Venice #4


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  • Ahh, I would love to be there! I hope all is going well and everyone is growing :)

  • This one rises to the portfolio level.

  • Ponte dell’academia. One of my favorites, Da Vinci’s drawings are a few meters in a building to the right… If Leonardo would be still alive, with no doubt he would be a great photographer :-P

    @DAVId: Your name has the same first four letters of Renacimiento master: DAVInci!

    Love you all

  • Never been there, but with all the rain we’ve had on the outer banks, highway 12 looks just like the canals of Venice.

    By the way David, nice shot.
    For what it’s worth, I posted some pictures of you on my blog.

  • I don’t know how you do it…


    nice to see you here Sidney….i might have a trip again soonest to Seattle, so i am still hoping we can meet….i know you are quite a way up the road so to speak, but we can find a way…

    cheers, david


    no doubt Leonardo would be a great photographer…he was good at almost everything he touched…


    hi Mike, i am on my way home tomorrow…so let’s see if we can get together….i did not know there had been so much rain obx…for me the rain means plants get water, but it sounds like this has been a bit more than usual…all my best to Denise and to you…


    me neither…..


    we had a really nice workshop in Venice….that was my first time to do one there, and i will most likely do one again at some point….

    cheers, david

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