Chloe Meunier

London Portraits


These series of portraits were taken in London, the city where I used to live. This city was my home for only a few years. For the first couple of months I was there, I started to take portraits in the street with the person’s consent. People were not adverse to having their image captured. Then I started to meet some people who would let me come into their homes where we would take their portrait. Through photography I have met many people. Each of them helped me to understand a bit more of the transcultural occurence taking place within London. Even though this area attracts people from all over the world, my interest stayed concentrated on people belonging to diasporas that share a past and history with the United Kingdom: Irish, Caribbean, Nigerian and British.





Chloé Meunier is a photographer who comes from the French countryside close to the Belgian border. She studied photography in Brussels and is currently living in London where she works in the events industries in both London and Paris.

Her main area of expertise is documentaries. “I am passionate and fascinated by people; their way of life, their stories, their difficulties, their historic relationships, as well as their society and its perpetual changes,” Chloé says.

“Showing their everyday life is a way for me to try and create an understanding and a connection between them and the people who will see their stories. I also apply this concept to other areas of my photography.”

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Chloé Meunier

8 thoughts on “Chloe Meunier – London Portraits”

  1. Lovely work, Chloé! There’s a nice casual, unforced, unposed feeling to the work. You were able to capture small moments of spontaneity within the posed moments and I’m guessing that’s not easy to do. There’s an overall melancholic feel to the work as well which, in my opinion, gives it more depth. Great work, thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Great work ! I love the felling of the photographs and at first I thought they where a bit cold but looking longer I could feel the connection between the photographer and the subject.

  3. Nice portraits!. I like overall 3, 5, 10, 16 and 19 (that one is superb).
    So, you didn´t have problems when you asked people to take a picture of them, did you?. And strange asking for a photo… were they positive to your request?

    Congrats for the work. Cheers

  4. Hello everybody, I am the person who did the serie. I am really happy that you have shared your feelings about my work.
    To answer Michael Loyd Young’s question : I am still carry on to work on portrait. And to Cesar : no I did not have any problem. I am always asking people before taking the picture, not after that is why I need to ask.
    I hope this answer your questions properly.
    Thank to all of you for the comments.

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