fantastic.. :-)

  • Thanks Eva…
    A friend of mine shot two rolls at an ilegal boxing match over here. He followed Kodak times and so did I with something less important. It all turned out crap…

  • Ross…
    Paolo Pellegrin is another I am having great problems with. The general look distracts me.

  • I love McCullin’s work. His autobiography “Unreasonable Behaviour” is amazing. Scary; but amazing!

  • Eva

    Would you email me? I have no idea how to contact you…

    I am at: erica [at] ericamcdonaldphoto [dot] com


  • 8 hours solid, outdoors in sideways rain and gale-force today…
    blistering rain which the wind chill turned to sharp ice on occasion…
    the best thor could provide…
    leaning into the wind with eyes pressed tight and a screaming laugh emanating..
    life does not get better.

    took 0 photos

  • mountains leaned over..
    snow caps were doffed..
    wet to the bone..

  • then a warm sun.. orange as it is..

    every day now the light is lasting 5 mins longer..

    hardly done any photo work the past couple of weeks as life has taken over.



  • picking up my camera tomorrow..
    then an evening of scanning, which life has become of late.

    utterly invigorated, if utterly exhausted.

    changes are afoot…

    harvey – hunter T was a lightweight..
    the man who raised-the-bar became the base for some kind of reality.
    i know some excellent european writers who can hold-their-own.. twist and expand.. extrapolate and conclude.. and do it all “altered”..


  • slinkachoo loves the panos too..
    wih heaps of respect for the civilian.

  • remember banksy is to graf what goldie is to drum n base..


  • DavidB…
    i had the best time witch in NY

  • DAH-

    Still looking for a digi assistant? My Brazil visa is fresh, valid and just lightly used. My Portuguese is horrendous, but I’ve got a place to stay in Lagoa and a flexible schedule.

  • My Portuguese is horrendous

    what the hell is “portuguese”?

  • sounds like a name a turtle would wear

  • Imagination’s on fire, Panos? What are you and your strangly-named turtle smoking out there? :)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Come on PANOS…you speak Portuguese too…
    you might be young BUT as a kid I bet you have learned the basics…:

    Pele,Ronaldo,Garrincha,Ronaldino,Leonidas de Silva,Kaka,Cafu,Roberto,Rivaldo…Socrates,Oscar,


  • CIVI.. yes, that’s the same Paolo.. wouldn’t be surprised if he was in Lybia now..

    PAUL.. pushing to 800 is not really it, it’s tame.. and when you see Pellegrin’s prints on the wall, I assure you, you won’t be distracted by anything.. impressive work..

    PANOS, my pleasure, shhhhhhhhhhhh.. ;)

    ERICA.. email sent..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I have a question…”Monkey do” aisle…by MICHELLE…

    Do I see painted nails…or no? cause it reminds me of someone…hmmm…
    from the book of face area…I scratch my …head…I squeeze my leftover brain cells…

  • a civilian-mass audience


  • a civilian-mass audience

    DAVIDB…takk så mye ,mate,takk så mye !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    yeap…you see…you speak Portuguese…

    goodnight and goodmorning My BURNIANS!!!

  • D.(dead) O.(on) . A (arrival)


  • and if it rains in your town…
    Let it Rain…wash away the Pain:

  • and the BEST song of all Times:

    “There must be some way out of here” said the joker to the thief
    “There’s too much confusion”, I can’t get no relief
    Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth
    None of them along the line know what any of it is worth.

    “No reason to get excited”, the thief he kindly spoke
    “There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke

    But you and I, we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate
    So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late”.

    All along the watchtower, princes kept the view
    While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too.

    Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl
    Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl.

  • Best song ever.. or at least one of them..


    Deadline: April 7th, 2011

  • hey ALL

    BURN is now iPhone/iPad compatible… enjoy

    you might need to refresh/empty your cache on your mobile device to see it working

    Still ironing out many glitches, and manually retroactively updating every single essay that has ever been published here on BURN… but we’re getting there…

    The red fullscreen button got lost in the process, but working hard to bring it back!!

    patience, and we’ll get there….

    hugs to all…


  • ANTON!!

    Argh.. you just destroyed one of my two reasons for not buying an iPad.. thank you ;)

  • Panos…

    Even Bob Dylan said he preferred Hendrix´s version!
    Here is Hendrix playing another Bob Dylan classic…

  • Anton…
    Anyway I can see the slideshows on Nokia with Symbian engine?

  • paul

    no clue… i’d say give it a try :-)

  • Ross…

    Just in case you didn´t see this a couple of months ago…
    Don McCullin interview…

  • Anton…

    The update seems only compatible with iPhone and iPad.
    But no worries, still best place round the world!!

  • EVA,

    I was thinking the same thing. And this just shortly before the iPad2 launch ..

    thanks. It looks good on the iPhone!

  • ALL..

    You might want to have a look at this project.. and maybe support:


    many many thanks for helping to make Burn iPad compatible…you guys both put so much work into Burn…a deep deep bow of appreciation from me amigos…..

    i think i will buy version 2 coming up…pictures do look so totally translucent and something like an 8×10 transparency sitting on a light table…just amazing…this does not take away my love of print, but will i think totally change books as we know them…not eliminate paper books…but if you can buy an iPad book for say $5. it will exponentially increase the potential audience for a book…i will defintily build a RIO iPad book with sound , music, video and a portfolio as per usual of simply from the gut imagery as well as a magazine style slick paper book..Rio lends itself to this sort of presentation, so we will see how it goes…

    Anton on design? right? smiling….

    ok, gotta run…as usual no sleep, but this time around i am shooting mostly the edges …not the main action….rich immersion…the stuff i write about on Burn and teach all the time…but right now smack in the middle of my element…this is it….just the best…rolling rolling….

    cheers, david

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MY apologies…but I was wrong when I posted this…

    CAUSE…Everyday should be a BURN APPRECIATION DAY…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oups …This…
    a civilian-mass audience
    March 1, 2011 at 5:02 pm
    Today…1st of MARCH …I was thinking to make it…( a suggestion)
    I need more names…my memory is getting weak…but all of you(u know your names)…behind the tent…
    “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”
    you may not have a Leica M9 or M10…or a trendy lens…
    you may not have THE “pics” of the year
    you may not won any awards…
    you have…( I am not gonna make it easy for you)
    each one of you…I repeat,YOU HAVE what you have that you know that you Have…
    P.S Now,we have to figure out …the Appreciation day for MR.DAVID ALAN HARVEY…

  • a civilian-mass audience


    March 5, 2011 at 5:06 am
    hey ALL
    BURN is now iPhone/iPad compatible… enjoy
    you might need to refresh/empty your cache on your mobile device to see it working
    Still ironing out many glitches, and manually retroactively updating every single essay that has ever been published here on BURN… but we’re getting there…
    The red fullscreen button got lost in the process, but working hard to bring it back!!
    patience, and we’ll get there….
    hugs to all…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVOLUTION…REVOLUTION…come on …the Universe is really working…

    ANTON…HAIK…all of you…Thank you from my civilian heart…
    “…Still ironing out many glitches, and MANUALLY retroactively updating every single essay that has ever been published here on BURN… but we’re getting there…”

    oime…manually every single essay…
    damnit…damnit to the Greek goverment and to all the goverments out there who play games…
    and brought civilians …down to the last cent…
    But the revolution will come…and then I will donate not 5euros BUT the whole nine yards…as you English
    people say…

    VIVA…thank you…What not to dam LOVE !!!:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    By the way…

    mark this day…cause today…we have “history”…

    MR.HARVEY …thank you.

  • I ordered on Thursday night Sergei Pinkhassov´s Sightwalk which David recommended. As I didn´t really know what I had bought I was a little curious to see what the book was about. So I googled his name this afternoon and I found this interesting and probably rare discussion on of all places Photonet!!

    Thought I should share it as usual. I have not finished reading the discussion I have only skimmed over it as I am off with two 35mm cameras a load of slide film and a couple of rolls of Hp5 to shoot the local carnival!

  • PAUL

    one of the most interesting aspects of Sightwalk is how it came about..came from fear of leaving the hotel…Pinkhassov freaked by the enormity of Tokyo….unable to leave his hotel….did not leave his hotel…shot the 25 pictures that are Sightwalk from his hotel…lobby, from his room window etc

  • Haik and Anton!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! iPhone compatibility! Whoo-hoo!

    I know our man Panos is happy. ;^}

  • Fascinating about Pinkhassov (whose photos I admire) and his inability to leave the hotel in a large and yet very benign city (Tokyo is not, say, Johannesburg) and yet becoming a Magnum photographer. There’s hope for us all! Will have to check out Sightwalk….

  • Pinkhassov is one of my, bar none, favorite of the older Magnum photographers…funny story: he is the one (after HCB) who educated me about Magnum…knew nothing about Magnum, didn’t care at all, when i first started shooting ‘seriously’, or believing that photography would replace my desire for painting/making movies….and i discovered the year i began, 1999….i’d always been defined and inspired by Tarkovsky, and one weekend, i stumbled upon Sightwalk….it reminded me so much of poetry, zen…and then when i found out he’d worked with tarkovsky when younger, i was hooked….for me Sightwalk is one of the great late 20th century photobooks….i put it next to Goodbye PHotography, Ravens, Eggleston’s guide, Americans, Giacomelli’s oevre and Unfinished Disertation as one of the most important photobooks in my life…i’ve owned and given away 4 copies of the book…

    more like a great film by my hero Chris Marker, than a photobook….Sightwalk remains like an electric cut to my head and heart, forever…

  • David…
    I can’t wait for Pinkhassov’s book to arrive! The whole concept of not leaving the hotel is fascinating and actually marvelous considering I’m on crutches and having huge problems trying to express myself with my camera.

  • Bob…
    How is that eye coming along?
    Take care and hope to see that landscape essay soon.

  • Having the time of my life!! It sure ain’t Rio but it’s a carnival. Laughing I sure miss my M6 this 1dsII sticks out like a sore thumb! :))))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    carnival in my place too…Carnival everywhere…yeap,not like Rio…:)

    and don’t expect any photos…I carry only the essentials…a stick and a bottle:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MR.PINKHASSOV if you hear me…

    come over…”we will be treat you right”…Viva!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “we will be treated right…or we will treat you right”

    I will be back…when the sun comes out

  • Speechless

    My iPhone agreed with anything Anton said above…
    No question asked:)
    History indeed… Now I can watch the whole essay while stuck on PCH traffic… Priceless:)

  • ANTON:
    I love you (in a NON gay way)…

  • HAIK,
    hope to see you Monday afternoon

  • & JESUS,
    I hope u remember me when you become a king..!
    (and I hope I’ll visit the bathroom at the “usual” time coz I consumed lots of protein last night…:)
    biggest hug y’all

  • PANOS… love u too bro…


    well i am sure you know that becoming a Magnum photographer has nothing to do with becoming/or not becoming a “professional” photographer…you just have to be a photographer…period

  • Our Civilian has it right! To all behind of the tent: thank you.


  • Paul :))

    THANKS…it is done….i’m now writing the text…and actually adding new pictures (what is new)…i promised to send David it by end of March…i changed the entire thing after being in russia and beginning work on the 3rd chapter of my Russian work….and of course, just came together now, as i’ve been reading Moby-dick… all makes sense….

    unlike ‘bones of time’ or ‘oxen of the sun’, i don;’t want to rush this…i want it out there when i feel good…everything i’ve published before over the last 5 years, i usually shoot quick, with limited about of film, preserving my ‘best’ work for the book i’ve been at work on for a while…a kind of waiting…these published things always like exercises to see what i think the book should take….but this essay (‘loomings’) is different….i want it to blow away the readership…and it will upset some, as there are alot of prose-photographs….so, just waiting…the eye thing had a profound effect as did Melville, it made me change the entire thing…

    as for the eye: i feel good, happy, no pain….have accepted the inevitable (it will be lost) but until that day, living in the moment and working my ass off for my family and my writing/pictures…


  • a civilian-mass audience


    yeap,we have lived in the kibbutz,in the BURN hotel with open windows…we traveled with the
    beaten up caravan,the BURNing bus …when BURNIANS were flying off the roof…
    we slept in the tent…roadtrips oime…and we keep rolling…and when MR.HARVEY plays his harmonica…
    you my photophilosophers and my silent MASS Audience…we dance and sing like the fauns and the bacchantes
    of Dionysos…oime!!!

    P.S BOBBY…I am waiting for “loomings”…and since I don’t believe in the “inevitable”…
    everyday is a new beginning…but you are HOMER…you already know…!!!

  • panos.. new york was fun..
    next time we need courvosiers man-who-can ..
    more mess ..
    we need to bring on “the quickening” and raise the dead..
    journey to the end of the night..

    civilian.. Vær så god! du tar magien, vil jeg bringe øl

  • bobus – messaged you on facebook..
    i think i may have missed much in time away and time spent elsewhere..

