Nat Geo cover



I’m on my front porch in my fave spot looking at sand and wind and light. Darkroom ready to roll. So yea it’s a bit of nostalgia time before I hit the road again soon for a 6 week marathon. This was my first cover for NatGeoMagazine back in ’73 when I was 29. Whew! That big 30 was coming fast and I was a passionate dude. This was shot not far from where I sit OBX (also later a story in NatGeo).This boy “progging” ,going after blue crabs in the marshes on Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay, helped change my life since the editors loved my first story and it had been my proposal. So I was on a roll. Yet secretly I wasn’t proud of this picture. Wasn’t my style. It was “funny” and I wanted to be taken seriously. Besides it was a horizontal cropped vertical and that killed me too. Yet overall the essay was laid out by Bill Garrett and was beautifully done. So I was in. This after 8 years of hard scrabble and married with two sons.The family of course was with me for part of this assignment and led to a pattern of us going all over the world together for NatGeo and others. Anyway I’ll post right now a few pictures from my first big magazine story. Oh yea, by the way this was an isolated culture of 875 people fishermen and families and 5 times a week church goers and no alcohol no cars and mostly no pictures allowed. Always my favorite kind of work. #tangierisland#chesapeakebay #kodachrome

Look3 moment

13179050_10156895494195022_299992198419468445_n It was a teary eyed moment last year @look3festival when Lois Liggins joined LOOK curator Kathy Ryan @kathyryan1 and I onstage for the launch of “Tell It Like It Is” a book I originally shot in 1967 when I was a grad school student. Lois was on the cover then and now when she was 7 yrs old and now 57. Lois told the audience in the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville Va. about the experience of having me spending a month photographing her family at home in Norfolk,Va. The LOOK3 photo fest has been a favorite destination for me since it’s beginning as a backyard show and tell at the home of Reba Peck and Michael Nichols @michaelnicknichols . It has grown and flourished and become a true international photo festival. Check it out this June 13-19 if you haven’t been prior. Top talent, terrific exhibitions, and workshops are the order of the day. Photo by @tomdalyphoto #look3


13177099_10156892281960022_6204574982159200693_n This is one of the weirdest pictures I have ever taken. I felt really weird taking it. It’s totally a found picture. All I did was reach in my bag, take out my camera, aim and shoot. Yet it was totally eerie since I had photographed this same Barbie doll about 3 years ago. Washed up in the yard of my photographer friend Mike Halminski after a hurricane . Scroll back 2-3 years on my stream here and you will see the proof. That was strange too. Barbie dolls are just scary, right? Anyway the rope is just there holding Mike’s canoe. Randomly looped. He’d put Barbie in the branch sometime after the hurricane. He had no interest in photographing her because he shoots wildlife but I did ask his permission. He just shook his head smiling. Anyway this photo has no hidden meaning , isn’t part of any project , and will most likely fade away. Yet I keep looking at that one blue shoe. And her laugh. Weird.




Rodanthe NC. May 2016. #outerbanks #storm #rodanthe

Uptown and Ruck

13177897_10156883625190022_6682837674847601129_nMy two long time friends from the Bronx River Projects, Raza Ruckus @ruckushotboy and Uptown ( with his daughter). Ruck and Uptown write lyrics, rap, record. They both were incarcerated when they were 18 for a crime they both did commit. 10 years hard time. 10 years writing lyrics as well. I met them both when they were just out,28, and free and aiming for a better life. As felons not so easy. Yet they invited me into their world and homes and I invited them into mine. For a year we hung tight shooting in the Bronx and they are featured in my book “Living Proof” along with Kanye West, LL KoolJ, Snoop, Ice Cube and others who they would fantasize to become. Yet none of those superstars have ever been invited to rap at the National Geographic’s Grosvenor Auditorium. Yet I made sure Ruck and Uptown went to the center stage of NatGeo. Whenever those two hit any stage they owned the audience regardless of demographics. What a hit they were!! All the lyrics in my book are theirs as well. Unfortunately I’ve lost touch with Uptown but I’m still in touch with Ruck. I cannot thank these two gentlemen enough for taking good care of me in their territory. At all times of night and day. I wish them both safe passage always. 🎈#southbronx #bronxriverprojects #rappers #hiphop