East River


For those of you who will be in New York this coming Friday September 27th, I will be moderating a panel discussion along with BurnBooks editor Diego Orlando. on book publishing at the Photoville  exhibition space in Dumbo. Photoville is an exhibition space right on the East River. I made this photo above while perusing the exhibitions of a wide variety of photographers set up in metal ship containers. A unique location and alternative way of looking at pictures to be sure.

Panelists set for the 45 minute presentation will include Chris Boot, CEO of Aperture; Chris Capozziello, self publishing photographer (featured on Burn with his essay The Distance Between Us); Olga Yatskevich founder of 10×10 Photobooks; and Nina Pollari, publishing projects specialist Kickstarter.

The open air freestyle nature of Photoville I think puts everyone in a relaxed informal atmosphere, and really takes advantage of the New York waterfront in a unique way.

Please come and hang. We look forward to meeting you.



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8 thoughts on “East River”

  1. Amazing shot!

    The art spaces reminds me of what they do here in Miami pre-art Basel.
    They set up shipping containers to show art.
    Pretty cool and clever.

  2. I hate to lavish David in too much praise, but this photo is beyond good. It is beyond any adjective I can come up with. Too bad Voyager already left the solar system. This one should be on it.

  3. Bill…imho the photo would confuse aliens instead…if “they” think all girls wear red and have that look …they might accuse the photog for false advertisement …smiling…:)

  4. Perhaps, Panos – but since it will probably be a billion years or so before the aliens would have found it, they would have had a hard time pressing the case in court. Plus, maybe those aliens don’t even know about girls. Maybe they reproduce in ways we can’t even imagine. Maybe that’s why the girl in red would confuse them.

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