  • “one of the most interesting aspects of Sightwalk is how it came about..came from fear of leaving the hotel…Pinkhassov freaked by the enormity of Tokyo….unable to leave his hotel….did not leave his hotel…shot the 25 pictures that are Sightwalk from his hotel…lobby, from his room window etc”

    I find that the camera is often an excuse to experience different places/people that I normally would feel were too far out of my comfort zone. It’s as though you “hide” behind the camera and take on a new persona…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    hmmm…I feel kinda the same when I put on my reading glasses,hold tight my bottle and log in …
    as a civilian-mass…the problem is when I logg off…I am still the same…:))) or so I think…:)))

    DAVIDB….you speak Norvegian…like VIVEK…hmmm…where is VIVEK,LASSAL,MY KATIEEEEEEEEEE…,LEE
    AUDREY…JIMMY…KATHARINA…and…and…CHARLES…enjoy the Hawaian waves…

    LOVE to ALLL…u have to check the leg(WENDY is right)…workshop extented…oime…!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ohh…and before I go…to feed the chickens…
    don’t forget that ou BURN CREW…the people behind of the tent…
    They are All Photographers…emerging icons…

    damnit…we are kicking asses…as MICHAELK would say…!

    I will be back…

  • Oh i’m quite the opposite my character/personality lets me get away with murder. I have no problems getting in close with people. So i have the opposite problem… once i lift the camera to my eye I feel the most defenceless insecure human being on earth. Photography for me has a lot to do with taming doubt.

  • bored!… I probably am today …………

  • All..
    Ask yourself how much time you allot each week to fun… pure, unadulterated, nonproductive fun?
    STOP assidously avoiding fun.
    Fun leads to creativity. It leads to rebellion and makes you feel powerful and alive.

  • The life which is not examined is not worth living.

  • The life which is examined is not worth living.

  • I suspect he was refering to those who just go through the motions of life. But don’t really participate. A bit like the civil liberties topic everyone voices an opinion but few actually take steps to prevent it’s errosion.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    hmmm…yes,this is a strong statement from Socrates…
    we have to examine our past…to stop doing the same mistakes over and over and to find our real purpose
    in life…of course between work ,kids,workshops,chickens,families,weird bosses…we have no time
    for inner examination…
    that’s what Socrates was talking about…the dialogue with ourselves…IMO…

    Ok…time for fun…we can examine later…PARTYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    workshop plus,extented,prolonged…
    spread out…unfolded…
    and the PARTY goes on…
    Circle of Life, Circle of friends…
    as long as we BURN…
    we have it All!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “… Saving the hot sexy totally outrageous ones for later. Make sense? Stay tuned.

    No comment…I can wait:)))

  • DAH,

    Yes, of course I know that. Being somewhat cheeky (with tongue). I will be ordering Sightwalk and looking forward to it hopefully inspiring me. But there does seem a spirit to Magnum that includes getting oneself out the door…:)

    But I know that feeling of not wanting to leave the hotel (and just getting in a cab and going back to the airport and home). Exhausted from the flight, not knowing the language, everyone seemingly having a purpose except for you (except to make some “interesting” photos), etc, etc. Can be overwhelming…..

    Anyway, one of the better pieces of advice a friend has given me (it was given to him by his father) was that when one doesn’t know where to start, just start anywhere, and that is most often just where you are at, in the present moment. So I guess in Mr Pinkhassov’s case it was the hotel room. Great stuff….

  • DAH,

    expectations for your new photos at this time will be very high:))… always been… Cheers

  • Charles Petersen…
    You really have a brilliant website bursting to the seams with amazing images!

    If the demand to be original still troubles you, remember this: each of us is our own country, an interesting place to visit. It is the accurate mapping out of our own creative interests that invites the term ORIGINAL. We are the origin of our art, its homeland. Viewed this way, originality is the process of remaining true to ourselves.

    Be willing to paint or write badly while your ego yelps resistance. Your writing may be the syntactical breakdown necessary for a shift in your style. Your lousy painting may be pointing you in a new direction. Art needs time to incubate, to sprawl a little, to be ungainly and misshapen and finally emerge as itself. The ego hates this fact. The ego wants instant gratification and the addictive hit of an acknowledge win.</b

    “The Artist´s Way.” Julia Cameron.

  • Thank you Paul. It’s in desperate need of updating though…:)

  • “one of the most interesting aspects of Sightwalk is how it came about..came from fear of leaving the hotel…Pinkhassov freaked by the enormity of Tokyo….unable to leave his hotel….did not leave his hotel…shot the 25 pictures that are Sightwalk from his hotel…lobby, from his room window etc”

    all of those were in the hotel? hmmmm….

  • ps, that discussion is filled with gems :), like this nugget:

    “Among photographers I know, living and dead, Pinkhassov’s stuff is the least freighted with a political agenda or social critique (something else he has in common with Ashbery). This stands in contrast of course with the work of many notable others, whether it be, to name three, Steve McCurry’s vapid vision and witless pandering, Sabastiao Salgado’s running stigmata, or Martin Parr’s relentless compulsion to make the obvious obvious. (Though I do appreciate much of the latter’s work, the point wears a bit thin.)”


  • a civilian-mass audience

    Goodmorning my BURNIANS…

    I was checking MR.HARVEY in the face of book area…best photos…he looks amazing in tuxedo…
    and the ladies are BURNING…
    ok,time for coffee…and check my chickens…
    I will be back!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    ok,I need coffee

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Do I see a kid’s essay…???

    ok…I will be back…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    tears in my eyes…and you know me…I don’t cry often BUT there is a BURNING kid in the other aisle…
    A kid from broken Grecolandia…oime…
    I told you the Universe is working…
    keep rolling my BURNIANS,keep shooting…if a Greek kid can do it…you Can All do it…

    MR.HARVEY …speechless…thank you…
    damnit …it’s morning but I have to say VIVAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    two chickens gone…oime…
    I am going out…weasles and foxes…here I come…

    but I’ll be back…

  • i’ve never suffered from equipmentitis, however – scanning the ads in norway i saw this last night – the advert had been up for one hour..

    “leica camera – uses film. think it’s from the 30’s or 40’s.”
    that’s all it said, so i looked up the serial number and lens from the photos, which showed it as an M3 DS –

    it’s a 1957 body with the fast f1.5 bayonet-fit summarit 5cm lens – hotshoe meter, leather case.. actually a complete kit, all clean, clear and working smooth.
    lens has original leitz filter protecting it from new and from the sounds of it has never even been taken off the body.

    absolutely no way of affording it, despite it being only £450 complete..
    i gave them a call anyway.. beate acted as interpreter & they got on like a house on fire.. bea just “gets-on” with people.

    was an elderly gent who inherited it from his late grandfather many years ago..
    it’s hardly been used – seems his grandfather passed soon after buying it new and the seller has never used it – may need a CLA..
    he assured us it has been in his wardrobe, nice and dry, and that everything functions.. lens is as new.

    thought, “bugger.. no money..”

    astonishingly, the guy took a £100 deposit – the rest when i have it..
    … he’s actually sending it today on the strength of the deposit alone ..
    gotta love people.. gotta love beates warm nature.

    the most charming thing about it?
    at the end of the call, when beate told him i’d love to use it, his reply was:

    “you do know it’s not digital?”

  • as an aside – the guy knew full well he was passing on a bargain..
    he just didn’t seem too worried about the money :o)


    never, never seen this before..

    love it..
    reverse graffiti.. i mean.. what they gonna do?
    “oi – vandel.. stop selectively cleaning that filthy wall..”

  • Money alone has no value.. it is what you make of it that gives it value.. :)

  • David Bowen, you have been charmed…embrace the synchronicity!

    The M3 is by far the sexiest of cameras; its near silent shutter and .90 viewfinder will make you swoon. Best of luck.

  • eva – so true.. although i’d love to have some money to be more confident in that notion :o)

    jeff – i used them briefly many years ago .. lovely.. just utterly dulled with digital right now and realized my shooting and editing has changed in a way i am not comfortable with.

    with film, (and a lack of money), shooting choices were far more distinct and focused.. aperture.. shutter.. framing.. much more careful.. better considered..
    with digital i tend to shoot more options, which develops into a nightmare editing.. taking much too long.. much less focused shooting. i still get the results i want, yet rather than shooting a maximum of 4 or 5 frames of a scene, i am shooting sometimes twice that.

    along with the speed of digital processing (which i do not need for my current subject as it’s not for clients) also comes much less thinking time and evolution.. less waiting..

    wholeheartedly looking forward to some rangefinder discipline again :o)

  • I agree, David. It seems I use film 90% of the time for about 70% of my images. Something not talked about with regard to the resurgence of film is the delayed gratification we get waiting for the film to be developed. It was something all of us old enough to remember the film-only days can relate to; rolls would wait for months sometimes to be viewed. Inevitably there would be a few gems that were totally forgotten about and thus doubly treasured. The approach helps focus one’s objectivity toward the images as well; one of the reasons Winogrand wouldn’t develop his work for years at a time.

    If you need a PC adapter for flash work with the M3, B&H Cameras has them in stock.

  • jeff
    was just looking in ebay..
    will be prefocus-off-camera-tastic.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Film, cameras,hiii…”I never suffered from equipmentitis…”…awesome…!

    What not to love…internet on off…oime…snowing in grecolandia…
    I haven’t seen snow outside my window since 1987…

    What not to Love…My BURNIANS…ouzo and wine and gigantes and kalamaria and xtapodia on me
    today we celebrate…!

    in case I loose connection…remember this…You ALL are Unique and talented…
    I love you ALLLLL…let it snow…my spirits,let it snow!

  • Db will repeat what the guy said you know it does not shoot digital right ! Lol

  • :o)
    apparently i have to shove a meter long strip of animal-fat coated, silver crystal infused plastic in one end and ‘bobs yer uncle’, slices of time come out the other end.

    it’ll never catch on.

  • civi.. i want to see photos of a snowman, or woman, amongst the olive trees :o)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    DB…tell BEATE…she rocks:)
    can she negotiate with the local wine dealer:)
    come on now, I am your civilian…no pictures from my side…
    I am waiting DIMAS,TOR CAPA,FELIX…new blood …in the horizon!
    wi-fi …I am in?!

  • DB. ……ok ….
    I thought they stopped making those a while back …,, too many FB updates ;-)

  • David Bowen:

    I always suspected it was Marcellus’s M3 in that case. Enjoy!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ok,back to my aisle…

    we are all in big family afterall…
    again my email is…in case anyone else wants some help…to cross over!

    Rock on…pouf all clear…I think!!!

  • :o)
    tor capa’s been at it for ages.. will sort some ‘new work’ :o)

  • DB, enjoy the Leica! It’s amazing how similar it is to my MP.

    Since I’ve bought the MP the 5d 2 has sat idle. I’m going to sell it and put the money towards another M lens.


  • DB i diggggg the thumb one

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I digg the thumb one…oime…

    i can even translate this one:))))))))))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    snowing …where is my spring…
    did I see carnival…
    I better stop the ouzo and the kalamaria…right now…!!!

    I will be back…with feta cheese!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    he was born as a BURNIAN…camera on the face…
    I can wait…to see him BURNING!!!

    EVA…always with the rocking links!

  • saw a tantalizing taste of CHRIS BICKFORDS next essay .. just briefly then it was gone..
    at a guess having that and “greece in reverse” up at once, once the same day, would have split the attention..

    it’s good .. i like his chosen subject matter :o)
    tomorrow.. tomorrow..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…please you have to be in the book of face area…

    you can’t miss THE pic … MR.HARVEY and the BURNING LADIES in RIO…
    What not to LOVE!!!

  • CIVI.. sorry.. thank you, but no thanks ;))

    I’m sure I’ll get to see the pic sooner or later..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Ok, respect…
    maybe a tech person can copy and paste…
    I am the best on this one…BUT I don’t know about FB links…’

    PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…snow in my window…Grecoland is turning white…

  • Civi.. you better get them chicken the snowboots out ;)) .. cold here, freezing, but pale sun’s going down..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…I brought them in…:)))

  • Speaking of snow; went out to the mailbox yesterday and saw the first snow of the year on the mountain after our first cold weekend. Autumn has grabbed a foothold…

    Can anyone help me with something please? Does anyone know the name of the singer who was supposedly so anti-social that he only had one chair in his house so visitors could never stay? I’ve just had an idea swirling around in the mind about it… Thanks!

    Eva; You remember me mentioning my friends who have the self-sufficient organic farm? I was at their place a few days ago and they asked me if I would like to shoot an essay of their lifestyle/life.

    I had only mentioned it once a few weeks ago; but they must have been thinking about it ever since. The main reason for them is that it will be a record of their family. Also; it’s quite an important time for them, as in another 2-3 years their two kids will have left home and an era will have ended.

  • “Speaking of snow; went out to the mailbox yesterday and saw the first snow of the year on the mountain after our first cold weekend. Autumn has grabbed a foothold…”

    Ross, if you’re looking for sympathy, you are not likely to get it from the North American contingent here. Trust me on that one.

  • Lance Rosenfield just shot a video in my apartment in Rio that we (Chris Bickford, Lance, Tony Skater, and I) are trying to decide if this should be a pay per view offering…we laughed and laughed and figured we could easily charge 99cents just to see what would happen…Lance shot a brilliant 4 minute no cuts docu from a goodbye offering to Tony who had to catch a plane tonight…we could sell this thing, but we won’t of course…up soonest one way or another…classic…oh yes we had had a few caipirinhas during the making of this soon to be classic movie…

    we might just for fun pop in a teaser , just to see IF you would pay 99cents…i mean we are trying to get the net going…just playing…stay tuned

    cheers, david

  • Ross, you’re most welcome to have the snow – As Akaky has alluded to, we have had our fill of the enjoyable mess but, it’s time to share it with our friends to the south.

