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iPhone image by @josephmlopez #4thavenue #14thstreet #nyc #winter #pedestrians #stroller #crosswalk #street #child

Bryant Park

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iPhone image by @josephmlopez #first #women #monument #JosephineShawLowell #bryantpark #ice #nyc #night

Winter wear

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iPhone image by Joseph Michael Lopez @josephmlopez #broadway #33rdstreet #nyc #winterwear #pedestrian #street #kinetic #relationships #night


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iPhone image by Joseph Michael Lopez @josephmlopez #unionsquare #nyc #winter #cold #human #street


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iPhone image by Joseph Michael Lopez @josephmlopez #night #broadway #40thstreet #nyc #winter #pedestrians #street #steampipes #kinetic


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iPhone image by Joseph Michael Lopez @josephmlopez #ode to #chrismarker #6thavenue #storefront #window #nyc #cats #winter #relationships #street


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iPhone image by Joseph Michael Lopez @josephmlopez #madisonave #nyc #winter #relationships #street

Hello from NYC

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Hello! @burndiary followers this is my first post from New York City.This is Joseph Michael Lopez @josephmlopezI am a Cuban-Puerto Rican #NYC born photographer. I currently spend my time on the streets building my long form projects and doing editorial work. My camera of choice has been an analog #Leica since 2002, but more recently I’ve been taking pictures with a square frame on my iPhone. I’m excited to share my personal report this week with you all!iPhone image by Joseph Michael Lopez @josephmlopez

Emerging Photographer Fund 2015

Emerging Photographer Fund 2015

Youth Denied: Young Migrants in Greece

Photo © Alessandro Penso, EPF 2014 Winner


Now is the time for some of you to start thinking about our Emerging Photographer Fund for 2015…

We will have at least $10,000. grant funding for an emerging photographer to finish a current project or begin a new one based on previous work.

Those of us on the Burn team are very proud to be able to support this grant for a photographer who might indeed be relatively unknown today, but will be an icon tomorrow.
An esteemed EPF Jury will be selected to choose the grant recipient.
We will announce the recipient at the LOOK 3 Festival of the Photograph in June of 2015….
The deadline for submission is May 1, 2015.
Please see our submissions page
I started this grant on my old Road Trips blog back in 2007 with my own money. Since then generous anonymous donors to Burn through the Magnum Foundation have kept the EPF alive and flourishing.
Please take a close look at your own work. Think body of work and/or narrative. Your work may be of either journalistic or artistic imperative. We are simply looking for serious work of any type where funding would help in the completion of this work. Authorship is the key.


Call for submissions


The Emerging Photographer Fund 2015 is now open for submissions!

The deadline for entry is May 1st, 2015 (6pm PST)

The winner will receive $10,000
and other awards will be announced soon.

Enter here!


More information here:

Last post from South Sudan

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A shot from tonight’s evening clinic. South Sudan is one of the world’s youngest and most volatile countries, yet I’ve found myself immersed in a place where the people work together night and day to maintain peace and provide healthcare, food and shelter for those who need it most. Thank you to Dr. Jill Seaman who invited me to visit Old Fangak and witness the great work you do here. #southsudanmedicalrelief www.sudanmedicalrelief.orgThis is my last post for @burndiary from South Sudan – thanks for following along and thank you to @davidalanharvey and @diegorlando for hosting me. Photo by Katie Basile @basilekatie


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At night we always have a headlamp on. Mainly so we don’t bump into any unsuspecting critters. Here is Gatkuor, by the light of my headlamp. His leg was amputated after he suffered a snake bite. I see him several times a day on the clinic compound and he is healing well. Photo by Katie Basile @basilekatie #southsudanmedicalrelief

giulio di sturco – ganges death of a river

Emerging Photographer Fund – 2014 Shortlist


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Giulio Di Sturco

Ganges, Death of a River

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“The Ganges is a prime example of the unresolved contradiction between man and the environment. The Ganges is a river intimately connected with every aspect of Indian life. It is a source of water, energy and livelihood for millions of people who live along the banks of this river, thanks to the fertile lands flushing, provides food to more than one-third of the Indian population. Its ecosystem also includes one of the most numerous and varied animal and plant species. Despite what today is one of the most polluted rivers in the world because of toxic waste every day flock to the factories in its waters, damaging human health and the environment that surrounds him convulsing.”
What will happen tomorrow? Is the Ganges destined to die under the blows of humanity or can we believe that anything will change?

The last Chapters of the project will be:

1) Bangladesh: life along the Ganges as the construction of new dams along the river continues to upset the balance of the lives of people who live along the waters.

2) The Ganges Delta and Sundarbans: documenting the consequences of the rising of sea level and the simultaneous drying of the waters of the river itself.

3) Solutions: the World Bank has just set up a fund to be used for the “cleaning” of the river Ganges. I will show what has been done and what is being done to save the river and the solutions to the problem of pollution of this sacred river.



Giulio Di Sturco (b.1979 Italy) studied at the European Institute of Design and Visual Arts in Rome. In 2007 he moved to India where his spent the next five years refining his visual vocabulary, working in close collaboration with Greenpeace, MSF, WHO and Action Aid throughout much of Asia and Africa. In 2009 Giulio joined the VII Mentor Program. His awards include a World Press Photo first prize, as well as first prizes in the Sony Photography Awards, and the British Journal of Photography International Photography Awards among others. Giulio is currently represented by Getty Reportage and is a regular contributor to The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Sunday Times Magazine, Geo and Financial Times among other publications. He based in Bangkok and continues to work throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Much of his personal work focuses on human adversity in climates of environmental and technological evolution.


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Coffee in the Morning Light

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Coffee in the soft morning light before the world really heats up. To the right is our sophisticated plumbing system. Old Fangak has fresh water from wells drilled by the Alaska Sudan Medical Project. Water is hauled from the wells to homes primarily by women and girls.

Ladies of Old Fangak

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The beautiful ladies of Old Fangak. #southsudan #southsudanmedicalrelief photo by Katie Basile @basilekatie

James Wuar

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Another walkabout with my guide and translator James Wuar. Today we trekked to nearby villages and interviewed Nuer people who have been forced from their homes by war. The walk was a combination of swamps and dry cracked earth. @basilekatie photo by Katie Basile


And here are the fine ladies we spent the day with. Nuer dancing is playful, aggressive and beautiful. Photo by Katie Basile @basilekatie

And here are the fine ladies we spent the day with. Nuer dancing is playful, aggressive and beautiful. Photo by Katie Basile @basilekatie

On the street in Old Fangak

On the street in Old Fangak after a full day of Nuer dancing at the Women's Center. A good day. Photo by Katie Basile @basilekatie  #southsudan

On the street in Old Fangak after a full day of Nuer dancing at the Women’s Center. A good day. Photo by Katie Basile @basilekatie #southsudan