Last days of Summer

Rio de Janeiro. Thunderstorm sends everyone running. It’s that time of year. Winter is coming. Last days of summer. Temperatures will soon drop to as low as 65 F in mid winter. July. Yet summer is not over . I left Rio yesterday and it was 100F..I got home to 9F. A 90 degree F flip. Now sitting by my fire. Dreaming of winter in Rio. #beachgames #rio #leica #monochrom


Rio de Janeiro. I could not imagine anyone trying to have a marriage ceremony in the middle of a Carnaval bloco party, yet this couple seemed to think it was a good idea. It was chaotic to say the least. The groom, Vinicius Avelino, did disappear about three minutes after the ceremony but the bride, Juliana Cerqueira, didn’t seem too surprised. After all it is Carnaval. #beachgames #rio #leica #monochrom

CandyBox club

Rio de Janeiro. CandyBox club at the Sambodromo during Carnaval. ‪#‎beachgames‬ ‪#‎rio‬ ‪#‎carnaval‬

Night swim


Rio de Janeiro. One of my friends and workshop “fixer” Flavia Davies takes a night swim on Ipanema. Beaches are often crowded here at night. It’s often just too hot in the day. #beachgames #Rio #Ipanema

Rio is Over

Rio de Janeiro. It’s over. Done. I still have a day or so to be here to finish my BeachGames zine, yet I know I’m done. It’s a let down to come out of the zone. Drug addict. So I will need another fix as soon as I can. Yet now I must flip. Go from pure passion to pure production and get things moving with layout and printing. I must go from dreamer to decider. Both work for me. Still mostly I will be searching for my next dream. ‪#‎beachgames‬ ‪#‎rio‬‪#‎leica‬ ‪#‎monochrom‬ ‪#‎burnmagazine‬