Owen Alan Harvey

I’m guessing that everyone in this audience feels they spend half their life on the computer and the phone. I know I do, and I’m traveling around shooting all the time. 90% of my computer time is spent looking at pictures, yet still I must force myself to walk away and get on my bike or take a hike. My relationships are often on Skype or FaceTime as well, so about a year ago I started shooting my screens. Portraits. The subject controls the camera of course, so my only job is to coax a bit. My good nephew Seth, and his bride of one year Ahlam, have been subjects of my IG stream many times. Now, as of 4 days ago, along comes little Owen Alan Harvey born at home in Beverly, Mass, with the aid of two midwives and a tub of warm water. Sounds perfect to me. Owen is the first boy in our family for 35 years. That last boy was Seth, now a pro pilot. Seems not so long ago I was looking at Seth as an infant. So life moves too damned fast and I must capture it as I can. Screenshots are better than no shots. Welcome Owen to your Harvey clan heritage where the only rule is to just be who you are! I have no doubt that with parents like Ahlam and Seth you will be all that you can be. 🎈

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