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Bail Bond

Bail Bond is a visual tale set in contemporary New York. By weaving together stories of bondsmen, defendants and bounty hunters, the reportage sheds light on an unexplored edge of law and order in the US, a place where crime and security collide and amalgamate, leaving no room for the spectator to take side.

In the US legal system, a person accused of committing a crime is called a defendant: assumed innocent, he must be proven guilty, or else released. While waiting for judgment, defendants can live as free men and women, as long as they pay a sum of money, considered a guarantee for their appearance in court on the dates assigned for the trial. When defendants cannot pay, bondsmen act as guarantors by providing the requested money and assuming the responsibility to force recalcitrant defendants into court on their day, with the help of bounty hunters.



Bail Bond. Bondsman, defendants and bounty hunters. A book published by Fabrica, the communication research center of Benetton group in Treviso. The exhibit curated by Diego Orlando will be held in Rome at Officine Fotografiche from jan 9 till jan 30, 2015 and in New York in April.



(Florence, Italy, 1985) I have always been interested in photography, since I was very young. After receiving a degree in Visual design at the University of Architecture of Florence, I decided to make my passion for photography become my life and my profession. So, I started the one that then become my most important project, Theatre in Prison in Tuscany. With my camera I’ve begun to show how the method of acting in prison can be a useful tool to changing the way the criminal mind works. In NYC, after an Internship in Magnum Photos, through the Photojournalist Donna Ferrato (that i’ve been assisting for over two years), I started my project in Rikers Island Jail’s Battered women section.

I’ve been awarded a yearlong residency at FABRICA, the communication research center of Benetton group in Treviso, where I just published my first solo book, Bail Bond. Bondsmen, defendants & bounty hunters. I’m represented by DB Daria Bonera Agency for Advertising.


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8 thoughts on “Clara Vannucci – Bail Bond”

  1. Interesting subject well executed, I like to see more slightly dirtier looking pictures along the lines of 16. Really impressed with the access you got.

  2. Not a typical subject… And it seems risky… It´s good to see different subjects.
    Maybe too many pictures. I like 2, 4, 9, 12, 16, 20 and 23, above all, as a set.
    Congrats for the work!

  3. This was a wonderful photo essay. The environmental portrait of the bondsmen in his office really stands out to me. I also love the image of the stakeout through the windshield. Number 13 makes me sad. They are all great images in their own right though. A look at the gritty world of bail bondsmen, but also a commentary on poverty and the human condition.

  4. Bel lavoro, e sicuramente emozionante!! Da entrambe le parti, mi piace molto il taglio che hai usato alcune foto sono davvero molto “dense”, non essendo un critico non aggiungo altro ma bel lavoro, complimenti!

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