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  1. Always going above and beyond in your thinking and reaching out to fellow photographers….
    Happy NEW Year David
    and all BuRNIANS everywhere…..

  2. WENDY

    i guess it’s just my nature, but people sure do drive me crazy sometimes ha ha ha..and i got no time for this shit…and worse i cannot mentor everyone that i might like to mentor….not enough time in the day…its all good!!!

    anyway so nice to see you here Wendy and a very Happy New Year to you..

    big hugs, big love, david

  3. a civilian-mass audience

    Happy New Year 2015 is here …almost …PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP



  4. Happy New Year, everyone!

    AKAKY_IRL: It’s just an arbitrary point in the space-time continuum, guy.

    AKAKY: I know. No one cares, dude, so just shut the hell up about it, okay?

    AKAKY_IRL: All right, if you insist.

    AKAKY: I do insist.

    AKAKY_IRL: Be like that then. Doesn’t change anything, you know.

    AKAKY: Shut up.

  5. DAVID and all of the burn team!
    Thank you for doing this mashup – it is so much fun to browse through all the pictures. Well done and presented.
    Thank you also for doing BurnMagazine.
    Have a great 2015!


    Happy New Year gentlemen, and post another picture or two…it is interesting to see what people are doing….i guess i had better go take one myself….

    cheers, david

  7. Better send good wishes to all before it’s too late :)
    David and Burn team…awesome idea! Really enjoying what everyone’s doing.
    Thanks again and again for all you do.
    Hoping to cross path in 2015! New York…miami…obx…wherever.
    All the best!

  8. Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year David. Thanks for all you do for photographers. Here’s to another great year of photography.

    I don’t see any of these photos on Instagram in either the Burn Magazine or Burn Diary instagram feeds so I guess photos are being posted to the website only…correct?
    I will hopefully get away from the computer, editing the past three years of my work… and shoot something to share before the year ends :) Although to tell you the truth. I have more than enough images…I just need to do something with what I have!

    In the meantime…
    I hope you saw my response to your comment on Facebook…
    I never for a moment thought you were intentionally not crediting photographers or that it was a “diabolical misrepresentation!” I can’t believe you came up with that interpretation!
    That’s not even close to what I was saying.

    My point was that if YOU who are such a huge advocate for photographers aren’t crediting photographers or linking to their work on social media (UNINTENTIONALLY) it just goes to show how easily it can happen and how common it is that it DOES happen.

    Unfortunately there are some negative potential repercussions when photos are passed around online without credit.

    I’ve tried to make this an issue that people are aware of and now that you see how easily it can happen, even by you, I’m hoping you will join me in speaking out to educate people that when work is posted online whoever is posting it MAKES SURE the photographer is credited and linked to if possible. My little voice won’t make nearly the difference that yours will. I’ve attached my Facebook reply to you from the other day below so you don’t have to spend time looking for it…

    My friends tell me it’s not worth speaking up to help create awareness about social media photo sharing etiquette if I have to face criticism and anger over it. Depending on the response I get from you and others here this may (or may not) be the last time I comment online!

    via Facebook…

    “David Alan Harvey I woke up this morning with my mind composing what was going to be a private email to you. Thanks a lot for commenting here…I hope this can be the start of a public conversation…perhaps on BURN MAGAZINE….that will create awareness about an issue which affects all photographers. I am very happy to see that you have added the photo credit and link for this image and that you have also gone back and added names to the other cover photos. I never for a moment thought this was any sort of misrepresentation or “scheme” on your part but rather a lack of awareness about posting photos on social media (since this was not a one time issue but rather a workflow that happened with all the cover shots.) You are one of the biggest, if not THE biggest advocate for helping to get photographers work seen so when you are posting the work of photographers online and not giving them credit it shows how easily this can happen. Unintentionally of course. Online photo sharing is a completely different issue from the work you are doing and it’s one that people need to be educated about. It’s a minor detail that has big repercussions. Unfortunately most people viewing the photo either don’t care who the photographer is or they assume it was taken by the person posting it (see the comment by Brad Zucroff above defending your right not to credit the photo because it was taken by you!) This photo was liked by 1400 people and shared 97 times and will be reshared by friends of the sharers and none of those people will see the name/link for the photographer. I see this happening every day and feel is is part of the larger issue of photographers rights. I’m hoping that now that you see how easily this can happen you will join me in helping to educate people about online photo sharing etiquette. Your involvement will make a difference so bottom line I’m very happy this happened!”
    December 29 at 1:54pm

