Promises. From new project Beach Games. Rio

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  • Nice shot. Getting up to the favelas any?

  • …doesn’t matter if they are fulfilled well or not, but are moments you can’t prescind from.

    It seems you’re sitting in the sand right there with them, very very very close!

    …I can tell that one of my first experiences in your workshop was when you said to me: Eduardo, you see that couple? Take the picture! …i felt that as a very violent and unexpected freakish thing to do at that occasion- specially in a place of quiet, conservative, kind, respectful, modest people and with all a history of any levels of abuse like Oaxaca – like kind of one of the worst possible karma to your pics was disrupting a couple of teenagers, like the last thing you’d like to do was to screw up that moment in life of anyone and for no -at least apparent- reason at all…
    Now i think i can say that at that instant i wasn’t understanding at all what photography is really about. It’s not taking, but giving. It is the same verb of confusion in Spanish for photos, to take: ‘tomar’. But it is not robbing someone in particular something, it is much more a recognition of what clay we all are made of in a way. I’ve met in my whole life only one person that said has never felt attracted by another person as the rest of us do…

  • david – i have a photographer friend in rio who would like to join you all on friday – where will the rooftop event be held?

    (he has also contacted you through Facebook)

    hope all is very well with you.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    to “tomar” or not to “tomar”…

    I guess YOU,my Photophilosophers …you have to find your balance…

    seize the moment and “tomar”…IMO


  • well civi, “tomar” is also to drink in spanish you know… so from that point of view: Cheers!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ah, EDUARDO…ah…

    My Spanish are very strong,hihiii,especially after “tomar” 2 bottles of wine…hiihii


  • eduardo, if you’re around I would love to hear more about this lesson!

    In what way is it giving? I feel like I’m close to understanding, but I’m still at the point where I feel like the unsuspecting subject will feel stolen upon! I understand that honest and direct intent is important and makes a difference, and I understand how it gives to ‘the world’, but for the people in the private moment … what is given to them? Or am I missing something?

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