    David – I’m Intrigued!

  • No sympathy needed! :-) Where I live we get snow about once every 3-4 years (on the mountain ring-plain). Our last “snowstorm” started at 6am, finished at 10am, and was melted by 11.30am! :-)

  • hahaha well I guess you don’t have to worry that a new continental glacier is forming in your front yard then!

  • David Bowen: PC adapter is here…

    Eva: My friend sent me the “Head On” link Saturday, and it was refreshing to see Gilden in a more introspective mood than I’ve seen in past videos. What was really intriguing was his comment that on the street, “I shoot myself”…and then moments later he comes upon his emotional doppleganger. They ask each other questions, give half-answers, interrupt, and essentially don’t listen to one another at all. Remarkable!

    I’ve often thought what we shoot, and why we shoot it, is somehow autobiographical, at least on a subconscious level. Our need for creativity is a way to bridge the impossibility of understanding ourself. When David tells Vissaria that life seen through a viewfinder is more intense than usual, could it not be, like it is said in “Zen Bow, Zen Arrow”, that what we focus on is ourself – that we become the target?

    “I shoot myself” – what a concept!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Goodmorning from white Grecolandia…

    Snow,cold…three baby chickens gone …I couldn’t save them all…
    but at least we have RIO…where is HOT ,HOT,HOT…!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I WOULD PAY 50cents Euro exchange…yeap…BRING IT ON MR.HARVEY, BRING IT ON…!!!

    oime…I have to find the SKOULIDAS family…
    hmmm…I see the proudest Uncle around…

    Coffee best when is HOT,HOT,HOT…!

  • Snow?????
    now that they doubled the gas-petrol prices???
    my oh my, when it rains it pours…oh no sorry, when it rains it snows…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    yeap Greece is going down…BUT our spirit is Up !

  • we had snow for a couple of days over the weekend..
    now – it’s blowing a gail on our little island in the north sea..
    all boats grounded.. the docks are shut..
    no work, no photos..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    DAVIDB…scanning?…are u still scanning???…oime…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I am coming back from the world of the facebook…
    Lovely stuff…you BURNIANS rock…

    I see HERVE…HERVE come over to this aisle…Your photos AMAZING…!!!

    Rock on MY BURNIANS…rock on!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and HERVE…don’t forget to bring and some pics…
    cause some BURNIANS…are not in the FB area…!

    ” what of the nut”…oime…I have to google this one…:)

  • Ross… yes, I remember.. time to become a farmer for a while maybe.. immerse yourself.. great :)
    Oh, did you ever get around to develop something?

    Jeff… if we shoot ‘being’ and not ‘appearing’, then yes, after a while, with a solid body of work, I think it’s ourselves in the pictures..

  • Thodoris… mail from Cyprus has arrived.. THANKS!

  • civi – i will be scanning for at least the next month or two..

    a film strip of six photos every 1-2 minuets, for as many hours a day as i can stand.
    80 000 estimated negatives.. 16 ring-binders full..

    cannot edit my first book without seeing everything.. the only wqy to see everything is to do the work.
    virtually braindead

    i lost all my negatives from aged 8 till 17 – they rotted in an ex girlfriends basement..
    it must be amazing for the author of “greece in reverse” to be getting the feedback they are now getting.. unbelievable..
    GLADDY will send a camera..
    HARVEY will send a print..
    UNCLE PANOS will no doubt for a blurb book and sell prints .. just amazing..

    vissaria MAY NEVER HAVE TO GET A PROPER JOB>>>> how cool would that be?
    i’m sure this inspiration will soak in over the next month, stay for years and help cement her future, if she wants it.

    burns been great of late.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    can’t wait for TOR CAPA…the pic with the camera …AWESOME…
    bring him in Grecolandia…I promise …ouzo will be out of the picture:)))))
    we have more FELIX and DIMAS and DARK KIDS and KATIA’S kids …and…and
    time to focus on YOU …now…You are ALL here NOWWWWWW…
    VIVA DB!!!

    I smell carnaval…and you know me…PARTYYYYYYYYY…!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    DB…don’t we All love those X’ish…:))))))))))))

  • a civilian-mass audience


    we have RIO,Monkeys,Greeks,,Iraq, Cairo…New Orleans…
    I can go on forever…like the BURN CREW…manually…each essay…


    P.S …can I sing now…???

  • David Bowen…
    Just in case have you ever tried VueScan? A very good program for all scanners unless you are using something like a Hasselblad scanner (can’t remember the old name). Program scans much faster and a lot more flexibility than standard programs. My minolta 5400 is so much faster with Vuescan.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oh,yeah and PAUL’S kids…PAUL get the kids camera ready…:)))

    I see talent…everywhere!!!

  • hi paul – yes.. i had a play with the software..
    it’s going okay as it is.. i’m not using ICE or any whistles n bells.. just 100% scans at 600dpi to get photos on screen big enough to edit from… digital contacts.
    12 photos every 2 minuets (2 strips of 6 on a V600) is working great – any faster and i would not have time to line up the next two strips..

    when it gets going, it’s like i am a machine..
    yeahman.. “super scanning man-machine”..
    the workflow is tedious, yet finishing a thick ringbinder of files is satisfying.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Go DB…I will start singing…PAUL is here now:)))
    New Orleans!!!

  • Well I´m sort of here!! Thought I would be at home all day! But I´ve been doing more tests on foot. Anyway I´ve been shooting a little between test here and there… see if kids and lunch let me work on these images a little…

    David Bowen…
    I also use my flatbed for digital contacts…only thing is I lost the negative holder so it is a little slower! Always hated doing contact sheets in the darkroom.

  • Eva…
    multitasking cooking lunch, watching kids, watching Burn, watching Bridge download 250 images, hanging clothes on the washing line and….

    Borrowed from the local library Pep Bonet´s “Somalia Invisible Trace” and “Quadern de Bitacola” this one is written in Catalan!! This in English would probably be “Log Book”… seems like a kind of diary probably be interesting… I will need my wife´s help here!!

  • Paul… looking into my veggie soup pot.. looks too green.. must find white beans and chickpeas.. trying NOT to listen to the news.. have nothing by Pep Bonet… uhmmmmmmmmm…

  • Eva…
    Just ordered Bruce Davidson´s “Outside Inside”!!!!
    I promise to cross my heart and hope to die like a good rock star I won´t buy anymore books this month!
    Eva at a good price and new! SMILING no I´m GRINNING :))))))))))))))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    International Women’s Day and a Fat Tuesday…hmmm…
    looks like …a consipacy …
    hmm…I don’t know…I am just a messenger…!!!

    Therefore, VIVA to ALLLLLLLL!!!

    P.S EVA,PAUL…any leftovers?:)

  • Eva… mail from Italy arrived today… thank YOU!!

  • Civi.. you’re talking to an Italian household here.. no leftovers would mean that there wasn’t enough food.. big no no.. you’re welcome here anytime.. if this stuff is ok with you:–A?feat=directlink

  • And for those of you who can’t get to Mardi Gras, remember that Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up:

  • Thodoris.. cool… it’s called snail mail after all for a reason.. ;)

  • Paul.. watch the calendar when you make those promises.. month has just begun ;)

    Catalan might be easier to understand for me than Spanish, from what I’ve picked up on a quick search online.. hmmmmmmmmmm…

  • The link – I need the link!

    (Lance Rosenfield just shot a video in my apartment in Rio that we (Chris Bickford, Lance, Tony Skater, and I)…)

    Come on DAH – you boys can’t keep all the fun for yourselves, throw a gal a bone while she toils away at the desk :)

  • ERICA…

    it is patient….the main reason it is interesting is because it is one long 4 minute break..spontaneous…

  • Paul.. crutches or not.. I’m on your side.. Once again wishing you the best..
    Good morning from sun shiny Santa Monica..
    The birth place of Vissaria and Michael Jackson’s last nose..
    What’s not to love:)

  • Eva; I was brought up on a farm, and still live in the country on 3-acres I subdivided off my Dad’s dairy farm. Waiting for my first ever heritage apples to ripen; another two weeks unless the possums get their first! :-)

    I haven’t started processing yet; I had to buy a sound recorder and it knocked the funds around a bit!

    Paul; If I remember right you’re a fellow Annie Dillard lover? Picked up a copy of her autobiography in an auction; can’t wait to start it. Yes I know; I wasn’t going to buy any more books, but I couldn’t turn it down for $7! :-)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    hmmm…I see food…lot’s of food …I hope you are taking pics for your essay!!!

    PAUL…check your blog…I love the photo with the hearts and your kid…and…and…:)))

    “… I was brought up on a farm…”
    ROOSY…you are all organic…!

  • paul love the cat one the red car

  • Ross…
    Have you read that book of hers on writing very good and useful for all creative arts.
    BTW did you see the link to an interview with Don McCullin I posted for you on Sunday?
    Just in case…

  • “No sympathy needed! :-) Where I live we get snow about once every 3-4 years (on the mountain ring-plain). Our last “snowstorm” started at 6am, finished at 10am, and was melted by 11.30am! :-)”

    Ross, you realize that we hate you now, don’t you? Our first snowstorm was on December 26th and some of the goddamn stuff is still on my front lawn, where it now shares pride of place with many, many large piles of goose crap.

    DavidB, you lucked out big time there, guy; an M3, one of the gadgetiest gadgets that ever gadgeted, for only $727? Not going to happen anytime in my life time, of that I’m sure.

  • Vivek…
    Well the cat image was for the Burn cat lovers :)

    The hearts are for all the magic DAH and all the Burn crew create everyday round here and of course all the magic the Burn members also bring along!

  • Paul; No I haven’t checked it out yet. I’m not on broadband til the weekend, so have a lot of catching up to do!

    Akaky; We do get some decent snow here in NZ; but not where I live. We’re all hoping the autumn will stay fine for as long as possible to make life easier for the people down in Christchurch still sorting out the earthquake mess. Sounds like they are going to have to bulldoze 10,000 houses because they are unsafe.

  • David Bowen…

    Here is an excerpt from Amateur Photographer by DAH…

    When I mention that I have an M3, his enthusiasm is clear, exclaiming:
    “That´s just about the very best camera Leica ever made!”

    Amateur Photographer 16 June 2007

  • Akaky…
    I want to be on your hate list!!! :)))
    We had half an hours snow this year and I think it lasted 20 minutes!!!!
    I think that will put me at the top your list!

  • Ross…
    The interview is pretty interesting… From the interview I got the impression Don McCullin seems to be a real tortured soul, full of regrets!

  • Panos…

    No chance of a surprise visit to see your lovely niece?
    Hold on… I can just imagine David, Vissaria and you making a book on Greece.
    Kind of like Magnum´s Georgian Spring!

    BTW if the person who has been “borrowing” “Georgian Spring” from my local library is round here will you please take it back. You took it out in June… just after I borrowed it for the full two weeks each member is allowed. Don´t want to seem like an impatient person because I am not. But you have had it for SEVEN months!!!! You and I are the only members of our library who have seen this book that´s how new it was when you confiscated it!!

  • akaky and paul..
    you never know akaky :o) i’m guessing that the inner lens elements will be fogged, because of the glass leitz used on summarits.. anyroad – i checked the parcel tracking and it’s here in the morning..
    will put a roll through straight away and see whats what.

    paulo – yesyes.. indeed.. the store at my old collage still used them ten years ago .. the only leicas they held on to.. no m4’s, m5’s or even m6’s.
    .. from what i gather m7’s have build quality issues.
    anyway – enough equipmentitis..

    if i get back into rangefinders i may have to eat my hat for all i said in the past, sell all my kit and get an m8.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I can’t read the comments…
    I broke my reading glasses…I am not a “snow” person…I follow only the sun…
    too late to change…truth,I don’t wanna change…
    BUT I read the twitty feed…(short like a Haiku)
    “…but finally sleep deprivation takes me down.Fantasize pillows …”

    hope you are all good…tonight or today…
    I will be back …with a new vision!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I hope the ladies are celebrating …
    and I wish I have IRL too…
    But as long as we have…good energy and ouzo…it’s all good !

    pouf all clear!

  • David B…

    No idea if M7 had build quality issues. I only know I owned to M6s one of them was hung round my neck on my shoulder or in a little camera bag hanging on my belt all day long. Never failed once in those 12 years. Miss them to death, shot all day with them, developed negs and never looked at them just all tidily stacked away in folders… up until now. Sold them thinking Digital was the only way to go and I should of known better.
    Enjoy that camera :))

  • David B, I believe that the only problem the M7 ever had was electronic; not build in the general sense. The DX reader (remember DX codes) on early models sometimes failed but Leica would replace them with a newer version. We only hear about equipment faults; not of the many cameras that just work and keep working.

