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  1. I saw this and immediately went to click the “Like” button. There wasn’t a button – thank goodness! Very telling and aptly titled photo.

    I’m not sure where this should go, but in the latter part of August I was contacted by Newsweek/Daily Beast who wanted to use photos I had posted on my blog of the Apache/Navajo chef, son of the late Navajo artist, cartoonist, poet, song-writer and performer Vincent Craig, my best friend from my pre-Alaska days and in so many ways of all time. Right after that I left for Cross Island and forgot about it until this morning. Then I checked to see if by chance it had been published and it had. The thing that pleases me the most about his is that ever since I posted my blog story, it has helped Nephi gain an ever-increasing amount of national attention, although, being the artist he is, I am certain he would have gained that attention anyway. Still, it’s nice to have helped move the process along.


  2. a civilian-mass audience

    Go FROSTY…you are a “fighter”

    ANDREWB is right…We love to like !!!

    ATTN: HERVE …this is not facebook,there is no “like” to push and PANOS is not in the pic :)))

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