Hasidic Orthodox wedding, Williamsburg, New York

The landlord of my building, his wife, and last daughter to be married. This will be part of my “Off For A Family Drive” series, shot with medium format film.

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  • If you don´t know it´s a wedding, it seems another kind of ceremony, for the gesture of the mother, the face covered by the veil,…
    David, I´m used to see your pictures in color. Why have you decided to do this ones in B&W?

  • Isn’t this the second or third daughter’s wedding you’ve done? Your landlord must trust you.

  • i’m very intrigued by that veil and the suggestion of exotic rituals and customs i know nothing about. The rest of the photo isn´t saying much to me. There´s the veil and there´s the mother–not sure what she´s doing..crying? scratching an itch? Would like to see more from the series.


  • a civilian-mass audience

    Body language gives me signals…stressful event :)))
    marriage is one of them …I guess,I have no personal experience…

    ” a picture says a thousand words”…we might never figure this out :)))))))))))))

    I love you ALLLLLL…we are ALLLL One(IMO).


    this series is about 50/50 b&w and color….i shoot a lot of b&w…less known of course because few print magazines publish b&w….all of my earliest work is in b&w and you will soon see a re issuing of my first book Tell It Like It Is which is all b&w….right now in my camera is TriX….


    i was granted all access to this Satmar wedding which was an amazing privilege…still the conditions were “stiff” by my standards..mother mostly hiding here…..in any case, to see the rest of this wedding we must all wait for Off For A Family Drive which maybe maybe can be out by next spring….trying

  • Quiet here lately….

    So…who’s going to LOOK3?

    Good light, all,

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