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Palm trees

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Flightless bird fight | photo by @alistairkeddie Good morning @burndiary and welcome to day three. Being from the northern hemisphere Im still blown away by palm trees. Surprisingly, these do grow outside back home but not with such abundance or profusion. Every day I see them and everyday they remind me I’m on the opposite side of the world. I shot this yesterday on my usual route to work and only during processing did the idea of flightless birds fighting come to mind. This throws up some interesting symbolism I may get to explore another time. For now though enjoy the collision of fan tails, wings and jagged chaos as these imaginary opponents fight it out #newzealand #blackandwhite #auckland


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Auckland Harbour Bridge | photo by @alistairkeddie Went for a wander today down by the harbour bridge to grab some multi exposures using Hipstamatic. Always surprised by the results that confound any pre shoot expectations and enjoying the collision of heavy engineering and playful experimentation. The bridge is close to where I live and a favourite spot to visit and play around #Auckland #NewZealand #iphoneography


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A New Day | photo by @alistairkeddie Good morning @burndiary and welcome to 2017. Looking forward to a new day and year. Hoping you all have, are having, or had a good Hogmanay. Being originally from Scotland, its mid winter back there and still seems somehow wrong to celebrate the season mid summer here, but we try…

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year from NZ @alistairkeddie

Black beaches

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Hi there, Alistair Keddie @alistairkeddie here in New Zealand and taking over @burndiary for the next wee while. Bringing in the end of 2016 with a trip to Karekare, one of the awesome black sand beaches to the west of Auckland and catching some fantastic weather to bring in the new year. All the best everyone

Nadja Wohlleben – 92 – Helga’s Disappearance

Helga now rests in peace at 'Heiliger See' (Engl: Holy Lake). I released her ashes into the wind there because it was Helga's favorite place in her birth town, Potsdam, as a young woman. Potsdam, GERMANY, August 25, 2016.

Nadja Wohlleben

92 – Helga’s Disappearance

My grandmother, Helga von Randow, was 92 years old when she was diagnosed with dementia. Shortly afterwards, she was admitted into a closed medical facility as her disease had deteriorated. Five months later, Helga passed away.

Over the course of these five months, I visited Helga often, spending quality time with her and documenting her daily life. I am grateful that I got to share so much time with my gran during her final weeks, doing all the things she loved most: playing card- and dice games, listening to her favorite singer Udo Jürgens, taking her out for walks in the park and having iced coffee in an Italian cafe. As time progressed, the dreadful effects of Helga’s illness, not only on herself but the rest of the family became apparent: My mom, Nicoletta, and I were trying hard to cope with the situation, feeling incredibly powerless and paralyzed.

Holding onto my camera gave me the strength and a certain distance to face the tragic reality of her horrible disease. The moment I put my camera aside, the pain would hit me with force: There was nothing I could do to help Helga. All I could do was to be by her side, hold her hand, and helplessly watch her once so witty spirit disappear and her body wither away.

When Helga passed away in October 2015 I was heartbroken, yet I also felt relief. Relieved because she didn’t have to suffer any longer. Relieved because she still recognized Nicoletta and I until the end. I was smiling through my tears, because I knew that she was resting in peace, freed from this awful disease.

This body of work is a tribute to my grandmother, whose grace and courage never seized to amaze and inspire me.

This essay was Shortlisted for the EPF 2016





Nadja Wohlleben is a German documentary photographer and cultural anthropologist. A careful play of documentation and artistry, Nadja’s work focuses on concepts of femininity, power and identity. Portraying people from diverse cultural backgrounds, she documents their stories through her imagery in an authentic, intimate and aesthetic style. With a keen eye for detail, Nadja’s photography brings humanity to the foreground. Nadja holds an MA in Photojournalism from University of Westminster in London. Her work gained international recognition through photo contests such as the International Photography Awards, FotoVisura Photography Grant, or Moskow International Foto Awards.

Wohlleben is based in Berlin.


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Nadja Wohlleben


Photo by Argus Paul


Argus Paul, with the photograph above,  has won the small collector print that we offered via Instagram. Second place prize, one of my seasoned camera bags goes to Zlatko Vickovic, Diane Durongpisitkul, and Carlo Pirrognelli….Yes, three second prizes…Lots of good work in 24 hours I think. 

(Winners: Please email with your address so she can send out your prizes.)

This was a one time 24 hour shoot for this audience off my Instagram account. All of these pictures were made on December 20-21, 2016. 

I often like to see what photographers can do with a time limit. Such was the case here. Time limits are not everything of course, yet if you have an eye, you have an eye. That is all it takes. Not travel, not place, not anything but an eye.  Also for those wanting to go the pro route, then producing “on demand” is the name of the game…

We will have a few more things coming up this year to give everyone in this audience a chance to be in the BURN X book coming up to celebrate our 10th anniversary.





Blue dance

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Day 10 | @gbiprz from Puerto Rico One more for you Burn! We are still out here on a boat in the middle of the ocean. The music is good and people are dancing.

Last post from PR

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Day 10 | @gbiprz from Puerto Rico Cheers burn! This is my last post for you. There is nothing more special than saying hello to you all from the middle of the ocean!! A huge thank you to the @burnmag team for allowing me to share snippets of my life with its followers! Thank you all!!


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Day 9 | @gbiprz from Puerto Rico #artejangueo at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. In this image, artists Bianca Montoya and surfboard shaper Ricky Muñíz; collaborators for this project. He shapes, she paints.