Sunset sandlot cricket match ends in Al Satwa neighborhood. After one month in Dubai I could not help but be fascinated by the confluence of business and culture here in the Emirates.

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  • wow..not even one female around… ?
    what kind of fun is this????

  • not even a small black dog? like Lola size??? geez


    well all the cricket games i have seen have been men only….i am sure there are exceptions, but i did not see any in Dubai….the only women on this open field were the two women i brought with me…students…who were shooting as well….generally local women tend to be camera shy as is the custom in these parts….and if a woman complains to her husband of having her picture taken, and her husband then complains to the police, well off you go…so, in this case, i am happy for an all male field of dreams….

    cheers, david

  • oh i hear you i hear you…
    it just me personally, cant fathom life around so many guys…i’d get seriously depressed

  • either way…visually i love this photo…
    pure symbolic..
    men and phallic symbols in background…
    i love this photo because it SCARES me somehow… hmm i dont know..
    just letting the subconscious speak

  • Some colorful glowing buildings in that shot!
    David, you’ve been gone a while.
    So there’s some catching up to do.
    Best to you and yours. Tell everyone hi for us.

  • Nice parallels between the men and the massive skyscrapers in the background. Both seem a little haphazard.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    …not even one chicken around?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    not even one bottle of ouzo..?…

    it “feels” like Las Vegas without casinos…:)))

    P.S…oh,sweet light!!!

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