Four Corners. Navajo Reservation. I just…

Four Corners. Navajo Reservation. I just...
ate a Navajo dog wrapped in fry bread at sunset here where Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico meet on these tribal lands. Peace is the feeling in this land that seems to go forever.

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  • I know that peaceful feeling there, but that is anything but a peaceful land.

  • We may be way far north, but Navajo tacos, or Apache tacos, depending on who makes them – my wife or my daughter-in-law – most often, I suppose, Navapache tacos because they usually make them together, are frequent fare, here. They never put hot dogs in them, though.

    It is a peaceful land. Turmoil, as well as peace, can be found upon it.

  • The land is peaceful.. it’s the humans that are not.. it is beautiful, waste.. you can go on forever, mind soothing..

  • Yes you’re in the “zone”. Rare air…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    are you in Cuba???…hmmm…

  • I’ll stand by my statement. Most definitely not a peaceful land, though it has it’s moments. For the people aspect, the foundation book to read is Edward H. Spicer’s Cycles of Conquest. Bill, in particular, if you haven’t read it you should find a copy.

    Speaking of violent lands, or seas anyway, the tv is saying that Brooklyn is a disaster zone but the extent won’t be known until the sun comes up. We’ll see.

  • David,
    This posting reminded me of one of my family trips where I, my wife, and yound children were “escorted” out of the reservation in the Four Corners area by the Ute Mountain police. I was running low on gas and not knowing whether or not I could make it to the next town, pulled into the reservation and up to a gas pump. They were closed for the night and so I told the family we would sleep in the van and wait until they opened the next morning. I hadn’t been there long when the Ute reservation police told us we had to get off the reservation since they could not guarantee our safety that night, especially with a wild party going on nearby. Expressing my concerns regarding gas, they followed me all the way to the next town where I got gas, and they went in to the adjacent cafe for coffee and something to eat. Ah, yes, memories of family trips!

  • MW

    yes , Michael, how ironic the land itself is so soothing, and yet the history belies the feeling…..


    i can imagine this…alcohol is the real enemy here…enough said

  • I’m not trying to be argumentative, but my point is that the land is as violent and cruel and the people who have inhabited it over the centuries. Oh sure, it’s almost always peaceful when you drive from your air conditioned house in your air conditioned car to scenic lookout points. But if you spend much actual time out there, you’ll find the storms violent, the sun cruel, the winter nights freezing and the animals either poisonous or with big teeth or fangs that rend human flesh. For me, it’s even more beautiful for all that, but peaceful it is certainly not.

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