I’ve had more than a few adventures the last 5 weeks shooting/mentoring in Cuba and Puerto Rico, then ending with seminars in the U.K. Yet nothing beats coming home to this. Wizards of social media tell me I shouldn’t put my sentimental family pictures on my IG. Yet I can’t help it. Those of you who track me here well know I’ve had some great muses for my BeachGames work, yet sweet Lyla,3, just has to be my top model of all. Mom Michelle and dad Bryan have a bundle of energy and creativity and intelligence on their hands. They have big responsibilities. I have the incredible luxury of simply observing. Travel to exotic places is of course exhilarating, but my front porch is as far as I need to go for a bit. Birds sing, the afternoon light warms, and Lyla’s laugh goes straight to my heart, remembered now forever.



SebastiĆ£o Salgado, Frans Lanting, and I all ended up last night in Birmingham UK. It was a cold and rainy night so we elected to have dinner together in our hotel restaurant with no other customers. Empty. Not the place to be. Perfect! The food wasn’t so bad and we all had a chance to catch up without interference. We’ve all been friends since we started in this crazy biz with big dreams, yet we rarely have a chance to meet. The big warm. We are all presenters at The Photography Show here in Birmingham. Cheers to my dear friendsšŸŽˆ



“She’s making movies on location. She don’t know what it means. But the music makes her want to be the story. And the story was whatever was the song”… Mark Knophler


McCartney sings via jukebox light “Love Me Do” as Olivia feels it. El Batey bar in Old San Juan is a dream bar for photographers day or night. The jukebox, the light, the whole laid back scene a favorite of mine. I always love shooting OSJ yet on Sunday I flip culturally. Off to the U.K. I go. First to Birmingham and The Photography Show where I present on March 21. Better check their website . Then I am in London at the Barbican March 24. Last, yet most important, is my 3 day Magnum @magnumphotos workshop March 22-24 in London. See Magnum website for more info. In my head McCartney sings “Band on the Run”.



My workshop class is rocking here in Old San Juan. I’m shooting too. Two of my muses for BeachGames in the last 2 years came together here. Olivia and Liaryz had not met prior. Yet they both fell into the spirit of the story.