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Hiroshi Okamoto


“I want to die.”

During February 2013, this e-mail was sent by my best friend in my university, who was doing his job-hunting then.

In Japan, more than half a million students participate in job-hunting simultaneously every year.

Students go into this frantic game with their desire and anxiety for their future careers.

“Recruit” is a personal story of Yo Toshino, my best friend from my university, and his job-hunting experience.

This is also just one of the stories amongst more than half a million job-hunters in Japan.




Okamoto was born in 1990 in Tokyo. He graduated from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University with a degree in Social Science and International Relations in 2014. After graduating, Okamoto was working as an video creator and editor at a video production in Japan. He then started his career as a photographer and film director. Hiroshi mostly focuses on East African countries and Japan in these days.


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Hiroshi Okamoto

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  • Cinema….

    And death shall no dominon

    Powerful project

  • When I first awoke this morning and picked up my phone and this came up and I saw all the tiny white shirts, ties and dark suits, I thought this must be an essay about Mormon missionaries. Then I got to my first coffee and discovered it was not about Mormon missionaries at all, but like a good essay on Mormon missionaries would do was about the hardships society can place on its young people coming of age within. As Bob states, powerful project.

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