Contact sheets


My new version of “Tell It Like It Is” from 1967 is printed and bound. Ready for distribution and sale soon. I am only waiting for the components of the 100 copies only edition. There will be in the limited edition all 38 contact sheets, a darkroom silver gelatin print made with great care by me, an exact replica of the original $2. booklet and the new book itself. An assemblage intended for collectors and universities. A scholarly package.This work is of the Liggins family photographed by me in the summer of 1967. Retro in a way and brand new in another way. 50% of the new book has pictures not included in the original booklet. So it’s truly a discovery even for me. I re edited after 48 years of not even seeing the contact sheets. What I love most about this is my reuniting with the Liggins family after all these years. Lois Liggins will join me at Festival of Photograph for the 32 print exhibition. Join Lois and me and the whole BurnMagazine team. @look3festival #tellitlikeitis #burnmagazine

Mr. Skater


Mr. Skater, Anthony Smallwood, @brokensquare, his board in a goodbye gesture, leaves my loft this morning. Tony has a book to do. For years he’s been documenting pool skating in Washington DC. Maybe you know what pool skating is, maybe you don’t. Yet for sure it ends up a fascinating documentary for skateboarders as well as for folks who had no idea about a group of skateboarders who use satellite imagery to find abandoned swimming pools and then go clean them and yes skate them. Cool stuff. BurnBooks will publish this book later this year. Stay tuned. #BurnBooks #475KentAve #poolskating

Afternoon light


@vbley @sunnykhalsaphoto I love this building. Step out your front door and head for the rooftop on a mild day and you’re gonna make a new friend. So it was as I was hiking up to the roof that I found these two professional artists doing a shoot. The afternoon light makes every floor a photographers dream studio.

Magnum Collectors Circle dinner


Magnum Collectors Circle dinner last night at Milk Studios. A round of applause for Elena Glinn representing her husband Burt Glinn whose lifetime of work was exhibited. His pictures of Fidel Castro, Andy Warhol, and Bridget Bardot jumped out along with his brilliant street photography ‪#‎magnumphotos‬

The Kibbutz


I will spend this week in New York. “The Kibbutz”, my NYC home for about 7 years may become a real photo focus for me. A few other Magnum photogs have lived here but now it’s only @christopherandersonphoto, @michaelchristopherbrown and myself. It’s a classic loft ex light factory building sitting right on the East River with an amazing rooftop view of Manhattan. Characters live here. It’s a community. That won’t last. Developers will kill this place sooner rather than later. So I might start shooting in earnest. Today there was an elevator shaft fire and I took this picture of passersby. Never a dull moment at The Kibbutz.