I’ve had more than a few adventures the last 5 weeks shooting/mentoring in Cuba and Puerto Rico, then ending with seminars in the U.K. Yet nothing beats coming home to this. Wizards of social media tell me I shouldn’t put my sentimental family pictures on my IG. Yet I can’t help it. Those of you who track me here well know I’ve had some great muses for my BeachGames work, yet sweet Lyla,3, just has to be my top model of all. Mom Michelle and dad Bryan have a bundle of energy and creativity and intelligence on their hands. They have big responsibilities. I have the incredible luxury of simply observing. Travel to exotic places is of course exhilarating, but my front porch is as far as I need to go for a bit. Birds sing, the afternoon light warms, and Lyla’s laugh goes straight to my heart, remembered now forever.

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