Four trees


Four trees. #leica #monochrom #storm #rio

Verona at midnight


Verona at midnight. #monochrom #verona

Carnaval, Brazil work


Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro. Part of a series of my Brazil work for Leica M magazine upcoming. Leica M9. ‪#‎Rio‬ ‪#‎carnaval‬ ‪#‎leica

Yoga trance


I am not a tech person at all, yet I do take pride in my ability to hand hold slow shutter speeds. Yoga trance. This image from Bahia on ISO 50 film must hv had me wide open 1.4 at a quarter of a second. I love slow film in low light. No other look quite like it. Upcoming piece in Leica M features my Brazil work. Nice n easy #Bahia #Brazil #leica

Salvador, Bahia

Salvador, Bahia. One of the images featured in the upcoming Leica M magazine. Velvia ISO 50 film using a beer bottle as a tripod. Leica M-6. Finest workhorse camera ever. An exhibit of my Brazil work also coming up at Festival of the Photograph June 10-13. Show up, buy me a beer, and I will give you the tripod in a pinch demo.
#Bahia #Brazil #leica #beachgames #magnumphotos