Imants Krumins – Stories You Will Never Know Allocated Randomly

Imants Krumins

Stories You Will Never Know Allocated Randomly


…………………….vastness treads so still as my eyes gaze the sun
keen green are the fields of rain sick with agony
and the smile
the bird hums the same tune day in day without
once again
Ahh …………..if only the scent of the forgotten milk boiled on my mind

sweet with the success we all know.




There is a heap of things that I did but I no longer do now.
I still teach but that will be for another four months and then I am off to  build a stone wall to nowhere. Why? because I can and I like doing stuff like that.

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16 Responses to “Imants Krumins – Stories You Will Never Know Allocated Randomly”

  • Thought provoking as always!
    I feel like the guy in the last frame….lost.
    I can just enjoy these for their aesthetic beauty without understanding them….perhaps that’s the point…
    My favorite is #2 by far.

    This is buried beneath another post. It says it was posted on the 17th??!?!
    Just saw it this morning.
    Really hard to see and get to it….I scrolled down by chance.

    Anyways….awesome work Imants!

  • Tortured – brilliant!

    Only imants krumins could do this…

    I second Carlo’s line 3…

  • Imants,

    On another recent Burn essay I commented that the title sounded too “New Age.” Here, do we have Old Age? On the other hand, wouldn’t Rayleene — is that her name? — simply say, “artsy-fartsy, mate!”? Me, I like no. 6, but is that an obligatory comment?

    Best, Mieczysław

  • I think I would like to spend some time with the physical object rather than making some kind of snap judgement based on an online slideshow. ( I assume there is a physical version)

  • I sure it’s not compulsory but I just don’t get it. Quite like the monkey, boobs and legs one so maybe there is hope for me.

  • My favourite is number one: it’s the most … photographic. By that I mean that it is the most straightforward (to me) photographically, and therefore accessible to me. I’m a photographer: this is more.

    I’m with John: this work needs to be seen in the flesh; the internet view is much too small.

    I would LOVE for Imants to explain the meaning (his meaning) behind this work, although I doubt that he will. I do like it: intriguing. Thanks, Imants.


  • Mike look at each image one at a time write a sentence about each one and then read the paragraph out aloud…………… all done

    hharry not a monkey

    John the images live in a series of books

    Bill Carlo! it is good to be lost gives one the chance to find their own way

  • One of the more original — and definitely the most bizarre — essays I’ve seen on Burn so far; and as far as I’m concerned, that’s a good thing.

  • Imants – Agreed. Been lost all my life. That’s why I’m a photographer. Probably true for lots of photographers.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    the civilian the chicken and the art…

    finally IMANTS…you are delivering!!!

    THANK YOU BURN…back to my aisle

  • wow, !!!!…

    2 of my favorite story tellers in one day!….boris and now Imants…and i just randomly happen to check in today! :)))))

    Impossible to look at this brief (very) selection without thinking of the extraordinary books (like scrolls or tissue and tendon stitched together) that Imants produces with his images and words…..

    where other see ‘tortured’ art(ist), i see a man so totally in love with the breaking apart and putting together again of things, that i see only a joyeous kid or stone builder…and what else are we but constructors and wanderers….

    happy to see this here! :)

  • Imants is a stone mason, a gardener, a bookmaker…each one an “art”….where craft and imagination and intuition come together to form a whole…what’s rolling around in Imant’s head is always fascinating to me…i do not need any more than what he offers….certainly not “information”for sure…to really appreciate what he does , you do need to see the physical objects he makes…his books…his gardens…the computer screen will give a hint, but it is not the final deal..Imants stretches and he asks us to stretch as well..his journey may not be your journey…why should it be? yet alas, we learn from all…

    time spent in the garden of Imants will help anyone expand their thinking…

    tight boxes are a problem…open skies, open minds, open doors are the solution…

    cheers, david

  • Thanks David ……..yes it is nice to live in a few worlds of doing and then watching them collide and reconstruct. The mechanical world, the electronic world and the opportunity to run into the digital age. It all has a nice flow.
    Twenty,thirty odd years ago I had photographic /ideas that I just couldn’t create it was “I wish I could change that recreate that into this…… and then put it all back together again…… change day into night add a glimmer of light and open a new door.
    Well it all came to fruition and now it is time to construct a ovoo at geckostrands followed by a stone wall that travels longer than a journey and slides into the earth..time that slips into a never ending snapshot of what can be.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Wow IMANTS…open doors,open windows…worlds are colliding …Pandora’s box is open…
    Viva !!!

  • Even if I’m not a fan of collage, this series I like a lot. Good job.

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