“I survived the Vietnam War without getting shot. I was a medic. So I come back home to Louisville and some punk kid shoots me in the back” says Richard whose wife Bonnie shows me the bullet hole entry. Ironically Richard is the key subject in one of the most famous of Life Magazine Vietnam War photos by John Olson during the Tet Offensive of Richard tending to a dying soldier. “I hated school so I joined the Marines after the 10th grade and went to war” says Richard. Like many vets, Richard’s life went awry after the war .He served 3 years in prison for multiple drunk driving charges before meeting Bonnie his wife of 28 years. “I stole her from another man she was married to who wasn’t treating her right. Went up to his house and just put her in the car and drove away”. ‪#‎postcardsfromamerica‬ ‪#‎magnumphotos‬ ‪#‎monochrom‬

2 thoughts on “Richard and Bonnie”

  1. I always think that there should be different rules for ex military folks. We ask them to do terrible things then come home and be normal.

  2. HHarry

    yes exactly…i am anti war in general…at the very same time i am for taking care of those who were forced to serve in combat….talking to vets as i have been doing lately, and you end up feeling really bad for them…

    cheers, david

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