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boris eldagsen – the poems

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Boris Eldagsen

The Poems

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Boris Eldagsen’s photographs explore the limits of what can be depicted. The ‘POEMS’ utilise the external reality, to paint the inner reality, that of the unconscious, archetypical and unspoken. Without excessive materials or digital effects, Eldagsen combines street with staged photography and recreates spectacular and dreamlike images. The photographic mediums of light and shade become symbolic of the spaces between, those that are inaccessible to the rational mind and compel the viewer to resort to their own memories and feelings.

Beyond what is fashionable and current, Eldagsen creates alchemical connections between painting, film and theatre that defy categorisation.

This work was awarded the Prix Voies Off / Arles in 2013.



Berlin-based German artist Boris Eldagsen has studied photography and visual arts at the Art Academy of Mainz, conceptual art and intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts Prague, fine art the Sarojini Naidu School of Arts & Communication Hyderabad / India – and philosophy at the Universities of Cologne and Mainz. Boris works as a multi-media consultant and a lecturer.

In 2013 he became a member of Deutsche Fotografische Akademie.


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Boris Eldagsen

BORIS+NATASCHA - collaborative work with Australian artist Natascha Stellmach.

SUPERHIGH – mockumentary reality show on getting high, a collaboration with Sabine Taeubner.

Beslan School Siege

part of my new project on the beslan school siege. this year marks the 10th year anniversary of the siege, where a group of terrorists took more than 1,200 people hostage. #beslan #burndiary

imants krumins – stories you will never know allocated randomly

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Imants Krumins

Stories You Will Never Know Allocated Randomly

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…………………….vastness treads so still as my eyes gaze the sun
keen green are the fields of rain sick with agony
and the smile
the bird hums the same tune day in day without
once again
Ahh …………..if only the scent of the forgotten milk boiled on my mind

sweet with the success we all know



There is a heap of things that I did but I no longer do now.
I still teach but that will be for another four months and then I am off to  build a stone wall to nowhere. Why? because I can and I like doing stuff like that.

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Downtown Grozny

downtown grozny #chechnya #burndiary


                    Photo for BurnDiary by Diana Markosian, 2013 EPF Winner


This is week is number 52 for BurnDiary. Our anniversary. One year of weekly diary posts by 52 photographers from a multitude of countries within all five continents.. So many different approaches to daily life that after looking backwards is kind of impossible to imagine all in one place… But they are, here in BurnDiary; city life, love stories, landscapes and social issues and mainly many pictures about the record of a moment.
I write now not for the past but to announce that this diary will be turned into our third printed magazine, entitled Diary. Yes – life moments disappear while we are living them, but this is also about photography… these images, for the beauty, the pureness, the immediate feeling deserve the possibility to say something for longer. This is why BurnDiary will be a book.
The photographer this week is Diana Markosian, our 2013 EPF winner, announced when BurnDiary was at the very first steps. She continued her work all along 2014 showing very well how a grant can be important in a photographer ‘s life to have the freedom to develop a project otherwise hard to fund.  The current year edition is almost to its deadline, so Diana’s week is just the perfect coincidence for this anniversary, the perfect candle for this birthday.
We want to say once again the 52 photographers who have joined us this past year are with us as part of Burn’s enlarged family and surely they have been able to create one of the best family diaries ever!
Many thanks to all who have created this most amazing collective one year essay. Our team at Burn Magazine looks forward to seeing what the next year will bring. In the meantime, please join us in our excitement for the soon-to-be release of Diary..
Diego Orlando, Editor, BurnDiary

Tiny Mountain Village

in a tiny mountain village #chechnya

Lifesaving Station, 1966


I shot this old Lifesaving Station on the beach in the Outer Banks in 1966. While a senior in college. See next Instagram for the full story.

She is a dreamer.

She is a dreamer, she has an incredibly beautiful mind, and she is very special to me. May I introduce, Fabiana. @emillyders

Drunk tattoo..

Title: “Drunk tattoo..”(look for the detail)have a lovely day.#Keepitsimplestupide@emillyders

Kirsten Dehlholm

I met the artist and stage designer Kirsten Dehlholm in her studio. She is a interesting lady with a lot of quirky ideas and exciting projects. When I saw the big empty wall and the beautiful colors, I had no doubt that I had to use it in some way. Keep it simple, stupid…Have a nice day :) #emillyders #cph

Rainy day OBX


Girl From Copenhagen

I want to show you a silhuet portrait of cool girl from Copenhagen. There is not much to say other than I really like her style and energy:) May I introduce Karen. Hope you have a wonderful day. #cph @emillyders

Friends are the other family you choose.

Friends are the other family you choose. And if you choose correctly, there is no place in the world where there is a shorter way to smile, joy and support when needed. And in combination with summer it seems that everything will be all right.Meet Anne, she is one of them.My name is Emil. I live in Copenhagen, and it is from here, I will try to entertain you for the next 6 days. I really hope you will enjoy it. Thank you. :) #friendsandfamily @emillyders

My Father

Good eveningMy name is Emil and I’ve got the honor of showing you a bit of my world the next seven day. I’m a bit unsure about how to get started with this project, but we might as well start where it all beganSo may I introduce, Erik. My father. He is one of my favorites. I look forward to sharing my photos with you. Hope you will enjoy it. #family

Tell It Like It Is


A spread from “Tell It Like It Is ” my first book shot in 1967 of one Norfolk, Va. family during the height of Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement. King was killed just 4 months after this book was published. The “contribution $2.” sale of the book was intended to go to disadvantaged families in this segregated neighborhood. A new release of this book along with the 38 contact sheets will be released this fall by BurnBooks as historical document. After shooting this work in August of 1967 I went off to grad school and lost contact with the family. I am trying to find them now. A super highway subsequently built through this neighborhood dispersed many families. Yet this was a totally intact family with 7 children, so I am hoping some of them are still somewhere nearby. We are making a film of the search. Charles Hofheimer, producer of the original book, and the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot local paper. are aiding me in this search. My intention with the new reprinted book will be the same as the first. Proceeds of sales will go to a charity to aid the disadvantaged in Norfolk.

Norwegian summer night

Norwegian summer night. Tomorrow is my friend Øistein’s big day.@jostraube for @burndiary #moon #night #wedding #farm #countryside #hvergangvimøtes #summer #instamood


By @jostraube for @burndiary #blackandwhite #waterfall #forest #nature #travel #norway