Sopho Sikharulidze – Abastumani


Sopho Sikharulidze


Abastumani is one of those places, which is not very known outside of Georgia. Hidden in the wild Georgian mountains, the oldest health destination became popular for its climate and thermal waters, they have long been used in the treatment of tuberculosis. Abastumi is surrounded by coniferous trees. It’s Ridge has some of the best landscapes and nature. According to the national tradition the history of Abastumani healing waters dates back in ancient times. In the beginning of the 1990s Abastumani lost its importance, the spa guest didn’t appear and the once impressing buildings decayed.The wooden houses, which are decorated with nice woodcarvings are abandoned and rotten. We are documenting the lives of people who live here. They hope that some day something will change and this place still will regain its importance.




Sopho Sikharulidze lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia.


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Sopho Sikharulidze

2 Responses to “Sopho Sikharulidze – Abastumani”

  • Nice flavour. I like the mix of black and white and colour. Shows a feeling of decay. Personally I would bend down and take kid pictures at eye level but maybe that would change the feeling. Good job.

  • Personally not crazy about this essay; some of the pictures have an interesting atmosphere, a few are pretty good as photographs but most seem quite amateurish and i do not think the mixture of BW and color works very well. I understand that the snapshot style is very fashionable nowadays but to me it looks pretty lame emotionally and overall not very well photographed.

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