Nags Head woods


Nags Head woods. A seemingly “country ride” just back from the beach and a totally different ecosystem from the rest of this barrier island. #OBX#nagshead

Goodbye party


Goodbye party for Liaryz Ramos after she assisted me non-stop for a whole month. Whew! Wonder Woman as any former assistant would agree. A month with DAH can’t possibly be easy. Puerto Rico to Tokyo to Outer Banks and now New York then back to Puerto Rico where she will assist @michellemaddensmith at our workshop in Old San Juan next month. Frank and Dawn are special new friends. Thanks Li for your good spirit and tireless work. Wishing it was all worth it . Safe travels amiga.#OBX




Salvador, Bahia (Brazil). This was one of 22 choices for this audience on my second small print sale which ended last night at midnight. A big thank you to those who made a choice. We had a Cuba print sale a year ago and now this from Brazil. This helps to fund our BurnMagazine team since we accept no advertising and are about to announce our annual 15k Emerging Photographer Fund grant shortly forĀ this audience. For those of you who purchased these prints I honestly feel you made a good investment. So far the art books and prints we’ve made available in the last three years have all gone up in value inside the collector market. Michael Courvoisier, our master printer, will now make your archival pigment ink prints, I will sign en verso and recto, and we will ship to you as soon as possible. This photograph was made on Velvia iso50 film using a tripod and small flash with a Leica M6 during boxing practice in a Salvador favela. It’s unfortunate that favelas seem to be known for mostly illicit activity when in fact there are so many positive programs for sports and the arts. Ballet classes, art classes, music classes etc along with sports programs make the favelas in Brazil a bastion of positive thinking on so many levels. Tough stuff? Sure, and I’ve photographed that too. Yet in our helter skelter world it seems that showing positive occasionally as a reminder of some of the good aspects of human nature doesn’t hurt. Again, thanks to all who participated in our Brazil print sale. #brazil#bahia #salvador #boxing #velvia



Rio de Janeiro. Children’s day during Carnaval at the Sambadromo. These young girls were simply waiting to join the parade and their mother put them in front of the wall for a portrait. I was going to shoot one and then the other, then saw this. One of 22 picture choices of my Brazil work on special sale until tonight at midnight. Over. Until then for $125. you may own an archival pigment 6×9 image size (on 8.5×11 paper) signed front and back. Go to my link in profile here or to I cannot ever make for sale these images in this size ever again. So limited by sale time and size. My finest exhibition printer Mike Courvoisier is making every print. Free shipping inside US. Flat rate international. One of the things i love about a life in photography is the constant discoveries daily. I literally don’t even have close to any two days being alike. I get out of the taxi and before me are these children getting made up and then this seemingly simple activity changes your life. A few intense seconds turns into a pleasant people to people exchange. Then a photo . Then a print . Then a book. Then a big print on a museum wall and all I did was get out of a taxi with no clue what I would see in the next miliseconds. Magic. Miracle. Revelation. Best drug out there. All comes from the wellspring of total openness. At least that’s how I play it. #rio #brazil #carnaval

Brazil print sale – last day


Rio de Janeiro. Photograph made with Leica monochrom in 2015 and is now the most likely candidate for my upcoming BeachGames cover picture. You have until midnight tonight to purchase for $125. a 6×9 image size( on 8.5×11 paper) archival pigment print. Never can I ( legally) ever sell this print again in this size. Signed front and back. So you can mat over signature or keep it. En verso the best guarantee always for serious collectors. I must say from a new collector view a seriously good deal especially for this picture. It’s a new picture and has already been exhibited widely. Promise good investment or I will buy it back from you! Irony of ironies I was with my Rio workshop class when I made this photograph. We were all headed to check out the storm. Rio must have a collective big hangover about now . Carnaval just over. Well it’s a nice headache to have . #carnaval #rio #brazil#leicamonochrom