    Gordon, went to an camera fair (Focus on Imaging) in Birmingham (UK) yesterday and saw the Fuji X100. Looks and feels nice, Fiji rep didn’t know if it had focus confirmation in manual focus and in my brief look I couldn’t see it either. Viewfinder is good. I’m not buying one though. Also saw and handled the M9 for the first time: neat, much quieter than M8 (which I had, and sold) 50mm lens gives 50mm view again. Hope Apollo is o.k.

    Enjoy your camera David B!


  • Had a used M6 for 3 1/2 years, did its job until it started to loose screws and pieces, traded it for an used M7, does its job without loosing anything til now (touching wood), fits me better, brighter viewfinder, essential if wearing glasses, quieter, EV +/- settings, A mode if and when needed.. and on/off button.. wouldn’t go back to M6.. gotta say a Bessa does the same job though, just a little louder and lighter..

  • Ross.. today’s kids are ok.. I know I learn a lot from my own and their friends, my own generation seems much more lazy and dull..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    no reading glasses yet…I don’t wanna go out…I remember what hapenned to THOMAS when he was walking
    on the snow…:)

    EVA…my generation looks good…survivors and fighters…BUT I see fighters everywhere,in all generations…and you EVA,VIVA…you are one of them…

    I hope LEEEE…is ok in Hawaii (volcano woke up) and I hope ROSSY is doing ok…aftermath “dancing”
    and I hope MR.HARVEY found fluffy pillows…and I hope DB scanned more scans…and AKAKY is AKAKY and I hope PAUL got his “Georgian Spring”…and PANOS got more Venice pics…and as MIKER says we hope APOLLO is ok…and THODORIS got the mail…and …KATIEEE is ok…and BOBBY…and PATRICIA…and REIMAR and…
    FROSTY…and …all of you,you know your names by now…I better go out…

    I can’t see well but i can sing…hiii
    can I ?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    thank you ! I will sing now…


  • a civilian-mass audience

    and nice photos JASONH(web)and PATRICIOM(web)…
    I see talent in the family…!

    I will be back…

  • lovely, lovely.
    picked up the M3.. meter is working.. viewfinder bright and clear.. lens doesn’t even look fogged..
    and the sellers grandfather had written his name in the like-new case…
    he was a priest !


    put a film through to check shutter and rangefinder.. all seems good though..

    had forgotten quite what a pleasure they are to use.


  • … and it is still “L” sealed from the factory ..
    given how i ware out cameras, unsure how long that will last :o)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BRAVO DAVIDB…you have a blessed camera…
    now,you do the math…

    no,let me do the math:
    blessed camera + BURNIAN= Blessed vision !!!

  • David, I was worried for you about the condition of the viewfinder – big “whew”! Congrats; the glue between the lenses are prone to mould. Apparently keeping the body in a leather bag is the cause. When in long-term storage, it should be kept in anything but. Post pics pronto, please!

    Civi: Thanks for your comment; I’ll keep walking. Right into the Magnum workshop in May, Toronto. DAH’s and Larry Towell’s classes now full and closed. Guess that means David has to come to Toronto. Looking forward to some time with him…by extension Bob Black…and perhaps other Burnians. So, double, triple, quadruple Yay! for me! Walking in the land of giants, shooting random acts of blindness with Gilden. Carnival!!!

  • Oh well, Bruce Davidson´s “Outside Inside” was just a dream! I´m not surprised!
    I received a e-mail last night from the book store saying they had just sold it that morning in the shop and would I mind waiting approximately three weeks until they were sent another. The funny thing is that is the third time this week I´ve had the same excuse from various bookshops in Europe through Amazon.
    So my take on this is the second edition won´t be long now and what some of these bookshops are doing is trying to secure buyers. Pretty shady selling as far as I am concerned and now I will wait until Amazon has copies.

  • Bloody Hell!!
    Just received RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW….
    Gueorgui Pinkhassov´s Sightwalk!!!!!

    Saving it for after dinner… bit of quiet without kids and my wife probably fast asleep beside me on the sofa.
    Thank you David

  • Paul… I ordered Outside Inside from Amazon end of October 2010 (the most expensive book I ever bought—or at least that’s what I thought at the time), only to receive an email from them a full month later, informing me that they were unable to fulfill my order “…due to a lack of availability from our suppliers…” …by the way, when I placed my order the book was still listed as “in stock” on their website…

  • david b ……..kool news


    yes, the closer one can get to the feel of the M3 the better…even my beloved M6 was not an M3…and an M3 used a few times by a priest seems to be the ticket…good work!!

  • Surrounded by street robbers last night. All came out ok, but a few moments of serious negative possibilities.Own fault.Not paying attention

    David, enjoy Rio but be careful! If not then you will have “saudade” of your cameras…



    honestly , the cameras were the least of our worries…we were with two sisters whose safety was of primary importance…there were three of us with cameras casually on our shoulder but they went for one of our friend’s hand bags..she fought it away…..she had fallen slightly behind the rest of us and was dressed chic for a ball…Bickford went into body block for the woman in most danger, as i yelled for all to get to middle of street and off dark sidewalk…the guys all acted like they had guns, but we saw no guns…gestured under shirt etc….i was walking slightly ahead of everyone prior and could not immediately figure out what was going on….then we split into three groups which seemed to confuse the potential robbers..there were we think about 6 of them…it all happened fast and we had no plan and just got lucky i think…i do not think it would have happened had we been all walking closer together and not looking so much like party goers…having a sense of purpose about you and eyes looking all around all the time, keeps many away i think…

    cheers, david

  • thodoris – that just brilliant.. feel good?

    will buy it soon as i have paid off this camera..

    civi – yesyes – god bless the Reverend Olaf :o)

    jeff – i was concerned about viewfinder separation as well.. it’s like new though.. aligned..

    such a tight little camera .. by comparison my other kit feels loose and sloppy in construction. going to have fun with this.. been a good 12 or 13 years since i picked one up.. too, too long.


    indeed :o) hope you’re all good and well rested again now..
    the funny thing is that i’ve never used many of the “whistles and bells” on my modern film and digital kit.. just wasted using an F5 on manual pre-focus, manual exposure (guessed in a nightclub of festival).. could have made this change years ago.

    have shone a torch down the lens and seems okay.. proof of the pudding in the eating.. might have some solid subject matter this coming saturday to properly test.. todays meanderings have been something of a relief.. a deep breath of fresh air.. will be shooting into the night i think.

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Suggestion one:
    “…having a sense of purpose about you and eyes looking all around all the time, keeps many away i think…”

    Suggestion two:
    “…when you say you fantasize of pillows…better find the nearest bed…”

    Suggestion three:
    “…whatever hapens in Rio, stays in Rio…”

    Thank you spirits for helping our BURNIANS in those difficult times…

    Conclusion: BURNIANS are hard to beat!!!

    P.S…fonts are falling,they are going west…looking like italics…I can’t see clear…hmmmm
    I have to go out and buy those damn glasses…afterall

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PAUL…yes, Enjoy the book !
    THODORIS…well deserved…συγχαρητηρια, απιστευτη δουλεια…!
    JEFF…Toronto will BURNNNNNN
    DB…:)))…go out and shoot now…night is coming.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    666…how can you beat that…oime…
    I am out of here…:)

  • Mike R
    My supplier emailed me that the Fuji will be delayed, likely until the beginning of April due to higher than expected demand.
    Apollo is much better. We just let him outside for the first time this morning. He has lost some weight but seems OK otherwise.

  • WOW!!
    be safe….
    1st the ocean and camera….
    now robbers in street….
    glad you’re all ok…
    it makes a great story…..
    right out of a movie…..
    you can’t make this stuff up….
    sending safe thoughts your way….

  • Civi.. fonts leaning east here.. glad everybody is safe.. scary, but Rio is Rio is Rio..

  • David…

    You need my Pit bull Indy with you in Rio. I swear people change side walk when they see us coming along the street. We are the only house in our street the Jehovah’s Witnesses don´t knock on the door on Sundays he doesn´t bark or growl it´s just the look he gives them and they realise Jesus isn´t welcome round here! A 80 pounds of muscle loves everybody especially kids but as all Pit bulls has a sixth sense for bad people.

  • Oh and just before anyone says anything…
    Pitbulls are one of the most stable people friendly breeds out there. It´s not the dog it´s always the owner who is at fault. Indy is the most popular dog in our street all the neighbours stop to give him his daily stroke and pat, consequently we always arrive late back home from our walks.

  • DAH, I am glad you have survived an attack in Rio without a major loss… my two cents – i have noticed when I walk here in Bogota on my own in a confident walk, paying attention (which we photographers do anyway), not flashing any jewelry (just my camera when I am in an episode for images), and MOST IMPORTANT – don’t talk in English or any other foreign language – I am safe and nobody cares about me, I melt in… once I met a nice local lady and we walked on the street talking in English and Russian, loudly of course, some characters started to chase us, and of course, when you are with a lady you cannot pay that much attention what’s going on around you… probably I don’t look like an easy target in general, I selected the main guy among them, looked at him and he got a message that if they try they will have a major fight in their life… they left us right away… nobody wants to kill you, they just want your stuff, and most of the time they are really scared themselves… I cary a screw driver in my bag, it’s better than a knife in case police decide to check your bag… I know the psychology of those street or beach guys because when I was 16 -18 during Soviet times we were doing some similar attacks on people, without robberies though – just for physical fights from a sport interest:)… Anyway, in my case walking on my own and not talking on the street improves my safety here in Bogota a lot… avoid slums neighborhoods and I am safer here than in my home town… After all, if I am on my own, I have the ability to run fast… if you are with a lady – no way, unless you want to tease the guys… David, stay safe and pay attention, yourself you don’t look like a target at all, while other people with you – may… Best wishes from Bogota

  • David B..
    I’m happy for your new M..
    I’m happy when u r happy.. U r a nice kid and u deserve the best ..
    Big hug
    Panos (beef tamale)
    Good morning y’all from the City of Lost Angels:)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    yioupi…thank you BURN CREW…I can see now…!!!

    I need INDY to give his look to the foxes and weasles and I need A.R.Z to give his those
    who are going after my chickens…

    Be safe my BURNIANS…and if you need any help…just call me…I am MASSSS
    or you can always call EVA…she is Italiano…oime…:)))

  • Paul…

    Not to get into a big to-do about this, but 15,000 years of selective breeding has created aggressive and non aggressive dogs and many in between. You may have done a great job of raising your pit. But all dogs can be temperamental at times, for whatever reason… it’s just that if a lab gets annoyed it’s unlikely to rip off the face of the nearest toddler. Know what I mean? People are afraid of/will avoid your dog for a reason. Saying they’re one of the most stable breeds is I think just slightly off. ;^}

  • Speaking of dogs.. Going for a hot dog..
    Not easy to find a decent one in Santa Monica (birthplace of Vissaria) though …
    It’s more of a sushi town..

  • Dog related..
    In Santa Monica everybody has one..
    It’s a must to have a dog here..
    A friend of mine calls LA the “dogtown”..
    I never asked why..

  • michael kircher…

    I understand your views on this breed dog. Yes they are extremely strong animals as far as I know they are the strongest breed of dog around. The great problem this breed suffers from are owners who are do not realize these dogs need a hell of a lot of exercise. Indy goes out five times a day and three of those walks are an hour at least and on average he is out training 4 hours everyday. That is a lot of dedication towards a dog (I´m on crutches) and naturally very few people have as much spare time as I do. These are not dogs you walk round the block for a quick slash. You keep a dog like this all day inside a small apartment and you are in for a big problem, beginning with stress and ending who knows where.
    A dog is a only a dog not a human being and one should never leave any breed of dog alone unsupervised with a kid ever.

  • here is the dearly remembered Rev Olaf Basteson,

    and, (right), with his son –
    who must be the father of jonny who sold me the camera..

    olaf emigrated to the US..
    on a visit back to bergen in 1949 he took this photo, (not with my camera)

    photos from olafs visit back to norway again in 1957….

    he also came in 67.. a ten year itch for the old country?

    he was a keen amateur photographer..

    here is what rev. olaf sounds like.. talking stories from his life.. just for BJARTE i would guess:o)

    trying to find some photos he took with my camera, which is increasing feeling less like “my camera”
    .. hmm

  • comment awaiting moderation.. too many links.. been researching the rev olaf basteson, who liked taking photos.

    nice kid… NICE KID?
    i’m not ya know.

  • erm – attack in rio? whats going on DAH?

  • “Surrounded by street robbers last night. All came out ok, but a few moments of serious negative possibilities.Own fault.Not paying attention 4 hrs ago”

    jeeze, david man..
    time to leave?

  • Paul…

    Understand. Cheers.

  • michael kircher
    BTW met up for a drink the other night with kids from my workshop and I showed them your Velvia pics and everyone loved them. I also showed them
    “Great Blue Herons in a tussle above the rocks at the base of Great Falls.” and we all agreed that image should be published somewhere!

  • Thank you Civi!!

    I’m posting a link here too so everyone can see –
    I went to Madison, Wisconsin (the Capitol city) to see the protests for myself – as there are few demonstrations that happen away from there. I was amazed by the children – so I chose to make an essay about them.