  9. Burn is all about community! The launch seems like yesterday, yet so much since then. Stories, visuals, dialogues…

    Happy anniversary Burn magazine! Thank you for your time & commitment DAH…and to all those who have helped you make it possible over the years! Excited to see what lies ahead…

    Cheers, Jeremy

  10. I have two unopposable thumbs when it comes to uploading onto Instagram, so I’ll sit David’s request out this time and just enjoy viewing everyone’s contributions instead.

    Thanks to the commenters, essayists, interviewees, the BURN team and David for once again providing another year of photographic insights invaluable for my continued edification. All the best to everyone – INCLUDING THE SILENT MAJORITY – who make BURN one of the greatest sites to discuss photography. I wish all of you a happy new year!


    Thomas Bregulla: I recognized your work instantly…and it’s not even Culture Cake Friday!

  11. David…
    ¡Aha! I knew you were up to something this morning when couldn’t load the Burn webpage. Some kinda sixth sense telling me to be 100%. I was going to go to the beach anyway and look for inspiration. So when I saw your message at the beach I smiled and went out full throttle.
    As always ever so original and all major inspiration. Without any doubt your heart and soul are fresher than most youngsters.
    Thanks for everything Amigo, wishing you a great year and hoping to see you sometime in the 2015.
    BTW smiling…please get Tell it Like it is published soon. Bare in mind some of us have been waiting since Roadtrips. I can’t wait to be blown away…

  12. there are some really great pictures coming in i see….very nice….still a solid 12 hours left to post….one thing for sure, i think we will use this open shooting forum again in the future…loose,free,unfettered….gives us some very nice works….for sure starts the year off right!!

    many thanks for sending in your work…very refreshing….

    again, Happy New Year to this whole crazy eclectic switched on community…..

    hugs, love, david


    well always nice to see you here Cathy and of course your points are always well taken…i think what threw me off on your FB comment was that you referred to the lack of credit on BurnFB as “a practice”..that is certainly how it read…when in fact it was a very easy to make mistake when dipping into the FB archive…FB seems to change their format all the time, and it is easy to get a bit confused..for sure on BurnMagazine itself i do not think you will find a single photographer who goes uncredited….but yes, two of us on Burn very accidentally left off a photographers name when we published a cover shot for BurnFB…these cover shots were singles from an essay that had been published on Burn..we quickly realised our mistake, but many thanks for pointing it out as well…i am sure we will make more mistakes in the future!!! yet we will TRY not to!!

    by the way the little (c) symbol is relatively meaningless…actually totally meaningless in this day and age….you can put it on if it makes you feel better but you AUTOMATICALLY have copyright to all your works unless you waive this right IN WRITING to a client or whomever….

    having said this you are also 100% guaranteed misuse of your work PERIOD if you put it on the internet..somebody somewhere somehow is gonna leave your name off, make an illegal print, photoshop it, credit another photographer, ahhhh the list goes on and on…..i have seen my own work out there with no credit or crediting another photographer dozens of times….this very unfortunately goes with the internet territory…i do not see any way that you or anyone can police it…

    before you publish on the internet simply realize the realities..and ask yourself if the benefits of exposure outweigh the relatively small disadvantages..no major publisher or client will steal your work, but for sure somebody will..

    as a Magnum photographer, and long before becoming a Magnum photographer, i have been always a major photographers rights activist….fighting for copyrights my whole career and up against the “big guys”most of the time…i won’t forsake my intellectual property rights for anything…nor should anyone….and there is no reason that you should…

    where you CAN always protect yourself is with analog printed magazines and books where the guidelines are more clear and where it is pretty easy to find the “bad guys”…on the internet, sure you can try, yet it is impossible normally to track it all down and if you did try there goes the rest of your life!!!

    i am very anxious to see your three years of work cut down….for sure by now it deserves a home in the form of at least a self published book….send us a link when you get it scaled down a bit….

    a very Happy New Year to you Cathy…nice to see you back in the fray…..

    big hugs, david

  14. Dear David, I’m still thinking about the wonderful week I spent in Venice and your precious words for my photography.
    I wish you an happy 2015 full of photography and life, from Italy.
    To you and to the whole team of BurnMagazine.
    I hope to see you soon.
    Ciao, Simone

  15. a civilian-mass audience

    Wake Up MY BURNIANS…coffee and olives on my table…
    Santa Claus was good with me…fresh eggs under my tree…

    Thank you Universe…!!!

