Kesteleyn An-Sofie

A Lamb Named Beauty

A Lamb named Beauty shows the life of two twin sisters Kimberly and Gwendolyn. The series started in 2007, when the sisters were 10 years old. They live in a Flemish village in Belgium, close to where I grew up.



I tried to give a candid impression about how the twins take care of each other, and the many animals that are gathered around them. The twins seem to live in a domain all of their own, taking strength from their love from one another. I got to know the girls when they were ten years old and have continued to photograph them off and on ever since. As the twins grow up, carefree play makes way for increasing self-consciousness.
In December 2014, they turned eighteen.



An-Sofie Kesteleyn was born in Oudenaarde, Belgium, and took up photography when she was 18. In 2011 she gained a master’s degree in photography from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent (KASK). After that, An-Sofie started working as a freelance photographer for the Dutch daily de Volkskrant, de Standaard and Vrij Nederland. She also works on independent photo-essays, focusing mainly on people and the ways they live. In 2011, she was a finalist for the Ian Parry Scholarship as for the Magnum Expression Award. In 2013, she was a participant of the Joop Swart Masterclass and got an honorable mention for the Unicef Photo of the Year Award in 2014.

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An-Sofie Kesteleyn

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  1. There you go, Kesteleyn, copying my portrait through the bubble image!

    I jokes! I’m sure thousands upon thousands of through the bubble pictures have been taken. Maybe millions. Your’s is quite nice – as is your essay. I hope you get to follow the twins well into adulthood. Maybe even old age. I won’t be around to see those, but it would surely be a good project to do.

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