On stage at Look3


Lois Liggins on stage at 56 and onscreen at age 7 here as part of Look3 photo fest describing what it was like having me photographing her family back in 1967. Lois stole the show with not a dry eye in the house. Of course at that point I stopped being a presenter and went into photographer mode. My new/retro book Tell It Like It Is was also an exhibit at Look3. Photo by @medfordtaylor

Rainy day


I don’t have any caption for this picture. I had no idea who these young women were nor why they are dressed in purple. Graduation function? No idea. It was raining and I was just walking into Alec Soth’s 2nd Street Gallery show at LOOK3. These young women came running by because they had no umbrella. I made this fast iPhone shot as a street grab shot. Come see us at LOOK3. Alec is one of the 8 featured artists and many talents will show up on screen. The BurnMagazine team will be floating around. New books to show and we’re always looking for new talent. #look3 #rainyday



As I post here tonight, the opening of my three part show NO FILTER is happening at Look3. Yet I am not at my own opening of a show of which I’m actually proud. We worked on it. It’s only a one week pop up show in reality. Yet it’s sorta my hometown crowd. Friends and family. So I gotta give them a good one. After 4 days of hanging large prints . This one the cover of my new book Tell It Like It Is But I’m making everybody crazy calling my two key printers and wanted to make last minute changes. We did.Scott @scottthode and Kaya @kayaleeberne led an incredible team who made this happen for me. So many thanks. Yet even though they did the work, I’m burned so I’m hanging at home outer banks and heading for LOOK3 next week. @burnmagazine will have a special place as well. We will announce the EPF grant recipients and launch two new books. So my whole “Burn/DAH circus” as we call ourselves , will be there. Please come and buy us a beer. Thanks! #burnmagazine #burnbooks #tellitlikeitis #look3

The Haenyeo


The Haenyeo ( sea women) of Jeju Island S Korea are the subjects of my new book commissioned by the Korean government Arts Council and an exhibition sponsored by Fuji at the LOOK3 photo fest opening June 10 at the McGuffy Art Center in Charlottesville, Va. Please come and see these 60×40 inch silver gelatin prints made by Digital Silver Imaging in Boston. This 78 yr old woman has been free diving since she was a teenager off the rocky shores of Jeju going down up to 40 feet for abalone , octopus, and various shellfish. It’s a dangerous job. Two Haenyeo died diving during my one month of shooting. These women were pure inspiration. Tightly bonded, they exuded the energy of any elite group. On land they seemed their age. Once in the cold water kicking down down in their black rubber wetsuits they appeared young girls again. Free spirits. Angels of the sea. #haenyeo #korea #fujicameras #blackandwhite

Brazil work


Brazil work. Part of my 65 print, 3 part exhibition NO FILTER at the LOOK3 photo fest starting June 10. By the light of fireworks, New Years Eve revelers in Salvador. I have been working with an incredible team just to get this show up on the walls. A formidable effort. Once again I am reminded that ultimately photographs as prints are the only end game. Books in second place. Like everyone else, I see pictures mostly on my phone or computer. Seems fine. Unless you see fine prints. This one made by my long time printer Michael Courvoisier. You must check this out as a 60×40 inch print. It’s the live concert as opposed to the song on the radio. #brazil #bahia #burnmagazine #look3 #fireworks #newyears