BeachGames essay soon. To publish as a zine this spring by BurnBooks. I must make very clear this is fiction “writing” not photojournalism nor traditional photo document. It is my second “story” in Rio and most surely my last. Yes perhaps a sequel to my (based on a true story) yet very different and a bit closer to the “edge”. Stay tuned #beachgames#rio #copacabana #skate

Bruno under the umbrella



Rio de Janeiro. I just have to love all of the beach workers and sellers in Rio. An interesting cast of characters all around who let you know what they are selling yet do not over hustle. No matter how crowded the beaches here, one can always get a chair and a caipirinha fast. Bruno, setting up this umbrella, has also become a beach friend and photo subject. I almost always work this way. Get to know ONE beach worker for example and then photograph them over time. I am not a wanderer. I find my spot and stick. Why? Because first off I figure one place is as good as another. I let the people/pictures come to me. Looking around the next corner for pictures doesn’t work for me. I wait. Sure, for events etc , I am on the move. Yet to capture the beauty and gesture of everyday life, I simply live in it. #beachgames #copacabana #rio#burnmagazine




Rio de Janeiro. #rio #copacabana #burnmagazine#beachgames

Elevator ride

Rio de Janeiro. Elevator ride. #rio #copacabana#beachgames #burnmagazine

Caipirinhas on the Beach

Caipirinhas on the Beach



Rio de Janeiro. I am burned out. Temporarily. I never stay down long and I never really take a whole day off as I always tell myself I will indeed do. Yet yesterday I didn’t move much. After a week of workshop where we all squeeze the last drop out of the lemon on top of my 24/7 shooting style, I spent yesterday just sitting on the beach drinking caipirinhas. But I slipped. I photographed this man selling caipirinhas yet did not get his name. Normally I get names and emails to send photos to those I photograph. Let’s hope I see him again. The beach sellers here are a photo essay unto themselves. A big part of the people watching scene in Rio.#beachgames #rio #leica #monochrom