  16. some nice work coming in….some very nice pictures for sure…some not so great, but so what? it is a nice collection overall..think i will leave it open a bit longer..til midnight tonight…i can do that..i am the boss ha ha (not)

  17. DAH

    While I have you discussing a subject that’s important to me I may as well keep the conversation going.. Isn’t that what everyone does here anyway?

    I had a bit of an “aha moment” today…bear with me…this will make sense in the end :)

    While walking at the beach I overheard some people discussing their intention for the New Year. It got me to thinking about INTENTION…

    I realized that Burn Magazine has helped to develop my writing and communication skills. As a result of previous conversations here (LONG ago) where I felt misunderstood I have adopted a mantra of “clarity, clarity, clarity” in communication. In a perfect world I’d like to communicate in a way where it’s impossible to misunderstand me. However I realize that no matter what I say I can’t control how my words are heard and interpreted but that’s my intention.

    In much the same way, once I put any photograph online I can’t control its destiny. You said it very well above: “you are also 100% guaranteed misuse of your work PERIOD if you put it on the internet..” Knowing this I can only do my best as far as my INTENTION when I post my work and the work of others online. By adding a name to the image there is a better chance that the photo will be able to be traced back to the photographer no matter how far away it strays. If it gets into the hands of someone who wants to photoshop out the name then so be it. I tried my best.

    You are making some great points above about copyright, mistakes, property rights, protection… All true and important but my mission, which I’d LOVE to have you join me in is only one thing… to get the word out to photographers and ideally also non-photographers that when they post the work of OTHER photographers…(they can do as they like with their own work)…they make sure to credit and link to that photographer.

    I’m NOT talking about YOU but I do not think most people have this as a clear intention when they post work on social media, blogs, websites. Maybe everyone is in a hurry, who knows why it happens but it happens too often in my opinion. Like you, I see it every day. One example: This summer a friend of mine took some photos of a very famous photographer at an event. The photographer shared her photos on Facebook and Twitter. Not only did he not thank her publicly he also did not credit her or provide a link to her other work which would have been a very generous way to give her something back in exchange for her photos. He has hundreds of thousands of followers…but it never occurred to him. It wasn’t his intention. IMHO there’s a lack of awareness about how to share photography on social media.

    No one else seems to be talking about this subject so I’d really appreciate it if you could keep it in mind as you interact with the photographic community. Thanks!

    p.s. As far as my work…I’m slowly but surely getting it out. Did you hear about Time.com publishing 15 of my Indian Basketball images this summer? Also I was one of the Review Santa Fe 100 this year. I’m heading back to India (20th year in a row) next week for two months.

    Happy New Year. All my best wishes.


    well you are being VERY CLEAR…and yes, who can disagree? everyone should be credited for their work on every occasion…..seems obvious, but yet some do not respect the obvious….and as i said, i see my own work on other sites with no credit whatsoever….all the time…i saw the other day even one of my pictures as somebody’s profile shot…very odd because the picture was not even of that person…hmmmm

    so while we are BOTH working on the campaign to credit photographers, help me also to get photographers to learn to WRITE…to write decent captions….i am shocked by how photographers do not even put basic info attached to their work…go read my “instructions” to photographers for the New Years thread……and then go look at the pictures and captions…clearly most did not READ….or WRITE….YOU did!!! thank you

    your questions, thoughts, ideas are always welcomed here Cathy….

    cheers, david

  19. “…and then go look at the pictures and captions…clearly most did not READ….or WRITE…”

    The dark side of self-publishing. Many of those professional details that quality publications require go largely by the wayside.

  20. That was a fun 24 hours. I can’t express with words how much I enjoyed and somehow lived these 24 hours with great intensity. Thank you David and the Burn team.

