Tomasz Laczny


Artist Statement

The feeling of loss and longing are the main theme of autobiographical photobook of Tomasz Laczny who based his story on his own experiences while gradually losing the contact with his children after divorce. Tomasz Laczny guides the viewer through a dream world built of autobiographical and fictional elements. Composed with elements of joy, sadness, humor, melancholy and sometimes horror with expressionistic twist the author creates the world where questioned are issues of identity belonging and connections.


Tomasz Laczny was born in Poland, studied art, design and philosophy. In his works he deals with complex issues of identity,belonging and connection. He is interested in creating photo books mainly. He published a photobook “40” about refugee camps and conflict in Western Sahara which received honorable mention in 2016 DummyAward Kassel competition. He is currently working on his next photobook “Disappearance”. He lives and works in London.

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Tomasz Laczny