Nick Nichols portrait


I started out this morning to take a portrait of Michael “Nick” Nichols, NatGeo editor, explorer and photographer for an upcoming interview for BurnMagazine. I ended up instead with a picture featuring Reba his lover partner friend for 40 years. They are with my family this weekend with their two sons Eli and Ian. Reba is an exhibited painter and is pretty much the family glue. A spontaneous kiss shows it all. This is picture #4 in a series of 4 of my weekend self assignment.

Family weekend


Picture number 3 in a series of 4 in my self assigned family weekend. #outerbanks



For those of you who have known me for awhile you know that one minute I’m taking pictures at home and the next on some adventure. Now taking the summer “off” and where taking a picture of a newly found in my woods window pane blown out by a storm is a treasure in the day. This is photo number 2 in the weekend series of 4 ..#outerbanks

Weather never gets bad


The weather never gets bad for me at home. Any weather seems fine to me. All seasons all go. Today sorta a steamy rain common in jungles. Appropriate for my guest who is gonna show up any minute with whole family Mr Jungle Michael “Nick” Nichols NatGeo superstar and the top dude at Look3. Anyway one of those simple family summer weekends we all love. This will be picture number one in a series of four for the weekend. #outerbanks




Outer Banks N Carolina. #outerbanks