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This photo is from a long time ago when my office at NatGeo became a famous mess. My work space is always a mess. Yet somehow miraculously I have managed to hang on to all my work. Not organized in a linear way but at least still around.See my latest Photo Tip #11 YouTube link on my Instagram profile and on FB. Keep your eye on the prize

8 thoughts on “A Famous Mess”

  1. You make me feel a just a little better about myself, I write as I sit here amidst photographic and all sorts of other clutter, toys, cats, HO trains, model plane, swimming fish…


    Hey, I remember this meticulously messy space…and I remember always feeling at home in there. Love burn David, it’s perfect. Kate

  3. Well my room or “studio” as I like to call it is probably right now in the exactly same mess. I know where everything is, even though every 10 days I give in to my wife’s complaints and give it a thorough spring clean and find a long lost negative, book or slide.


    so so nice to hear from you … i am so so far behind in your life…never better times than the times with you….

    big hugs, big love, david

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