Irina Werning

Dear Long Hair

I search for them everywhere, I travel to forgotten towns

I put up signs

I organise long hair competitions

Till i find them



And i always ask them: why do you have long hair?

“because i like it, cause my dad looks after it…”

but the true reason is invisible

and passes from generation to generation

its the culture of Latin America,

where our ancestors believed that cutting hair was cutting life, that hair is the physical manifestation of our thoughts and our souls. 



Short Bio

Irina grew up in Buenos Aires. She studied a BA in Economics and an MA in History. She began to travel in Asia and Middle East and ended up in London where she studied an MA in Photojournalism and lived for 7 years. She’s now back in Buenos Aires and focuses on personal long term projects. She loves to build sets and invent stages for her subjects. She can spend hours in a tool shop. 


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