Old San Juan

12311084_10156257263700022_6486540957895905124_n Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. I’ll spend the next few days simply doing texture shots in this historic zone. It’s a tourist area to be sure, yet a beautiful home for many. Many of the bars here stay open til 7am. Just in time for the early morning light.#fujifilm #puertorico #sanjuan #beachgames

The Pelican Whisperer

12278953_10156253572975022_5782433278089221536_n Crash Boat beach, Puerto Rico. Harry “The Pelican Whisperer” also can call in some frigates with the wave of his hand. This one “Trigger” comes in from a mile away for a hand held sardine. These are rescue birds Harry has befriended for 9 years. The birds come in at 3:30 pm every day and leave at 5:30. Clockwork. The rest of the time they are wild and free and fishing. #puertorico #frigates #fujifilm


12107189_10156250771280022_4480050023052743527_n Somewhere between San Juan and Jobos, Puerto Rico. Dasha just arrived from Ukraine to work on BeachGames and do my tech stuff and doing the same at my Miami Street Photography workshop next week in Miami. Yes I’m driving and grooving on Dasha’s soundtrack along with Payola @payolaisabel my fixer here in PR. We are traveling about 65mph and this is a selfie and my eyes appear closed. Yet it must have been just a blink because we’ve arrived safely at Jobos, a surfer’s dream. My whole family is now in PR .So we will have Thanksgiving here. Yea yea I know it’s not safe to drive and do selfies so I won’t do that again. I blame the sound track. #puertorico #sanjuan #beachgames #iphone

Skate bowl


El barrio La Perla. San Juan, Puerto Rico. This skate bowl and sometime swimming pool was built in 2005. The sweet beauty of this bowl is that it’s right on the beach. Matter of fact this barrio occupies the best waterfront location in San Juan yet has avoided tourist development. The locals want to stay local. I get keeping things real. My son Bryan was filming, and Michelle and Lyla nearby. The family on assignment. The way we’ve done it many times over the years. We all loved our new La Perla family as well. An afternoon to be remembered forever. #puertorico #sanjuan #fujifilm #laperla #skateboarding




San Juan, Puerto Rico. Skateboarder.