  21. MW

    yes agree…i hate to sound old fashioned but i do have that old fashioned idea that everyone should learn how to read and write….and photographers who are begging for magazine assignments need to learn the basic who,what,where,why,and how….freshman class first day basics….i assume photogs know this..yet alas at Burn all of us know that only 1 out of 10 photographers we edit here actually provide us with the basics….we always must go back to many photographers and ask them “by the way, WHERE is this exactly?”

    Happy New Year to you Michael and i miss your visits when you were in New York..speaking of where, where are you exactly?

    cheers, david

  22. PAUL

    yes it worked out very well, and i think we can use this again in the future for various themes etc…you had some very nice pictures….i found out long ago that the most exhilarating way of living was to be in the zone on a project….even a simple one such as this….everything is different when you are looking for pictures….

    cheers, david

  23. It was fun. A blast, in fact! There’s a few shots I kind of want to take down now, but I kind of figure that when I join in a game like this and choose to post on the fly as things happen, making mistakes is part of it and I need to let the mistakes stand. I do not direct this philosophy toward anyone else, only to me. It was that kind of game – all who played did so by their own rules and philosophies.

    Honestly though Instagram can be a time-killer. But it was a holiday. Everyone around me was having fun and enjoyed it too.

  24. Happy New Year to all Burn people!

    Nice initiative to share our pictures from the beginning of this year. I read it late, but at least I could post one.

    Thanks to David and all the the Burn team for creating this platform to see, learn and share about photography.

    The best for you all in this coming year! Cheers from Spain!

  25. My best wishes for a happy 2015 to everyone at Burn!

    This was a such great way to start the new year by getting out and shooting photos! Thanks to David and the Burn team and to all who posted shots. I have only commented a few times here, but I do check back on the photo essays and updates regularly. Since doing the workshop in Rio last year, I have continued to pursue photography on a deeper level. I actually had two exhibits, photos published, photos licensed, articles published with my photos…I just wanted to say thanks to David and his prodding to get me going in that direction. I hope to work on a long term documentary project over the next few years on Latin America and publish a book. It’s great to see like-minded individuals here, and I appreciate your creativity, openness, and perspectives.

    One suggestion about the Instagram shots…and maybe the Burn team could let people know about this…would be to have people go back through the shots and actually connect with people on Instagram…follow a few new accounts, make a comment etc. I have seen that people post photos and just leave them there…it’s not about getting “likes,” but more about community and connecting with people. This is something that David has done quite successfully already! I will be following some new accounts today…just from these New Year shots.

    Happy New Year to everyone! Greetings from San Diego, CA!

  26. hey amigos…take a spin through all of this work….stop trying to pick the best shots…yea i did that too…but go back and just run thru it really fast….and look at the TOTALITY of it…pretty interesting slice of life with arbitrary parameters but in art all parameters are arbitrary anyway….so for me it is a sweet slice..no not that kind of sweet…sweet as in “that wave is really sweet”…anyway we can do more with this template…all kinds of cool stuff and of course you know me, always thinking books…..

  27. AKAKY

    why would you of all people skip Instagram? you would be able to riff on Instagram for weeks!! seriously, Instagram is THE platform of our time…an incredible phenomenon that is still barely being used to its potential..egalitarian, and yet can be used to great ends i think…anyway, people may use it as they wish….we will for sure being doing more things with Instagram here…we were a forerunner with BurnDiary , every major magazine copied us after that….and we will be the forerunner with another idea i have…stay tuned….log on

    cheers, david

  28. Akaky… lol… Exactly!

    I wanted to wish all the Burnians Happy New Year and it seemed like a nice way to do it…Also to say I hope 2015 is the year I finally get to meet you all in person as I am definitely working on getting myself back to New York…and to British Columbia…

    Everything for me this year will be New I hope… new website, new work and generally a new life…

    I BTW didn’t read anything and my 5 basics got lost in a blur of festivities..soz David…

    I am a fully fledged Instagram girl and absolutely love the immediacy of the medium.. I think some of the freshest work I see is happening there…

    Anyway Happy 2015 everyone… hope it brings to you all a great deal of joy peace and prosperity…and good assignments!

  29. Roberta Tavares

    Hello dear Burnians… it has been a long time I dont pop up in the comments (how i miss it this little space of interaction with those smart creative minds out there) BUT ive been following religiously as an invisible reader (because some things never change) I want to wish a wonderful 2015 for each of you in this family-community. And thanks guys for an another year of learning, reflection, smiles and cheers for the great photography. And stealing civi’s quote … 2015..Let’s Burn!