    Some history for those internationally who haven’t been able to hear about the protesting happening here.
    Wisconsin, the first state in the US to pass laws enabling unions to work collectively to better the working conditions – workers compensation for injuries, weekends off, no children laborers, etc…
    There is a bill about to pass the legislature that will abolish union collective bargaining within the state – however this affects the whole country as other states are following suit. We were the first to have the rights and are the first to lose them. Currently we have 14 democratic senators who are holding their own by staying out of the state. They’re standing their ground even though the Governor has imposed $100 / day fines and other legal actions to bring them back.

    Please comment.

  • “Surrounded by street robbers last night. All came out ok, but a few moments of serious negative possibilities.Own fault.Not paying attention 4 hrs ago”

    I can see how this could happen – caught up in shooting and forgetting the surroundings…
    David – you need someone to watch your back for you! an entourage who follows you at a distance so they can catch people like this by surprise… not me, i’m too small.

  • Paul; “I promise to cross my heart and hope to die like a good rock star I won´t buy anymore books this month!”

    As we say here in NZ; “Yeah right!”…. ;-)

    The Tui beer company here in NZ have always used the phrase on billboards; the left side has an improbable statement (usually from a male point of view,and usually slightly riske!) and the right, a simple “yeah right” The one I saw the other day was; “My girlfriend’s Dad lets me call him bro” then “Yeah right…”

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I will be back…!!!

    “Yeah right!”…. ;-)

  • Paul…

    You are way, way too nice! Thanks man!

    And for everyone:
    Isn’t this just wonderful? Freedom and Liberty in the Greatest Democracy in the World!

  • Jason…
    Nice set of images and you seem to know how to go around without attracting much attention. That seems to be a very important factor in this type of photography because last thing you need are people staring at the camera and putting on their best faces!

  • Ross…

    Well now that my Bruce Davidson book is cancelled I suppose I can break that promise :) Anyway off to read “Sightwalk” for the moment.
    BTW what´s the name of that Annie Dillard book you bought the other day?

  • Thodoris Tzalavras…

    I´ve signed up for an email notice with amazon they will tell me when “Outside Inside” is published again. So I´ll let you know also.

  • MichaelK..
    Florida.. no doubt.. The most backward state:(

  • Paul;

    “An American Childhood”; going to start it tonight… Just finished a book by Billy Graham, (the NZ boxer, not the evangelist). He is a boxer and motivational speaker who recently set up a boxing gym for kids in his old neighbourhood. Aiming to give back to where he came from and to try to keep the kids on the straight and narrow.

    I’ve heard him on the radio and TV and he’s great. Dyslexic and brought up in a tough part of town, he is now one of the most sought after motivational speakers. Best of all; he talks good common sense, not the typical motivational sick-making stuff! And; practically everything he makes goes back to the gym.

    I laughed when I saw the book title “Your ship came in the day the doctor smacked your bum!”

  • Its fun though.. Photography will be soon illegal activity..
    Felony.. All of us .. Outlaws for no reason…
    Felony.. Doesn’t matter if u stabbed your mother or shot with a camera..
    Same cell… Same charge..
    Camera is eventually considered a weapon..same as a gun..
    And if the camera is “black” and not silver we should serve extra time..:(
    Sunglasses should be illegal too..
    Effing Florida :(

  • 699…………………………………………………


  • Continue as before; nothing to see here

  • Damn it Akaky…i was falling asleep…and…u scared the crap out of me…stop yelling…;)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Yeah right!”…. ;-)
    Damnit you BURNIANS…:))))))))))))))

    goodnight from beautiful Grecolandia …I love you ALLL

  • @ DAH: Glad you’re OK. Just a big scary time.
    It usually happens in every big city in Latin America, at dawn without or poor street light, far from downtonw.
    In Buenos Aires we have an expression. it says (literaly): “walking with the guts in the throat” (estoy con las bolas en la garganta).
    Is part of the daily life (unfortunately).

    Stay dafe
    PS: By the way, for all the burnians, the tweet remember me this, from Alex Majoli “Requiem in Samba”:

  • Panos…

    Yes, Florida! Despite the large NY retirees contingent, it’s still SUPER south in places! Billboards for Jesus on many a highway.

  • Patricio… thanks for the Majoli essay. Terribly moving. Especially the end.

    Also, I love his commentary about being a photographer during slide #26.

  • I haven’t been around here for a while, I just stopped in to see Laura’s excellent essay on Egypt. I saw this post and I had to respond. Is print dead? Yes probably in the way that we know it. Newspapers and magazines are migrating to the net at a huge rate and it is essentially the best way to distribute and view images and stories that are fleeting. Will big art books of painting and sculpture and photography die? Perhaps … Though if the work is good enough it will last and the best way to view good photography is in print or on a wall, isolated if you like from all of the elements that might distract us from seeing it. Art work is created to make us see a different perspective, to challenge our ways of thinking to draw us into the world of another person’s emotions, eyes and ears… That said it will always be that galleries exist, they are like the national parks of the future for us, a place where you can contemplate the artists true intention in the way that the work is delivered in that medium. Its an authentic experience to spend time in an art gallery, brings us closer to the cultural tendencies of the time. Like being close to nature. So while maybe small custom publishing houses may exist in the future, the days of Life Magazine are long, long gone…

    Angus and Roberts, the oldest book sellers in Australia went into administration about two weeks ago. Borders chose to close their doors in the same week. Sort of says everything about the big chains of booksellers and that mass marketed, high turnover, low profit margins in this area are now a thing of the past. And while ‘vanity publishing’ is on the rise, everyone can do a book now days that they can lay proudly on their coffee tables if they are prepared to pay for it. Its like your classes David, there is an inbuilt market within the people that create it, but unless the work is really good then it has a limited market potential in a wider audience.

    No I believe that galleries will be the last vestige of print. And perhaps the catalogues that are sold to accompany the big shows. The single photo in a frame will always sell because then it is a limited edition and therefore seen as unique and more valuable. And you can always go to a gallery as an outing, if you go to the opening then you can also mingle with like minded people… Its a great social institution and you can celebrate the image at the same time.

    And for me it is definitely easier to carry an internet equipped computer and look at photos that way than carry all of my books around. And while I love my books? I think I would rather go to a gallery and chat about the work than be stuck always trying to organise transport for my thirty boxes of books every time I have to move house.

  • I am ever grateful that I will never have to live in a world of no books. To walk into a home with no books. No magazines or papers about. Such a cold, sterile, dull environment… just the thought of it depresses me! And it, of course, saddens me that my niece–who just turned 5–just might live in that kind of world. Or some version of it. Hope like hell not, but maybe.

    I’m hopeful that the demise of the big stores like Borders will give rise, ironically, to more “mom & pops”. specialty places. Might cost more, but what the fuck. This “convenience” mind-set bores me. How is it that we are so willing to rid ourselves of the things that make life worth living for the sake of “convenience”? Ugh. Count me out.

    Again, it’s nothing I have to worry about personally. I’ll always have books and magazines. I’ve collected plenty, I’ll continue to acquire, borrow, steal, whatever. But… if the predictions of some are even close to accurate… the future looks desperately sad.

    Here’s to them being wrong!


  • Lisa,
    I’m mixed on books. I need them. I need the book because In a book, the artist knows the viewer will almost always see them the way they were intended. the work can be bigger, and more related amongst the other works. Where online, the problem is that joe over hear has a cheap monitor, betty two cubicles down has her 10 inch net book, the captain on the bridge has his big view screen and the photos will never be seen how the artist intends them to be. It’s easier and more comfortable to sit in a big cushy chair and flip through a book with some coffee… were hunching over a desk and poking a computer is the most opposite. The ease of seeing is there, but SO much more are in those books. the old books. the books Libraries have.

    I think the main problem is that people in today’s society place too much value on owning things. people say things like “The library is old and the books are dirty and smelly…”

    ” I think I would rather go to a gallery and chat about the work than be stuck always trying to organise transport for my thirty boxes of books every time I have to move house”

    I agree hauling so many things when you have to move, especially big books, is terrible. but, thats why it makes sense to have a library nearby. Or find a way to never move…

    I’m currently going through the publishing process and I can tell you the feeling, the mystery, the magic is something more profound than clicking some buttons and uploading to blurb or to a website.

    I think the fact that businesses are closing and moving to easier routes shows that there is a change happening in consumerism. that society is placing less value on needing to own everything to enjoy it. Or they simply cannot afford to do so anymore.

  • Cheers Michael!!!!!!!!! I’m with you on that one!

  • … that my niece–who just turned 5–…
    happy birthday little one :)

  • Thanks dude! Will relay that to her tomorrow!

  • “thats why it makes sense to have a library nearby” Our library doesn’t even stock a Kerouac of Faulkner! :-(

  • “Keroac or Faulkner”

  • @ Mickael Kircher: Yep, terrific essay and every single pictures is a powerful one. Agree with the comment of Alex, and also there is particuraly one when he discuss with a brazil photographer:

    Photog X: Let’s take a walk!
    Alex M.: But it’s raining
    Photog X : Alex, it’s just water… why you, europeans are SO complicated?

    Cheers, Patricio

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oime…to my Libyan friends…be strong…we are sending good energy…

    “Gaddafi forces beat up BBC team
    The security forces of Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi detain and beat up a BBC team trying to reach the strife-torn western city of Zawiya…”
    BBC breaking news…

    be careful my friends…wherever you are…
    may the spirits …be with you…all of you…

    P.S…EVA,PAUL…any leftovers?:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “The whole world is watching…”
    today I want to sing for DALAI LAMA…hmmm…
    scartching my head … brain cells…leftovers…:)

  • pAtrIcIO m.

    Thanks for the Alex Majoli link. Amazing! That guy delves so deep into his work and the audio just adds that extra dimension and perspective to the whole essay.

  • Yes! Picked it up in Milan at Pellegrin’s exhibit..

  • I’ve order Alex Majoli’s “Libera me”.
    BTW fell asleep last night didn’t even get a chance to open “Sightwalk”, try again tonight!!

  • Civi.. sorry, if you find leftover braicells send them my way, please.. waiting for non fly zone kick-in..

  • Just dropping in with a quick note to say that Format photo festival in Derby has been awesome! Will be back home and thus able to check in here more regularly pretty soon. :-)
    The Magnum exhibs in the Marketplace were stunning – Constantine Manos’ work in particular stood out. Some great talks and workshops by Bruce Gilden, Richard Kalvar, Brian Griffin, and Chris Steele-Perkins, and some frankly awesome exhibitions of street and documentary photography. If you’re in Britain, this is one photo festival that you simply have to see.

    And, meeting Civi was just plain ace. ;-P

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Carnavals …partyyyyyyyyy…colors are flying …

    I am between black and white…
    I am color blind…
    I see grey…I am a civilian…flat out
    when it comes to partyyy…I am all color

    P.S EVA…leftover braicells…are crossing waters:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    FRAMERS…love you…
    birthday hugs coming soon …your way…

    time to give dinner to rabbits…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    No worries…PAUL…i am bringing you in the right aisle…

    March 10, 2011 at 11:46 am
    Sitting in local park watching kids, struggling to read Pep Bonet’s ”Log Book”…all in Catalan should of brought with me my Spanish/catalan dictionary…but it’s worth the struggle lots of little insights and truths many make a point of missing out on.”

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Welcome back LISA!

    MICHAELK…Happy birthday to your little one…
    one of my rabbits have birthday too:)!


    We love them all…!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    JEFF…no worries…have a break with olives and ouzo…
    ON ME !!!

    to all my BURNIANS…we celebrate today…!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and where is IMANTS…I hope he is ok…I hear waters,lots of waters in Australia…

    ROSSY…can u check hm out?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I didn’t know him…hmmm…and my other Greek boy …ECONOMOPOULOS NIKOS…?is in Nicosia!!
    THODORI…happy name day (Saturday)!

  • Reuters confirming reports from AP that Saudi police cracking down on protesters in eastern Saudi Arabia. Live fire and stun grenades. Major ugliness lies ahead.

  • Alex, it’s just water… why you, europeans are SO complicated?
    that was his thoughts until he met “the americans”..

  • Great wit in reporting: “Reports of Saudi security forces opening fire on protesters have had a less than buoyant effect on stock prices in the last hour.”

  • Three shot by Saudi security forces in al Qatif protest.

  • beats heaps of sequential stuff



    The Battle for Zawiyah Libya

  • there is only one solution , only one thing you can DO:
    DRIVE away , to Malibu;)

  • there is no “complicated” rain in Malibu!
    and LOVE (Courtney) lies…u know its true…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    A Photophilosopher …BOBBYB. once wrote…

    “(you would be hard pressed to find a more hardworking photographer who cares about helping others and helping young photographers).
    …but, I don’t think photographers here (or elsewhere) are immitating the David Alan Harvey look. I think those who meet david, work with david, learn from him, just get juiced by his enthusiasm and work ethic. They want to be like him ;)))….and shit, who doesn’t:…”

    I do…I do want to be like MR.HARVEY…in a civilian way ,of course…!!!

    MICHAELK,PANOS…i hear you…
    “There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”
    Howard Zinn

  • a civilian-mass audience

    IMANTS is ok…cool

  • a civilian-mass audience

    IMANTS is ok…cool

  • a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTYFROG…come on…bring it on…
    I am not young and I have not time either BUT look where I am…
    BURNING my damn ash off…hiiii
    don’t we all love my swears…:)))

  • I was wondering if anyone may be able to give me a little advice? I have just bought a Zoom H1 sound recorder; mostly to use for recording ambient background sounds and the occasional interview to run with image slideshows.

