Today is mostly a driving day. Supplies day.However, a few snapshots from our camp spot. One thing about this rv camping bit is that you are most likely to meet whomever is camped next to you. Meet Dan and Emma and Blanca. You will meet them again in a few hours. A nice young family. I think I  might have gotten my first good pictures with them. Stay tuned. Coming up next.

9 thoughts on “Neighborly”

  1. Our pets, in many cases, are part of our family. They also see us as substitutes for their own kind that they mostly don’t have around. So they engage in mock battles with biting and chasing etc. Engaging in those activities shows a loving family relationship between “owner” and “pet” since it blurs (and even temporarily reverses) that distinction.

    That image is a beautiful observation on family life in California and beyond.

  2. a civilian-mass audience


    “By mutual confidence and mutual aid – great deeds are done, and great discoveries made”

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