Beach Dog

down here in the Outer Banks beach dogs rule… nobody cares what kind of car you drive as much as do you have a cool beach dog.. i mean a value system is a value system…oh i am not even in the game.. no dog .. i am a wannabe beach dog can’t always get what you want.

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  • you have cats! nuff said…..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “The cat is the mirror of his human’s mind…the dog mirrors his human’s physical appearance.”

    aha,MR.HARVEY…we are looking for a large dog:)))))))))))))

    ok,MY BURNIANS,first we had the cats,then the dogs…what about the chickens?
    when will be my time to shine?I am waiting patiently…hmmm

  • a civilian-mass audience

    proofreading …not my strong point:)))))))))))

    ok,back to dog talk…!

  • wait a minute! i know this dog!

  • So beach cats aren’t a thing David?


  • Paul, cool, but I’m pretty sure they never touched Route 66. Too bad. I would have liked to have seen a few shots from Radiator Springs.

  • PAUL

    many thanks for your support…card sent from Vegas just after coming off of Route 66, contrary to what MW thinks..we will publish soonest a mini portfolio of this first segment and a map showing our exact route..and a mini movie as well…Family Drive will go the meantime i am in Paris, where we met, checking out the scene at Paris Photo…our (based on a true story) is short listed for Best Book of ten out of 600 books considered for was exactly one year ago that i went down to shoot that book…hmmm, i think i need some sleep…


    sorry no Radiator Springs, but we did publish here a picture or two from Route 66…we shot mostly in Williams after visiting the Grand Canyon…still downloading cards…it will all come forth, it will all come forth…

  • Sorry, my bad. Forgetting my geography.

  • David…
    Oh Paris what a beautiful city! Meeting you, Eva, John Gladdy, Framers Intent, Diego Orlando, Anton and all the Magnum gang in Paris was a marvelous experience. For some seeing the Olympics live or the World Cup football final and in my case it was Paris Magnum party.
    BTW please give an enormous hug and kiss to Eva on my behalf and tell her I miss her lot, I’ve been so busy working and spending every free second working on my photo project. Time just slips past, but I can’t wait to show you both my latest stuff when I finally feel it’s ready.

  • Dogs: frat parties, golf shirts, beer, ADHD

    beat poems
    Miles Davis

  • I´ve received your postcard from “Four Corners”. Very exciting, really.
    Thanks again!

  • Like the picture of the dog, btw. And though I usually agree with Kircher, he’s way off base with that shit. Plenty of cool dogs. Beat Poems may be cats, but Beat writers and their buddies (think Neil Cassady) were more like dogs. Or Henry Miller. And so on.


    well i am not going to get into it in a war between cats and dogs…always had a dog growing up, the family cat belonged to my sister, and cats only literally walked into my life recently…if you need constant unconditional love every time all the time, then dogs are it…and they DO things…they are workers….cats are to study, to watch, to ponder, and are the only domestic animals who chose to be so..cats are still wild animals..they just know where to hang….

    all i know for sure is that my cat and dog pictures on instagram and FB etc far and away outstrip my pictures of anything else in sheer popularity…well, put a cat in a photo along with a young woman and well THAT is the key to “popular” and “likes”…Elliott Erwitt, a very pragmatic man, figured this out years ago…he realized way back before the social media came along that if he wanted his serious work taken seriously he would get an entire audience into his gallery just with the dog pictures alone…then maybe sell a “serious” picture as well after he had this dog loving audience in his grasp….

    movie makers also know for sure that humans can die in the most horrific ways on camera…a man killing in cold blood another man, and well we accept that…try killing a dog in a movie…won’t happen..script writer fired for even thinking such a thing….

    cheers, david

  • I have known and loved many dogs. The above comment was a simple free association. My life-long impression of both creatures. Really depends on the owner. And as the kids say nowadays, YMMV.

    Oh and Neal Cassady was a bit of a douche, MW. ;^}

  • Spielberg had the T.Rex eat the dog in Jurassic Park and the shark got one in Jaws, but then if you’re Spielberg you can get away with killing Fido.

  • try killing a dog in a movie…won’t happen..script writer fired for even thinking such a thing….

    Generally true, no doubt, but you obviously haven’t seen “Amores Perros.” Great movie. Lots of dead dogs.

  • I thought that was a goat in Jurrassic Park?

  • Killing a goat doesn’t offend the sensibilities as much as killing a dog does, especially nowadays when Hollywood is so dependent on the foreign market. No one in a Jamaican movie theater is going to scream, omigod, the dino just ate the family goat, not when most of the audience is chowing down on goat themselves.

  • I agree with Carlo and really think Civi is onto something.

    Get yourself some beach chickens, David.

    You and hey will have lots of fun wandering about in the sand.

    You will soon find yourself fluttering about in the midst of a bunch of beach chicks, too.

  • it’s like that dog knew you were taking his picture.

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