11 thoughts on “yup that's a book on the wall..or rather the sketch of an outline for a book…Scotch tape and 20 cent copies are the beginning of any book i do.. leaving soonest across U.S. for Off For A Family Drive book project..Serendipity rules of course yet i eventually will hit this wall…join us on Burn Magazine /Road Trips if you want to see how i build this into a book…ha ha i have no idea how… yet”

  1. David…

    I think I saw a picture on the wall from “Tell it like it is”. Are you planning on visiting the same family 40 something years later?

  2. a civilian-mass audience

    magnetic paint…MAGIC WALL?

    magic,magnetic…masterpiece…What not to love!!!


    very nice picture…like it…we plan on visiting you of course…unless you decide to be out of town on purpose!! don’t worry, we will be low key…nobody gets hurt….looking forward….


    no magnetic wall in my loft…i tell everybody to do it, and i don’t do it…Scotch tape works..sort of

    cheers, david

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