Big Sur early morn . ....
Hardly a more beautiful coastal road anywhere in the U.S….and perhaps fitting there is no Internet service along it.. we are moving now towards Santa Cruz and have much to post.. This shot with the GX1 #burnfamilydrive

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  1. Big Sur….

    So many personal magical and sometimes frightening memories, experiences, encounters, and epiphanies along this stretch of coast… my Big Sur days were mainly in 1966-67, though I went back for visits in the early 70s and early 90s… both the actual coast’s cliffs and the benches, and the narrow canyons down to the hidden beaches… and the hinterland, up in the chaparral and into the redwood stands, and the high open ridge tops with pines.. hard not to feel part of a deep mythical narrative in that country.

    Santa Cruz is also a place I know well from many visits going back to the 60s.. I saw how much the town was damaged from the big earthquake, and later in 1999 I lived for 8 months in a cabin in the redwood forests outside of town up in the hills of Bonny Doon… So I can easily picture the progress of La Tortuga through this landscape, and see in memory what you intrepid Tortugalleros are seeing today. Hope you find some good eats tonight!

  2. Done that coast up up to Vancouver, many years ago.. the best thing of the RV were the big front and side windows up in the front bed, spent many hours on my belly, listening to music and watching the landscape go by from a great perspective… was like a huge viewfinder..

    Beautiful picture up here!

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