Now is time to thank my dear friends Pablo Favela and Olivia Aviña who made everything happen for my two weeks of shooting here in Playa del Carmen. Both @pabloplacebo and @oliweirdtwist recently graduated from the @eafmexico Activa photo school in Mexico City. Our last day of shooting and we mostly shot pictures of each other. Nobody wants to say goodbye. As it should be.


I’m getting very confused about time. All night BeachGames shooting will do that to you. Here sunrise revelers feel an electronic beat. My shooting on this project with students will continue in March in Puerto Rico. See link in my IG profile. Portfolio review and skype interview required. One scholarship available for a talented PR photographer. I’ve just got one more day of shooting here in Playa del Carmen then off to Rome then home to get some perspective. Ha! My two week shoot here gave me maybe 2-5 pictures I can use for this zine. It’s hard to get those special few. Or even one.


Xpu-ha beach scene. BeachGames zine work in progress.

Beach scene

My team and I are working hard on BeachGames, my fiction photo novella upcoming.. it will be hot hot.. yet real.. yesterday was a primo day for us.. more fact than fiction..we got really really lucky with the light .. Jan was really really kissing Yun … Pablo was really really taking pictures of my student Alexandra …and we were really really stoned🚀.. honestly, collaboration at its best with each and every person keying off the other.. my job is just keeping everybody happy.


I just want to thank my good friend Yun Puente who has been a good second assistant as well as being one of my top characters for the BeachGames zine/book upcoming. She’s leaving in a couple of days to go back to her “real job”. I’m in the zone with my all Mexican cast. Check out IG Stories for a bit of the process. We are also going live here from time to time. That live bit is and stories are censored a bit so IG doesn’t shut me down. Use your imagination. The book of course won’t be censored.
Ok back to work.