A cliche dream


A summer salty breeze brings the sweet illusion of dreams coming true forever.. ‪#‎outerbanks‬

On Leica’s magazine


From a portfolio of Brazil work in the current issue of Leica’s magazine M. #Brazil

Moon dog


I’m a bit of a moon dog. Love the moon. In all phases. Especially I like riding my bike in warm summer moonlight. The moon and sea combo simply tugs. It’s a complex compound world out there. Yet a few snippets of tranquility bring energy. With energy anything is possible. #outerbanks



Angel in the night. #outerbanks

My favorite spot


I love the rainy days here where I live. I feel happy on gloomy stormy days. And I’m always drawn to these old wooden fishing piers that most likely won’t survive the next hurricane. I don’t fish. I get fishing. It’s a lot like the way I work . A fascination with the invisible. Hoping wishing praying the next fish will be the biggest ever. Yet I don’t fish here I watch people here. Everybody has their fave hang spots right? If you were here on this rainy day you would see why this is mine. #outerbanks