Orange Peels


Breakfast with Miju Lim produced this spontaneous “art object” . This is how she peeled her tangerine. Eastern art is Eastern art. Gotta love it. Miju is my fixer/translator now on Jeju Island, S Korea where I have a one month commission through Magnum and the Arts Council of Jeju to produce a b&w book and exhibit on the Haenyeo.. the women shellfish divers. A dying breed.

3 Responses to “Orange Peels”

  • DAVID,

    This is only maybe the third time in our roughly one decade of virtual acquaintance that I can honestly confess being totally envious of your situation… hope you enjoy it as much as I would!


    i will do my best…it is a great story….it’s funny , i did think about you when i got this commission….knowing this is your territory….shooting b&w…..these women are amazing….wishing you all best as always

    cheers, david

  • David; not having a camera crew following you around must make it easier to shoot this time! :-)

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