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Beyond Street

For me in the street I normally try to catch the emotions more than anything. For me “Content” is the King. As long as I am getting strong subjects with varied emotions which people can easily relate to, I think as a photographer I have done justice to myself. I just enjoy the whole experience of making pictures till date. For me, street photography is all about the timing and the capacity to observe. I pat myself on the back for the sheer dedication with which I push myself when making images on the streets. Many times I feel to skip on weekends (due to my software job) but somehow drag myself just for the sheer joy of clicking that magic picture at a time.





Swarat Ghosh is a Hyderabad based Street photographer . He is also part of a street photography collective called “That’s Life”. His work has been published in several national and international magazines including National Geographic Traveller and International Street Photographer. For him, photography is all about the timing and the capacity to observe. He loves taking photographs that are complex in composition and layered with multiple descriptive and conceptual elements, depicting stories from everyday life. His work is exhibited in London, Paris, Glasgow, Thailand, Mumbai & Hyderabad. Last year he won a Neel Dongre Awards for Excellence in Photography grant organised by India Photo Archive Foundation. The Neel Dongre grant was his first serious attempt at documentary photography.


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Swarat Ghosh


7 thoughts on “Swarat Ghosh – Beyond Street”

  1. Good set of street photographs, Swarat, they work individually and collectively. For once I didn’t miss not having captions: often glimpses of the lives of others is enough.

    What’s happening with the dog in the penultimate photo (good news please!).



  2. @Mike In the last image, the person is trying to catch a dog. There are stray dogs in large numbers and are causing a serious threat to people residing in the particular area. Hence these people do the damage control :).

  3. I really like some of these images. strong Webb influence in frame complexity and composition. I was disappointed when I checked your website as this selection is clearly the pick of the work and the color street does not have the same impact as this does. I think a cull and some tight editing would greatly increase the view of your website as it does, along with this essay, have some really nice imagery.

  4. Amazing images, each and every one. It makes me want to go back to India – something I always want to do, anyway.

    I was a bit concerned about the dog, too, but then I am very familiar with the street dogs in India. I still would like to know if the dog was “euthanized,” sterilized, or dealt with in some other way.

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