    I’ve been trawling around trying to find some good info on formats etc; but as usual there is a lot of conflicting advice out there… I plan to use WAV format; figuring that I can always convert to MP3 if needed, but to have a higher quality original to work with. A bit like RAW/jpeg I suppose.

    I’ve (sort of!) settled on 24 bit and 44.1 or 48 kHz. Does that all sound about right? Also; would that be adequate for archival type interviews? Sorry to go all el-techo on everyone! Thanks :-)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    VIVA BURNBLOGFAN…you sound familiar…like an old BURNIAN …hmmm…
    well,come over to share some ouzo…today we celebrate…!!!

    Sorry ROSSY…back to your tech question…

  • CIVI – Manos is beyondd awesome! I have a visual crush on him ever since seeing that exhib. Love it! ;-P

  • Ross,

    I believe CD-quality is 44.1kHz sampling at 16 bit. I know some people can the difference between CD and analog recording, but not me. What I can’t stand is a lot of compression… gotta let the music “breathe”.

  • Ross,

    Sorry I just saw your post. Yes, I always record my audio stuff as .wav files as they are uncompressed. This is like shooting RAW – more options later! I would also record at the highest sample rate you can. I record music using an M-Audio interface at 192kHz and 32-bit float. But my big interface and G5 Mac aren’t easy to carry around! I’d go with the highest quality setting you can. I also recommend Audacity as a free audio manipulation programme. Reaper also do a demo version that is very good. I use Nuendo 4, and sometimes Logic Pro 9, but this is also because my work is often in collaboration with others, so we use these programmes to ensure everyone can read the files of a work in progress.

    Also, if you plan to record interviews, check if the Zoom has an input for an extra mic. It should do. I would look at a cheap smaller diaphragm condenser microphone, something like the Rode NT4 or 5. I can’t remember which it is. I think it’s the NT5. I’ll check for you in a minute. If you can pick up a pair of balanced Rode mics, even better (tho you won’t use both straight away, you can only buy balanced mics as a pair, you can’t buy one then add another later – as they’re often sold as a deal, I’d go with the two, just in case). This is because handheld recorders often pick up lots of ambient noise, by design. A small D condenser will focus on the audio right in front of it a lot more, so if you point it at the speaker’s mouth, and there is chatter going on behind you, you should get the speaker cleanly with less of the background noise. Also, be careful to avoid handling the mic or Zoom recorder while it is recording. Ideally, you would want it on a table with thick carpet underneath, and a heavy tablecloth on top. To improvise, putting a thick jumper down to lay the zoom on top of can work very well so long as you don’t then move/knock the jumper! Basically, these fabrics helps to absorb vibrations caused by people knocking the table, or walking the floor, or the echo of someone’s voice bouncing off the table. Foam, thick carpets, jumpers, etc., can all helps with this. So you get a much cleaner sound overall.

    If you plan to distribute the interviews online, may I suggest looking at they are very good. You can upload .wav files, and they display as a graph and you can add info about e.g. who spoke and where. But you can also tag the visual graph of the talk with notes and comments. So, if you had say 30 minute interview with DAH, you could tag each of the interview questions, so people can find specific comments he made easily at a later date if, say, they wanted to share a particular quote or question response. They’re very good.

    Hope this all helps. CIVI has my email if you have any other questions, or post here. If I can help, I am happy to do so. :-D

  • Sorry, I meant “small diaphragm condenser microphone” not “smaller diaphragm condenser microphone”. And I just checked my mic cabinet – I have a balanced pair of Rode NT5 mics They cost me £199, so not much. They’re not top studio quality by a long stretch, but they do the job.

  • Justin/Framer’s; Thank you so much, that was just what i wanted to hear! Cutting and pasting to a Word document as we speak! :-) Thanks!!!

  • ROSS,

    Sorry, I can’t stop, you’ve unleashed my audio deamons, hahaha! Also, re extra mics – stay away from Large Diaphragm Condenser microphones as they often need phantom power to work. This is electricity used to power them. But I don’t think the Zoom has phantom power as an option, so they wouldn’t work with your set up. You can get a preamp for this, but then that’s extra stuff for you to carry. In addition to the Rode mics, I’d look at what Shure have on offer, or maybe consider a Shure SM58 which is a solidly built mic and will last through being dropped or bashed and keep going for years. They are about £60-70. But I still think the Rode would be better for you – smaller, lighter and would sound better, imo, for spoken word. The SM58 is really for sung vocals and can sound a lot more boomy.

    As I say, I am happy to answer any questions as best as I can on all this. I do have some experience in audio production. I have a small audio set up at home, so I’m also happy to check your audio no that system if you want – I mix in there a lot, so I know how the room sounds. This is VERY important. Always mix or work on your audio (after capture, tweaking it to sound better) in the same room. How the room is set up and sounds does make a difference but, in any room, after a while you learn the effects of the room. So you can compensate for e.g. there being no bass in there, or it being a bit echoey. After you’ve mixed it, burn it to CD and then play it in a variety of places – your laptop with no speakers plugged in, your laptop with speakers plugged in, your car, etc, etc. I actually find that cars often give a very neutral rendering of audio, provided it hasn’t been custom fitted with big subwoofers. An audio that sounds good on one system might sound terrible on a different one. A bit like an image looking different on 10 differently calibrated (or uncalibrated, to be precise) computer screens. For spoken word, I suppose it is less vital, but I would at least check it on your laptop without speakers, your laptop with headphones on, and your car, before distributing it publicly.

  • I’ve always been fascinated with sound recording (mostly the ambient background sounds), especially when I was shooting nature. Even now I often just sit back, close my eyes and listen… But back then it was tape machines the size of a small TV and many thousands of dollars to get any sort of decent quality.

  • Framers,

    Wow! Lots of good info – thank you. Just one more reason I love this place :-)


    Here’s a Tele jam for you: Jim Campilongo live:

  • JUSTIN and ROSS,

    You’re welcome. Glad to be of help. :-D

  • Oh, just to clarify a few points (reading back, I realise I may have been ambiguous…)

    The Rode equipment is often sold “on offer” as a reduction, which is why I said go with a balanced pair if you can.

    Soundcloud – it gives you options to embed the audio file and the visual graph of it on e.g. a blog post or webstie, which is why I suggested it. Upload there, then embed it in your site/blog, or send the link as a URL to people.

    Referencing in cars – my experience is with hatchbacks and estate cars, with the windows rolled up and just the standard audio equipment. No massive subwoofers, and I don’t have the windows rolled down when referencing there. Too much ambient noise gets in.

    And small D condensers are very direction-focussed. So, when you get one, experiment with it. Do some test recordings. You’ll want to place it pointing at the speaker’s mouth. They needn’t be too close, but if they move off-axis (i.e. to one side of it) the volume will drop noticeably. This is why they’re great at reducing ambient noise. But they’re not so great if e.g. your speaker is standing and likes to pace around a lot. You have to coax your speaker to stay in front of the mic!

    ROSS – I love listening to Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue album with all the lights in the house off, when it’s pitch black at night I draw the curtain, switch the lights off, put that album on and close my eyes. It is heaven. :-) This is one reason why I’m not so keen on photo slideshows with music – often, the music if it’s bad will really ruin the visuals for me. I had a chat with someone about this recently and may hopefully be working with them on some things. But they went with presenting a slideshow without music for a talk they gave, and I was very grateful for that. I may well be a little bit OCD. ;-P

  • Wow; thanks again! I may have to look at the Shure, the Rode’s are NZ$599 per pair here! A bit (fair bit!) out of my budget at the moment.

    Re; music… Ry Cooder’s Paris Texas soundtrack is the one for me to listen to late at night. I love the sound of the slide running across the strings, and the fret noises as his fingers change chords.

    A while ago I wrote a story for a travel mag about Jerusalem (in NZ not Israel) and James K Baxter (NZ’s greatest poet who once lived there, and a literary hero of mine). I sat by his grave out the front of the house in a pilgrimage I’d wanted to make for many years.

    Sitting on my haunches in front of the grave I paid my respects to the man the residents of Jerusalem simply knew as “Hemi” (Maori for James). I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds filtering up from the valley to the hill where Baxter lay.

    They were natural sounds; the sound of wind rustling branches and leaves intermingled with the calls of peacocks, pheasants, tui, paradise ducks, kingfishers, ducks and wild goats. Kereru (large native pigeon) swooped low from the trees, the whomp, whomp of their drumming wing beats contrasted the rushed whirred flight of the tui.

    Accompanying those wild sounds was the constant comforting domestic clucking of chickens and roosters stridently proclaiming “I’m here, this is my territory and don’t mess with me” Funny; I just sat there for about 1 ½ hours…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    FRAMERS… another BURNIAN with beauty and brains…damnit FI…I knew but I didn’t know …
    you ROCK …next time drinks on me…

    Don’t we all LOVE BURN…!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    massive quake…I am sending spirits…BUT it seems you are gonna need more than that…
    RED CROSS is calling…
    help is on your way…
    stay strong JAPAN…

    I will be back…warning for TSUNAMI…6meters

  • Ross
    I have been planning to get a sound recorder and have also settled on the Zoom H1. I’ll use it mainly for music, but may also use it if I ever decide to figure out how to do video with my 5d11. I noted that there is an accesory mount for a camera hot shoe. I’m not sure how to sych the recorder to the camera though.

  • The revolution will not be televised….And if it is, maybe it’s not quite one :-(((, follows an article about the treatment of womens aspiration in Egypt:

  • Ross…
    The best thing I can suggest is to experiment and listen to the recording through a very good set of speakers and choose which is best for you.

  • Friday!!
    Might as well begin climbing that stairway to heaven which each weekend should be…
    For the guitar guys round here…

  • Ross…

    Just read Framers Intent´s post and she knows what she is talking about. Listen to her :)

  • Talking of Telecasters…

  • Watching the tsunami;earthquake footage from Japan… Horrendous :-( My heart goes out to everyone effected.

  • Spanish guitar god…

  • Ross.. same here.. one big wave just going forwards at an impressive speed overriding just everything…

  • Documentary Photography Audience Engagement Grant

    Deadlines: letter of intent (optional) March 11, 2011 / final application May 13, 2011

  • About the mics, Framers Intent clearly knows a lot more about audio than I, but for what it’s worth, I’ve found I prefer using lavs as much as possible. I have a Rode ntg-2 which came highly recommended from B&H and is comparable in quality to a Sennheiser I use at work that cost nearly twice as much. Still, I find myself using the lav whenever I can. In addition to its obvious virtues regarding room noise, I’ve found it works pretty well just out in the middle of the room or clipped discreetly to the outside of my camera bag for capturing ambient sound.

    Hey Paul, another landscape if you’re interested. You mentioned chiaroscuro…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ok LEE is up,high…she says she will survive the tsunami…
    Can someone alert the Venice Beach tamale…?…hmmm…

    here,RC…we are looking for Greeks…hmmm…out of jet fuel to bring them home…
    oime…we didn’t pay the bill:(

    The Universe is dancing…next time…I have to think before I make a wish…

    I’ll be back…hope u are all up in the mountains…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Viva MW !!!

  • MW…
    Nice! Now that is the perfect example where loads of saturation like the carnival essay would diminish the beauty of this photo. Some may find it underexposed…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and before I go…if you believe that you ‘ll get away in BURNLAND as an UFO…you are in for a big
    surprise…(personal experience:))…BURN CREW is always on high alert:)
    Viva again!!!


    we are about to get HIT…tsunami in next 15 minutes..hello ALL fro LA..:)

  • 8.8 earthquake in japan…Hawaii already got hit..Lee???????????

  • Panos.. was about time you woke up.. go and fetch a ladder!!

  • UncleP. κανε μας σκυπε .Φιλακια σε αγαπω.

  • all beaches closed..Warnings to start driving inland, towards downtown LA…i need coffee:(

  • Ross, Mics, recorders etc are a lot like tripods you can waste a lot of money trying to save money, much better off getting something worth having in the first place.

  • [8:09:01 AM] panos skoulidas: ryan just texted tsunami hitting venice as we speak

  • +1 on what Framers wrote about audio….especially the part about taking your mix into a few different enviornments/systems to listen to once you have a working mix, to make sure your mixing environment hasn’t influenced it unduly.

    I used to do audio work – both reinforcement/stage monitor mixing for events and also in the studio…kind of funny to hear the SHure SM58 mentioned…I could (can?) mike an entire band with SM57s and 58s….and they take a beating. Might be a bit on the heavy (and boomy, as noted) side for PJ work, though.

    Wow, all the audio talk brings back some fun memories – working stage sound for bands like the Police, 10,000 Maniacs, and the English Beat, and hanging out/mixing/jamming in the studio with local and regional bands….have I ever mentioned I think one reason photography is so appealing to me is because I’m a frustrated musician? I’d love to be able to play an instruent, but play badly….sound work got me close (after all, the engineer/mixer/producer has a huge influence on the overall end product), but with photography there is at least an outside chance I can actually create something beautiful of my own, not just manipulate someone else’s work….

