Photo by Argus Paul


Argus Paul, with the photograph above,  has won the small collector print that we offered via Instagram. Second place prize, one of my seasoned camera bags goes to Zlatko Vickovic, Diane Durongpisitkul, and Carlo Pirrognelli….Yes, three second prizes…Lots of good work in 24 hours I think. 

(Winners: Please email michelle@burnmagazine.org with your address so she can send out your prizes.)

This was a one time 24 hour shoot for this audience off my Instagram account. All of these pictures were made on December 20-21, 2016. 

I often like to see what photographers can do with a time limit. Such was the case here. Time limits are not everything of course, yet if you have an eye, you have an eye. That is all it takes. Not travel, not place, not anything but an eye.  Also for those wanting to go the pro route, then producing “on demand” is the name of the game…

We will have a few more things coming up this year to give everyone in this audience a chance to be in the BURN X book coming up to celebrate our 10th anniversary.





4 Responses to “#OneShotDAH2016”

  • Lots of good stuff there.

  • Those masks must be a thing. Coincidentally, I took a photo of a couple Punu women wearing them the next day. See here.

    Way back when, I was less than thrilled with Instagram. I’ve since come to like and appreciate it for a variety of reasons, mostly positive. I think looking at so much work day in and day out has given me a better appreciation for genuinely good photography. I’m not even talking about the vast reservoirs of mediocrity one swims though. Perhaps it’s the platform, but I see a lot of technically proficient, or even innovative work that, that appears to lack any authorial intent beyond making something that is visually interesting. There’s an important difference between a photo that looks mysterious, which seems to be a look a lot of people are shooting for, and one that depicts content, or tells a story that actually is mysterious.

    More and more lately, I notice the traditional magazines such as Harper’s, The New Republic, Mother Jones, et. al. publishing work that is both visually compelling and meaningful. I hope you all are aware of and supporting those efforts at least as much as Instagram.

    And speaking of serious efforts, whatever happened to that thing with Teju Cole?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Happy new year 2017 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are all winners in BUROLAND .. together we can do miracles … I am requesting access from the Universe …may we find ourselves and may all together put aside our differences …!!! We are ALL one ,and only as a community will thrive …wolves and eagles and snails and flies and lions …together we Can dance in planet earth …at least for now!!!

    Ok,can I sing now?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BUROLAND ? ? ?
    Oime…where are my reading glasses ?

    Ok, I will be back …please report now cause I will start singing …and nobody can stop me when I sing …!!!

    Με αγάπη,


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