Hole, Coober Pedy, Australia. – © Antoine Bruy


The Emerging Photographer Fund 2017


Hole, Coober Pedy, Australia.

Antoine Bruy

Outback Mythologies

EPF 2017 WINNER – $10,000

Everything starts about hundred years, in 1915, when the New Colorado Gold Prospecting Syndicate, consisting of a Mr. Jim Hutchison, his 14 years old son William and two other men had been unsuccessfully prospecting for gold out in the middle of nowhere in South Australia. The young Willie had been left in camp to look after their supplies but disobeyed orders and wandered off to search for water around the foothills of a nearby range. There was a degree of apprehension among the men when he failed to turn up after dark. But a short time later, he strode into camp with a grin on his face. Over his shoulder was slung a sugar bag full of opal. The catalyst for the existence of the future town of Coober Pedy had been discovered.



Honorable Mentions:


My brother Milan and his youngest daughter. My grandmother had lost two brothers in the war. As a child I listened to her stories, saw her grief and was always scared my brother would not come back. Many years later one of my biggest horrors would become reality. He died of sudden cardiac death in September 2016.

Sarah Pabst – Zukunft




"The squad of nine killed and eight wounded.? Most of the voluntary soldiers during the first months of the war were not registered. Therefore it is hard to estimate the actual number of deaths and injuries. Collage on picture from the mobile phone's archive of one soldier. 2015, Ukraine.

Wiktoria Wojciechowska – Sparks




Emerging Photographer Fund 2017 – Finalists:

(in alphabetical order)

Elena Anosova
Antoine Bruy
Matt Eich
Marta Giaccone
Mariya Kozhanova
Sebastian Liste
Sarah Pabst
Michele Palazzi
Alexey Shlyk
Mayumi Suzuki
Mario Wezel
Wiktoria Wojciechowska





The EPF FujiFilm/Young Talent Award 2017


Aleksey Kondratyev

Ice Fishers




FujiFilm/Young Talent Award 2017 – Runners up:

(each win a FujiFilm camera)

Caleb Stein – Down by the Hudson

Neha Hirve – Full Shade / Half Sun

Lily Zoumpouli – Selinophilia

Ian Hananto – Futile

Jeroen Bocken – The Celebrated Remedy for the Cure of Disorder



FujiFilm/Young Talent Award 2017 – Finalists:

(in alphabetical order)

Jeroen Bocken
Karim El Maktafi
Jordan Gale
Ian Hananto
Neha Hirve
Joel Karppanen
Aleksey Kondratyev
Manon Lanjouère
Sigurður Páll Pálsson
Caleb Stein
Lily Zoumpouli



The full essays of the winners and finalists will be published here on BURN over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!



Emerging Photographer Fund 2017 – Judges:

(in alphabetical order)


Alessia Glaviano | Senior Photo Editor, Vogue Italia

Wayne Lawrence | Photographer

Newsha Tavakolian | Photographer, Magnum Photos

Teun van der Heijden | Photobook Designer, Heijdens Karwij

James Wellford | Senior Photo Editor, National Geographic





Previous EPF Winners


The 2008 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to
Sean Gallagher for his essay on the environmental Desertification of China.

The 2009 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to
Alejandro Chaskielberg for his 8×10 format essay on the Parana River Delta ‘The High Tide’.

The 2010 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to
Davide Monteleone for his essay ‘Northern Caucasus’.

The 2011 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to
Irina Werning for her essay ‘Back to the Future’.

In 2012 three Emerging Photographer Fund grants were awarded:
one major to Matt Lutton for his essay ‘Only Unity’ and
two minors to Giovanni Cocco for his essay ‘Monia’ and to Simona Ghizzoni for her essay ‘Afterdark’.

In 2013 four Emerging Photographer Fund grants were awarded:
one major to Diana Markosian for her essay ‘My Father The Stranger’ and
three minors to: Iveta Vaivode for her essay ‘Somewhere on Disappearing Path’,
Oksana Yushko for her essay ‘Balklava: The Lost History’ and
Maciej Pisuk for his essay ‘Under The Skin; Photographs From Brzeska Street’.

In 2014 two Emerging Photographer Fund grants were awarded:
one major to Alessandro Penso for his essay ‘Lost Generation’ and
one minor to: Birte Kaufmann for her essay ‘The Travelers’.

In 2015 the Emerging Photographer Fund was awarded to Danila Tkachenko for ‘Restricted Areas’, and
the FujiFilm Young Talent Award to Sofia Valiente for ‘Miracle Village’.

In 2016 the Emerging Photographer Fund was awarded to Annie Flanagan for ‘Deafening Sound’, and
the FujiFilm Young Talent Award to Aleksander Raczynski for ‘Views’



Editor’s note:


I cannot express my thanks enough to Alessia, Newsha, Teun, Jamie and Wayne. They worked together to finely tune their choices, looked at the finalists from every angle and awarded the EPF grants to the photographers they felt most deserving. Of course, once it got down to the finalists, choices became extremely difficult, but that is a given… and they did an admirable job. Thank you.


A heart felt thank you also to Fujifilm for making it possible for the EPF to keep focus on the future generations, the young ones, the ones with a vision already making a mark now… and just might make another jump soon…




Burn Magazine revolves around the EPF. Our most important curatorial contribution
to the oftentimes chaotic landscape of photography today. By choosing a jury whose lifetimes have been spent in looking
at photographs and making photographs, we try to give our Burn readers a distilled version of the best work of all that
flows before their eyes everyday.


Most importantly our mission is to give recognition to the finest emerging authors out there and to provide some funding to at least
a few to keep going and to continue making a mark. Our previous winners prove this is not in vain.


Many thanks especially to my EPF team Anton Kusters, Diego Orlando, and Francesca Gennari.
First off, they must deal with me!! Never easy. In all seriousness, they all show amazing dedication to the spirit of
doing something which just feels good. To provide a platform for the up and coming.

Special thanks to Susan Meiselas of the Magnum Foundation. Nobody on the planet is more dedicated to allowing new talent to develop.
Special thanks also to Michael Loyd Young, EPF funder and BURN Magazine board member.



The Emerging Photographer Fund was created and is directed by David Alan Harvey,
curated and produced
 by Anton Kusters & Diego Orlando.


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