Michelle is gonna have a baby. Like soon. Like forecast for Christmas Day. I got $20.on a birth time Dec 23rd at 10pm in the family illegal gambling pool…My son Bryan is the dad which makes me the granddad, an idea i hv yet to fully grasp. Of course Michelle is always my #1 model. Yet never more than now.

7 thoughts on “Michelle”

  1. Congratulations, David. So very special

    Interesting that I should check this site today. I was just talking to my daughter about photographing her this week.
    She is expecting her first baby–my first grandchild–on December 30.

    I love the photograph of Michelle.
    Simple and elegant. I want to make a nice image of my daughter–I am so glad that I saw your image first–not to copy but to inspire.

  2. a civilian-mass audience


    wow,another BURNIAN…time to update my lists :)))

    P.S…tech talk…use of “light” during the delivery…wow

  3. a civilian-mass audience

    are we there yet?!!!

    MICHELLE …as my fellow Grecolandias say :

    “may the baby comes out with just one pain”

    my translation= embrace for a roller coaster…hihiiihiii


    P.S…the package is still here…oime:((((((((((

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