Lunch in Rodanthe

lunch in rodanthe

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  • a civilian-mass audience

    lunch and dinner and souvlakia and kalamaria and olives with sardines…!!!

    What about lunch with Rodanthe…Greek name : rodo and anthos…

    We are ALL Greeks!!!

    I love You ALLLLL…!!!

  • Mysterious figure at the back… Big Dog… ;-)


    mystery is what i am going for on my new series….

  • That would be my friend Steve Midgett in the background.
    He’s a retired commercial fisherman, and all around great guy.
    End of mystery…


    hey Mike, well there is always a bit of mystery in Rodanthe even if you know the players….a unique spot on the planet…and of course with my newest set of pictures i am trying to create a mystery in the pictures even though there may be no real mystery…i am really interested in fiction….what i like about fiction is that it is honest….labeled FICTION….as you know, some of the “truth tellers” speak with forked tongue….i always figured that fiction writers were actually telling the “truth”, just in an interesting way…

    it was great to see Denise and you the other day….always the big warm….

    cheers, david

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