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Snapshots of friends and family have always been one of my loves. Here from the Look3 photo fest are Kathy Ryan, Director of Photography, NYTimes Magazine; Scott Thode, Visuals Editor of E.O. Wilson’s “Life On Earth”; and their daughter Sylvie who I photographed as a baby.

Soon on Burn Magazine I will be doing a series on couples in the magazine biz. There are quite a few of note. Kathy also rips it everyday on Instagram with her incisive photos from the NYTimes office @kathyryan1

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  • David, I see you are using your forced holidays well :)

    It seems there’s some vignetting in the shots, is that your camera or lens, or did you light the shots somehow?

  • I love looking at contact sheets; it’s always interesting to see the thought progression that’s going on. A while ago I bought the extended version of Robert Frank’s “The Americans”. It’s a big book that also has a large section of Frank’s contact sheets. When I get a bit of spare cash Moriyama’s “Labyrinth”; a book of his contact sheets will be on the shopping list….

  • Brilliant, contact sheets!! Best way to study and sometimes understand a photographers style. Hmm like most people with medium format you seem to be a little more static, everything slows down especially if a tripod wa used. There’s quite a separation between you and the subjects at least compared to your usual style but you slowly, little by little got nearer but never quite the Harvey way. Could be also because 6×7 is such a large slice of film, cropping isn’t of much significance when it comes to print quality.

  • EVA

    this is with the Voightlander Bessa and with the lens wide open, there is some vignetting but it is a bit more exaggerated in this repro than in the original negs…


    for sure i am most tempted to pull back with medium format…i can move in close and relatively fast and get moments with either my Mamiya or this Voightlander ..if you see this whole series you will definitely see some of the more “harvey way” work…changing cameras does clearly change not the way you see but the way you “look”…however, i feel more in a “landscape” mode or mood when the camera is on a tripod…and also with this family series i want the pictures to be very snapshot and not trying too hard to be “good pictures”


    agree…i like contact sheets most often more than the chosen picture!!

  • David…

    Do you often use flash with medium format or just keep the lens wide open?

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