    Good light all, and special thoughts going out to all those affected by the tragedy and challenges being caused by mother earth today, and all those involved in civil unrest…


  • Paul, the riverview photo is developed the same way as the carnival photos, the main difference is in the light and subject matter. People who paint themselves bright colors and stand out in early morning light tend to come off as saturated if exposed properly. Pointing camera nearly into the sun toward a river on a bleh day, not so much.

  • MW…
    I’ll take your word for it…i have no reason to distrust but i could of sworn i was seeing a stronger contrast or stronger saturation between images.

  • MW…
    Did you notice the link i posted earlier?

  • ALL, check my Facebook for live coverage: California tsunami

  • Just read how Eugene Smith died at the age of 59 with 19$ in his bank account!

  • Harry; Yes, that does make sense! It may just have to wait a while.

    Andrew B; Working stage sounds for 10,000 Maniacs and by default; Natalie Merchant? Insanely jealous… :-)

  • Harry; Thank you for the link :-)

  • Harry – yeah, that’s spot on. But I don’t think the £3k mics are really necessary for what Ross wants to do.

    Andrew – I’ve seen some pretty bashed up SM58’s and 57’s in my time, too! That was the main reason for my suggesting them as a possible option – I had visions of one being dropped down a flight of stairs as Ross grabs for his camera to catch a quick moment shot. Priorities and all that, haha. I used to do lighting on tour with bands, always good times. Makes me wonder why I don’t use speedlights for my photography, although I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually!

    Best thoughts to all those facing difficulties right now from mother nature.

  • Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear warning.. seems there will be a ‘controlloed steam release’ at the Fukushima nuclear plant.. where will the vapor go, what does ‘controlled’ mean?

  • i hope that the nuclear “steam” wont reach the west coast…we had enough for one hell of a morning over here…:(..
    nothing worst than massive panic:(

  • Hey Ross…

    Yes, Natalie Merchant included…this was right when they released In My Tribe, and they were still reletively unknown and playing college towns. Still have images of her sitting at the piano, singing Verdi Cries, sitting on the edge of the stage, dangling her legs while she sang Painted Desert, and twirling around the full width of the stage for Hey Jack Karouac…

    Not sure if this will ease the jealous part…but they opened for REM that show. I didn’t work sound for REM, but did make good use of the all-access creds :)

    To go a bit more obscure, if we ever get to have a beer together I’ll tell you the story about sound check for Rickie Lee Jones….

    Wow, good times. Wish I had been into photography as much then as now – I was a little, but never carried my camera. D’Uh!

  • Oh, and Natalie is singing into an SM58 in this one:

    “hey Jack, now for the tricky part…
    when you were the brightest star,
    who were the shadows?”

  • It seems I still can’t listen to this song without getting chills:

    And another version of Hey Jack Karouac:

    These two (In New Haven) were the same tour as when I saw her…she’s a little less animated than she was for our show – during the break at about 2m30s, she skipped from one side of the stage to the other, then twirled her was back to the mic….

  • A bit of Hollywood for you,Panos


    ha..thank you..speaking of Hollywood!
    “Battle of Los Angeles” premiers today, but everyone was busy evacuating the beach..i wonder if anyone has the guts to get locked in a theater watching another “mess”… too much for one day:)…
    yes Hollywood wont break me, but the tsunami could!!!?


    San Andreas Fault;)?
    go west…paradise is there(here?)

  • Thomas
    The x100 pics on the BJP link are pretty bad. The DPreview gallery gives you a much better look, and lets you view them at 100% if you want.


    I’m not sure if it is just a problem where I am, but Burn is loading extremely slowly.

  • Gordon,
    Servers keep crashing this morning..
    Haik is working hard behind the scenes all morning..
    Servers tsunami?
    Either way the problem is being addressed:)

  • Paul, I think maybe you get a bit too caught up in the issues surrounding digital production when 99 or so percent of what matters in the look of a picture is light. If you have this kind of light you’ll get that kind of look. If you have that kind of light you’ll get this kind of look. The mechanical processes may marginally enhance the light or royally fuck it up, but they are tertiary considerations at best. I’m not as opposed to influences as you probably think, it’s just that I prefer the influences of painters. They put a lot of effort into seeing the light. As I’ve mentioned, I learn a lot from Hudson Valley school painters like Thomas Cole and George Innes. I suspect they learned a lot from Goya’s black period, a place I often go myself. Yes, I saw your link. I like the idea of what you’re doing with the waves. I’ve often considered exploring that kind of thing myself, but am ultimately too lazy to use a tripod. But you are not I. Go for it.


    severe BRAINWASH , Church “taking already advantage” of latest japan deaths…
    Shame! shame!

  • Andrew; Rickie Lee Jones too? Geez! ;-)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor…and so many others around the Universe…oime.
    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.”
    Albert Einstein
    What we… humans are we thinking…?
    “Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it”
    Helen Keller

    yes,together we shall Overcome…

    Goodnight BURNIANS,goodnight Universe…may the spirits be where they suppose to be…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oh,before I go…BURNIANS…
    very often I am in the facebook area and I am receiving numerous links and messages from photographers like you…
    some want to meet me,some want my opinion,some just want to come over in BURNLAND…
    i try to explain …I am just a Civilian…I don’t take pictures,I have no tech or photo education,I usually copy and paste,like MRS.ARRIANA H.(but no savings account:)))).
    I have never met any of of the photo masters,icons or emerging …I just LOVE art and I love to see people with vision…
    Well, to make the short story long, one of my new FB friends is EMILYG…she is one of you…
    I think she lives somewhere in South US…and she is ready to get BURNED…

    EMILY and all of you…(u know your names) u may come in…we live under a “BURNING” tent…so don’t look for a door…
    ouzo and olives on me!!!

  • hey amigos…

    urgent message from our tech team (Haik, Anton) to pull some stuff off the front page…Burn crashing almost every day now and part of it due to heavy traffic, part of it due to a heavy front page…too many stories up at once…sorry to all who had to come off too early..will try to balance it out later..we just put too much up too fast…

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    don’t forget to say

    I LOVE YOU…every day to your family,friends,strangers…open your hearts…
    I better do what I I LOVE YOU ALL…

    …I will sing later…zzzzz….my friends

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    oups…sorry MR.HARVEY…I told you …I AM MAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS…

    ok.poufff all clear…I am withdrawling:)

  • “the world is not a toyota camry…its more of a gmc camaro…unstable and oil thirsty..
    japanese car industry managed to create an illusion..a fake illusion of security…at least american car industry is a bit more honest..and thats why its falling/fell apart..”

  • Ross….

    RLJ “Pirates” tour…. drinks at the bar across the street between sound check and the show….

  • Panos…

    The “Car Guys” on NPR once said everybody should go out and buy an old 1959 cadillac convertible with the big fins on the back, the ones that get like 5 MPG… and drive them as fast as possible all the time. This way we burn up more quickly all the oil that’s left and then and ONLY then will we have the will to come up with a smart, less volatile (in so many ways!) alternative. So, do your part! Floor it! Burn up some oil!!


  • Gordon,
    now which pictures show the truth of the x100?
    the good pre-production or the bad from a production model? ;)
    are the photographers of bjp so much worse than the preview guys or was the pre-production model gigot optimized to tease customers?

    now I’m really curious to see “real” pictures.

    I have solved it for me last week anyways – I bought a used GF1/20mm on eBay and I’m a happy camper :)
    my next travel will be really light.

  • …One person remains missing and two others were rescued from the surf in Northern California after a tsunami caused by a deadly earthquake in Japan continued to reverberate across the Pacific Ocean.

    Three people taking pictures of the surf near the mouth of the Klamath River, about 20 miles south of Crescent City, Calif., were surprised by large waves and swept into the water, said Cindy Henderson, emergency services officer for Del Norte County.

    Two of the people struggled out of the surf and a male in his 20s is still missing, and is now the focus of a search and rescue operation, said a Coast Guard spokesman…

  • In Santa Cruz, a series of wave surges wreaked havoc at the city’s harbor, where a dock was destroyed and more than 30 boats broke free from the docks, several of them sinking and a number sustaining
    serious damage. Overall, the surges caused an estimated $14 million in damage…

  • Santa Cruz is halfway from LA to SAN FRANCISCO….

  • MichaelK..i hear u..
    im doing my best as u very well know;)

  • [7:45 p.m. ET, 9:45 a.m. Tokyo] Potentially dangerous problems cooling radioactive material appear to have cropped up at another of the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s nuclear plants. Kyodo reported Saturday the power company alerted authorities that the cooling system at three of the four units of its Fukushima Daini plant – which is different from the Fukushima Daiichi reactors, nearby in northeastern Japan in the Fukushima prefecture – has failed.

    The news agency also reported Saturday that Japan’s nuclear safety agency ordered the power company to release a valve in the Fukushima Daiichi plant’s “No. 1” reactor, in order to release growing pressure. This comes amid Kyodo’s reports, citing the same Japanese agency, that radiation levels were 1,000 times above normal in the the control room of that facility’s “No. 1” reactor.

  • [6:50 p.m. ET, 8:50 a.m. Tokyo] California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in Del Norte, Humboldt, San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties Friday after tsunami waves moved ashore in those areas.

  • Humboldt
    best weed in the world btw….is born daily in Humboldt California…

  • Humboldt… isn’t that the land of Sasquatch :-) Panos, glad you are safe.

  • PANOS…

    Have a nephew in Humboldt. Therefore, I must agree!

  • Thomas
    I’m surprised BJP even posted those miserable snaps. I can show you better files from my 2004 4mp point and shoot. Making any judgment from web images is pretty dodgy at best. At least you can see the DP review images full size. From what I have seen , I cannot imagine that the image quality from the x100 will be anything less than stellar.
    Image quality really is not an issue in any case. Even if the image quality is only average, the cheapest of the entry level dslrs/micro4/3 cameras produce image quality that eclipse 35mm film by a huge factor. Even my 6mp Fuji f30 point produces photographs that shame any 35mm camera I’ve ever owned (and I’ve owned a bunch). It is the new viewfinder that is the revolution.

  • Justin :)
    i was more afraid of the “panic mode” and the driving craziness of my fellow californians…than the tsunami itself…
    Californians are pretty stressed when it rains and when there are “warnings” (tsunami, fire, etc)..
    In general true Californians are always stressed..they(we) hate waiting, they dont like lines(especially in starbucks).. they (we) are very spoiled and very complicated..
    …Californians have a history of road rage and they(we) always think we were here first… so after almost two decades living here i know very well where the actual danger is..
    And its mostly on the streets and freeways…
    You dont want a stressed out californian on the freeway in front of u, behind u or anywhere near..:)))
    So today i tried to avoid driving as much as possible…
    There’s nothing worst than mass hysteria and panic….
    thank you:)

  • [5:15 p.m. ET, 7:15 a.m. Tokyo] A 25-year-old man who was washed out to sea while trying to photograph the tsunami in northern California was confirmed dead Friday, according to Del Norte, California, authorities.

    (unfortunately, not “missing” anymore, confirmed dead)

  • “Even if the image quality is only average”……..that sorta defeats the whole purpose of pumping all that R and D into a camera…
    This is a camera that I always knew something extra about a long time ago and as a camera ergonomically it will/is great for the traditionalists.
    IQ is great but there is a but……… This camera will produce images with a distinctive look pretty much as the ricoh GRDs do though not as in heavy tonal weights.

    One will get the best out with a bit of PP work but don’t get caught up in that “fuji” look

  • btw..if u wanna see my tsunami video uploads in FB (6 or 7 iphone videos) i shot today in Malibu waiting for the tsunami to arrive…but never did..only a baby tsunami showed up…click here:

    or go to my profile blah blah blah…

  • Gordon,
    the BJP pictures are on flickr.
    I.e. if you remove the word show at the end of the URL,
    you’ll see, they uploaded the original files. my guess is, that the pictures are right from the camera. I looked only at the iso test images and found it a bit unfair that they took them in such a bright environment. then I digged into the 12800 iso image until I saw the original file. it is not that bad.

  • 12800 iso images head towards a flat HDR look………… photography is about light

  • Not about turning night into day

  • Imants,
    I agree. I looked only for noise in the black areas.
    actually, I’m really curious how real pictures from the x100 will look like.
    high iso means, there is a lot of software built in to recover the picture.

  • Gordon…

    “the cheapest of the entry level dslrs/micro4/3 cameras produce image quality that eclipse 35mm film by a huge factor”

    Uh huh, no, don’t think so.. try to print a negative and a file straight out of the cam and you’ll see..

  • The x100 magic box cast a demon of a spell………. even brought some leicaphiles to their knees.
    All this despite not seeing one

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I can’t help it…I am back:)))

    and I can’t help it…I will repeat …again,again…
    IT BURNS,BURNS,BURNS…the ring of fire

    … the earth has shifted 4 inches…
    a young friend of mine…said to me…”I guess the earth got bored too…”


  • Civi…

    “I have no tech or photo education…”

    me either..

