New York


I publish Instagrams from a wide variety of locations worldwide. Yet if you roll through my feed you will see a high percentage of photos from either my rooftop in Brooklyn or my front porch in the outer banks. Basically I’m a homebody. I rarely “go out”. 90% of my socializing happens at home. My book publishing workshop just finished in New York and was my most intense two day workshop ever. We literally didn’t sleep for two days. Terrific students. Yes we worked hard and yes the party was never over.

Hurricane Joaquin


Hurricane Joaquin rolls towards New York with winds of 130 mph and rated as a Cat 3. Great. My book publishing class starts tomorrow so it’s gonna turn into a hurricane party I can tell. Teju Cole, Rob Clark and Michael Christopher Brown will be showing my students work along with BurnBooks producer Diego Orlando. Dasha Kozyulka shown here this afternoon on my rooftop was a major character in my upcoming BeachGames book. So it’s gonna be books, movies, popcorn and beer. Oh yes Mark Lubell Director of ICP who I interviewed this morning for BurnMagazine will also be a special guest. Nothing better than riding out a storm with your friends. #hurricane #rain #wind



Valparaiso, Chile. From my book Divided Soul (Phaidon). This is a one shot only candid photo. Yet I had spent a couple of days with this one family so after a bit I pretty much blended in. I was having my coffee on the center patio and this young girl was about to leave for school. She was simply day dreaming I suppose. She was shy however. She heard the click and the moment was gone. Leica M6 and Velvia film.


From my book Divided Soul (Phaidon). Oaxaca, Mexico. Leica M6, Velvia film #oaxaca #mexico #velvia


12049549_10156073755025022_8448138069347238699_nThe couple on the left had been married 60 years when they randomly met the couple on the right who had been married for about 60 seconds. Wedding photographers thrive here in the outer banks and I was a renegade shooting a wedding to which I had not been invited. So I made friends with the commissioned photog first, then the bride and groom. Everyone happy in the end. For sure a huge part of my work is making sincere relationships with those whom I photograph. Do we stay in contact forever? Unlikely, yet yes sometimes. Yet I bet none of my subjects forget the experience. I sure don’t. It’s always a collaboration. A short relationship yet intense. And we’ve all got the picture to remember. #outerbanks #weddingday #natgeo