West wind


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  • Reminds me of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings…

  • PAUL

    sorry we will miss you in London…

    oh yes, Andrew Wyeth…well i spent a lot of time with him for a b&w essay for NatGeo a long time ago….surely a dynamic, quixotic, and childlike playful man…not a man with a world view…he really never left home….he painted literally his backyard the whole time…either in Pennsylvania or Maine in summer….his father N.C. Wyeth, a well known illustrator, pushed his children all to become painters…only Andrew really succeeded at this as did his son Jamie….Andrew’s neighbor Helga became his muse and these paintings i think now his most valuable….his wife Betsey was his business manager and for sure she made the most of his artistic “affair” with Helga…whether one does or does not like Wyeth work is simply personal taste, but for sure he had authorship and painted what was close to him….always the mark of a real artist…

    cheers, david

  • an indirect reference to magic realism with comparisons to Wyeth….one of my favs, I seem to see a trend here….


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