    “I have never met any of of the photo masters,icons or emerging …”

    me either.. I did meet two or three photographers with a passion for a couple hours though.. so yes, art and vision combined is what counts.. and I hope I never find out who YOU are.. :)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I am BURNING and I am MASSS…you already know me…I am next to you,I am a civilian…:)

    P.S …BUT I hope I meet you cause I’ve heard you are HOT,hot and BURNING…like All my BURNIANS!!!
    where is my damn coffee…I don’t want to hear more breaking news today…nope,nada…

  • Civi just in case you don’t realise this with all your ancient Grik wisdom the world is round a 4 inch shift equals zero at 360˙

  • a civilian-mass audience

    IMANTS…it’s all grik to me…:)))
    hmmm… I don’t know about wisdom…
    i am …hands on experience…kinda person…

    But I hope to meet you too…Hot and BURNING…”who is this?”

    Who wants coffee…hot and BURNING?!!…

  • Civi roll the mouse over the image on this link and the four inches will be revealed

  • I found all four in in my backyard

  • Civi.. haaa.. I’ll burst your bubble another time, enough bad breaking news coming in today.. but don’t trust all you’re told ;))

  • MW…
    Yes I am a bit too caught up in the issues surrounding digital production… only because my digital camera produces a very flat looking Raw images. Hellishly uninspiring to look at let alone work with. ACR doesn’t only enhance my images it also saves them from being thrown in the recycle bin. I see your tastes in landscape painting as your images do have a painterly look… but not the Carnival work. I must admit if it wasn’t because of monetary reasons I probably would of given up with digital and would be shooting everything with BW film… a bit sick of the time required to make a digital image look decent. So if you have any suggestions with how I should approach working my digital files I will be grateful.
    Yes that image was taken with a tripod only used it once since my injury, don’t miss it one bit. Standing in the water on one leg didn’t want to risk the camera by falling over… Goya´s black period! I hope you aren’t feeling disturbed :)

  • There is no such thing beneath heavens as conditions favourable to art. Art must crash through or perish.
    Sylvia Ashton-Warner.

  • Imants:

    A four inch shift may matter a great deal to an astro-photographer peering into infinity and at the earliest galaxies. But I suppose it would be at the mathematical limits of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle to be of any concern. Think of the focal length of those telescopes…and the reciprocity rule of shutter speeds! ;)))

    It may not effect most of us, but please consider the scientists on the Hawaiian mountains.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    hmmm…maybe u can make them with color…it will go with my chickens:)
    But as EVA says …don’t believe all you’re told…four inches…I measure…more than 10:)))))))

    ok…on a serious note now…


  • a civilian-mass audience

    If you have just an hour to live…what will you photograph???

    think wisely…(if you can…)?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well, it’s the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day and here in our happy little burg that can mean only one thing—actually, it could mean more than one thing, I suppose, but I would prefer not to confuse the issue here—it’s time yet again for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Charity Chug—a—Lug and Drunken Brawl. Yes, every year thousands of already drunken debauchees arrive here by the busload to imbibe vast amounts of green beer, a liquid that looks just as disgusting going down their gullets as it does coming back up and onto the sidewalk, and piss on our streets in the name of helping out some poor schmoe who usually spends the rest of the year apologizing to the neighbors for the damage the revelers did to their rose bushes. Roses are a pretty tough bunch, but there’s only so much alcohol and uric acid a rose bush can take before the ground goes totally toxic and the roses drop their petals, drop their thorns, and then just drop dead.

    But the Chug—a—Lug is a longstanding tradition hereabouts and I am sure that the local hepatologists must love it—there can be few sights as fiscally pleasing to the eye of a liver specialist than watching thousands of people willingly damaging their livers to the point where they will need medical assistance—just as much as our local gendarmerie must hate it. The Chug—a—Lug offers them little except a constant stream of complaints from the public about the behavior of the morons and the thankless task of trying to keep the more belligerent partiers from harming themselves, other partiers, and the indigenous population. This is not always possible, of course, and so the situation often requires the judicious use of pepper spray, German Shepherds, and tasers. Tasers, however, are not altogether effective, especially against the extremely inebriated, who seem to regard the electric shock as a somewhat unpleasant side effect of the vast amount of alcohol they have consumed and not as a warning to cease and desist their belligerency. Tasers complemented with a truncheon, on the other hand, do seem to work effectively. Extreme blunt force trauma will solve many a law-enforcement problem that sweet reasonableness will not.

    And, as you might imagine, the Chug—a—Lug offers the political class here no end of opportunities to bloviate, pontificate, and otherwise make themselves feel useful. The problems this annual bacchanal generates are the same every year—I’ve mentioned just a few of the tamer aspects up above—and every year the outraged populace demands that someone on the city council do something about the problem, and every year the city council, which seems to regard the outraged populace as a petty annoyance whose only goal in life is to disturb the city council’s monthly pinochle tournament, tells the outraged populace that something will be done about the problem next year. The city council will do nothing about the problem, of course, and so we can expect a major onset of déjà vu at about this time next year. The only reason we’re not getting déjà vu this year is because last year it rained like hell on the Chug—a—Lug and so most of the drunks stayed inside and urinated on each other instead wandering all over the cityscape in a stupor and peeing in people’s rose bushes.

    But for those of us old enough to remember, the Chug—a—Lug and its attendant debaucheries was also the setting of one of the worst outrages in the history of our happy little burg, the desecration of Billy Yank. For years—just how many years no one is quite sure of—a bronze statue of a Civil War soldier everyone called Billy Yank stood in front of the old City Hall, his eyes turned south in eternal contemplation of the march from Atlanta to the sea, at his feet a scroll listing every battle the county’s regiment had fought in from its first [Gettysburg] to its last [Bentonville]. We were all kind of proud of the old boy; no matter what changes came to our happy little burg there he stood, reminding us all that liberty and union were one and inseparable, now and forever. Generations of high school seniors had their class pictures taken in front of Billy and it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that more than one local soldier has gone down to see Billy Yank just before they shipped out to take one more look at him and the scroll at his feet and hope that they’d come home in one piece just like Billy did.

    All that ended about thirty years ago. No one’s really sure how or why a gang of twelve Chug—a—Luggers from Connecticut decided that Billy had to go; they may have been peace activists manqué or a mob of Confederate sympathizers who, like the Japanese holdouts in the Pacific islands, never got the word that the war was over, or maybe they were just a bunch of stupid drunk kids who decided to do the sort of incredibly stupid thing that bunches of drunk kids decide to do—I’m partial to that last explanation myself—but they did decide he had to go, and so after the sun went down they rounded up some chains and a pick-up truck and in a burst of enthusiasm that left burnt tire tracks from the front of old City Hall to Main Street they pulled Billy off his plinth. I think that they were going to put Billy in the back of the pick-up and then chuck him into the river, but that plan didn’t work out as Billy weighed several hundred pounds and the twelve of them together couldn’t lift him into the pick-up. I should rephrase that, I think; the twelve of these knuckleheads working together could have easily lifted Billy into the pick-up, it’s just that coordinating the actions of twelve incredibly drunk morons in the dark is a much easier thing to say than to do. They started to drag Billy behind the pick-up, but at this point our crack crew of cops pulled up and arrested the lot of them for criminal mischief and trespassing and public drunkenness and being idiots from Connecticut. That last one used to be a capital offense here in the Vampire State, along with being an idiot from Jersey, but bleeding heart liberal types changed the laws back in 1938 for reasons I’m not sure I understand now. It may have had something to do with the Great Depression. In any case, Billy rested in a municipal warehouse for about fifteen years after his misadventure, but I am sure you’ll all be happy to know that he is back on his plinth, a much taller one this time, in the veterans’ plot at the local rural cemetery, on the slope of a hill where he still stands facing south towards Atlanta and the sea with the men who marched with him, and their sons and grandsons and great-grandsons resting in final peace at his feet.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    AKAKY…when u have time…throw me the link…the one of the S.Patrick’s parade..

    ok,I have to start reading your post…I don’t know if I will make it tonight…11:48p.m


  • I was just visiting Laura’s Cairo essay and noted that it has been changed and added to since I last viewed. Very impressive.

  • Akaky:

    Smiling? No…more like I am shooting out milk through my nose the way you write!

    You have put me in a mood for tomorrow’s St.Pat’s parade in Toronto. Many thanks.

  • CIVI, this is not mine; I 86ed my movie; but this is the same event and I think you’ll like it

  • Akaky!!?
    is it (st patricks tomorrow? or next weekend?)

  • ohhhhh..i see..its next thursday the 17th…duh

  • any true, committed alcoholic should know that…sorry:(

  • I’ve just finished reading this Jim White article. Even though it is about writing it certainly applies to photography and art in general. i hope it will be of use to someone…

  • Ross…very i love tom there u have it;)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Goodmorning BURNIANS…

    I am preparing home for Japanese civilians…
    I am preparing spirits…
    I am preparing packages…
    I was not prepared for that kinda of destruction…

    Please,MY BURNIANS…keep shooting and don’t forget to prepare your inner souls…

    P.S AKAKY…I was prepared to see your vision…more soul :)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    remember …there is no time for meltdown…
    action, reaction…the Universe is evolving…hmmm…

    Evolution…revolution…I am an optimist!!!

  • Akaky.. I wish I could photograph like you can write…

    Civi.. one hour of taking pics left or one hour of life left? Important detail to know to answer your question..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…good point…let me rephrase…:))))))))))
    I can’t rephrase…one hour of life left…

    If you have just an hour to live…what will you photograph???

  • Civi.. one pic of each of my kids, trying to capture why I love and am proud of them.. a pic with all together on selftimer.. then just hand over the cam to them… or something like that :)

  • “Akaky.. I wish I could photograph like you can write…”
    Eva of course you very well can…

  • civi…
    Thanks for the message on my blog :)

  • “Ones religion is what one is most interested in.”
    J M Barrie.

  • @ ANTON: Are you shooting in Japan nowadays?? Geez, if so, stay SAFE!


  • CIVI

    Of all the people I admire in the world, your name is at the top of my list. Your ongoing hospitality for those who are suffering the countless crises in these unsettled times is evidence of your deep connection with ALL peoples. Actions speak louder than words and your actions are the real thing. Bless you…


  • a civilian-mass audience

    attention…Daylight Savings time…

    hmmm…no change for Grecolandia…not yet…
    the goverment took away the savings,the time and the daylight…
    But we are Optimists…!!!

    EVA…you sound like EVA,VIVA…yeap,since you have camera…put the selftimer and wait for me…:)))

    PAUL…you blend the sky and the waves…like my upside down eggs…:)

    I hope MR.HARVEY have found a new “room to destroy”…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    OUR PATRICIA..I visited your place…BLOG…amazing…

    If I had more fingers and if I can read faster…I will be staying in your home forever!!!
    nice vision…you are a true BURNIAN…always!

    yes,we make arrangements…they will arrive soon…in your civilian’s house…
    I am not ready yet…I am still emotional attached with the family from Egypt…
    see…I have a sneaky purpose though…shhhhhhhhh
    I convert them all…after they leave the house…they all love PHOTOGRAPHY…hiiiii

    Peace,Love and PHOTOGRAPHY…OUR PATRICIA…you are a real Soul…
    thank you!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and please,keep working on “Young Musicians”…

    we are all sending the best wishes…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “With love and patience, nothing is impossible.”
    Daisaku Ikeda (Japanese peace Activist and Buddhist Leader…)

    ok, we know MR.HARVEY is up in the air…we know IMANTS is shooting in his backyard…
    JEFF is getting ready for the Toronto’s parade,PAUL is shooting with one leg…
    EVA is buying more books…THODORIS is raising money…PANOS is going after tsunamies…
    OurPATRICIA is rocking…ROSSY,GORDON,AKAKY…oups, ou of battery
    so where is ANTONNNNNNNNN…and the rest of you…hope all g

  • Civi

    Gordon is playing a St Paddy’s day gig at the Rocking Horse pup in Nanoose BC. Wer’e back there tonight if anyone is in the neighborhood.

  • Grumble.. haven’t bought a book since .. ehm.. at least three or four days.. but been out taking pics of an omelette.. made with more than a thousand about leftovers.. openair and was raining too.. must go and find a dry and warm place.. eeeeciuuuuuu..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    GORDON is that you laughing…???
    if it’s you…good job MARTHA…!!!

    LEVEL4 NUCLEAR Accident…I believe, I trust my Japanese people…

    A family will come over…we have problem with logistics…BUT we will overcome!!!

    EVA…when I hear you have rain there…then I know I am next…hmm…
    WE ARE ALL ONE…and don’t even think to tell me … otherwise:)!!

  • a civilian-mass audience
    with a BURNING violin…to the end of love

    ok, back to THOMAS…google translate …my buddy:)))

  • Well, to make the short story long, one of my new FB friends is EMILYG…she is one of you…I think she lives somewhere in South US…and she is ready to get BURNED…
    EMILY and all of you…(u know your names) u may come in…we live under a “BURNING” tent…so don’t look for a door…ouzo and olives on me!!

    Civi, glad to have you as one of my new FB friends – such a generosity of spirit!

    I don’t know if I qualify as an “emerging” photographer, but I do love burn!

    I’m going to be in the Look3 workshop with Christopher Anderson. Anyone else here going to be in it? Any advice on preparing for it? I think I’m crazy for doing it, but I think of two mantras: “You need to aim beyond