12189037_10156194104210022_9145822710005842329_n This is #2 of one of my every now and then three picture stories/essays. Previous post is #1 . #3 upcoming will be the end of the movie. Some of you may remember my Comic Book series. You gotta scroll way way back. I’m thinking of new ways to tell stories here on Instagram. Will spring it on you soon. Anyway this picture sequence might be part of my 475 Kent/Kibbutz building essay or part of games people play. I’m sketching . Fiction. Or not? You decide. #475kent #kibbutz

Elevator going up or down?


We all use our Instagram feeds in different ways. For me it’s simply a daily diary. Sometimes it’s a continuous photo essay if I’m full on into a story and other times it’s just whatever is happening around me in my daily life. Rarely a day goes by when I’m not shooting. So if this feed jumps from retro documentary Maya pictures to this continued experiment with my fiction series on games people play it’s because I’m at home working on my archive and then take a bit of time out to make a new picture. Working in the past and present simultaneous works for me psychologically. I’ve always referenced. So past, present, future is one large tableau in my head. Documentary photography explains clearly and fiction work leaves you hanging wondering suspecting curious and perhaps uncomfortable. So this picture does link with others in the series yet viewers won’t see it all together until it’s a book. I make one piece at a time yet move the pieces around like a painter changes a painting or a writer scribbles then tweaks then edits then throws it all out and starts again. It’s the creative process. Not to be analyzed in a linear way. It’s this process of thinking about pictures and how they can be used in a visually literate way that I try to get those I mentor in workshops etc to think about for their own work. We all have our own way. The visceral and primal nature of photography knows no bounds. Elevator going up or down? #beachgames #fujifilm #475kent

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala


Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Early morning finds a Maya woman doing daily washing as a fisherman paddles out. Leica M6 Kodachrome. #lakeatitlan #maya #guatemala

Surf casters


Outer Banks NC. Surf casters prefer feeling the water rush around them than fishing from a boat or pier where they would stand a better chance of catching a big fish. I was a little worried for this guy who took a pretty good wave hit here. If his chest waders filled with water he couldn’t move or float. Yet he left the beach with a bucket of red drum. He knew what he was doing. The surge of the sea knows no equal. #obx #nagshead



Outer Banks NC. This time of year is for the surf casting fishermen. 4wd vehicles have permit limited access and turtle and bird nesting areas are protected. The balance between people use and wildlife protection is often controversial here as in many places and in this case controlled by the Nat Park Service. I personally prefer to walk on the beach rather than drive on the beach, but I’m not a fisherman hauling a lot of gear and looking for that perfect spot. I too have a permit, yet rarely use it. Beach driving is fun once in awhile, yet I am already driving a car more than I want anyway. The roiling surf never ceases to fascinate . Night descends. #obx #nagshead