  30. a civilian-mass audience

    and stealing ROBERTA’S quote …Hello dear BURNIANS !!!

    Let’s BURN and keep connecting…MR.HARVEY has opened the windows and the doors and it’s time to open your “souls” and your vision…expand my BURNIANS…

    BURN is a “platform” …BURN is the bridge …BURN is the place to Be…
    Now, get your cameras and BURN some pixels…hihhihii…I love you ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!

  31. a civilian-mass audience

    POMARA…I was looking for my BBQ and I got Dirt -Track and Sundays !!!

    oh,well…I am excited for your “vision”…Happy days ahead !!!

    Go my BURNIANS…can you smell it ? We are BURNing !!!

  32. Seeing as how the 24 hours of the first day of 2015 have now been extended into the third day of the year, I ALMOST put up one more pic just now so people could see I really did get the fat bike. But the first day was the first day and its gone now so I won’t.

    Instead, I will go ride my fat bike.

  33. Funny, thanks to the Burn New Years Instagram idea I’ve finally found a theme for an essay. It’s so much more satisfying going out with a goal.

  34. a civilian-mass audience

    MR.HARVEY …a big kiss and a big hug to our LYLA MARYANNA BURNIAN! Happy Birthday !!!

    What not to Love!!!

  35. a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTY …thank you for my cat …I got the chance to see her through your posts…Fat bike ,oime,you deserve
    a big,fat hug from your civi !!!

    PAUL…go out and bring “my essay”…I am still here and I can wait…

    Can you hear me BURNIANS?…I am waiting

  36. I second Frostfrog on that! Go Paul!

    It’s always satisfying, interesting and a bit nerve wracking to shoot under pressure…with all eyes looking and on the fly….
    This was a great chance to that.

    I have been thinking about what Alec Soth has been writing about lately…. The idea that with all these online platforms the desire to look back at a body of work is just not there as there is in book form.

    I have always admired the fact that burn goes to print with the best of the best of their online presence.

  37. a civilian-mass audience

    AKAKIE,what the heck device are you on? oime,oime,oime,you are totally “Greek” amigo…
    ok,no worries…together we can do miracles !!!
    Stay on…

  38. Civi – Glad you have got to share the cat with me. He’s an amazing guy. If you ever get a chance, be sure to read his Christmas book. Right now, its only available on iPad or Mac but by next Christmas I plan to have it on the other tablet platforms too – and MAYBE in print. But I think it will take a little longer than one more year to get it in print.

    And the fat bike – oh, such grand fun. I’m kind of sore now, though. Been getting some pretty grandiose ideas on what kind of adventures to take it on, but I’ll probably keep them simple for awhile.

  39. a civilian-mass audience

    iPad or Mac …FROSTY, as AKAKY said…”I don’t have a device for …” BUT when there is a will there is a way

    BURN is all about “grandiose ideas”… therefore no excuse MY BURNIANS ,I am ready for your reports !

    Which aisle is open? I need an aisle :I will call out names…

  40. Really, Burn and Rolando Diaz? January 6? There is no longer a single post visible on the first page actually made in the allotted 24 hours of January 1. Kind of destroys the whole concept and takes much of the fun out of it.

  41. a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTY…you know that in BURN we have the windows open…


    Please, BE STRONG my people…for years,I was “protecting” my motto :” We are ALL ONE”…
    oime…I am very troubled lately,as I get older, I ‘m asking myself : Are we really One?

    ok, for now …NO,NO,NO TO VIOLENCE…
    I will be back…

    P.S …MR. JIM POWERS…2015 report,please

  42. a civilian-mass audience

    Yes, WE ARE ONE…we are ALL humans and we are sharing a brief journey on this planet…
    we are blind though …Power,greed …BUT I strongly believe that:

    “In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”
    Albert Camus

    Yes, we are ALL one. We just need to re-focus .Let’s find our light,our Summer…in our souls.
    Power ~Peace
    LOVE ,LOVE,LOVE…no matter what(age,color,religion,sex…)

    Please,hug each other and say I love you everyday…
    your civi

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