My dear friend photographer @irablockphoto tonight at dinner in Brooklyn. Ira’s book on Cuban baseball is upcoming. A self initiated project of about 2 years of work. Everybody loves Ira. He’s funny, serious, playful, dedicated, talented, and super pro. Quick witted yet thoughtful. Keep an eye out for Ira’s baseball book. Ira also has enough “blackmail” on me from years past to keep me friendly forever. Isn’t that what friends are for?

The Andersons



I love Sunday morning breakfast/brunch. For me at home in the outer banks always family time. Yet even here in New York in my neighborhood there can be a small town feel to it. This morning I just ran into Magnum photographer Chris Anderson his French bride Marion, mom and dad of Pia and Atlas. They live in my building yet we rarely see each other . Yet one of the great beauties of this biz is that photographers really become family. I’ve been friends with Chris and Marion for 20 years or so. When we meet we pick right up where we left off. Last time I saw Chris was a year ago in the Italian alps. Now here in our mutually fave breakfast spot in Brooklyn. Good neighbors are the Anderson family.#newyork #family #iphone

Apt life

12990933_10156783413275022_2552032317901362601_n I haven’t left my apartment in New York for 24 hours. New York is great for delivery. You can order anything. I’ve been traveling so much, I just can’t face moving anywhere. Meetings? Everybody must come here. Monday I’ll venture out. Now I’m stuck at home. Last night I photographed the skyline of Manhattan like an old postcard shot. Tonight the same, only I put in my amiga Gabi Perez who lives in New York but was the recipient of my scholarship for my last class in Puerto Rico. She did not disappoint. Gabriela shot a poignant essay on her father dealing with mental illness. So this afternoon we re-met and I took a portrait as I do with many guests. Part of the essay on my building. Check out Gabi’s website ..I post on Instagram no matter what’s up. It’s useful to me . A diary. I swear I have to spin thru my own IG stream to remember the sequence of events. Sad but true. Well isn’t that a good use of photography ? ‪#‎newyork‬ ‪#‎fujixpro2‬



Whew!! In the last week I’ve been shooting in Puerto Rico with family and friends , been sitting on my front porch in the Outer Banks, drinking Kentucky bourbon at my opening last night in Louisville and right this minute sitting in my living room NYC taking pictures of a new moon falling over Manhattan. It’s a full life, sometimes too full. Yet one of my mantras for young people is to TRY to make your personal life and your work life the same life. That’s what I do. I can only mentor by example. I’m a moon boy. ‪#‎Manhattan‬ manhattanskyline ‪#‎fujixpro2‬

In Louisville



I have just arrived in Louisville, Kentucky for my exhibit at the Paul Paletti Gallery which opens in about two hours. Yea cutting it close. I haven’t seen the show yet because I was shooting in Puerto Rico when it was hung. If you happen to be in Louisville come on by for a look and a glass of bourbon. 5-8pm. Tonight April 7. Show hangs til end of June. ‪#‎louisvilleky‬