Amanda and Edith



I pretty much never leave home when I am home. From world traveler to stay at home recluse shut in is pretty much the way it is. Well I do have a lot of company. Mostly locals. Locals who do not come to see me because they want a portfolio review. Just my friends here who I just like.

Our family knew Amanda, above, before she married Scooter, who is absent from this picture because he is Scooter. On time? Are you joking? Never. Just because he has a new baby girl, Edith, does not mean he has been re wired. Amanda says goodbye to me in this photo. On her way home. Scooter went home without telling her. Hmmmm, bad boy. He did not mean to make a mistake, but of course he made a mistake. I love watching this stuff from a distance… :)

Scooter I have known since he was a kid in Richmond, Virginia. Grew up with Bryan, surfed around the world with Bryan, and they have been buddies ever since. Scooter shapes surf boards, can build any damn thing, and sails the Bahamas when he is in the mood. He has never had a “job” but has never been without a job of one kind or another. The boy is multi talented. He will be a great dad. 100%. Amanda might wish her surfer boy would be more on time, but alas well you know.

Scooter met Amanda at my son Erin’s wedding, so they have been together for I guess 10 years. My guess is that they will be together forever. Both scratching their head about the other, both a perfect match.

Little Edith proves it.

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